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10/02/2012 7:38 pm  #1


From the previous board:
Again, thank you all for reading.


“Blake!  he looked up from his mike, setting his headphones on his shoulders for a second. One of the ears was still in, but the other one hung from his head.

“What’s up? 

“A little more emphasis, alright? Make us believe that Jaden is really getting mad!  the boy in the studio laughed, nodding his head. Setting his headphones back upon his ears he licked his lips, coming closer to the mike.

“In three, two…  the thumb up sign was given and the speaking began. Black Swift, known more commonly as ShadyVox was in his recording studio. He had organized a meeting with his friend Craig for this afternoon to rehearse their lines for the upcoming abridged series. The dialogue was hilarious, and the editing was done. All that was left for them to do was merely to put the voices in and upload it to YouTube.

Blake had the job of providing the voice to Jaden Yuki, the main character in the series that they parodied. On this day they were just doing the rehearsal, and the real recording would begin in a few days, after school work was done and when they had the free time. Fans over the internet tended to be demanding and unknowing of how much work it really was to put this whole thing together.

An hour later the group called it quits, going outside of the studio to take a few drinks and relax. Craig lifted his arms up and over his head, stretching.

“Man!  he stated, stretching. “That was one long session. 

Take a sip from his drink Blake’s brown eyes shimmered, a smile appearing on his face. “There’s nothing like it though. I enjoy doing the voices. 

“You get to have all the fun!  his dark haired friend replied. “All I get to do is watch you and mix the sound. 

“But you’re so good at it!  Craig smirked, rubbing Blake’s deep brown hair. “You know it!  the two of them laughed, taking sips from their drinks as they began to walk down the streets of their hometown.

“You know, we should think about going over there to the United States. WE have a lot of fandom there.  Craig said, gazing at his friend. Blake shrugged almost nonchalantly, not really concerned.

“I mean, we have a lot of fans here to. Imagine going where Martin is? That’s a long way from home… 

“He moved a while ago, didn’t he? 

“Yeah, but we still Skype and stuff. He keeps in touch. 

“Heard TeamFourStar is still doin their abridged series. 

“They still keep it up. Lucky they got Masako to go along with it.  The two of them made their way over to their cars, the dark lighting of the streets making them shiver with a cold that embraced them. A few crows honked at them as they passed by, and as the two men gazed up all they could hear were the dreams they had.

“I’ll see you tomorrow man. 

“You too. 

The drums kicked in, the bass line sounding as hot as ever. Blake nodded his head in rhythm, trying to get into his groove. The music was all around him, pounding in his head and the words coming straight to his mind. This was what he lived for; to hear the music and feel the beat. He loved everything.

The ground moved steadily below him, his steps growing faster with the rhythm of the music that came from his headphones. His new tracks didn’t sound all that bad.

“Hey, Blake! 

Turning his head towards the outside noise, the man removed his buds and smiled. His friend was eager to catch up to him, Craig running alongside him. The two of them slapped hands in greetings and began to walk towards their college together.

The sun was out today, the birds tweeting happily as the start of a new day approached. This week was the warmest week of the year, as the temperature had been steadily rising over the past few days. Black and Craig had taken the opportunity to look for some girls while the temperature was warming, seeing as the temperatures raised the chance of clothing on girls lessened. This was of course a good thing.

They took a seat in the grass on campus, the start of their learning only an hour away. This was a good chance to catch up on girl watching and just have guy talk.

“You think this is true?  Craig asked, holding up a magazine. Blake took a sip of water from his canister that he had in his bag. He swallowed, gazing at the magazine cover. The title was American of course because the picture on the front was of a British actor they both knew very little of. The name sounded familiar, but the magazine name was that of an American brand.

“Do I think what’s true? 

“Well it says here that this British actor is the shortest guy they have… I mean, actors in America are tall and strong, but he’s strong and short. The article states he stands at five foot ten. 

“That’s short? He’s above average for a Britain. 

“That’s what it also states.  Craig added, flipping the magazine over to the back. “He’s above average in Britain territory, but in American terms he’s a midget.  Craig leaned back, thinking to himself. “Imagine how tall the actors over there must be? You think the girls are any taller? 


“Imagine if we went over there! For the girls! They’d be huge! 

“You’re imagining things again.  Blake smirked, nudging his friend. “Besides, what are the chances of us growing any more than we already have? I’m at least five foot five, and you… you’re five seven. 

“I’m a full two inches taller than you’ll ever be. 

“Very funny.  Blake sat back on his elbows, gazing into the sky above him. The clouds were drifting by slowly, a few crows passing over their heads. The man sighed, shaking his head. He knew that Craig was a little overambitious, but he would never hold him down for being so. They were best friends, and even best friends had to have some leverage with one another.

Getting up and dusting himself off, the idea of being taller somehow strangely stuck into Blake’s mind, getting curious about the subject. He was after all, looking for a girl. Every guy on campus knew that the girls at this particular college were all somewhat “Americanized  as they would say. The American view of having a big strong and buff male at their side fascinated the girls to no end, and even as they gazed upon their rivalry, the men knew that they had little to no chance of getting with a girl who viewed them as scrawny.

