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4/27/2014 8:54 am  #1

Space friends

Oh my! this is my first story iv written down, and I mean first! x)

----- chapter 1.

Sometimes life is unfair! Like when the one you are in love with are in love with your best friend, when your bike gets stolen under your nose. Or like this case, floating around half frozen in space. Jonas looked out in the never ending space.

It’s beautiful but still scary he had never though he would die this way, crashed in space, frozen to death, but now it felt like it was just alright he couldn’t do anything anyway. He became numb his mind wandered off in the darkness.

Somewhere close around was a spaceship without any rout Nobe was enjoying his treasure hunting life, sometimes things happens and some days it’s nothing at all , no fixed destination, nowhere need to go, it’s so wonderful. He sat in the cockpit and counted stars, when he got to 12896 the radar took up a weird signal, an ancient emergency signal, “Finally! We got a mission and its close!” Nobe typed in coordination from where the signal came from and they were of.

They got to the scene where the signal came from and he couldn’t tell if it was too late, it was wreckage all over the spot, it looked like a smaller spaceship had gone through a blender. 
“Maybe I can find something useful or valuable” Nobe said hopeful and raised from his cockpit chair and walked get ready to go out.

Outside in space Nobe felt weightless, being in space was like swimming but if you drift of you are helpless, you get tired very fast, thats why its important to have a security wire.
He looked around but it was just scrap, nothing useful. Nobe was ready to get back inside when he saw something on the heath mode camera, it was still a little warm, he got closer and it looked like a doll, it was in some weird space suit with a round helmet and clumsy spacewear, however it maybe is still alive.

“It’s not a pleasant way to die in space” he though, Nobe remember well how his childhood friend had by accident drifted out in space and been found as frozen solid.

He reached out and grabbed the little alien around its waist, wasn’t so big he guess about 16.5 inches, Nobe hold it close his chest with one arm and railed in with the other, He hurried inside.

Back inside his ship he emerged down to the corridor headed to the bathroom, grabbed a towel and a tweezer then he headed to his room.
The door swooshed open and he walked in, his room was not so big, a desk and a chair and a bed, simple and nice, he took of his space helmet and put it on the desk then walked over to the bed.
Nobe laid the little creature on his bed and sat down on the floor.

“First thing off was the weird round helmet”, He twisted it like an old time light bulb it was off and felt like ice in his hand, He put it beside him on the floor. 

He bent down and saw that this creature had a humanoid face, “fascinating!!”
A pale little pink face with two sleeping eyes, a little pointy nose, two ears on each side, a mouth, black short ruffled hair, his cheeks got bitten by the cold but the blush will fade away if it's lucky.

He hold his little finger close its nose and could feel faint breathings “Your alive!”
He grabbed the tweezer and began picking off various gadgets and unzips the uniform and other layers of cloths until it was nothing left
“You’re so cold!”Nobe whisper while wrapping it in the towel, when he was done he lifted the creature up with his both hand, left hand under the head and the other under its back then he stood up and moved the beds blanket with his right foot
“It becomes warmer this way!” Nobe said before he fell asleep.


It wasn’t his home town anymore.. It was a ghost town, Jonas walked on the old stone streets in the capital of Sweden, it felt like a dream, He wore a plain white pajamas, the pants was a little too big but he didn’t mind,  this city have never been this quiet and empty on people. Jonas had a feeling he have walked around and around the capitals street for days. It was neither night or day even the weather changed, it was really weird, every footstep was so light he could barely feel the stones under his feet’s.

“HELLO!” his voice echoed through the empty buildings. Jonas stopped walking “This is so odd” It was a little girl standing in front of him.
She looked that she could be around 10 years old, she had brown hair down to the shoulder, freckles over her nose, a red jacket down to her knees, grey stockings and black shoes.

“What’s your name mister?” the little girl asked

“I’m Jonas! Do you know what is happening?”

“Follow me Jonas, we need to hurry!” She begun to run down the street he followed her, the city crumble and the shops and apartments they passed along the way explode, it didn’t spray stuff all over, it was like it stopped in time and floated around.
“Hurry up!” she said when Jonas looked back.
They arrived at Jonas parents’ house “You have to tell me what is going on!?”
“We don’t have the time!” She flung up the door and they hurried inside and closed the door.

The inside of the house was a space station, and the little girl was standing with a box and it had a red button on it.
“What is this?” Jonas was panicking!

“I’m sorry, but it’s not your time yet!” The little girl said and pushed the red button, with a force from a gigantic slingshot and in a millisecond the girl became a dot, Sweden a dot, earth like a marble and then gone into the pitch black Stars and asteroids flew past Jonas like bullets and  everything started to spin faster and faster.


“AAaaAAaaaAAa!!” Jonas screamed, the spinning had stopped and he was laying down on something soft and wrapped in a blanket, it was so warm. It must be a bed. He opened his eyes, it was blurry but what he saw was a grey wall.

“Did you have a bad dream?” 

Jonas froze and peeked over his shoulder, he couldn’t believe his eyes, lying down behind him was a green haired giant looking down on him with its green eyes. A gigantic hand turned Jonas over to his back, the little man was frozen with fear.

“Welcome back to the life Jonas!” The Giant said with a smile 

“How do you know my name?!” Jonas replies surprised, “You sleep talk!” The giant said still smiling. “And I found you drifting around in space, cold and barely alive! Did you find a wormhole? It was a lot of spaceship parts around you” the giant said looking closer and inspecting him.

“I don’t know, I can’t remember clearly what happened just being hit by an asteroid and then it became black” Jonas face changed, he wasn’t scared, he was sad Jonas looked up and the giants eyes “Where am I? And who are you?” He asked.

“You’re on my ship Jonas, Early bird is her name and my name is Nobe, I’m an adventurer and a treasure hunter, and we are just a light year from the planet Thyrm!”
Nobe looked down on Jonas blank pale face.

“Are you planning to eat me? Or sell me as some weird pet?” Jonas said 

“My plan is eat WITH you and no I’m not going to sell you as a pet, stupid!”
Jonas was embarrassing over what he just said
Nobe raised out of the bed and walked over to a desk on the other side of the room picking something up and walked back
“I bet you are hungry, let’s go and eat something” Nobe said as he reached Jonas what he just collected, In Nobe’s giant hand laid Jonas boxers and top

“..Did you take off my clothes?! Are you one off those creepy adducting probing Aliens!” Jonas said alarmed 

“No!! I’m not a crazy probing Grey,I took off your clothes off because you was dying cold stupid!” Nobe said irritated “Actually I am a Zerath from planet Qrim, get dress now so we can go!”

Jonas took his clothes and put on the black top Nobe walked away from the bed.
“Nobe! I can’t feel my legs!”

“They haven’t woke up yet, don’t worry” Nobe said while he looked at a document at the desk “Do you want some help?”

“No! no thank you.” Jonas felt like a little kid putting pants on in bed but with numb legs. “I’m done!” He said and sat up.

“Great let’s go” Nobe walked over to the bed

“I can’t walk!” Jonas said

“I know! I’m going to carry you!” Nobe bend down over Jonas and with his right giant hand wrapped under Jonas arms before he started to protest or ask something more stupid.
“Wha!” Jonas gasped surprised. Jonas was now sitting in Nobes left gigantic hand and the right over the tiny man’s belly so he didn’t fall off. 

End of chapter 1.

Thank you!


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