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9/29/2012 11:27 am  #1

Collect Em All (story itself)

Scott could have gotten out of the sock drawer if he tried. There were a bunch of white tube athletic socks rolled up into balls, and he would have to climb up over several of them, reach the edge, then jump down the 16 inches or so to the floor. At his tiny size and small mass he could probably survive it. But 16 inches to most people would be 48 feet to him. He was thumb or pinky sized and weighed a few ounces. If he did do this, he could crawl under a couple doors to the outside world..but what then? Or...he could go over to the nightstand on the other side of the bedroom and climb up a smart phone charging cord, some 30 inches to the top of the nightstand. Then he'd punch in various numbers and call for help...but would his extremely high pitched voice be heard?

The 14 year old boy who'd caused Scott's situation was asleep on his bed on the other side of the room. No doubt he was mostly covered by a blanket, with his bare feet (each seemingly 11 feet by 30 feet) sticking out. He could hear the snoring. Then Scott heard someone else enter the room, and a huge hand reached down to grab him. That belonged to the boy's 9 year old brother...who was 4 and a half feet tall but seemed the size of the Statue of
Liberty to Scott. His chest and back were grabbed by the boy's thumb and forefinger and he was soon placed on the boy's upturned palm. He was clad in a T shirt, pajama bottoms, and grey-stockinged feet. It was early morning and he had snuck into his brother's bedroom.

The 14 year old was Jeff and his younger brother was named Matt. One day Scott was standing around in a park when suddenly he felt a warm sensation--then the next thing he knew, two huge sneakered feet were on either side of him, and he was brought up by Jeff. The teen had a gun, but not the type with bullets. This was a shrink ray. Scott's clothes shrank with him.

So now Jeff, and Matt (who had  a separate room) each had a man in his forties as a pet. Just think, Jeff,
who was too young to drive, or shave, or drink booze, or vote...he had power over an adult. Jeff, whose voice hadn't deepened yet into that of an adult (it was slightly high pitched--an F sharp instead of his father's
C natural), and who had eight years of school left between high school and college...he was in control of someone else. (Jeff had adult height, though; five foot ten. An inch taller than his dad.)

"We can shrink someone in their car," Jeff had told Matt. "and he can drive it around on our floor, at least till it runs out of gas."

"We'll collect people," Matt chimed in, "Grownups, kids, whatever. Maybe kids from school. Shrink a bully down!"

"That's the idea."

Scott had wondered if the boys' mom or dad would be victims, too. He doubted it, but one never knows.

Matt smiled down at him but said nothing. He heard rustling from the bed and suspected Jeff was starting to wake up. Matt dashed out of the room and back into his own room. He could hear a groan from Jeff's room. Two thumps, then loud footsteps. The giant was heading into the bathroom and soon he could hear the boy urinating followed by a faucet being turned on. At least he was hygenic.

Matt grabbed a sock and dropped Scott into it, then put it into his top drawer.

"I hope you didn't take the little guy," he heard Jeff say, "You don't want to go down inch and a half."

"Um, well I was gonna wash him up," he heard Matt say in a voice higher pitched than Jeff's but certainly lower than Scott's. "When can you let me take him to school?"

"When you can ride in the pocket with him," Jeff said snidely. "Like I said...and oh, you couldn't go crying to mom or dad if I did. They wouldn't be able to hear you."

"They'd be able to see me. I'd wave my arms and get their attention, like, and they might figure out you did it."

"They don't know about the ray, and they WON'T know. Besides what if one of 'em stepped on you?"

Matt shuddered but said, "You wouldn't do that to me."

Their parents occasionally heard them talk like this but paid it no mind. Kids, pretending, right?

Jeff walked into his brother's room and saw the sock all by itself in the top dresser drawer. He gently lifted it up and Scott rolled out. Jeff placed him on his upturned palm.

Matt was huge. Jeff considerably bigger than that. A couple times he got a glimpse at their dad, who easily weighed twice as much as Jeff did. But heck, a newborn baby was a giant to Scott.