“Hey, Craig? 

The other boy turned to him, also getting up and putting the magazine back in the compartment. Black clicked his tongue, thinking for a moment. The idea seemed very, very possible.

“Are there any health books on how to get taller? 

“What do you mean?  he asked, tilting his head and positioning his bag over his shoulder. Craig gazed at his friend questionably for a second before a smile overcame his face and he nodded slyly.

“You want to get bigger down there?  Craig mused, chuckling a bit. Blake flushed immediately, yelling at him.
“That’s not what I meant you pervert!  Blake tried again. “What I mean was… do you think I could grow any taller than I am now? 

“Well you’re twenty aren’t you? 


“Then no. 


“I mean it’s obvious.  Craig put an arm around Blake’s shoulder, the two of them walking towards the first class of the day. “You’ve stopped growing. You’re at the stage where the puberty is over and you’ll just have to deal with being the size that you are. 

Black groaned, rubbing the back of his neck. “I don’t know about that… I mean, don’t they have pills or something? 
“Are you doing this for someone? 

Blake was about to respond when a light and airy laughter rang in their ears, the two of them gazing to a tree in the distance. A few girls were pointing at them, giggling absent mindedly at jokes that were not present. One girl in particular captured Blake’s eye, his cheeks turning red at her very gaze. He licked his lips, turning his head away.
“You’re still after her?  Craig asked, watching as the auburn haired girl turned away from them and began to walk back with her friends. “You’ve been after Jenny forever man… when are you going to give it up? 

“I feel like she’s the one though… the one…  Blake paused, swallowing and watching as the girls entered into the building in front of them. He sighed.

“I have to find a way to make her notice me. If she’s Americanized, then won’t she like it that I’m taller? 

“Most of the girls on this campus are into you already just because of the voiceover thing you do.  Craig replied, shrugging his shoulders. He smiled at his friend.

“She’s beautiful though… auburn hair… brown eyes… and those cute little freckles she has on her cheekbones. 
Blake nodded in agreement, a shy smile passing over his lips. “I have to find a way to ask her out… it won’t be now… but maybe when I get a little… more confident I’ll do it. No doubt. 

“Well good luck to you then. I’m sure as heck happy being with Rose as is.  The two friends parted, Blake walking slowly to his next class. The doors swung open as he entered, sitting down at his desk and tapping his pen against his lip.

There had to be a way. There just had to be a way.


10/02/2012 7:42 pm  #2

Re: Stronger

“You found that? Where’d you find it? 

“In the back of the magazine I was telling you about! The one with all the crazy scientific stuff and that sort of thing! 
“Is this legal? 

“What better way to make you taller than to use this! 

Craig flashed the papers again, Blake sweating already at just the thought of being taller than he already was. A few hours had passed between classes and their down time, the men finding a way into a local bar and chatting before heading home. Blake stared at the page in front of him, swallowing hard.

The glasses tinkled with the passing to and fro, the bartender occasionally looking at them from a distance and then going back to putting his glasses in the above hanging. The smell of alcohol and smoke were lucid in the air, filling Blake’s mind with different feelings and thoughts. What if he were taller?

His eyes followed his glass full of iced tea up to the straw, his fingers finding a reason to play with the plastic. He sat in silence for a moment, turning over his options.

“C’mon man, you’re desperate aren’t you? You want that girl to talk to you, don’t you?  his friend pressed, urging the page into Blake’s hand.

The hand backed away slowly, as if wanting nothing more than to grab it but still holding back. There was nothing in the world more important than Jenny. She was beautiful, and he had his eye on her for some time now. Blake sighed to himself, scratching the back of his neck.

“I don’t… I don’t want to do anything that’s against the law. 

Craig pouted, shaking his head. “Since when did you get so tight about doing stuff like this? I mean, we could very easily send the money order in and get those pills for you! Look what it says Blake. 

Grabbing his friend by the collar and dragging his head down to the pages, Craig forced Blake’s eyes into the writing.
“See? Full guarantee. Only sixteen pounds! We can’t go back on a deal like that! And look here, it says that you get a full thirty day packet for the payment. Imagine that, it works in only thirty days! You can’t go back on that! 

Sweat beaded down Blake’s forehead, the tapping of the glasses ringing in his ears. The wood of the bar felt almost hot under his fingertips as he tapped. His lips were parched, and as he drank from the tea he ordered, he finally made his decision.

“How much did you say it was? 

The shipping took only four business days, which to Blake meant four days closer to being taller than he was before. The magazine did not replicate an exact measurement of how tall he was to grow, but to his calculations he couldn’t grow more than a foot, even if he were lucky. Medication and science has only come so far as to provide a temporary substitute to an unavoidable situation. Blake would have to make do after his growth. However, the odds of him not enjoying his sudden change in height were slim to none.

The package came at exactly four in the afternoon, arriving at Blake’s apartment. When the doorbell rang he nearly jumped out of his skin, rushing to the door so quickly that he almost bashed into the wood. Holding his hand above the doorknob for a moment he breathed in, gathering his composure. His fingers locked on the metal and he turned, greeting the man at the door.

“Package for Mr. Swift? 

