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10/08/2012 7:30 am  #11

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

wow, I've always liked when someone's shrunk so small they can be picked up by someone who's already "pocket size."


10/08/2012 9:01 pm  #12

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

Yes, great..I did a story awhile back about 4 inch tall Mike Rowe Fox, a Lilliputian furry who helps out a bunch of VERY tiny furs.He's a giant to them. Joe Ekaitis' microfurry story Gulliver Mouse is kind of the same thing--a mouse lands on a very tiny version of Lilliput.

To go in the other direction I got a kick out of that ad I posted for Korean Air that has King Kong (60 feet tall or so?)
climbing a building, and ord. sized humans flee in terror. Then suddenly someone picks UP King Kong. He's in the hand of a mega giantess and is hand-sized to her. They fall in love it seems...and the fun part is it's a reversal of the original story. Here a giant woman picks up a tiny ape instead of other way around, though that ape is still much bigger than people like us.

Upcoming chapter teaser: the mega tiny 11 yr old (I don't think I've named him yet) turns out to be a classmate of
Matt's. He recognizes the huge Matt, and Matt uses a magnifying glass and sees he is indeed a schoolmate. If  the tiny family were to be restored to normal, would the young boy "rat on" Matt and Jeff (get them turned in?)

In my imagination I can sometimes picture what other characters I've created might think of this, like 73 foot tall fox Ungorp Vulpa from The Earthling Pet and Saving A Human.:
(Ungorp shakes his head at the thought of what the boys are doing. "Shameful, shameful. That's not nice to
shrink people and hold them prisoner....I'm a giant to your Earthlings and wouldn't treat tiny folks that way.")

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10/08/2012 9:15 pm  #13

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

Oh, that's cool.  I was just actually just thinking it would be interesting if they shrunk somebody they knew instead of just a random stranger.  More drama, for them and for the tiny.

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10/09/2012 9:05 am  #14

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

On the news one subject was six missing people. A middle aged postal worker, and a younger store saleswoman. Then an entire family, parents with their two kids. Nobody had any idea that they were now 2 inches tall,
7/10ths of an inch tall, and one fifth of an inch tall, and being held by a 14 year old and a 9 year old.

It was also the talk of the town that one young kid had suddenly grown to 6'9", while another kid had gained about half a foot rather suddenly. The latter kid was Matt of course; he had never used the SAM, but he was privy to
the whole situation and got to deal with them. What was also interesting was the relation of one of the shrunken ones to him: they knew each other. For when 11 year old Billy Sumlin looked up at the giant 9 year old boy,
he recognized him. "That's Matt Prine," he told his tiny parents. "A kid in my school!"

And when Matt took out a magnifying glass and looked down, he saw that the boy looked kind of familiar.

"I was lucky," Jeff was telling Matt. "You saw when I aimed the SAM at their SUV--I dashed over to pick it up. I was lucky some car didn't pick that moment to get into that space."
Matt was picking up the young boy--not with his thumb and forefinger but by sliding a small card under him. He took a soda bottlecap and Billy slid off the card what seemed to him about 20 feet or so. Again, being of small mass meant he wasn't really hurt, but he was now in a container that seemed 30 feet in diameter by 20 feet high. Four times the height of the boy. If you looked close you could see his miniscule face and his attire (T-shirt, jeans,
sneakers...for feet that were maybe one-thirty-sixth of an inch long.)

"This is Billy from my school, I think," said Matt, "He's a couple years older than me."

"And only about 60 inches shorter than you," laughed Jeff. "Or OK, 59 and four-fifths inches..." (Actually the boy was maybe more like one sixth of an inch)

Billy tried to yell up but he had an insect voice--faint and very high pitched. Matt's seemed extremely low pitched to him but he could make out some of the words.

Back on the dresser top, John and Doris Sumlin looked at each other in frustration and disgust.

"Even if we tried to call someone, our voices would be too high, too faint," Doris said. "You hear how high
we sound to each other. It must be even higher to them."

"I'm trying to tell myself it isn't a nightmare," he replied. "That mosquitos aren't really the size of eagles."

Far up above, Jeff replied to Matt, "So we shrank someone you know. Maybe you know that other kid,
the one we grew. Nobody's going to find out. And suppose we bring them back to normal and they tell
about us--who will believe them?"

"Don't forget, you grew me, and you grew that kid, Phillip or whoever. They'll put two and two together."

"And make five. Because you guys grew; these people shrank."

"Isn't it...wrong to do this? I mean, we're taking 'em away from their lives."