The boys didn't really know Scott's name, though he tried to squeak it at them when they asked him. It was ironic that he was named Scott as there was an old movie about a man named Scott who shrank to about his size.
"I cursed myself. If I was only a little bigger, a little stronger," the man narrates at one point. "There was only this one chance. And I had to take it. If I could leap from the painstick--and reach the other side. But there was no time to think. Only act."

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9/30/2012 1:08 pm  #2

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

I like it so far.  Can't wait to see what happens.


10/02/2012 12:25 pm  #3

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

Jeff had taken a shower before he went to bed the night before. His hair was a bit mussed up from tossing in his bed.  He went into the bathroom, put Scott down on a raised wooden area that held various toiletries, and he wet his hands and then wet his long hair so it wouldn't seem so crazy. After drying his hands he picked up Scott again and brought him quickly into his room, as his dad was about to take a quick shower. In moments, the family would have a quick breakfast then head off to either school or work. Jeff took a glass, placed Scott into it, then put it on top of his dresser drawers, for now.

The bedroom was immense. The dresser drawers held T-shirts, socks, and underwear. Various school stuff,
a laptop, and a desk were on one side. On the other, the nightstand and Jeff's bed. Jeff had placed Scott in the glass so as to take no chances. He did think about someday bringing Scott in and placing him on the table, but hidden, and feeding food to him but didn't want to risk his being seen by either of his parents--he'd then have to explain
what happened to the little guy and they'd demand he turn over the shrink ray to him and restore the little man to normal size. (Jeff wasn't so sure if the restore part of the gun would work, though, even though he had invented it.)

It was pancakes and sausage, coffee (for the grownups) and juice. Jeff took scraps of the pancakes and sausage and put it into an old pill bottle when they weren't looking. He also grabbed a 20 ounce juice bottle from the fridge,
"for later", and went back into his room. Jeff then put the used pill bottle into one dresser drawer and poured some of the juice into an old bottlecap. Scott was then placed in the drawer so he could have his own breakfast.

Matt popped in.


"No, me today."

"When do _I_ get him?"

Matt smiled and looked down at his upturned hand. He seemed to talk to an invisible, shrunken Matt.
"Matt? Meet Rod, or Bob, or whatever his name is."

"You said that already..." Matt then smiled himself and upturned one of his own hands and talked to
an invisible, shrunken Jeff. "Jeff, it's time to go back into your drawer."

"You'd shrink me? Ha, you wouldn't know how and you won't get the ray."

The kids could barely hear Scott, even if they held him up to one of their immense ears, and it was so high pitched that it was tough to figure out exactly what the words were. Thus, they thought his name may have been Rod, Bob, Tom, who knows. (At his shrunken state, Scott, meanwhile, heard people's voice at a lower register.
Matt's prepubescent voice sounded about as low to Scott as their father's voice seemed to them.)

In the drawer, Scott ate the pancake and sausage scraps with his hands, and drank the juice. He had to eat and drink a bit more often than the kids, though obviously his portions were very tiny. When they left him alone,
they let him bits of food and drink to last him through the day. Scott was small but he seemed slightly more
strong than he thought he would be...almost like ants that could lift things heavier than they were, but overall
it was still a struggle to lift things. He could indeed fall a short distance and walk away from it--that whole
mass thing. Meanwhile, some things were amplified, such as his hearing, taste, and sense of smell.

He was across the room from Jeff's discarded socks and sneakers next to the bed, but he could smell them.
Both were a bit ripe. Jeff did try to be hygenic though and when he was with Scott, the tiny man could
smell the more fresh shampooed hair, underarm deodorant, and so on.

"Time for school, little man," Jeff told Scott, picking him up and placing him in his shirt pocket next to his smart phone. Sometimes it was off, sometimes on; when Jeff hit the button to turn it off, a slight vibration was emitted from it and Scott felt it. To Scott, the phone was 13 feet by 6 feet by 1 foot. His parents had paid for the phone and Jeff was to pay for the plan...a little over a buck a day which he earned by doing odd jobs.