“That’s me!  the man had a red uniform on, and if Blake had not noticed the package he would have sworn the man was a pizza boy. He was young, maybe Blake’s age, possibly younger. Not only was he young, but scrawny as well, having mere sticks as arms and a nervous look in his eye. The man passed a tablet to Blake, asking him to sign off in a few places.

When Blake handed the pen back to the man he noticed that this man had no name tag as ordinary customers did, therefore he had no way of identifying him.

“You want to be taller right? 

The question startled Blake into submission, but he managed to answer calmly. “Yes… why do you ask? 

“We get a lot of calls and orders from young people… namely men.  The man shifted his feet nervously, as if knowing something terrible was going to drop out of the sky and impale him on the head.

“Just be careful… okay? 

Before Blake could say anything in return the man walked away hastily, getting in his truck that was parked in front of Blake’s building and drove away, leaving nothing but the dust of the road behind him.

Blake watched him leave in curiosity and tilted his head to the side a bit, biting his lip. His eyes drifted towards the light package he held in his hand, seeing the cardboard box that held his miracle growth inside.

What did he mean by careful?

Dismissing the thought almost immediately, Blake reentered his house and locked his front door. He headed up the stairs and towards his bedroom, feeling the need to close every window and shut every blind he came upon. This medicine was a secret to the world, a secret to the outside people. He would share this with no one but Craig… and even Craig would not know everything at first.

Sitting down upon his bed he crossed his legs and proceeded to rip the package open with his car keys, smelling herbs as he made his way through to the pills. The package was mainly bubble wrap and the pills themselves were in a tiny container that seemed like actual medication. Throwing out the cardboard and taking the pills in his hand he read the directions on the side.


There were no other markings on the label, save for the date the pills were manufactured and the warning label that no one bothered to ever read. Blake shook the pills back and forth, almost seeming to test out the validity of the substance before him.

Does this mean take one a day with food? The directions aren’t really that clear…

Sighing to himself and laying down upon his bed he called his friend, wanting to share his excitement.

“You’re going to be huge by the time this is all over! Imagine how Jenny would react when she sees you! 

“I know right? It’s going to be a blast! 

Hanging up the phone and tossing it upon his dresser Blake got up and prepared for bed, putting on his pajamas and setting his pills down next to his bed. His eyes gazed at the pills more, the clock on his wall ticking to and fro until his eyelids drooped shut.

Blake took precautions in taking the pills, limiting himself to only one per day. Three days passed and he saw no reaction within him. He didn’t feel any different, nor did he see the ground get any farther away than it already was. After some time he came to believe that the company had stolen his money and taken advantage of him. Craig was supportive in this, as he kept telling Blake that all medication takes time to dissolve into the system. He was right, being a computer science major these were the things you learned in Biology.

“Blake, you sure you’re taking them the right way? 

“I’m positive! I don’t think I’ve missed any…  Blake sighed, running a hand through his dirty brown hair. The sun was high above them, the chirps of the birds signaling the start of what seemed to be an endless summer. The days would lengthen, and then the men could have all sorts of fun together. This was the time that they lived for the most.

The boys looked up again at the clouds and wondered what exactly was going on. Both of them knew how many days Blake had started taking the pills, and they both knew that if something didn’t happen soon, they would be stuck that much poorer.

“What about your body? Have you felt any different? 

“Not a thing. I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing or not…  Blake shook his head, lying down upon the grass. He turned over on his side and gazed at a ladybug that was crawling up a stick. The bug opened its wings and took flight, nearly landing on his nose.

“I just don’t know… what if all of this was for nothing? I don’t want to get ripped off Craig…  his friend laid down with him, putting his hands behind his head. “Well-


Both of the boys shot up at the sound of the female voice. Turning around to see who had called them, a few girls gazed at them steadily, holding their notebooks in their hands and clearing their throats. Two of them were standing behind the girl who had addressed them, one of the behind girls being Jenny.


Craig smiled, shaking his head at the girl who approached them. “Rose, how could you sneak up on me like that? 
The red haired girl smiled and tackled him over in a hug, squealing. “I couldn’t wait to see you! 

Blake sighed in relief as Rose and Craig cuddled in the grass, making him feel better about being called out like that. He turned his attention to Jenny for a mere second before Rose spoke.

“You guys know that there’s a party going on at Steve’s place later this week right?  Craig nodded, licking the side of her cheek. “Of course I knew that silly. I’m taking you aren’t I? 

“Oh you flirt you. 

The boy blushed, kissing her cheek and holding her close.  Blake smiled half heartedly as the other girl began to talk with Jenny, their attention deviated from him. Craig’s eyes snuck to his friend, seeing his sadness. He licked his lips.
“Who are you guys going with? 

The two girls stopped their conversation and one of them smiled at him. “Well I already have a boyfriend, so I’m going with him! He’s off campus, you guys don’t know him but he’s a rock star! 

“Whatever.  Craig replied, shrugging her off. He nodded towards Jenny. “And you? You’re going to the party right? 
Jenny turned red and dug her toe into the dirt, crossing her legs and clearing her throat. “Well I… I don’t know… maybe… 

Blake’s eyes widened a bit as Jenny tugged on the other girl’s arm, ushering her away with inaudible words. He opened his mouth to speak but no words came to his tongue; it was as if his muscles refused to work.

