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5/12/2014 6:16 pm  #1

The Dollhouse...

(Note: revised story, see below...I may actually make him only 6 inches tall, who knows) 

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5/13/2014 8:27 am  #2

Re: The Dollhouse...

Cool story. Hope you'll continue


5/14/2014 11:07 pm  #3

Re: The Dollhouse...

Yup, thanks. I'm going to re-write what I had though...

John Gorton lived in a house within a house--as in, a dollhouse. He used to be 5 foot 10 and almost 190 pounds, but began to shrink and wound up six inches tall, weighing just a few ounces. It was considered shocking--the idea of shrinking like that. Something which happened in an old book and film but it could never happen in real life, could it? Well, illness or whatever it was, it did happen.

The dollhouse was built by students at his son's school. His shrinking had stopped at that point and he hoped it wouldn't start again...and of course he hoped to grow back to "normal" someday.
The left side of the dollhouse's main floor (it was placed up against a wall) was a living room and den; the right side, a dining room up front and a kitchen in the back. Miniature furniture was placed in each room, looking fairly accurate. Going up the stairs, which were designed for John's slightly less than one-inch-long feet, one could go left into a master bedroom and smaller bedroom, or right to a bathroom and a storage room. The bathroom had a working tub; the storage room had a water heater connected to the tub (it held about 7 ounces of water that John's wife or son could fill) and he could fill the tub with a few inches of water, then maybe relax in it, his tiny feet and small legs up on the divider where the faucets were. A shower curtain and a small blind gave him privacy. For entertainment there was a smart phone on the main floor, and he could get TV or radio stations on that. 
John recalled the time when he wound up the same size as his 11 year old son Brad. Both were about 4 foot 8; John was 96 pounds and Brad was about 85. Side by side, one would notice the father's head was a bit smaller than his son's, and the boy's feet and hands were slightly bigger than his dad's. John had a bit of a paunch-y belly which accounted for the slight weight advantage. In terms of clothes, John found his son's shirts, underwear, and pants fit him fine. But the boy's sneakers were slightly large on him. Each of his feet had been about 7 and three-quarter inches long while Brad's were close to 9 inches long.

It felt odd at that time being the same height as an eleven year old boy--being slightly taller than 8, 9, or 10 year olds, but shorter than teens or adults. The world seemed slightly bigger to him but of course it would become even more greatly magnified later.
Anyone looking at the slightly shrunken John could tell he was an adult not a boy, but his voice already had start to get higher and John found that if he didn't shave, his beard grew--but slowly. He wasn't de-aging but being shorter made him feel like he was becoming a boy again. 14 and 15 year olds towered over him; their voices were still kind of high, but John's was higher still. When they were together and talking, if someone turned their head and couldn't see who had spoken, it was tough to figure out if John had said something or if it was Brad.

John's wife Eileen tried to take it in stride as her husband dwindled down to the size of a toddler or a baby and then to half a foot tall. The dollhouse seemed to be a bit of an embarrassment to him, but how best to make him comfortable? Having a huge wife and son made him feel like a small animal, a pet--and his role as a father was pretty much gone now. Brad liked to play around with his tiny father...and sometimes it got rough. John was usually pretty calm and only yelled when it was necessary, but a six inch tall man isn't quite threatening to a 56 (now 58, actually) inch tall boy,
whose father had a high pitched voice much like a cartoon character. Dress John in blue and he could be a Smurf. He could fit into one of his son's sneakers with a lot of room to spare. That was what he was dealing with.

As a husband? No longer did he have to go to work (Eileen did, though) and now he was living in a dollhouse--imagine. He tried to be intimate with her but it his size, what could he do? (And the media interfered with their privacy but eventually Eileen began to steer the media into occasional features about him, well controlled ones.) They turned down the offer of a reality series on The Learning Channel, but John got to star in some TV commercials. The money helped.
She could tenderly curl a hand around him and give him affection and he could return it as best he could. She could bring him up for a kiss--with 2 foot wide lips, as air came out of her 2 foot long nose. She had to speak softly to him--everyone did, really, as their voices could overpower him. But yes there came a time when he had to depart sleeping with her and find another a dollhouse.