The boys' parents both left for work and then Jeff and Matt went outside to wait for their school buses.

In all this they had no idea whom they had shrunk, had no regard for the change of life they (or at least
Jeff) had caused. Both boys agreed that more people would be shrunk and "Rod" was the first one. Later
they would learn his real name. They would have Scott speak into the microphones of a portable mp3 recorder. The file was transferred to a computer and an audio program was used to decrease the pitch and amplify the voice. It was faint but they could hear him:

My name is Scott Chase...please make me big again. I have a life. I do live alone but I have a job and
friends who miss me.

He was a missing person.

A day in ninth grade, and he was along for the ride. Going from class to class, being snuck some specks of food during lunch, being stuck in a locker when Jeff had gym. Hearing the teachers lecture, listening to Jeff as he conversed with friends, watching as the smart phone was occasionally taken out then later brought back in to the pocket. Jeff would look down and see tiny Scott in there, sitting down, then suddenly standing up and moving to one side when he saw the cell phone about to be placed next to him.

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10/03/2012 2:24 am  #4

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

Once in awhile when Jeff ate, small specks of food would land in his pocket and Scott would eat them, or dodge them. It wasn't often though.

And while Jeff was usually good on hygiene, his sneakers were starting to get a little smelly and sometimes he would wear his socks a few days in a row. Scott hoped that he didn't eat food that would make him pass gas.

At one point in the school day Jeff wondered why he allowed Scott to sleep in the dresser drawer, knowing he could have gotten out and maybe gone into his parents bedroom and showed himself--and it would be over. In other words, if they saw him they'd think Jeff or Matt may have shrunk somebody somehow, demand to see the shrink ray,
and take it away. If anything Jeff realized he could market the device and become a multi-millionaire. Especially if he could perfect the growing function. People could change size for better or worse--criminals could be punished by being shrunk. Shorter people could gain--hey, wait...

That afternoon Jeff went up to Matt and said he had an idea.

"Oh, no, you're not going to..."

"Well, it involves you, but no, you won't...hold on."

Before Matt knew it he felt a sensation of warmth. It was like being outside on a winter's day and then
suddenly going into a warm living room with a wood stove--that sensation of sudden heat for a moment.

"OK, now how do you feel?"

"What? What did you do..."

Matt was puzzled but noticed Jeff seemed to have shrunk. The doorknob seemed lower than before.

"Walk over to the growth chart..."

Matt did so and noticed an orange dot next to 4'6". There was his name and a recent date. Only now
the tip of Matt's head was just above five feet even.

"You're now a bit taller. Maybe the size of a 12 year old. You gained half a foot."


"Look at that don't have to reach up a bit like you used to."

"Awesome! But I don't feel much different--my clothes..."

"...Grew with you, Matt. I can zap the rest of them later. Here, look..." Jeff found one of Matt's sneakers
and put it next to his brothers already-sneakered feet. "See the difference? I wonder if Mom and Dad will

They did. "Matt, you seem a bit taller," said his father.

"I think I got a growth spurt."  They went over to the growth chart.

"Six inches in...a few weeks? I can believe that increase in five or six months, but..."

"Your clothes look the same size on you," his mom observed.

Matt shrugged.
The next day at school, people noticed. Boys who used to be the same size as Matt were now about as tall as his nose. He could look down on them.

For the shrink ray was now a shrink and grow ray. Jeff thought about calling it a SAM, short for Size
Altering Machine. He told Matt that it was still unknown what the final effects would be. He didn't know if it would be permanent. He'd shrunk Scott to 2 inches tall but could well grow him again. "Or maybe it'll wear off.
You could be back to 4'6" all of a sudden. Maybe it'll give you a heart attack...or make you live longer. I don't really know; I just figured out how to shrink and grow people with it."