“I have to get going… I’ll see you later? 


A kiss was exchanged and slowly Rose got up, Craig getting up with her to sneak in another hug before the girls departed. Blake’s eyes drifted downwards towards his hand. His gaze rested upon his palm as his fingers moved back and forth to a melody that stuck in his head.

“Why don’t you tell her you’re ShadyVox? 

“Because I want her to like me for who I am… not for someone I pretend to be.  Shaking his head and gathering his things Blake got up, turning away from his friend. Craig tilted his head a bit, swallowing.

“You alright? 

“I… don’t… I have… something to do right now… sorry. 

Before Craig could say anything to him Blake rushed away, speeding past people who were in his path and running towards his apartment. His heart beat wildly in his chest as his eyes burned with a curious sensation.

Stupid! I was so stupid! How could I have let that happen? I could have asked her then and there… she was right there for God’s sake!

Shutting the door behind him Blake stumbled into his apartment and went up the stairs to his room, where he threw his backpack down upon the floor and jumped into his bed. He wanted to scream at himself as loud as he could, but he could find no words.

She was right there…

He clenched his fist, anger building inside of him. He could see the look in her eye; the look of a lost puppy wanting nothing more than to jump into the arms of the master who claimed it. Blake’s heart beat faster, with each pump more and more blood gathering into his cheeks and making him even more furious.

Slamming his fist against the wall he created an indent, cracks from his fist slowly filling the small space around the impact. He breathed in deeply, sweat beading down his forehead. With a loud breath he retracted his fist, seeing the blood from his cracked knuckle drip down his hand and onto the floor. His anger gone and replaced with disappointment Blake went to the bathroom to wash his cuts and bandage them, taking off his clothes and wishing he had been just a little more courageous in his acts.

Staring at his cuts in the bandages he had a thought. Taking the bandages off he slowly took off his clothes and stepped into the shower, letting the warm water run over his open wounds and healing them carefully. He breathed in, smelling the dew that circled him and made his skin shiver. The drops were like silver, smooth and moist to the point where he almost lost his sense of reality with the thought of sharing these emotions with Jenny.

Slowly, he stepped out and made his way back towards his room. Flopping down upon his bed he didn’t bother drying his hair, merely shaking it off a few times before settling down and rethinking the conversation that happened that very same afternoon.

Blake stared at the pills that sat on his dresser and sighed once again, wondering if making himself any taller really would get Jenny to notice him. He shrugged, turning his head to the side. Feeling a little itch on his chest he scratched at it absent mindedly, yawning as he watched the twilight turn to night. The itch on his chest remained there for about half an hour, Blake wondering why he was so itchy.

Now that I think about it… my entire body feels weird.

Scratching his chest and back he sat up, rubbing a hand through his hair and feeling the urge to stretch out his neck. Raising his hands above his head he extended his limbs, feeling something pulling inside of him. Ignoring the strange feelings and shuffling back into his bed he dismissed the idea that Jenny would ever go for him.

As he drifted off into sleep his body tingled a little, Blake not even taking notice that the pillow seemed a little less fluffy than usual.

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Re: Stronger

The soft ringing of his clock set his body into motion. His hand came down upon the radio to hit the off button as he sat up warily, shaking his head. Yawning a bit and opening his eyes Blake cracked his neck gently, sitting on the edge of his bed. Slowly his hand slid off the clock and onto his leg, where the fingers found the hem of his boxers and gave a little tug.

Stretching his arms above his head Blake stood up and flexed his muscles, heading towards the bathroom. His feet slid over the wooden floor as he passed through his apartment, his body feeling strangely itchy.

I thought it would go away by morning… maybe not.

He opened the bathroom door tiredly, shuffling over to the toilet and proceeding to go about his morning business. As soon as he was done with relieving himself Blake washed his hands and face, picking up his toothbrush to wash his teeth. His fingers had only slid over the brush when he stopped for a second, a strange sensation overcoming his body. His eyes gazed at the brush in his hand, sizing up the item.

Is it… it feels lighter than before.

His hand moved up and down slightly, testing the weight of the brush. Blake licked his lips as he felt the brush. The brush had somehow lost weight. The object seemed a bit smaller in his hand as well, Blake almost wanting to check to see if he was still asleep. Pinching himself and crying out in pain, Blake realized that he was awake.

The brush… it’s smaller than before… not by much… but something happened.

Looking at himself in the mirror he realized that the glass was a little lower than what he was used to. A smile appeared on his face, his heart beginning to beat with excitement. He had literally grown.

He tapped his hand against the sink in happiness, putting toothpaste on his brush and scrubbing his teeth down. Doing a mental check on his body, Blake realized that his boxers felt a little tighter on him. He had grown in all directions as well, as a check in his boxers secured the fact that he would need a new pair. He was in proportion, just bigger than before. He was taller, and even seemed to put on a bit of muscle.

I grew… I can’t believe it! The medication worked!

