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4/16/2014 9:02 pm  #1

Giant boyfriend

I'll never forget the morning I got the phone call.
I had stayed up late the night before, probably at a party or something, I couldn't recall.
I had just woken up, at about noon on Saturday, and I looked like a mess, certainly not how Cam expected his girlfriend to look for their picnic.
Oh crud, the picnic. I was sixteen and I still had trouble remembering things. Cam wanted me to meet him at the park for a picnic date, in fourty five minutes from noon.
I shouted in frustration and kicked off my covers, took a shower, and hopelessly attempted to put on a decent dress and casual clear makeup, with a small necklace. It all looked kind of messy with my wet and tangled hair but there was nothing I could do. I checked the time, just as my cell rang.
Reluctantly, I hit the answer key on my phone, getting on shoes and locking my apartment door behind me, jogging down the stairs.
"Lilly! You ready for the picnic?"
I pushed hair out of my face. "Yeah, and you?"
" 'Course. Got the entire park to ourselves. I'll pick you up in the lobby."
I paused at the last stair. "You're so sweet. But how?"
I  could almost hear him smile. "You wouldn't believe it. You'll see."
He made a short kiss noise before hanging up.
I rolled my eyes and entered the lobby, and for a second, I didn't even recognize Cam.
Then I saw his undeniable signature sneakers outside the door, with the cuffs of his favorite pair of jeans. Except his feet were as tall as me, and I was 5'9.
I sprint towards the door and pull it open impulsively, then run outside next to Cam's feet to get a better look at him.
He's at least 250 feet tall, because the hotel I stay at is 245 feet tall and he's a bit bigger than that.
At first he doesn't notice me, and then he spots me and smiles, getting down on his stomach so he's level with me. "

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4/26/2014 4:04 am  #2

Re: Giant boyfriend

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