"We can bring 'em back," Jeff assured Matt. "They'll be glad just to get back to normal. For now, we can get some of mom and dad's clothes and shrink them to their size. Maybe some of yours--oh, and for the little girl, she'll have to be a tomboy I guess. We'll get 'em food, we got em a house and oh, if they need a bath they're small enough to bathe in this bottlecap...give em a little soap. Maybe some dishwashing liquid, that would work.":

"And something slightly bigger for that lady to bathe in."

Matt turned over the bottlecap and Billy tumbled out, onto his upturned hand. Billy tried to run away, his tiny feet having a tough time over the various folds of his hand. Finally he stopped in the middle of the hand and
cried in frustration.

Laurie Sumlin went over to her parents and they hugged her.

The next test was gradual shrinking and they needed someone nearby, so they could see the progress. A next door neighbor would be perfect though they both wondered if this would lead to more suspicion of them.
And this time it would be shrinking, not growing.

Eric Wilbur was a 20 year old college student who lived next door and would say hi to them. Jeff gave him a zap from the SAM, set a certain way. Eric was about five foot eleven and often wore a T shirt, shorts or jeans,
and sandals or sneakers. What would be interesting, Jeff told Matt, was that the clothes at the time of the
zapping would slowly shrink but of course his other clothes would not.

A day or so later they saw Eric who looked worried and...a bit shorter.

He was maybe three inches taller than Matt--whose height had been increased to five feet tall.

"I can't figure it out--my clothes seem bigger and I feel smaller," he told them. "Some of them still fit, but.."
Eric showed them how his T-shirt was bigger. His jeans kept sliding down, even with belt tightening,and the inseam was too big. His sneakers seemed several sizes too big.

"And you're..." Eric shook his head. "I noticed you grew a bit, Matty, but Jeff? Are you well over 6 feet tall now?"

The tip of Eric's head was now level with Jeff's nose.

"I think I'm still 5-ten."
A day later, Eric was down for four foot seven. Finally a day or so after that, Eric stood maybe 4 foot 1 and a half.

Eric went over to them. He was about level with the center of Matt's neck, and Jeff's armpits. Jeff was about the same size he used to be. The college student was now wearing clothes meant for seven or eight year olds
(though the ones he was wearing a few days ago fit him fine).
His feet were down to maybe seven and a half inches long.

"I saw the doctor and he's mystified!," he told them in a prepubescent-sounding voice.
"Did you de-age? Are you seven again?"

"No, I'm still the same age--look, I got the beard and I look like someone who should be 20, but now---he says I'm maybe 4 feet one. And I used to weigh 160 but now it's about 57 pounds! You must weigh twice what I do!,"
Eric said to Matt, the nine year old who towered over him. "I don't know when it's going to stop!"

"Maybe it's stopped now," Jeff said, who knew quite well that it would. "Maybe you'll grow again, maybe soon."

"I hope it happens soon," said Eric, a look of shock on his face. "Do you know I have to stand on chairs to reach stuff, people give me looks--kids especially. The others over at the college are huge and my little legs and
feet have a tough time keeping up with them."

Jeff reached under Eric's arms and lifted him up a foot and a half or so. Eric wasn't pleased. "Everyone wants to do that to me now!," said Eric. "They think I'm an adorable little kid."

to be continued

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10/10/2012 2:16 am  #15

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

Note: I'm going to do a chapter separately as an experiment. It may show up near the end of the story or maybe not but I'll try it..."spoiler alert", read at your own risk look for "Collect Em All, future chapter--trial"

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10/11/2012 2:44 am  #16

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

This the best story you have done in quite awhile. Like to see Matt get to use the device on either himself or his 11 year old friend or a teenager turned giant 13-14 yrs.

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10/12/2012 5:39 am  #17

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

thanks! may do that or things like
--multi. people shrunk to 1/2 " tall and driving cars across wood floor
--Matt takes tiny family and drops them into 20 oz. soda bottle--they have to swim in it and wonder if they'll be drunk by him.

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10/12/2012 9:40 am  #18

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

That sounds fun!  It would be cool if one of them tries to escape too; maybe when eric gets down to a foot or 8 inches or so they'll take him inside and then he'll try to get away.


10/12/2012 12:04 pm  #19

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

Could be but actually I think he will stay that size and eventually get back to normal. Jeff designed it so someone can shrink or grow to a certain size, either gradually or all at once and for now his shrinking has
stopped. In the trial "ending" (partial) I wrote, they are told to bring him back to normal.