"Can you make me the same height as you?"

"Why? Aren't you happy with growing half a foot so suddenly?"

"It would be neat."

Jeff crouched down a bit so he could look Matt in the eye. "Look, it worked."

Matt looked at his brother with a gimme-a-break look. "Come on."

"Well, Mom and Dad are gone for a few hours," said Jeff, "so we can have the little guy a bit more out in the open."

"You brought him to school yesterday."

"Yeah, so I could keep an eye on him...maybe he'd be less bored than staying home."

Jeff and Matt made microwave pizza and had some soda. Scott was placed on the table and given
some scraps and a tiny bit of the soda. Sometimes bits of food would fall down as they ate vigorously. Crumbs from the pizza crust. Scott had an portion fit for an insect and he was fine.

They went into the living room and watched some Mystery Science Theatre on the DVD player. Jeff would sit on the sofa, scrunched down a bit, his long legs extending a bit, and Scott was placed on his belly. From the way he was sitting, it was kind of level. Things got interesting when Jeff would laugh and Scott would bounce up a bit from the vibrations.

"I could put him up my nose a bit," said Matt. "His head would fit." He pointed to one nostril.


Jeff picked up Scott between his thumb and forefinger and lifted him up so he could look at him closely.
Scott saw the immense eyes, nose, and lips; huge ears, and long and thick hair. What Jeff saw was a miniaturized man in a T-shirt, jeans, socks and sneakers. The clothes actually had belonged to their dad...Scott needed more clothes so Jeff had zapped them down to Scott's size. He hadn't missed them.

"Poor little guy. It must stink to be that small," said Matt.

"Nonsense. We take care of everything, he just lives."

"His friends prob'ly miss him."

"We're taking care of him. It's not liked I'm flushing him down the john or stepping on him."

Scott shivered at the very thought. Yes, he was still alive but he wanted to be back to normal again.
Heck, he'd take being grown to 2 or 3 feet tall at this point. Anything was better than this.

"What's it like for him--how do we sound, smell, look?"

"He could tell us but we'd have to lower the pitch of his voice."

"Do we sound REALLY LOW?," asked Matt, artificially lowering his voice--a nine year old boy trying to sound like an  adult.

"I'm guessing we do."

"We must stink to high heaven..."

"I stay clean, or I try to."

"Your sneakers are getting old and a bit smelly...I can only imagine," said Matt. He looked down at his hand.
"He's about as big as my pinky. I can attach him to it...rubber band, velcro..."

Scott was speaking. Jeff placed him next to his right ear; Scott could almost climb into it. He yelled loudly.
"Please! Don't be mean to me...and I need to grow..."

He sounded a bit like some bug's wings flapping but Jeff could almost make out a couple words.

"Me to me? Knee go? I think that's what he's saying," Jeff guessed.

Jeff moved Scott around so that the tiny man was an inch or so away from his eyes. Scott could see his miniscule face reflected in the right eye. Jeff had to cross his eyes to see the tiny man.

"I could make you even smaller. You could swing from my eyelashes.You could ride an ant."

Scott wondered if he'd ever get back to normal. Or would the boys just tire of him, tire of their toy or
pet, and throw him aside somewhere and he would stay that way forever.

to be continued

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10/03/2012 9:55 am  #5

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

"Should we get a dollhouse for him, what do you think?," Jeff asked Matt. "Trouble is he's a bit small, so he'd be like a very little kid it in. I don't know if there are dollhouses for two inch tall people."

"Maybe...what about some kind of box or container--maybe glass or plastic so we can see inside."

"This might do for now. I can leave it on top of my dresser." Jeff had picked up the round top of a container of
CD-Rs. It was a little over three inches tall and five inches in diameter.

So far Jeff had shrunk Scott to two inches tall, and added half a foot for Matt's height. He wanted to get some more people. He could have a bunch of people in his room, or in Matt's...collecting people and holding them so they could entertain him and his brother. Jeff certainly had the brain power to make his device. His ethics, however, were
lacking. He still didn't think it wrong to be taking people like this.