 But when it came to Brad, almost ten times as tall as his dad, he could now get away with murder one might say. So much for controlling him. It was a bit of a relief when the shrinking stopped but he still was stuck in, well, a lowly position now.
It was a Monday night and Eileen had to attend a meeting. She left Brad some money for a large pizza (and a tip for the delivery guy) and said he could have his friend Ryle over. There would be a hockey playoff game at 7 and the two could enjoy pizza and soda (for the former, sausage, bacon, and pepperoni). Brad was told to take small specks of a slice and give it to his father.

Late afternoon. Brad and Ryle had been playing outside and they both entered the house and Brad started going over to the dollhouse. Ryle had known about John Gorton and his strange condition but hadn't met him yet.

John lay on the sofa of his dollhouse and heard a loud noise--the door of the main house opening and closing. Brad had a key, of course. He sat up and looked out the window of his dollhouse; John saw two sets of sneaker clad feet heading his way.He wearily got up and prepared to open the dollhouse door but heard a loud noise--Brad was tapping at the door with his index finger and the force of it opened the door. John walked out and looked up at the two eleven-year-olds.

They seemed close to 60 feet tall to him. Gargantuan sneakers and white socks, massive pants and T-shirts, and immense faces. Brad knealt down and upturned his right hand; John got on and quickly was raised up.

With a loud thud, both boys had settled down on the sofa and Brad raised his hand up toward Ryle's face. He got a good look at the tiny man.

"Can I hold him?"

"Yeah be careful."

With that Ryle's hand reached around John's body, and the man could feel immense fingers curled around him. He was being held in the giant hand which extended from his shoulders down to his hips. John couldn't move his arms or legs...and it was getting tight.

"Awesome!," said Ryle, seeing John's inch-long head. With his other hand, he started to place his index finger and thumb around it--mussing up John's hair.

John could see the immense hair, eyes, nose, and mouth of the fifth-grader. "Please let me go--or just ease up a bit..." He felt smothered--and was having a bit of trouble breathing.

"I'm not hurtin' ya..." That being said, he did ease up a little. John couldn't escape, though. 
The doorbell rang and Brad got up, his immense form heading over to the front door where the pizza delivery man had shown up. He gave the man money and grabbed the pizza, carrying it into the living room and placing it on a coffee table. Next he ran into the kitchen and fetched some soda and glasses.

The game was starting soon and the boys eagerly ate immense slices of pizza, and drank
huge amounts of soda. Brad did give his father some of the food and soda (the latter in a very small juice glass).

"Only could finish three slices," said Ryle. 
"Me too. We'll have the other two later." 
 John usually wore a specially made shirt and sweat pants; sometimes tiny socks, but sometimes he was barefoot. It wasn't easy for someone to make the clothes his size..and admittedly sometimes he wore dolls' clothes.
Brad and his friend Ryle were dressed as boys their age often were, T shirts (short or long sleeved) and maybe a sweat shirt on top; jeans or sweat pants, or maybe short pants. Sometimes they wore socks, sometimes they went barefoot and they had gargantuan sneakers.


 At one point Ryle decided to take off with tiny John held in his hands. Brad pursued him. "Give him back now, he's MY dad!" They hopped on and off sectional pieces with their sock feet, jumped over them, and at one point Ryle decided to place John on top of the refrigerator. He jumped up slightly and placed John there, next to some cereal boxes. (Yes, giants they seemed to John, but they were still a bit short and Ryle did have to jump slightly.)

Then the boys decided to have a little more fun. They each got on the couch and tossed John at each other. He was held in one hand, or two cupped ones, and tossed toward the other boy. At one time, Ryle wasn't ready to catch John. The tiny man wound up colliding with the boy's T-shirt clad chest, and he slid down to his lap and then the sofa itself. 