He spit out the paste and was about to turn around and go to his room when that same strange tingly feeling overcame him. Blake paused, staring at himself in the mirror. He remembered this feeling and swallowed, wondering what was going to happen next.

A moment of nothingness passed, Blake scratching his chest absent mindedly. The itching was still there, but nothing was happening. A few more moments confirmed a suspicion that had grown in his head.

His body slowly began to rise, Blake feeling the tingling become a stretching. His muscles elongated and bulked, while his shoulders broadened and his chest barreled out. Blake couldn’t get over the strange feeling he got when his fingers slid over the sink. Blake felt as if the world were shrinking away from him very slowly, the walls and objects around him growing tinier and more petite as he rose.

Fortunately, the growth was only minor, as Blake sensed a stop in his rising. He had grown another few centimeters, enough to put his boxers into an uncomfortable position. A few centimeters was a lot in the length world, and even more so at the cellular level.

He swallowed, seeing his even larger body now. The curiosity was overtaking him now, his mind racing as his feet rushed towards his desk to grab a metric ruler. Letting the ruler slide to his feet and onto the ground Blake grasped the sturdy end with one hand. The length of the ruler was then positioned to fix as he up righted the tool and studied the inscription.

A laugh emerged from his throat as his eyes widened. Blake wanted to leap into the air, but managed to keep his calm as he read aloud.

“Five foot ten… five full inches… five full inches! 

His metabolism seemed to increase as well. His hands eagerly searched for food as his stomach growled, never seeming to have enough to fill him. Blake ate all the cereal he had in the kitchen, turning to his frozen foods to keep him running. As he ate he began to notice that the change in size also affected everything about him.  His clothes were getting smaller on him, and his hunger rose dramatically. Blake began to think.

If I grow more, then I’ll get hungrier. I guess that’s how it goes. I mean, my body needs food to regulate itself at the proper rate… so I eat more to compensate for the amount of growth I’ve been doing.

Dismissing the problems in his head Blake went on to put on his clothes, watching in glee as they only barely fit over his physique. The thought of growing so much turned him on a little as well, knowing now that he could look down at his friend.

Brushing his hair and grabbing his bag he walked out of his house, eager to show his friend how much he had grown.

His iPhone had gotten smaller as well. Blake searched through his contacts using only his pointer finger, as he was not used to having his phone so small. The shade of the tree above him provided him with a little cool from the sun, seeing as Blake had walked out of his place without a thought as to what the weather would be like. He wore a men’s tank top today, which was riding up on him slowly. Blake had chosen clothes that fit his new body only barely, wanting to show off a little bit. An elbow length white and blue plaid shirt lined his new muscles, and a pair of tan pants cut off at his ankles. Everything was shrinking on him.


His head turned to see his friend stride up next to him, sitting down with him on the bench under the tree. Craig flashed a grin as he took out his own iPhone, nodding his head. Blake licked his lips and let a small giggle escape from his throat. His friend paused in his actions and turned his head to look at him. Blake smiled back innocently and waited for the question.

Craig smiled at him curiously, tilting his head.


“Oh nothing. 

Craig stared at him for a few more seconds before turning back to his iPhone. Blake took a breath and restrained himself from laughing. Craig felt the constant joy erupting from Blake’s body and turned to him once again; wanting to know what was going on.

“Alright, what happened? Did you get laid? 

“No you pervert!  Blake laughed whole heartedly, grabbing his friend’s arm. “Come on, stand up. 

His friend smiled a bit, setting down his bag and standing up at Blake’s request. Blake stood up with him, waiting for the realization to come to him. Craig smiled and shook his head.

“Blake, what is up with you? You’re acting like you-

Craig stopped in midsentence, his eyes stuck to Blake’s shoulders. Blake laughed even more as Craig raised his head up to meet Blake’s eyes, nearly stumbling back.

“Blake! What happened? 

“The pills, that’s what! Those pills worked! 

A slow smile spread over Craig’s face, laughter escaping his throat. He shook his head, putting his hand upon his neck and rubbing. Blake stared down at his friend in pure joy, shrugging and speaking.

“Those pills really worked. I have you to thank. 

His friend blushed a little, hitting Blake playfully on the arm. “Hey, anything for a friend right? 

Blake nodded, embracing his friend in a tight hug. Craig cried out in surprise, but returned the favor weakly. He wiggled a bit in Blake’s grip, Blake feeling how small Craig was now in comparison to him.

“Blake! Blake you’re crushing me! 

“Oh! Oh sorry!  releasing his friend quickly, Blake turned red with embarrassment. Craig shook himself off, glancing up at Blake before stating his comment.

“Watch it there; you don’t know your own strength yet. 

“I guess not. I didn’t expect you to be so light. 

Craig nodded, sighing at the same time. “How tall are you now?  he asked, sizing up the new Blake. Craig walked around his friend, eyeing him. Blake couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Honestly, I’m only five foot ten now, but look at my clothes! 

Holding up his shirt for Craig, his friend gasped in delight.

“They’ve shrunk! Wow, you’re going to outgrow all of your clothes, aren’t you? 

“I think so. I grew five inches since yesterday; do you think there’s a limit to how much I can grow in one week? 