"What are the limits of that thing?," Matt asked him. "How big or small can it make people?"

"I'm thinking there are no limits. Fraction of an inch? Hundreds of feet tall. But I'm thinking I should just make people
Scott's size or so. They need to be big enough so we can see them, deal with them, but I was thinking of making someone a bit smaller than him, just to see what it would be like."

First Jeff decided to do a little mischief. He walked near a Little League field and saw a father meet up with his son just after a game. Quickly, Jeff went over and pointed the SAM at the boy, who was about nine or ten.
The father was astonished to see his son was now about six foot eight inches tall.

"Oh my God!'re..."

The boy looked in amazement down at his father, who was now about nine inches shorter than him. There were some nearby kids who were just slightly under the level of 'Phillip''s elbows. The increase of 25 inches or so
to the boy's height was attracting the attention of everybody.

"Dad, I--this is awesome!," said the boy in a deeper-than-expected voice. He started to jump up and down,
and went over to some of his teammates who were in shock. He picked up one boy and carried him around as if he were the father of a six year old child. Phillip had weighed 90 pounds before but now that tripled.

Jeff walked away smiling. He figured that for now the only clothes to fit the boy would be his baseball uniform. and the father would have to buy clothes for his newly huge son.

Of course now people would soon find out about this odd occurance and there would be a buzz. So what?
Sooner or later he'd have to unveil his invention anyway.

Next he went up to a woman in her late twenties and adjusted the settings of the SAM. In a moment she felt a warm sensation (the boy had, as well) and she was suddenly surrounded by sneakers that seemed almost 100 feet long. Titanic fingers were dragging a Dixie cup toward her and she was swept up into it. A bit later,
she wound up in Jeff's house. Her name was Cora Lynne and she was now one hundreth her previous height;
that is, she was now about seven tenths of an inch tall.

She tumbled out of the cup and onto Jeff's immense hand, and she started screaming. The hand was lifted up close to his face, where she saw a nose and lips that were each three times as long as she was tall. Now she saw gargantuan eyes--he had brought her up to his right eye and as before, he had to close his other eye
so as not to get a cross-eyed double image. She could see splotches of red starting to pop up on his skin--acne.

"Don't be afraid, I'll take care of you," came the deep voice. She tumbled a bit as he moved his hand, and her purse fell off her arm. Jeff could see some items fall out of it, too tiny to see without a magnifying glass. One was her cell phone. He thought for a second she may try to dial for help but he suspected her voice would be far too high pitched for anyone to understand.

Cora yelled at him and pleaded to be brought back to normal. He could barely hear her squeaky voice.
A moment later, he brought her down to the dresser's top and told her, "I have someone you should meet."
It was tough for her to decipher the gravelly, low voice.

She saw a man three times as tall as she was. They were both inside the CD-R container.

"Oh my God! What's going on, we're so small!"

He sat cross legged and put his hands on her shoulders and smiled gently. "He's invented a shrinking machine and zapped me and now you. I know it's shocking, but somehow maybe we can get back to normal."

His voice was a bit high pitched like some cartoon character--so was hers. But they could understand
each other.

"Oh (crap)! Why did he, the boy, why did he do this to us!"

"He could, and he just wanted to. I don't intend to live the rest of my life this way, and I know you don't
either, but maybe he'll wise up and get up back to normal."

"When, in 5 years? Ten?"

They introduced themselves to each other. Scott felt bad enough being two inches tall but he knew things would be even more tough for her. He had a 200 foot tall teenager (and his younger brother)...for her, Jeff was more like 600 feet tall.

"We could escape some time," he said, "but of course what good it is without him restoring us? And he can make people grow again...he grew his brother six inches taller."

"His brother? We have another giant to deal with?"

"Yes he's about nine."

"Can we level with that boy? Maybe he can grow us back if the big one won't."

