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3/18/2014 7:44 pm  #1

Vines (WIP reviews appreciated greatly ;)


Lynn bit her lower lip, peering down the black tunnel. "Hello?" She yelled.
She blinked, then yelped and jumped back when a gush of warm wind instantly pushed through the dark tunnel and into the dome.
"It worked." A shocked voice came from the other side. It sounded like a young male's whisper, but it was far to booming and loud for it to possibly be a whisper, it was probably just the voice of the person, yelling back at her.
"Huh?" Lynn slowly leaned down, got on her hands and knees, and began crawling out of the tunnel. "Do you have any light? Can you come closer?" She called, trying to match her volume with the voices.
She screamed, jumping up as two sliding sticks found their way in the tunnel. "Help!" She screamed, running. "Help me!"
"I am." The loud male voice snapped.
"No! You don't understand, you need to come right now there's a---"
The two sticks bumped into Lynn and wrapped around her like vines.
"HELP!" She screamed, squirming in the vines.
And then she realized they weren't vines, they were fingers.

Eyes that were eight feet tall, a nose nine feet long, and a mouth big enough to swallow her like an ice cube.
"Put me down!" Lynn slapped at his hand, kicking her legs.
The giant tilted his head, holding out the arm he was holding Lynn in and showed her the room.
It was a lab, a small one at that. Only a small mini-fridge in the corner, an LED bulb in the ceiling, and a large desk crowded with papers and pencils and protracters and a lamp, with a small gun sticking out of a drawer.
He carried Lynn over to the desk, keeping his hand wrapped around her, and grabbed a ruler with his other hand.
He set the ruler vertically next to Lynn, despite her screaming and protests, and marked her height with a small slit of tape.
2 inches, 2 centimeters tall.
He tilted the ruler horizontal and pressed it against his hand, marking her width.
2 centimeters.


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3/19/2014 3:59 pm  #2

Re: Vines (WIP reviews appreciated greatly ;)

This is looking great so far! I can't wait to know why he has her there. Guy seems a bit of a jerk, though. Picking her up without permission and ignoring her protests. Tsk, tsk.


3/20/2014 12:20 am  #3

Re: Vines (WIP reviews appreciated greatly ;)

(Thank you!)

The giant smiled, pleased, and unwrapped his hand from Lynn's body, jotting down her measurments onto a piece of paper.
Lynn remained silent, staring around the room and trying to comprehend her surroundings. Everything was almost fifteen times larger, including the pen the giant used, which was almost as tall as she was. 
Finally gaining an understanding, Lynn stomped her foot. "Couldn't you hear me? I sa---"
The giant wrapped his hand around Lynn's body again, rolling his eyes. "I can hear you just fine, but you don't have anything important to say."
Lynn tried to shout, but the giant squeezed harder, making her wheeze for air. "I suggest you stop shouting, save your voice for later." 
She choked, and gasped in relief when the giant loosened his grip. "Who are you?" She snapped, squirming in his hand and pounding her fist on his wrist.
The giant continued taking notes, and only looked up briefly to reply. "August Hart, manager of V.I.N.E.S Coporation. And you?"
Lynn glared at August when he held her up in front of his face and squinted. "Oh, because I am obviously telling you."
August smiled, setting her back down with his hand still around her. "That's alright, I've been watching you since we got the report. You're Lynnia Rose Atherton, daughter of Chelsea Baggarozzi and John Atherton. You turned 15 two months ago and you attended Pineridge High School, Washington, Maryland. Your most recent recorded height was 5 feet 4 inches, and your most recenty recorded weight was 110 pounds. We've never recruited a female under the age of 36, so it's nice to finally have some younger soldiers to lighten the mood. Tell me, do you feel any sickness, pain, aching of any sort?"
Lynn grunted, then tilted her head quizically. "Well, it's sick that you do this to people. And I would feel a lot better if you let me go."
August grinned, reading her face like a book. "As you wish." He held her up, then dropped her into his other hand, cupped upwards. "Alright then, nothing wrong so far. Any feelings, emotion wise?"
Lynn stomped hard on his palm, and stared down at the tunnel she had come out of, wishing she could fall asleep again and never have to wake up. "Yes." 
August arched an eyebrow, and shifted his hand a little. "Care to describe them?" He pryed.
"You really don't want to hear them." Lynn glared up at his gigantic face. 
August yawned, and stretched, spinning around in his chair. "Alright then, that's about it. You'll get your uniform tomorrow, and your food suppliments are in your cabin. Any questions?"
"What is VINES, and what the heck did you do to me?" Lynn gripped the edge of his hand, feeling like she would fall off if he kept spinning. 
August slowed his spinning to a stop. "VINES stands for Validation In Non-Earthly Shrunkens, or you."
Lynn tilted her head. "I am 100% human." She replied, not liking the term non-earthly.
"More like 2% of a human." August snorted, wrapping his hand around her and walking down a hallway.
Lynn began punching his hand harshly, screaming and kicking. "Let me go. NOW." She yelled firmly.
August only hear squeaks, though, he had turned off his hearing device he used.
He winced and covered his ear with his unoccupied hand. "You sound even more ridiculous than the adults. You should just be grateful this worked."
August opened a locked door with a key, jogging in.
"It worked!" He declared, waving Lynn above his head.
Lynn could barely see, but she made out a wooden meeting table with giants in white lab coats siting around it.
None of them were even close to their twenties, unlike August, and they certainly didn't have his good looks.
"It did?" One man asked, shocked, and stepped forward. "Stop waving her around, let me see!" He snapped, grabbing Lynn out of August's hand and holding her up to his eyes to examine her.
"Put me down and leave me alone." Lynn tried to sound firm, but she was terrified.
The old man did have his hearing device on, considering he was well over eighty, and chuckled. "I would get used to this if 'eye' were you!" He teased, and a couple men laughed.
The man handed Lynn back to August. "Age." The man commanded.
"Fifteen, sir." August replied.
"That's far too young to join our forces." The man spat.
"W-well y-yes sir, but I was thinking maybe she could help. Around."
The old man tilted his head and laughed, patting August on the back. "I see. August wants a girlfriend."
August widened his eyes and blushed, shaking his head. "No sir, that's not what I--"
The old man wobbled over back to his chair. "Then a girlfriend you will get!" The man croaked. "You are dismissed!"

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3/20/2014 8:31 pm  #4

Re: Vines (WIP reviews appreciated greatly ;)

sounds interesting


3/21/2014 1:19 am  #5

Re: Vines (WIP reviews appreciated greatly ;)

Thank you! The chapter was updated.

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