“I wouldn’t put it past the company to make a ceiling. It’s profit. 

Blake felt lighter now, seeing the world through different eyes. He was taller, more confident, and was getting used to everything around him. He felt as if he were a new person, seeing as his added height not only gained him some confidence but some balls as well. He would try this out.


He shut his bag, pulling it up and over his shoulder as he did so. The entire day had passed and he could see looks of surprise come from everyone. They had not expected to see him so tall, or so confident. Blake kind of liked the attention, although the only girl he wanted the eyes from was Jenny. He purposely went out of his way to try to get her attention, and a few times he managed to steal a glance from her. Unfortunately, they did no talking and Blake had to be satisfied with growing a bit more to get her full occupation.

“Cheer up; maybe if you grow a little more tomorrow you’ll get her. 

He gazed at his friend, walking side by side with him down to the local shopping center. They had just come from their last class, Blake insisting that they go down to get new clothes for him. He wasn’t about to walk around the school in clothes that hardly fit him, even though he knew he looked amazing.

“I guess… I just want her to say yes to the party. 

“I know, and tomorrow you’ll be taller right? So you should ask her then. 


As they entered through the doors Blake spotted the large teenager section and immediately began looking through the clothes. His mind was racing with thoughts, only concentrated on Jenny. He wanted to see her beautiful eyes glisten when he came near, and to hold her in his arms was all ever dreamed of. Blake sighed heavily, picking out a few items and walking quickly in to the changing room.

“Do you think she’ll like me? 

“What do you mean? 

“Like you and Rose… do you think we could ever… be like that?  Blake asked from behind the curtain and pulling a shirt over his head. His eyes drifted towards his new body, the shirt fitting him well as he pulled a pair of pants on to see what matched.

“I think so. She’s a sweet girl, I think you should just give it a try.  Blake nodded, pulling off his pants and folding them. He set the shirt alongside the pants on the door, trying on another pair. He wanted at least one that fit, and another that was slightly larger in case he did grow overnight.

“I mean, it’s not like she’s got a boyfriend or anything. 

“Well I know that. 

“But… do you know if she’s interested in anybody? 

“I haven’t seen her make eyes with anyone. 

“Then she’s probably still interested in dating. She’s been looking at you hasn’t she? 

“Yes… I guess so. I just want things to turn out good. 

Pulling back the curtain Blake turned his head to see his friend leaning against the wall with his arms crossed.

“Did you find anything? 

“Yes. Let’s go. 

Stepping away from the changing room Blake went straight over to the cashier’s desk and paid for the clothes, his mind still imaging what Jenny would feel like in his arms. Once or twice Craig had to shake him out of his daydream, as Blake was so nervous he could hardly keep focus. If he grew a little more, then Jenny would notice him! That’s all he needed.

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Re: Stronger

A few more days passed and Blake noticed that every day he would get slightly taller. Not by much, but only so much that he had to buy new clothes again before the week was over. Every day he would tell Craig how much he grew, and eventually the two of them were beginning to plan. Craig didn’t want to be left out of this whole phenomenon.

They sat on the grass sipping at their beers, their eyes turned towards the sky and watching as the clouds passed by. Blake had a steady grip on his beer can, although the can seemed to get smaller every day. He was steadily get used to the new grip on items, though he could never seem to get used to seeing his feet getting farther and farther away from him. This was one thing that troubled him a bit.

Craig on the other hand, would have none of that. He insisted that Blake was only hallucinating and that the proportion between him and his feet was exactly the same as before. Blake would contradict this however, as he was the one experiencing the growth. Both men were constantly talking about possibilities now, and even coming up with theories related to books that spoke about giants and ogres. Blake wouldn’t grow to that extent, but still they had to dream.

“Hey, Blake. 


“Check it out. 

Pointing his beer can towards the north direction, Craig nudged Blake. The latter turned his head in time to see a pair of girls walking towards them at a steady pace, one of the girls having auburn hair. Blake could literally feel his heart beating out of his chest as the girls came closer, his throat getting dry at the just the thought of even speaking to her.

“C-Craig… what do I do? I mean… she’s right there! 

“Act natural. 

“Like what? What’s natural?! 

Before Craig could answer the girls were upon them, Rose shaking her head down at the two of them.

“Rumor has it that you’ve been working out Blake.  The girl snickered, leaning down to show off her cleavage a bit through her tight shirt. She smiled at him innocently, almost not noticing how Craig was glaring at her from a distance. Blake turned red immediately and backed away, not wanting to get on his friend’s bad side.

“What rumor? 

“You know what I’m talking about, don’t play dumb with me!  grabbing a hold of Blake’s arm, Rose hoisted him up upon his feet, Blake stumbling to gain his balance. Of course the girl was much shorter than him now, only barely coming up to his chest.

Craig watched as Rose gasped at Blake, who stared down at the ground in embarrassment. He rubbed the back of his neck a little, stepping away.

“How tall are you? How did you get like that? Are you taking steroids? 

“What! No!  he cried, shaking his head. “I’ve just… uh…  looking to Craig for help the latter motioned his head slightly. Blake swallowed, taking a breather.