"He doesn't know how to use the size alterer, and his brother--Jeff--hides it anyway. I don't know, maybe he's using his smart phone. He must have invented an app for size changing, or maybe it's some other device."

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10/03/2012 11:06 am  #6

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

well written, keep it going. thank you.


10/04/2012 8:39 am  #7

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

I like where this is going.  Can't wait to see if they try and escape, and who Jeff is gonna shrink next.


10/05/2012 12:05 pm  #8

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

At Phillip Mindel's house, his family was amazed at what had happened to their ten, almost 11 year old. He had to duck to avoid hitting the top of the doorways with his head. He weighed almost 300 pounds and his hands and feet were massive, but he still looked like a kid. A bit of a deeper voice, though. Obviously he was stronger now and he still had the energy and hyperactivity of childhood. His parents figured they would need special clothes for him--
for a heavyset 6'8" male, but even they may be too small as his body proportions were not exact to those for
adults of a similar height. His feet were also unexpectedly big--over 13 inches long, and rather wide.

That night his feet dangled off the end of his twin bed.
Nobody knew how it happened, and why so sudden. It actually would make the news the next night. There also
were newspaper reports of a Mr. Chase and a Ms. Lynne who seemed to be missing.

The next day (after shrinking Cora and growing Phillip), Matt was in the living room with the two of them when suddenly their dad came home. Matt dashed into his room and put Scott into a dresser drawer, and...but where
was Cora?

It dawned on him that the 7/10ths of an inch woman had somehow fallen off his hand. She had bounced off the sofa and landed on the floor, not really hurt due to her small mass. However she soon saw a massive figure heading her way. She started to run but soon found she'd collided against a huge rubber structure that was moving. It was 100 feet long--one of the sneakers of their father. She was sprawled on the floor and tried to get up; at that moment, their dad had stopped and swiveled his feet around.

"Matt? Jeff?"

One of the man's sneakers started to come down right on top of her--but it just missed, landing one third of an inch next to her. She let out a quick scream, then tried to muffle it. Far above, the man wondered what the noise was but concluded it was a bat-squeak of one of his sneakers on the wood floor.

She started to run away and tried to dash under the sofa. A projectile fell from what seemed like 300 feet up and fell to within an inch of her. The round object, seemingly eight feet in diameter, landed on its edge and spun around before finally settling flat on the floor.


It was a quarter.

Matt rushed into the living room and talked with his father for a moment. Jeff wasn't around, he was saying,
but would be back shortly.

"We'll grab some pizza tonight. Maybe text him and say...," said his father.

The door opened then shut and yet another giant entered. It was Jeff. Matt went over to him, held his thumb and forefinger a short distance apart, and nodded "no". Jeff looked puzzled but then it dawned on him: The little woman was missing.
Matt went over to where he had been and tried to look for her without being thought of being strange. He saw a quarter on the floor. "Dad, you dropped this."

"Thanks! Your mother is at a meeting tonight. We'll go to the pizza place and maybe eat there. Less of a mess to clean up here later, right?"

A few moments later they went and Cora, who had made it under the sofa, came back out. She had heard the tremendously loud closing of the front door. Cora walked from the living room into the hall; there was a wooden strip in between the two, a bit taller than she was. She walked over it, over the top, then across a metal
strip on the other side. It was a bit of a distance across the linoleum-covered hall where had to do the same thing to get into Matt's room. Some time later, she stood next to the dresser and noticed a shoelace had been hanging down from the bottom drawer. It took some effort but she climbed up quite a distance and went over the edge of the drawer's side; the shoelace had been wrapped around a balled-up set of socks. And there was Scott in there.

She sat down in exhaustion and let out a long sigh. Scott, as big to her as an adult is to a toddler, went over to her.
"I'd offer you a drink but the 'giants' have gone out for pizza, I hear. It'd be a little tough for me to keep up
with them..."

She laughed. "Oh my God. I almost thought that was the end."

