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11/22/2013 12:20 am  #1

Spy in My Little Eye

"Zenon, Zenon! Pick up already."
"Yeah yeah. I'm still alive."
"You won't be for long with that kind of tongue."
"Jay, can you stop the compliments for two minutes and tell me why you called?"
"I looked into the sercurity fields and found a weak spot in the west side."
"Let me guess. Air vent?"

"Yep. Should take you right to the headquarters if you're careful."
Copy that. I'll be in and out of there faster than you can blink."
"Don't get cocky cadet."
"Alright, I won't. Over and out."

Zoey cut off the communicator in her ear before he could finish his sentence. Sheesh, can't he just relax and eat a doughnut or something? She flicked a bit of her short black hair away from her eyes as she looked over to her target. It was a concrete facility about 3 stories high, smack dab in the middle of Louisiana. No windows, few doors, and plenty of guards. What else could you expect from a goverment weapons building? Zoey had perched herself behind one of the dumpsters that faced the south of the wall, dressed in her tight, pitch black shirt, complimented by her black pants, and all tied together with an army belt lined with secret compartments and gadgets. Her piercing emerald eyes hungerily scanned for a chance to slip unnoticed by cameras or guards. It was considered a death wish to even be this close to this place. The Global Interest Agency had this modern day Fort Knox on the radar for over 6 months now. They were tracking its activity and pruchase to figure out what was going on in those four walls. Recently large amounts of highly unstable elements, radon, uranium and cerium to just name a few, were brought to attention in the records that signaled that something big and possibly threatening to the whole nation was at hand. That's exactly why Zoey Neon was here. She was given this cutthroat mission based on her countless skills in survillance, breaking and entering, and assasination. She had been in the spy game for 3 and a half years now and her record of success were pretty much clean. Her code name was Zenon, which she thought was ironic for the current situation.

Some of the guards were off checking out another part of the primeter, giving her the perfect oppurtunity to get to the vent. She quickly stalked the shadows until she turned the corner to the east wall, hugging the concrete in silence. Now to find that... bingo. She focused on the vent placed high above her current position. "Easy." She skillfully reached to her belt and pulled out a grey grappling hook launcher, alreay locked and loaded. Anyone who said is wasn't prepared was a fool. I aimed high above her head to the ledge above her target and fired. The only sound was the air being cut through as it shot up to the heavens. then the fiant clink on the metal barb clinging to stone. She smiled a smirk as she pressed the recoil trigger and it pulled her up in the magnetic harness concealed under her uniform. She inclined higher and higher until she found herself dangling in front of the air vent. She instantly slipped on a glove to her left hand and pressed against the cover. Heat radiated from the palm and slowly burned the metal until it dripped down to earth and came her an acsess point wide enough to slip into. She pressed a switch that made the hooks on her grapple retract and retreat back to her launcher. She made it useable in two seconds before slipping it back to her belt and slinking her way throught the vents. It was a tight squeeze, Forcing Zoey to crawling with her elbows and stomach, but she soon heard the mumurs of voices up ahead. It fueled her enough to sneak over an exposed slit and see inside. It was a large room below her, looking like something she saw out of Frankenstein's Monster. There were formulas, chemicals, and a table in the center of the floor with a black box on it. It peeked her curiousity as she soon spotted the two men below. They both wore labcoats with the facility logo on the back, had short hair, one being black and the other gray, and showed thick googles covering their eyes. This must have been some of the head scientists who she was told to seek out. Alrightly then. Let's just see what going down. She thought as she started her classic eavedropping. The black hair gentleman was the first to start.