“I’ve just… been drinking a lot more milk lately. I guess I haven’t gotten past puberty yet. 

A fake smile confirmed his success when Rose nodded, backing off and sitting down upon Craig’s lap. She folded her legs nicely, leading Craig’s hand towards her hips.

“Well, I certainly would like to add a few inches to my man! 


“What do you say Craig?  she asked, her hand leading his towards her chest. “How about a little milk? 

Craig flushed, smiling at her deviously until he shook his head. “Not here. You know that I don’t like that out in public. 

Rose giggled in return, the two of them talking to one another in whispers. Blake smiled warmly at them, turning his gaze to Jenny who was standing with her books in her hand looking awkwardly at the ground. Blake could feel a cold sweat bead down his forehead, and before he could stop himself he spoke.


The girl’s eyes flew towards him, her shimmering orbs boring into him like diamonds.


Oh crap… say something!

“U-Uh…  swallowing again and tapping his foot on the ground, Blake managed a few words. His hands shook with nervousness, but he kept his arms still at his side to hide them.

“Well… that party that’s… coming up… do you… 

“No, I don’t have anybody to go with, why? 

She took the words out of his mouth before he even said them. Could she have been eyeing him as well? Blake licked his dry lips, trying to get his tongue to move. She was so pretty, and so innocent. How could he win her over? Is it possible that she liked him as well?


“W-What I meant to say was…  he gazed down at her softly, Jenny meeting his eyes. He wanted to just hold her right there and then, but his respect came into play all too quickly.

“Would you like to go with me to the party! 

His voice came out too fast and loud for him to recognize as his own. Blake hadn’t meant to come out that way, but that movement got a good reaction out of Jenny. The girl stepped back a bit, smiling at him all the same.

“You’re a funny guy. I like you. Alright. I’ll go with you. 

Giggling and getting out a piece of paper, Jenny began to write with a scented pen. “Here, this is my number. You can text me whenever you feel like it. Just tell me when you’re picking me up, ok? 

Handing the piece of paper over to him, Jenny turned her heel and walked away, leaving a dumfounded Blake in the midst. His brain was still on slow motion, not completely understanding what had just happened. His body was frozen in time, his feet stuck to the place where he stood. His mouth was open and his tongue was limp, his heart racing in his chest.

She accepted.

She wants to go with me.

She actually gave me her number.


With a sudden leap of joy Blake broke out of his shell and happily bounded over to his friends. He held the piece of paper up to his nose and inhaled the scent, taking in the strawberry aroma.

“Did you hear that? I’m going to the party with Jenny! 

Craig was on the grass, looking up at him through shimmering eyes. Blake could see that his friend could hardly hold his excitement in.

“That’s great! Next step: getting laid. 

“Oh stop. 

Rose sat up as well, Craig rolling to stand up and dust himself off. His girlfriend stood beside him, dusting her skirt off as they both looked up at Blake who was still holding the paper to his nose like an idiot.

“You got her to go with you, and it took you only so many years! 



Blake chuckled, shaking his head. He smiled at his friend as Rose bid her farewell and left, Craig walking beside him towards his apartment.

“Do you know how tall you are?  Craig asked.

“I have no idea. I stopped keeping track. I have to find out where my meter ruler is… 

Craig shook his head, handing Blake a scroll in his right hand. Blake gazed at him curiously, testing the scroll in his hand. The paper was light and fabric, almost like an actual scroll.

“Guess what that is. 

Rolling out the scroll and giving his eyes a better look, Blake laughed out loud. He hugged his friend even more now, Craig crying out.

“Blake! Crushing! 


Craig had gotten him the last thing he would have ever expected to see. A smile lighted up Blake’s face as he scanned the height chart, laughing all the same.

“You… you didn’t have to get me this you know. 

“I know. I wanted to. Just to see your progress. 

Holding the chart above his head, Blake put a hand towards the chart and measured himself. Craig nodded, coming closer to the taller Blake and checking his measurement.

“Six feet… you’ve grown. 

“I know. I just have to keep this at a steady pace. I don’t want to get too tall or something. 

“That’s impossible.  Craig retorted, snorting. “Things like that only happen in science fiction and those bad B movies. Nobody ever grows out of proportion. Not even the tallest man on Earth grew more than eight feet eleven inches. Trust me, you’re fine. 

Blake smiled down at his friend, patting him on the head like a child. Craig pushed him off hastily, not wanting Blake to mess up his hair.

“Watch it! I’m not a kid you know. 

“I know.  Blake smiled to himself as they walked along, feeling the ends of his shoes pressing up against his toes. He would have to get new shoes as well.

Growing so big isn’t at all bad… it got Jenny to like me! I wonder if a few more inches would prove that I could attract anyone… even Rose was giving me eyes.

His hand slid through his pants and towards the little bottle that sat in his pocket, his fingers wrapping around the container gently. Blake bit his lip in anticipation.

Just a little more…

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Re: Stronger

The sheets felt a little itchy as he rustled in his bed. Turning over and groaning a bit, Blake pulled the sheets over his head. He didn’t want to wake up just yet.

