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12/11/2013 10:51 am  #1

When Three Becomes Four

In the walls of a house in the middle of nowhere, lived a family of 3 tiny people. Tom, the father, Bette, the mother, and their daughter Bitsy. They had lived together in the house peacefully for a few years after their village had been destroyed by a grass fire, and they'd been separated from their people. Tom and Bette were the kind of parents who were set in their ways, and didn't like their routine changed, while their daughter Bitsy was the adventurous one, always doing things that more often than not, got her into some trouble.

One day, after many months of having the house to themselves, Bitsy and her parents were having dinner, when they heard a lot of racket going on outside the mouse hole they used to enter their home from the kitchen of the house, where occasionally, their home would shake, as if something enormous was walking past. They went to investigate, and as usual, Bitsy tried to charge ahead, but her father stopped her.

"Stay with your mother and I, we don't know who or what is out there!" Bitsy's father demanded.

"But dad, I want to see what's going on!" Bitsy whined.

"Shhh! be quiet, do you want them to hear us?!" her father snapped.

The three tiny people slowly peeked out of their mouse hole, where they saw that a human had moved into the house! Compared to Bette and Tom's 2 inch height, and Bitsy being only 1 inch, this human, a man, looked like a living mountain, especially given his large build, which would even make the average normal sized person look small.

Bitsy and her parents watched the man for a couple moments, when they noticed him turn to walk back out of the kitchen, they quickly ducked back into the mouse hole they came out of as he thundered past them, the floor shaking hard with each step the man took as he passed. Tom and Bette were very frightened, but Bitsy as usual, began to develop a curiosity about the man, she watched as this giant walked into the next room, before her father yanked her back inside the mouse hole.

Later in the afternoon, Bitsy's parents had to go look for food for their dinner that evening, her father told her to stay put while they were gone, however Bitsy thought this would be the perfect opportunity to go look for the man who had moved into the house. So, after her parents left, Bitsy slowly creeped out of the mouse hole, and began to explore the giant house. The furniture towered over her to great heights, and it seemed to take forever for Bitsy just to get from the kitchen to the dining room. Bitsy's exploring seemed to come to an abrupt end however, when she heard a low growling noise come up behind her.

When she turned around, she was confronted by a giant gray cat! The cat began creeping closer until it had Bitsy where she had nowhere to go. Bitsy was now cornered, not able to move even if she wanted to, she thought she was safe, until out of nowhere, the cat took its paw and swatted Bitsy across the room, sending her flying into the wall hard on the other side with a smack. Bitsy was injured, but not dead, the cat began making growling noises, but that was all she remembered, as it was then that Bitsy passed out from her injuries. When she would wake up an hour later, she would find that she had been rescued, and the healing process would begin.

TO BE CONTINUED...............................................................


12/12/2013 8:31 am  #2

Re: When Three Becomes Four

When Bitsy awoke an hour later, she found herself on a new surface. The surface was soft and cottony and she had a small piece of cloth over her, she sat up in her new location to find that she was in a small box, a little bit bigger than what you would put a ring in, it had been turned into a bed of sorts, a cotton ball had been stretched out into a makeshift mattress, and another was used to provide a pillow. Just as Bitsy was about to get up out of her "bed", she felt the room shake, which made her freeze in her place.

She watched the doorway of the new room she was in, only to see the the man who had moved into the house enter, and he was coming right toward were she was laying! Bitsy knew that running nor hiding was an option, so all she could do, was brace herself to see what would happen, she thought for sure the man was coming in to squash her like an insignificant bug, but to her surprise, nothing of the sort happened, but the man did speak to her softly.

"Well now.." the man whispered, "I see you're finally awake!"

Bitsy looked up, and up, and up some more, the man was the largest being she had ever seen! To the average person, the man was about 6'3" and weighed maybe around 300 pounds, with a large build, bald head, a 5:00 shadow, but it was his eyes, the most gentle blue eyes she'd ever seen. The man sat on his bed next to the nightstand where Bitsy's bed was, he began speaking again.

"Where did you come from sweetie?" he asked in a gentle voice.

Bitsy stuttered an answer, "F-From the mousehole in the k-kitchen sir."

The man noticed the fear in her voice, "You're safe sweetie." he whispered, "I won't hurt you, I rescued you from my cat."

When Bitsy heard the word cat, she began looking all around in a panic, the man tried to calm her fears.

"It's alright darlin', the cat's outside, he can't hurt you." he reassured her, "What's your name?" he asked.

"M-My name's Bitsy sir." she stammered.

"My name's John." he replied. 

Bitsy mustered up the courage to get out of her bed and venture over to the edge of the table. John wasn't sure if she would walk off the edge, so he lowered his hand to her, palm up. Bitsy stopped in her tracks, looking at the giant hand in front of her, then she looked up at John, who gave her a nod, to reassure her she would be safe, so she stepped onto his hand carefully.