He nodded. "You have it worse off than me, being smaller, but I know what you mean. I think we can be surprisingly fast though and dash out of the way."

She pointed down at her bare feet. "On legs and feet THIS small? How can we get anywhere when we're this small?"

She's a bit smaller than some flies, he thought. Not that he was much bigger of course.

"Maybe we can get them to make us the same size at least," Scott said. "Or better yet make us six inches, or a foot or...anything but this small."

"Why can't they just bring us back to normal? We wouldn't tell on them or anything..just to get back to normal."

Scott nodded. "You heard them talking about how they made a kid into a giant, and Matt grew a bit--people may get suspicious of them, though Jeff's keeping it secret pretty well. Maybe if he does it in a crowd and someone sees him with that zapper..."

She looked up at him and said, "They say kids will be kids and they do goofy things, but there isn't one thing funny about what they did to you or me. I have--or had--a job in a store. Friends and family, worried sick about me now. They probably have a Facebook group with people trying to find me."

"Same here, I have, or had, a job...maybe they'll give it back to me if we grow, and friends." He thought for a moment. "Maybe we can grow? There was an old movie about a scientist who shrank people
to a foot tall but eventually they grew back to normal."

"If we grew at all they'd just zap us again to tininess."

"And not just us. You heard them," Scott said. "They want to shrink more people, bring them in here to play with. Collecting whomever they can. We're lucky we're still alive, but they don't want us to die. They want to have us."

"You remember what it was like as a kid..we had dolls, action figures, model trains, dollhouses..."

"So we live in a drawer like The Indian in the Cupboard...?"

"I suppose if they got enough of us we could revolt."

They looked at each other and, despite the horror of their situation, burst out laughing. Yes, it was a grim
thought but funny in a way, too. They each pictured Jeff and Matt  being tied down by Lilliputian sized people they had shrunk, as Gulliver was. Tiny people shooting at them with mite-sized guns (not that it would have much of an effect, it would be like a paper cut at worst).

"So we get the zapper, that 'SAM', and figure out how to use it--grow back to normal, then shrink them?"

"Good suggestion, there, Cora." Scott looked a bit more serious. "We have to do something."

As they talked, the gigantic father and his sons were eating at a nearby pizza place. Amazingly huge portions of sausage, pepperoni, and onion pizza. Millions of gallons of cola or root beer. Gargantuan little kids running around, as their even-bigger parents yelled at them to calm down and stopped them with a firm outstretched
arm and hand.

Scott stood up then climbed up onto one rolled-up sock and stood on the top of it, then gazed up toward the top of the dresser drawer.

"I'm mad enough to want those kids to be punished," he said. "But right now I'd waive that--I'd do anything--
just to be back to normal."

"I'd be happy to be as tall as the doorknob," said Cora.

Scott thought about getting up in the middle of the night, turning on Jeff's smartphone, then finding a way to go on Facebook or something and contact someone with what seemed preposterous.

Knowing Jeff though, it would be password protected.

(About how small Cora would be):

to be continued

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10/07/2012 5:11 pm  #9

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

coming along nicely


10/08/2012 6:48 am  #10

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

thanks all!
Matt and Jeff and their dad (George) got back from the pizza place and Matt dashed into his room and looked into the bottom drawer of his dresser, then breathed a sigh of relief to see both Scott and Cora there. Scott had taken a shoelace and wrapped it around a balled pair of socks, then managed to get the rest of it down toward the floor; this was how Cora had gotten up. He had retracted it later. Matt figured that Cora was there all along.

What was interesting now was when the two boys brought the two of them to the top of the dresser and showed them what they had found. They had a pill bottle with tape over the top (with holes). Now Jeff peeled off the tape and carefully reached inside. Between his thumb and forefinger, he brought out a very tiny SUV.