John sounded like a cartoon character with his "new" size. Now he felt like one--Wile E. Coyote, who had just tried to launch himself at the Road Runner only to collide with a rock face, and slide down slowly.

Next the boys decided, during the game's intermission, to play a little hockey in the kitchen. They had mini hockey sticks and a tennis ball and shot it around a bit, doing their best not to break anything. Brad had an idea--he grabbed his father and put him down on the floor, and the boys resumed their game.

John found a large ball heading toward him, and he ducked. Then he saw sock-clad feet, each half again as long as he was tall, heading toward him as well.

He started to scramble away only to find one of the boys' feet (he didn't know which one) colliding with him and he was sent sprawling.

"Don't injure him!"

"OK but then why are we playing with him like this?"

His son's left hand curled around his body and picked him up. He found himself placed on the counter near the sink and he started to yell at the giant boys. They laughed--it was tough to hear the little man. His voice was like an old 33.3 RPM record sped up to 78.

What could he do? They far outranked him in size, even if he the father of one of them. He just felt he was damn lucky that the boy who'd unintentionally kicked him hadn't purely stepped on him.
It could have been the end for fact, given the size of their huge feet it's amazing it wasn't. It was a brief moment of contact, not the full force of a boy's weight on him. At his small size and puny weight, John found he could quickly dart out of the way but he still worried.
The boys settled down to watch the third period of the game.John had enough. He had been sitting on Brad's lap, and got up and ran down the leg (which was propped up on the coffee table). He slid down Brad's right stocking-clad ankle onto the coffee table and made his way to a special ladder down to the floor.
"Goin' home, little guy?," smirked Brad.
Yes he was, back to the dollhouse. He slammed the tiny door behind him and ran up the stairs, then turned left into the master bedroom.
Bed, bureau, an mp3 player for entertainment. Before going to bed, he went over to the window and looked out where he could get a view of the two giant boys on the sectional-sofa. They were both laughing.
"Um, he's still your dad even though he's so small," said Ryle, "but we can have fun with him."
"Poor guy. Poor LITTLE guy," said Brad. He held up his cupped right hand and pretended to be holding John in it. "Off to bed, little man," he said, pretending to poke his father with his index finger. "No, wait..." With that, Brad grabbed the invisible shrunken father, looked up and pretended to drop him in his open mouth.
That made them laugh even harder.
"He's looking at us," said Ryle, spotting John in the window of the dollhouse. They both had stopped laughing.
Brad got up and went over to the dollhouse. He sat down cross legged and looked over at his six inch dad, then cupped his right hand slightly and brought it over to the window.
"Have a good night Dad..."
"You two are monsters! You could have killed me!," he told his son in a flea-sized voice. Brad
barely understood what he said.
It was true, John thought, but oh yes they were 'just boys', just boys acting as kids would. But what father was in a position like he was?
"Sorry carried away."
John nodded and extended his right arm out the window, touching the end of one of Brad's gargantuan fingers. His hand was impossibly small. Yeah Brad was still his son, and he did love him, but the difference in size made things very bleak. They said good night to each other and later Eileen came home and saw the two boys on the sectional, getting sleepy, and she didn't see John and figured he'd be in his dollhouse.
He was actually so small he could rest in his son's shirt pocket if he wanted to. It would be a little tight though.

to be continued


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5/18/2014 6:08 am  #4

Re: The Dollhouse...

At one point he was just under two feet tall and weighed about 7 pounds. He now lived in a world where he was the height of a baby and people were three times as big as before and, under the square-cube-law, seemed to weigh 27 times as much. A 100 pound kid, 2700 pounds. A 150 pound person seemed to weigh two tons.