John very very slowly and gently lifted Bitsy up to get a closer look at her. He watched as she looked around at John's palm, she placed her hand on his palm, as if trying to compare the size of her hand to his, and being an inch tall, she began to feel quite small indeed. She looked up at John again, who smiled at her.

"I feel so insignificant right now." Bitsy told him.

"Why?" John asked.

"Because you're so much bigger than I am, you could squash me like a bug!" Bitsy answered.

John chuckled softly, "I could, but I won't, I'd much rather take care of you and nurse you back to health so that you can return home to your family."

"My family! Mom! Dad!" Bitsy screamed.

"Relax Bitsy, I'll go to your mousehole and tell them you're with me, I'll bring them to you if you'd like me to." John told her.

"Could you? please John?" Bitsy asked.

John placed Bitsy back in her bed very very gently, then went off to get Bitsy's parents, but the question is, would her parents be as quick to warm up to John as Bitsy was? Only time would tell.

TO BE CONTINUED............................................................................................

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12/12/2013 12:18 pm  #3

Re: When Three Becomes Four

Excellent work. Keep it it.

I'm probably listening to music at the moment, so scream really loud so I can hear you.

12/13/2013 8:34 am  #4

Re: When Three Becomes Four

After John got Bitsy settled, he walked into the kitchen to talk to her parents, he knelt down beside the mousehole, giving a light tap on the wall next to it.

"Is anyone in there?" John called out in a soft voice.

John watched as Bitsy's parents poked their heads out, but when they saw John, they froze in fear. John simply smiled at them, trying to show that he meant no harm, but Bitsy's parents wouldn't budge from inside the mousehole. John made sure not to move a muscle, still knelt down by the mousehole, as he continued watching, Bitsy's parents finally emerged from the mousehole, but not without some hesitation.

"Hello there." John whispered softly, "Your daughter sent me to come get you."

"You know where Bitsy is?" her father asked, "What did you do to her? If you so much as hurt one hair on her little head....."

"Relax sir." John assured him, "Your daughter is safe, I've been taking care of her, I'm afraid my cat cornered her and threw her into the wall, it's just a bump on the head, nothing major."

"Where is she now?" Bitsy's mother asked.

"She's in my room right now, but she wants to see you both." John replied, "If you trust me, I'll take you to her." John placed his hand on the floor palm up, patiently waiting to see if Bitsy's parents would take him up on his offer, which they finally did. Once Bitsy's parents climbed into John's hand, he very gently lifted them up, then stood up to take them to his room, where Bitsy was waiting.

In just a few short minutes, Bitsy was reunited with her parents. John sat on the bed by the dresser where the tiny family shared hugs, but then as they all looked up at John, they could see he was in deep thought.

"What is it John?" Bitsy asked.

"We need to do something better for you as far as your living conditions go." John replied, "If you give me a couple days, I'm sure I can come up with something that will suit you all much better, in fact, if you'll excuse me, I'll go get started on things right now." John got up and walked out of the room. Bitsy and her family had no idea what John was up to, but what they didn't know, is that what he would reveal to them, is something better than they could ever dream.

TO BE CONTINUED............................................................................

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12/19/2013 8:25 am  #5

Re: When Three Becomes Four

A couple days went by, and just as he promised, John went to the mousehole that Bitsy and her family had since returned to when being reunited, he knocked on the wall gently to get their attention. When Bitsy and her parents emerged, John greeted them kindly.

"Good morning folks." he said in a gentle tone, "Are you all ready to see your surprise?"

"Yes we are." Bitsy's father replied.

John lowered his hand with Bitsy and her family climbing aboard. John slowly lifted his hand, then carried Bitsy and her family with them. John took them to his back yard, which was many many acres wide. Bitsy saw something in the distance.

"What's that?" Bitsy asked, pointing.

John chuckled softly, "Be patient sweetie." he whispered, still walking.

When John finally stopped, he looked down at the three tiny people in his hand.

"Are you ready for your surprise?" John asked.

Bitsy and her family all nodded in anticipation. John lowered them down to the ground in front of a beautiful golden gate, which opened the moment Bitsy and her parents were lowered to the ground. To Bitsy and her family's surprise, they recognised that a few people from their village emerged from inside. The people from their village guided them inside, to reveal that their village had been completely rebuilt!

"Who built this place?" Bitsy's father asked. 

One person from their village simply pointed up to John. It turns out, John had rescued every single one of the people from their village, and one by one, built every single house inside the new village in his back yard, protected by a giant wall surrounding it, so that nothing or nobody would bother them.

"Thank you John, you have no idea how much being reunited with our people means to us." Bitsy's father said.

"It was my pleasure." John replied, "Now all of you will be safe, and can live your lives in total privacy."

"Does this mean we'll never see you again?" Bitsy asked.

"No Bitsy, I'll still be around once in a while to check on everyone, but now you all need to live your lives in peace." John replied.

That's just what happened. After Bitsy and her family moved into their new home, things got back to normal. John still visited the village once in a while, but now Bitsy, her family, and all their fellow villagers would live safely, without worrying about danger ever again.


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