"You can come out now," Jeff said. The four doors opened and out came four very tiny people. The SUV was maybe only one quarter of an inch high...and the two tallest people about one fifth of an inch tall. The were two kids who were even smaller. Cautiously, they walked over to Scott, who was ten times the size of the tiny adults. There
was Scott, looming over them; each adult about the size of one of his hands.

"Please make us big again," said one of them.
"I didn't shrink you," said Scott, now a two inch tall...giant. "They did."
The tiny family turned around and saw the two boys, The smaller of the two, Matt, seemed about 1,800 feet tall--
taller than the now-demolished World Trade Center. Jeff seemed about 2,100 feet tall. Matt moved a bit closer to them; with his 60 foot long nose, 60 foot wide lips, and similarly huge eyes.His long brown hair was massive and he was so big he was almost unrecognizable as a human being. He said something in a voice so low they had trouble making up the words.

The tiny family gathered together in fright. Cora, who seemed only 21 feet tall to them, sat down on her folded legs and tried to console them.
"These two boys shrank us, too, but not as small as you," she said.

"We saw them get into their car and shrank the car," said Jeff to Scott and Cora. The SUV was the size of one of his fingernails--on his pinky finger. "350 times smaller!"

"Actually too small," said Matt to Jeff. "They're tough to see. Tough to deal with and we oughta be careful."

"Now you're giants to them!," said Jeff to his first shrunken victims.

Scott took up the father on one hand, the mother on the other. Each of Scott's hands was one tenth of his total height--namely, each hand was one fifth of an inch long. Basically each of them was a bit smaller than the kids in "Honey I Shrunk the Kids."
Cora went over to the two kids, an 11 year old boy and 10 year old girl. They were maybe one sixth or one seventh of a inch tall.She was about five times as tall as the tiny girl--yet was only a fraction of an inch herself. The boy was a bit less than knee high to her.

"They won't need much food,"  said Matt. "In fact they could BE food!"
Jeff laughed. "Not for us, of course. For mice, or insects maybe."

Jeff went into his own room and came back a moment later with a dollhouse scaled down to their size. He set it against the spine of a book.

"We'll get one for the the two of you, too," said Jeff, talking to Scott and Cora. "I just zapped this to their size."

They had talked about getting a dollhouse before but thought one designed for five inch (or so) people would be too big, but of course, anything could be 'zapped' to a certain size.

Scott and Cora both stood up and told the boys firmly that they should bring all of them back to normal. It sounded like very high pitched squeaking to the boys (and indeed the very tiny family's voices also sounded very high pitched to Scott and Cora.) Scott put down the tiny parents, walked a bit closer to Matt, then held his right arm up very high, then pointed to Matt.

"Is he saying, 'Make us bigger?," said Matt. Matt then reached down and grabbed Scott's arm between his thumb and forefinger and lifted the tiny man up quite some distance...maybe nine inches up or so. Scott yelped in pain, then Matt dropped him onto his other hand and used the thumb and forefinger of the first hand and grabbed Scott by the waist. He was brought up to within an inch or two of Matt's titanic eyes (this time Matt didn't close one eye).
"You're too small to ask us to do that. We have power over you. I can squash you with my foot, or throw you in the toilet."

"Oh, don't be so dramatic," laughed Jeff. "Besides I want to try and modify the SAM to shrink or grow
gradually. We can grow them back to normal--bit by bit."

Matt laughed. "We could shrink dad bit by bit!"

Matt dropped Scott into the CD-R container. "You can't get out of that. Enjoy!" Then he moved a bit closer to the top of the dresser so Cora and the tiny family could get a good look at him. He wondered if they were small enough to swing from his eyelashes.
He put a small card under the father and dumped him on his right hand. It was a tiny bug to him.

"You're right they're a bit too small. We can make them Cora's size, maybe...grow the dollhouse to that size too," said Jeff. In the meantime the rest of the tiny family was terrified by a huge monster that began swooping down near them. It was about the size of the whole family combined, maybe even more so. It was a housefly. It swooped off again but not before one of its massive legs brushed up against the tiny boy.

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