Often he'd be left along at home, Eileen off to work and Brad in school. If he wanted to take a bath, he'd enter the bathroom and go past the sink that was over his head, and climb into the tub which was over waist-high to him. In the kitchen, the sink counter was over his head and the cabinets much higher up. The fridge seemed 15 feet tall and it took effort to open it. It didn't take much of the magnified food to fill him...and when he ate with his wife and son, he had to use a high chair and the utensils were absurdly big. They had no pets but a pet door had to be put in so he could go outside.

When the family went shopping, he was put into a car's baby seat, and he felt embarrassed that he had to ride in the back while his son got to be in the front. When they got to a parking space, Eileen had to take hold of his hand and cross into the store because he was so small that there was danger of someone driving a car and not seeing him. Or he could be carried, or ride in a stroller--and there was the indignity of riding in the carriage like he was a toddler. He could walk around--having a tough time keeping up with his wife and son due to shorter legs and smaller feet. The food items reached far above him on the shelves, and he was too short to reach into the meat chest and too short and weak, generally, to open the dairy case for milk (a gallon would be tough for him to carry, also).
He could help out by reaching a can on a lower shelf. Often Brad was sent to fetch something.
One time Brad returned and didn't notice his father, down below the boy's waist level. As he put an item into the cart, the bulk of the boy's body collided with his father and he was sent sprawling onto the floor.

John looked up at his massive offspring, his immense sneakers next to his own puny feet. He apologized and reached down with a huge hand to help his dad get up.
Just about every kid was bigger than John at this point--well, only newborns were smaller than he.
One eight year old boy noticed him--and had seen the TV feature about him--and started giggling. Eileen was down the aisle a bit, Brad was playing a game on his smart phone and not noticing,
and the boy gleefully reached down to grab John, lifting him up with his hands under John's armpits.
The boy was over twice John's height and greatly outranked him in weight. Brad noticed and ordered the boy to put him down.

The kid smirked and handed John over to Brad, who reached around his puny body and grabbed him away. "Waaaah that boy picked me up!," said the eight year old, mockingly, pretending to be John.

"Shut up," said Brad, who was a good half a foot taller than the boy.

A six year old girl noticed John and asked her mother if she could go over to the "little man".
Her mom said, no, that's not nice, leave him alone--

"Aw mom, he looks cute. He's a lil' daddy." She walked closer to John and waved down at him,
the tip of his head a few inches shy of her waist. John blushed and said hi to her.

"Gotta go, back to, er..."

Not a good job at lying. 
The girl's mother pulled her daughter away and looked down sadly at John.
"Er, nice to meet you and I hope you get...better..."

Another time Brad noticed a couple of his school mates there and he said, "Just a sec, I'll get him."
They apparently all wanted to meet his baby sized father.

Three boys, all over twice as tall as he was, laughed as they saw John. Each weighed over 12 times as much as him. He extended his right arm up and they gladly shook his right hand with one of their own giant paws. It hurt--they were much stronger than he.

"Don't pick him up; my mom says--er, I mean, I don't want you to."

At one point, these pipsqueaks would have been shoulder high to John. At another, he was the same height. 
"Let's go outside and race him!"
"No fair, any of us could beat him easily."
One giggled they could play hide and seek with him. He could hide easily.
--I don't think this would be a novel but if it were it could have this for a cover (in my imagination): Side view of Brad; he's holding up his left hand to his chin, the heel of the upturned hand up against the chin, and his dad is cross legged on the hand. His dad is extending his arm over toward Brad's face, his tiny hand resting on his son's nose, etc. 
(below, Paul del Rio)

to be continued

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5/18/2014 6:48 am  #5

Re: The Dollhouse...

Junrey Balawing is 23.6 inches tall here--about the height of John in the chapter above

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5/22/2014 8:00 am  #6

Re: The Dollhouse...

