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9/23/2012 8:36 pm  #1

What do you like in a G/T story?

A lot of people have tropes that they use again and again or that they always read about in G/T stories. I was just curious what other people like. (Let's keep it within forum limits. Nothing dirty.)

I usually gravitate towards stories where a normal person gets shrunk. The fact that the situation is entirely unfamiliar is part of why it's fun. I also lean towards unaware interaction, because it adds suspense. I like not knowing if he'll get their attention/avoid their foot, and what will happen when he's finally discovered.

I don't like when the story is unnecessarily cruel. Sometimes it degenerates into "then you get stepped on. Then you get eaten. Then you get stepped on", etc., usually making it abundantly clear how miserable the character is. It never goes anywhere.

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9/23/2012 9:22 pm  #2

Re: What do you like in a G/T story?

I like when a normal size person gets shrunk, or there's a separate society of little people living alongside the regular people.  I find it less interesting when it's a giant in a world built for tinies, since that throws off the whole dynamic of the giant having power over the tiny.  I'm okay with stories with varying degrees of "niceness" from the giant to the little, but I don't like vore or crushing.  It can be amusing when the giant threatens the little with things like that for punishment or for fun, though.  I really liked the stories littletrickster wrote that were on the old site, where the giant would throw his weight around and play with the little, even if they were friends.


9/23/2012 11:37 pm  #3

Re: What do you like in a G/T story?

I would guess stories of avg sized people winding up on planet like Earth but people/things several times bigger would be just like "person shrinking"--as in tv series Land of the Giants or my own Wodlen stories. Unaware interaction is interesting. For example, in a story that was actually on an adult board, there was a shrunken man who saw a "giant" nearby on a street. A small flow of water was being diverted by the giant's feet. Suddenly the giant shifts/moves his foot and a flood of water heads straight for the tiny!

Separate society of tinies (Borrowers for example) is interesting.


9/24/2012 8:25 pm  #4

Re: What do you like in a G/T story?

Other worlds and societies are always fun. It makes the giants or tinies foreign to the "normal" people.

I agree with Yourninja, about giants in a tiny's world. I'm sure it can be done well, but there's not as much suspense for me in that scenario because nothing can hurt a giant.

Although, I guess the reason I like shrinking so much is because things that seem safe and familiar to reader open up hidden dangers and possibilities. Maybe I'm just a sucker for life-or-death situations?

Current project: "Unafraid", a shrinking story. | My deviantART
     Thread Starter

10/02/2012 8:23 pm  #5

Re: What do you like in a G/T story?

I think another reason there are tropes people return to over and over is that there's kind of a limited selection of ways for the story to go.  Like, there's only so many a person can shrink, only so many ways for someone to find them, only so many ways for that person to react, etc.


10/05/2012 4:37 pm  #6

Re: What do you like in a G/T story?

I've said this before but I like it when the character slowly shrinks. One thing I don't like is when cruel things are done to the character. That's what has turned me off so much with the G/T stories of There're one, maybe two, stories where the shrinking doesn't devolve into sadism or promiscuity.  The worst ones, in my opinion, are when the "shrinkee's" family or friends do horrendous things to the poor character. I'm not trying to create a "bash" post, but in the G/T section of that particular board, this always seems to occur.


1/21/2013 1:43 am  #7

Re: What do you like in a G/T story?

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1/25/2013 12:42 pm  #8

Re: What do you like in a G/T story?

>>I've said this before but I like it when the character slowly shrinks. One thing I don't like is when cruel things are done to the character.

I would agree about slow shrinking, the constant re-adjustment to the world. Matheson's story is the best
example. Though something like instant shrinking from, say, 6 ft tall to 6 inches (example: Jeannie episode
where Tony is suddenly Lilliputian sized) or someone going to a planet of giants (Brobdingnag, Land of the Giants, or my Wodlen stories) can be good too.

Cruel things: some here Iike that; usually I don't, but I try to put redeeming characters in or a change of heart. Some might think no- or little-cruelty is being goodie two shoes, etc.; "you need to have villains". On the other hand you have sadistic treatment, etc. Not really, though..writing a story now where you do have a 14 yr old and 9 yr old who might do nasty things to people they've shrunk, but I try to have them think about maybe what they're doing is wrong, etc. Inevitably maybe the tiny people can somehow escape and reach somebody sympathetic who can get the two boys to restore them--but we'll see.