"Are you certain that we have everything Dr. Kale? I still think we need more radon."
"Any more and you'll blow this whole place up to Neptune! We just need to put everything together and then operation Reduce shall be ready."
"But what if this is a bust? I don't want to hand it over to the goverment knowing that we wasted millions of dollars on this project."
"Calm yourself Jekkyll. We have already tested it on countless animals and they were succussful."
"I know. I still have the bitemarks to prove it. But what about humans?"
"Get back to me now that when you find a sutible candidate."
Zeoy's eyes widened as she heard this. What could have possibly have planned? She adjusted her weight the slightest bit as her shoulder started to ache, creating a faint bend in the metal. Zoey bit her lip as she stayed perfectly motionless. The men was silent for a moment, seeming more like hours.
"It must have been one of the rats getting out again." Jekkyll concluded.
"We better go alert the testing department."
With that, they turned out the lights, stepped out of the room, and closed the door behind them. "Now's my chance." Zoey quietly muttered as she took a pair of pilers and sharply twisted the top two screws and slid the cover open. She flew to the floor and landed on her feet, scanning her surroundings. She slipped on her night goggles and flipped them on to investigate. She instantly headed straight for the box. She stopped as she neared it, seeing that it was much smaller up close, a foot by foot square at least. She hesitated to open it at first, remembering the myth of Pandora's box, but quickly shook it out of her head.Her fingers inched closer to the lid, when suddenly the light flashed on, blinding her from the goggles' sensitivity to such a change. She quickly yanked then off and whipped her adjusting eyes to the door. She saw two blurry figures standing in the doorway. She bit her lip, knowing she was caught.
"I knew it was a rat."
"Indeed, just what we were searching for."
Zoey gritted her teeth as her eyes finally focused on Dr. Kale and Jekkyll, seeing them smirking. She quickly went to her belt and pulled a small pistol, having it aimed at the black haired head.
"If you think I'm going to be part of this Operation Reduce, then you can add lead to your imports." She figured it was no use hiding her purpose. The scientists backed up a bit with hands in the air, but didn't change their smug impressions.
"Ah, but you see, Reduce will greater add progress to the world."
"It'll be the next great invention since the lightbulb."
Zoey flipped her weapon from man to man as they spoke, never loosening her grip on the trigger.
"If you don't believe us, then open the box and see from yourself." Jekkyll suggested. Zoey glanced out of the corner of her eye for a moment before returning her hard glare. She was eager to learn what was in it, but she knew it was a trick.
"Move one inch, and I blast you both in a heartbeat." She threatened as she took one hand and lifted open the lid like it was a pressure bomb ready to blow. She looked inside and was instantly caught by surprise. All that was in there is nothing but a light blue sphere in a velvet cushion. A simple, metal ball. "What the heck is that?" She sharply asked, returning her gaze her captives.
"It's Operation Reduce."
"And you shall be the first sapien subject to test its effects." Faster than Zoey could fire her gun, Kale closed his hand into a fist and hit a button on his wrist just under his sleeve. Zoey felt a sharp pulse come from the orb and she felt as if she was paralyzed from the neck down. Her muscles were frozen and not responding to her commands to shoot or run. Pins and needles became her nerves and she struggled to keep from panicking.
"It the heck did you do to me!?!" She started to feel lightheaded and disoriented, like the room was spinning. Or growing? Yeah, everything around her seemed to stretch to the sky, along with the men. Zoey felt as she she was going to vomit or faint on the spot. When her senses slowly came to her, she saw that she was closer to the floor. As in, she could clearly see the marking in the tiles without focusing on them. She could barely react as her ears were filled with a series of booms and trembles jumped up her legs and shook her lungs. She closed her eyes for only a second and her vision was filled with a brown wall of leather. Her spine constricted as she slowly craned her head upwards, eyes training up a fabricated pole, a coated block, and a glass framed set of headlights. Her lips became dry as she felt the blood flow to her hands and feet, making her pale as a bleach stain. Her knees gave way as her vision flickered out and went dark.
"Well, turns out the shrinking sphere was a success afterall."
These were the last words she heard before her ears altered to hear nothing but silence.

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11/29/2013 3:41 pm  #2

Re: Spy in My Little Eye

Zoey groaned as she started to come out of one heck of a nightmare. Her temples throbbed behind her eyes, telling her that this is now reality. She rubbed as she waited for her eyes to focus to the awakening. Man, did I fall asleep while I was scoping out? Sheesh I need to get my head in the game. she shook her head as she surveyed her surroundings. The first thing she noticed was that the ground under her feet became colder, much colder. She also felt a pressure on her skull, making her tilt upwards and grab what laid on her head. She pulled it off and twirled the object around, inspecting it with both her fingers and her sight. It was her night vision goggles, turned on as it was indicated by the green lenses lit up. Why are these on when I'm not using them? And don't I keep these around my neck? She shrugged it off as she turned them off and made mind to where she was, wanting to mentally check it off her list. She appeared to be in something like a bare cell, only the walls were all smooth mirrors. She stared at herself from the opposite wall and glared in response. She appeared the same, still in her mission gear, but something didn't feel right. "Alright. Who's the wise guy here?" She yelled, her voice echoing off the walls. "Is this some kind of joke?" She grew angry with no response appearing. She growled to herself as she tried to think quickly. She saw that it looked like there were no doors, not that it would help. It would probably be locked by now. She scanned the mirrors and tried to rack her brain on anything that would help. Why are she put in a room like this? Why? Then it hit her when she saw her reflection again. One of these walls must be a two-sided mirror, like in interrogation rooms, so that someone could inspect her for some reason. Well played my friend, but I'm one step ahead. she gave a smirk as she fiddled with her belt and slowly pulled out a glass cutter. She waited for a while to look for camera and listen for sounds on the other side, happy for silence. She knocked on the walls, listening for an echo to show which mirror was the decoy. After a while, she heard the telltale knock she wanted and set her instrument into action. It was dead silent, minus the smooth cutting of glass against the diamond tipped blade, and soon made a perfectly wide circle to escape out. She smirked as she backed up slightly, building up on the moment, the. Forcefully kicking the glass with her black boot. The mirror shattered to pieces from the impact as it fell out of place. "They should've known better than to contain me." She commented as she put her tool back in its place and prepared to step out of her prism prison. When she poked her head out of the opening, her jaws dropped down to the floor. As her skin turned pale from her discovery.

Everything around her was so much bigger than thought possible. She looked to be in some sort of room where she saw many cages, all containing various animals inside. Judging by the white rats and primates, they were probably test subjects. But that's not what caught her off guard. Oh no, the sheer size of the creatures was what made her heart drop. They were all so much bigger then her. Even the mice had their chests match her when they stood in their haunches . She stumbled back into her room and took a moment to catch her breath. This can't be real. It doesn't make any sense! "How did this happen?" She asked no one but the air. Then it all clicked in her head. This nightmare about Operation Reduce was no nightmare. It was reality! Those two creeps had actually struck to the size of a mouse. No, smaller!

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I'm probably listening to music at the moment, so scream really loud so I can hear you.
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