John's shrinking was a mystery, as was the reason why it stopped when he was six inches tall. Yes, he had been given experimental medication developed by scientists and doctors; it didn't seem to work, though when he reached half a foot tall and shrank no more, he didn't know if it was the medication finally kicking in, or 
if the shrinking had naturally run its course. Should he keep taking the medication to prevent further shrinking? He had stopped it, and found that even without it, the shrinking hadn't started again.

There was constant re-adjustment as he shrank; getting clothes that would fit him; and seeing the world get larger and larger. At 17 inches, he weighed just 3 pounds and was about knee high to Brad.
By then (and in fact since he was 28 inches tall) he was no longer sleeping with Eileen; now he was on a sofa sectional, and at Brad's middle school the shop students started to build a dollhouse to fit him in case he wound up 6 inches tall or so. It could be carried by an adult or even a child.

The roof could come off--and one night John had a dream that another woman had somehow shrunk just as he had, and they were now living together in the dollhouse. They were getting intimate on the double-sized bed when suddenly they heard a rumbling from above. The roof was disappearing and Brad's face soon smirked down at them. "Go away!", they both had yelled, disappearing under the blanket.

"Gonna tell ma..."
In the dream he felt himself being lifted up by his son, who dangled him, his thumb and forefinger around his right wrist, and being lifted up several inches before the boy let loose of him and he tumbled down on the bed--and his lady was no longer there--

,,,because he woke up and found it was just a dream.

Often when Eileen was at work and Brad at school he would tire of living in the dollhouse and started to walk around the "big" house. It was bizarre to think that everything was now 12 times as big, and distances much further. In effect every inch now seemed like a foot to him. Doorknobs were 34 feet up. He would go from room to room, each of which seemed immense with ceilings impossibly high. In the kitchen, a 60 foot tall refrigerator he had no hope of opening...countertops and cupboards way up, and had he gotten up, the sink had a dishpan that he could swim in . Living room with immense TV, tables, and chairs; and the second floor, well if he had any inkling to go up there, he'd have to scale 9 feet tall stairs to reach the bedrooms up there.

One day he was in the living room and heard the door of the 'big house' open. Eileen entered and there was a man behind her. He started to run toward the dollhouse and was noticed by her; "oh, darling, don't worry, this is just a co-worker of mine. His name is Harry Newton."

The man got closer to him;sneakered feet that seemed much bigger than Brad's; jeans, T-shirt, and a gargantuan face far above. The man got down on the floor, sitting cross legged. He extended his right hand, palm turned upward.

"Hi John...I heard about you from Eileen, and well, on's nice to meet you."

Warily, he went over to the outstretched hand and put his arms around two of his fingers and shook them.
Suddenly an image showed up in his mind--Brad entering his mother's bedroom one night as Eileen and Harry were getting intimate. "Mom! I'm gonna tell Dad!"

John, thinking of this image, let out what was a cross between a laugh and a whimper. He then pictured Eileen saying, John, this is your replacement. Harry, this is my, er, ex-husband. He lives in a dollhouse.

John blurted out it was nice to meet him. Of course it was a high pitched, weak voice that was tough to hear. 
"I know it's very rough for you, John, but I'm hoping they can grow you up again...and you have Eileen and Brad to take care of you, so I guess that helps."

Was she just bringing over a co-worker here for the heck of it, or was she thinking of marrying him?
Having a full-sized husband again? Of course were that to happen we'd have to divorce first, he thought, and--


At least he wasn't getting any smaller, he thought. He remembered the kids in Honey I Shrunk the Kids, who had wound up a quarter of an inch tall--riding ants and bees, and almost getting eaten for breakfast; or the old Lindsay Gutteridge novels about people reduced to that very size. How Matthew Dilke would follow a cockroach about 4 or 5 times his size and steal some of her eggs and then eat them. Yeah at least he wasn't that small.

"Can I pick you up?" Harry cupped his hand a bit and John climbed up onto it, then reclined, the man's hand being slighter longer than he was tall (as he reclined on it as if it were a bed). Harry moved his thumb a bit to help hold him securely, the tip of it coming down on his belly button.