An example of what I like to do, from A New Life on Wodlen. Chris is a typical Earth teen who goes to a planet of giant anthro animals (a world similar to ours otherwise, but 12 x normal size). Here he's
kidnapped by three giant teens, a fox, raccoon, and a wolf. He's put into a freezer but the raccoon
(Chris' buddy is a raccoon also) feels sorry for him and demands they take him out. (Note that first he goes along with his pals but when they put Chris in the freezer, they've gone too far.)** The fox seems
to degrade his raccoon pal for that (almost feeling the species are a bunch of wimps or spoilsports--ha,
raccoons, whadda ya expect?)

If any of us were there maybe we'd help in the fight but psst: the fox and the other teens are about 70
feet tall, fair warning


Traxi Bellfo the fox, Mardo Ratner the wolf, and Vark Lenn the raccoon were all 17 years old and all attended Chris and Trenno's
school. They weren't really in the same classes as Chris and Trenno, but they saw the two of them talking and had gotten the memo about treating the Earthling with care.

"Bunch of crap about that, " said Mardo. "Who cares."

"We're being nice to him," said Vark. "We'll feed him, maybe even
let him out."

"Please just let me free...let me go back to Trenno," said Chris,
putting his tiny hands around the bars of the cage. "I don't belong locked up, guys. Please..."

Vark went over to the cage and looked at Chris. "Don't complain.
We may not feed you."

Mardo laughed and opened the lock of the cage with a key,
then took Chris out and headed toward his kitchen. "C'mon guys."

Before Chris knew it, he was tossed into a freezer.

"Little furless freak, let's see how he likes that," said Traxi. "Too bad we can't see in without opening the door. Give him a few minutes."

"Do you think he could escape through the ice dispenser?"

"Not without getting cut up. There are blades in there," said Mardo.

"We could get in trouble, guys," said Vark. "If he tells, or if his friend there, Trenno, does."

"I get him tonight--you get him tomorrow, and you the night after that," Mardo said, pointing to Vark and Traxi.

Vark sighed. "Poor little guy must be freezing in there."

"Is it just me or do raccoons have a soft spot for --hoomans, or whatever they're called?," said Traxi. "Why are you so suddenly

Vark shook his head. "I said I'd go along with this but now...
come on, he's so small. I feel bad for--"

"You do? It's not our fault he's that size. Tough crap."

"'s so cold..." came the voice in the freezer. "I'll die..."

Vark reached over and opened the door of the freezer.

"Hey! My house, so what are you doing messing with--," exclaimed Mardo, but before he knew it, Vark had reached in and carefully put Chris into his paws. He closed the freezer door with his elbow and
wrapped his paws around Chris, who was shuddering. Chris looked up at Vark, his immense eyes surrounded by a black ring.

"Thank you...," he blurted out.

Vark looked over at his friends. "You said you wanted to play around with the little dude, but this isn't right."

LATER: Chris' raccoon friend Trenno shows up:

"My human friend, Chris. You have him here, right? Or is he in your car? Give him back."

"Do you want to tangle with us again? Three of us, one of you."

Then Vark went over to Trenno and stood next to him and looked over to his friends.

"Two of us, two of you."

"You're defecting to his side, ringtail?" He laughed. "Raccoons!"

Vark looked at Trenno with sorrow. "I'm ashamed that we...
sorry we beat you up and took your friend."

"Do you know where he is?"

The other two got angry. "Vark!," shouted Mardo. "You traitor!
Don't you dare..."

Vark turned to face Mardo. "Bring out the cage key, or I'll
turn you both in."

Trenno got excited. "You have him? Where...a cage???"

Mardo let out a long sigh. "Unbelievable." He walked back into
his house.

**--if I remember right when writing this story, Vark the raccoon is slightly short statured--maybe
only 64 or 65 FEET tall--and sympathizes with the plight of a tiny one.


2/16/2013 5:08 am  #9

Re: What do you like in a G/T story?

"Please just let me free...let me go back to Trenno," said Chris,
putting his tiny hands around the bars of the cage. "I don't belong locked up, guys. Please..."


4/06/2013 3:56 pm  #10

Re: What do you like in a G/T story?

I think for me I like stories of giants or tinies (shrinking sometimes, but not always) and when one of them crosses over they don't know what to do about this new revelation of another race that is similar yet different at the same time. Awkward relationships between a tiny and giant are always amusing and fun to read.



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