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10/12/2012 12:49 pm  #20

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

Matt took a soda bottlecap and scooped the Sumlin family into it. He went over to a 20 ounce soda bottle (Dr Pepper as it turned out and brought the bottlecap toward the opening. Since they were one fifth of an inch tall or so, the circular container was too big to escape from. To them, the "walls" were twelve feet high. To an average sized person it was four tenths of an inch. If they stood one each on top of the other maybe one could have escaped, but what of the others?

To their horror, he tipped the cap and one by one they all fell out--John, Doris, Billy, and Laura--and they fell almost 200 feet, to them, into the carbonated drink (which filled about one quarter of a bottle. They splashed around in a pond of soda, clothes on (and drenched) and they looked up and saw giant lips and teeth far above. The bottle tilted--
and then the lips and teeth disappeared, but the bottle began rocking. They heard laughter outside and the carbonated beverage frothed up. Far above, the nine year old got a kick out of seeing the insect sized people inside.

Jeff walked in and saw what Matt was doing. "Oh no, did you put them in there?"

"Just having some fun..."

Jeff grabbed the bottle from Matt, in the process making it even worse for those inside. John went under for a moment and then emerged, coughing out the soda he swallowed.

Jeff went over and got a very small measuring cup. Carefully he tipped the bottle a bit and the Sumlins swam toward the opening. Some of the soda came out and with them, the tiny family.

So tiny that had the four of them lay end to end, they would add up to about three quarters of an inch. Jeff gave them a part of a napkin so they could dry off. "Sorry," he said to them. He looked over at his brother. "You should be the ones telling them that."

"It was just a bit of fun."

They were small enough that had they wanted, they could probably walk through a flyscreen--though for what purpose? Then they'd just be small and on the outside. The kids could make them big again.

Jeff looked over at his younger brother, five years his junior. They were good friends but of course brothers always do have their arguments.Jeff had the age advantage. When he was the age Matt was now, Matt was only four.
As kids, they lived in a world made for bigger people and they had to put up with the adults. When he was nine, Jeff would have to stand on a chair to try and reach the cookie jar on top of the fridge. His meagre arms still weren't long enough. He had to stand on tiptoe, his little stockinged feet extended up to make him reach
his goal, but hopefully he wouldn't fall over.

His dad could reach that jar with ease, but his dad was five foot nine, and he was not his dad. Now Jeff was 14 and five foot ten and for all he knew he could grow a bit more, too. He didn't know exactly if that was the reason why he developed the SAM but he thought it would be a neat idea.

Size meant power. Lack of size meant, you guessed it.

"I could have kept this from you," Jeff reminded his brother.

But he couldn't. He hoped Matt was mature enough, so when he developed the SAM he tried it on dogs and cats and showed the results to Matt. "I can't let you use this but I wanted you to know about it. Maybe someday I'll show you."

And one day he told Matt (knowing Mom and Dad weren't home) he had something to show him. Matt sat down at the kitchen table, and Jeff went into his room.

"Don't freak when you see this, and be careful," he said when he got back.

Jeff had his hand cupped and pressed up against his chest. He then brought it down to the table and opened in a bit more. On it was a two inch tall man.

Scott stood up and gazed up at the 155 foot nine year old in front of him. The gigantic boy's head moved closer to him--long hair, huge features, and a smell of bubble gum.

"Now, now, careful...," Jeff had told him.

Matt took his right index and forefinger and gently put them around Scott's chest. He brought him close to his face. The smell of bubble gum (actually chewed awhile back) got more intense. Air blew out of the immense nose like a powerful heater or air conditioner. The voice came--prepubescent to most people but deep and powerful

To Matt, the tiny man seemed so puny and powerless; a miniscule head, torso, arms and legs. Very tiny hands and feet. Scott grimaced.

Jeff knew sooner or later Matt would find Scott or someone else he could shrink, and he wanted him "in on the loop".

"I didn't have to tell you about all this," Jeff told Matt, back in the present. "I told you to be responsible.
Would you like a close up look of life from that size?"

Matt again said, "No way. You would NOT do that."

Jeff glanced down at the tiny family, drying themselves. He picked up the bottle of Dr Pepper and pretended to put someone in there with his thumb and forefinger. "Bye Matt," he said, and took a swig of the soda.

"You wouldn't do that..."

"Maybe you can learn not to do something like this..." With that, Jeff took the SAM out of his pocket and aimed it at Matt. Jeff suddenly seemed a lot bigger.

"You were what, four foot six before? Then five feet? Try being four feet tall, kiddo."


Jeff reached under Matt's armpits and picked him up then lifted the now-four-foot-tall little brother up so they could see eye to eye. His feet dangled above almost two feet of empty space.

"Remember when you were seven, or maybe six? That's how big you are now."

to be continued

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