A bit later, when Brad entered, they had dinner, with John sitting on a tiny chair next to a tiny dining room table, both of which were dollhouse furniture placed on the big table. Sometimes he ate with his hands, but there were also very tiny utensils for him to use.

"He's a co-worker of mine," Eileen had told her son. "We thought it would be fun for him to come over."

Harry seemed like a nice guy in many ways, but John couldn't help but glance over at him and think, here's my 70 foot tall, mega-ton replacement in my wife's life. Here's my son's new dad, while his 'real' father lives in a dollhouse and is regarded as a living, breathing toy..."

to be continued

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5/29/2014 6:35 am  #7

Re: The Dollhouse...

At John's size, kids like his son Brad were immense, and adults even more so. Someone like Eileen's co-worker Harry (5 foot 9, 230 pounds) was a mountain of a man. From his perspective, there were immense sneakered feet, jeans extending way up, a massive T shirt, and a giant bearded face. Harry thankfully tried to speak softly when John was near. He was a gentle giant to be sure but he also seemed to be taking John's place in the life of his wife and his son.

It got to the point where he would often see the two of them head upstairs and he figured what they were doing...and finally they levelled with him: they were in love and wanted to get married or at least co-habitate. With the aid of a lawyer, a divorce was officially drawn up. So was John now the pet of the other three "giants"? He was Eileen's now ex-husband, for sure. It was fodder for the gossip papers and websites. They also were turning their attention to some other cases of shrinking that had popped up around the world...maybe 10 to 15 people around the world who also began to dwindle. He was the smallest of these; some maybe shrank to four and a half feet tall, others to three feet tall. One was a man whose wife was pregnant when he started shrinking. By the time the shrinking ended, he was 22 inches tall, and posed on a sofa next to the baby who'd now been born and was four months old. Father was about 6 pounds; the baby about 14..

A woman shrank to 3 foot 8 and was shown next to her 12 year old son, who was 5 feet even, and 10 year old daughter, 4 foot 7.

John pondered the options. He could  move in (with his dollhouse) to a different home, if the likes of Brad's treatment of him was too much. He could just walk out the pet door near the kitchen (which was closed up in case and neighborhood cats had any ideas) and live out in the wild. That would be dangerous. Or indeed he could just stay as is.

And be subject to things like seeing the roof of the dollhouse being pulled away and immense hands (belonging to Brad) coming at him as he lay on the double bed. He would skitter over to the stairs and go down to the first floor as he heard the boy moving his bed and gently tapping on the floor. One time he was grabbed by Brad in his right hand while the boy held a white athletic sock in the other. His narrow body was soon dropped into it, and Brad carried the sock around. He heard a door open and sensed his son was going outside. Brad went a few blocks away to a town park and sat down cross legged on the grass. With that, he upturned the sock and his father fell out.

The sounds of kids in the distance and their parents could be heard. John pondered screaming up at his son to bring him back home but figured it would do no good...and then he saw a mass of black and white fur nearby. A cat slowly started to come over to him, a loud purr that somehow changed to a growl. He started to slowly back away and glanced over at Brad. The feline took step after step, its immense paws making paw prints on the soil, tail twitching and an intense look on its face. He saw one of Brad's hands go over to stop the cat, but it just slithered around the hand and got to within a couple inches of John's face. Suddenly Brad's hands picked up the megaton monster up by its midsection and he heaved it off, fighting and scratching at him. The cat tried to come back but Brad kicked it away and it fled.

How could the boy subject him to that? Was he actually taking delight in exposing his father to such a situation, only to "save" him?

"He took me out to a park and I almost got clawed by a cat!," John told Harry later. 

Harry glared over at his stepson; he was a gentle sort but this called for a tongue-lashing. Maybe Brad would have to do extra chores, or have his video games taken away for a time. Or the "sent to your room" punishment. John didn't know why he was being subjected to such abuse; Brad hadn't seemed the sort to  be mean but having a six inch tall father was too tempting. He could get away with it...unless Harry or Eileen intervened now. Both of them did issue punishment to Brad, who looked down upon with father with contempt, as if it were John's fault.

John walked over to Brad and looked up at him, with his long feathered black hair, huge eyes, nose, mouth, and ears, and an expression of contempt on his face. John spread out his arms and started to say, "Why are you mean to me just because I'm so little?"

"Brad! Don't you look at your father that way," said Eileen.

"I thought HE was my father," said Brad with a half-laugh, pointing to Harry.

"He's your birth father, and yes he's small but when he was bigger than you, he wasn't mean to you."

John sighed and turned away from the boy, who was told to go upstairs to his room and not come out for a while. Harry's right hand was lying palm-up on the kitchen table and he climbed on it,
sitting cross legged. Harry brought the hand up toward his face. John's shoulders slumped and his head bowed; he was starting to cry. Harry gently put the thumb and forefinger of his left hand around the tiny body.

"It's allright, man, we'll be careful to make sure you don't get hurt...we'll teach him right."

He curled up into a fetal position on the hand. He could feel a different set of fingers gently stroking his back--Eileen, who also re-assured him.

Brad sulked a bit upstairs and for a few days at least seemed to behave himself. But then something very weird happened. He had noticed his pants seemed a little long and were a size or so bigger than before; his shirts had seemed a bit big and one day at school he saw one of his classmates seemed to have grown slightly.

Brad got home and went up against a wall and marked the spot next to the top of his head with a sharpie. He got out a foot-long ruler and started to measure up to the spot: one, two, three, four feet and..7 and a half inches? He knew he had been four foot eight for awhile, then four foot ten, but now...?

He was taken to a doctor and his weight and height were measured. The doctor, and everyone else, were shocked: like his father, Brad too had begun to shrink. When they got home, Brad went over to the dollhouse and sat cross legged on the floor. He held his father in his upturned right hand (he too was sitting cross legged) and they looked at each other.

"I'm...oh God, it's happening to me too," he said, his voice choked up. "Why? Why?"

John's tiny head nodded slowly. "I don't know why. I don't know why I shrank, too...kid, I don't know how bad it will get. It may just stop with a few inches, or..."

"Is it punishment? Because I..."

"No, no, not anymore than I'm being punished for what I did. But life's gonna get cruel, kid--I think you're gonna experience a lot of what I'm going through."

Brad looked at the dollhouse and knew there was a second bedroom on the second floor.Would he live there some day?

to be continued


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5/30/2014 11:46 am  #8

Re: The Dollhouse...

Excellent story, you touch on so many details, I really like the detail of the wife's new husband and how gentle and understanding he is.  Perhaps more intereraction with him?  I like the pics of your huge sneakers.


5/31/2014 4:46 pm  #9

Re: The Dollhouse...

Thanks, glad you're enjoying it. Will think up more stuff. Another view of my giant sneakers is below. btw I got in trouble, in a way, with those huge sneaks (size 13 or 14?) I was going 25-30 mph and suddenly the sneakers slipped a bit on the brake pedal and got stuck on the gas. My car lurched ahead and I almost hit 2 cars. I swerved and wound up colliding with a curb on an "island" leading to a bridge. The left front tire, totally ruined. A helpful police officer mentioned I was in a travel lane and since it would take awhile for an auto club repair truck to reach me, we got someone else to quickly change my tire (no other real damage to the car, or to me!) and I'll get refunded by the auto club.
Since then I haven't worn the sneakers when driving for fear it could happen again. Having your car suddenly lurch ahead is not a good feeling!

Future things:
--John gets to ride in a scaled down car that he can control--or his son can..
--more about Harry, etc.


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5/31/2014 5:42 pm  #10

Re: The Dollhouse...

Amazing story,
congratulations, also interested in more interactions with Harry



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