The alarm on his clock rang, signaling him that he would have to get up eventually. His fingers pushed the off button and he sat up, flexing his muscles. The morning light shone through the window that was to his right, illuminating the dim room with fever.

His legs felt strangely sore as he pulled himself together and stood up, pulling down at his boxers. His feet met the wood and he began to walk when he noticed that the boxers were not going down as they usually did. Blake peered down at his clothing, pulling down the fabric as much as possible. When the boxers did not stay, the man growled and sat down again, trying to maintain his cool.

Why aren’t these boxers staying? I didn’t grow that much, did I?

A few birds tweeted outside, the clock on his wall adding to the multitude of sound that seemed to be filling his ears. Blake licked his lips and clenched his teeth, pulling his boxers down again. They refused to stay upon him.

With a grunt Blake ripped off the clothing, leaving him stark naked. With a sigh of relief Blake stood up once again and walked over to the bathroom, gazing at himself in the mirror. The morning light helped guide his eyes towards his humungous body as Blake soon realized that something was off.

A nervous feeling overcame him for a second before he consulted his scroll. The scroll had been placed near the doorway to his room so that whenever he felt like, he could see how tall he had gotten. Of course, this was for constant use as Blake was monitoring how much he was growing.

Now that he thought about all the circumstances, he had been noticing that his clothing was fitting less and less. Blake was having a hard time keeping up with his growth, as he found himself at the shopping center more often these days. Pushing that thought aside his fingers worked to retrieve his toothbrush so that he could brush while checking his body. Blake was a multitasker.

Glancing up and down the scroll, his eyes read the inscriptions and his heart began to beat with a little bit of anxiety. He hadn’t noticed how much he had grown, nor did he ever realize that the pills effects would be sooner than expected.
Pushing a hand through his hair Blake stepped closer to the scroll, mentally checking to see if there were any faults in the scroll’s writing. The anxiety in his chest increased when Blake confirmed his suspicion.

He had grown even more.

How tall am I… the scroll says I’m six feet five inches… but that can’t be right. I was just six feet yesterday…

Feeling a bit of nervousness overcome him, Blake decided not to take his pills. He was happy to have the new height added to him, but then again he was also cautious about the matter. He did not want to have to bend his head every time he entered through a doorway, or have his knees push up against the desks at class. He would stop taking these pills, and then that would stop his growth.

I’ll remain just as I am… six feet five inches. That should hold true. I wouldn’t want to be like Robert Wadlow…

A few moments passed before Blake turned on his shower and yawned, feeling the need to cool himself off. He was a bit uneasy at this point, as being so tall would provide to be hazardous to a person who was not used to being tall.

The little water droplets rung as they hit the tiled bathroom floor, echoing through the walls and causing Blake to shiver a bit. He didn’t want to think about the possibility that he might grow too big, and instead decided to focus on the fact that in a few days he was going to a big party with a girl he thought would never go for him.

A happy and almost sly smile crossed his face as Jenny’s image came into his mind, Blake’s hand drifting down to his package more than once to caress. He had to slap his own hand off however, as he didn’t want to seem like the perverted type who touched themselves at night. What would Jenny think about a man who did things like that? She would probably dump him right on the sight. No, Jenny was a modest girl. A girl who was in control and stable, who knew what she liked and didn’t like.

His foot stepped out of the shower, setting down upon the rug that was in front of his shower.  The pores on his skin glistened with cleanliness as Blake took his towel and dried himself off, feeling happiness run through his veins. His very soul was jumping up and down with enthusiasm. He could not get over the fact Jenny liked him!

Striding back to his room Blake picked up a recently bought shirt and lifted it over his head, eager to get to class for once. The shirt came down upon his head, but did not fit over the circumference. A few seconds passed before Blake realized this and tried another shirt, tossing the first one to the side.

The second shirt made no difference, although Blake began to see a pattern in his clothing. The shirts he picked out were too small to fit over his head, and even when they did his muscles barreled out the chest and he looked like he was wearing his girlfriend’s clothing. The man began to think now, his brain beginning to fill with all sorts of ideas and thoughts.

If I grow more… then I won’t have any shirts left… can the pills be working too well? They didn’t say anything about a limit or even… even…

Picking a shirt that actually fit over him Blake rushed to put on jeans that rose to his ankles, stuffing his feet into his shoes. Unfortunately, Blake cried out in pain as he tried to put his sneakers on. His eyes darted to his shoes that no longer fit his foot, the shoes seeming to be the shoes of his younger days.

Exasperated and getting hungry, Blake threw on a pair of loose fitting converse and grabbed his bag. Never before had he seen his clothing grow so small on him, and that thought made him wonder whether or not taking the pills was such a good idea in the first place. Of course, everything had a fault, and nothing was certain.

His mind was a jumble of thoughts as he approached his car, running to turn on the engine. Shivers of nervousness overcame him as Blake threw his bag into the passenger’s seat and went around to the other side of the car.

I can’t grow that big… nobody in the world can grow that big! Craig even said so. I’m psyching myself out for nothing.

Trying to breathe calmly, Blake opened the car door and began to get in when his head clonked on the car’s doorframe. He cried out in pain as he backed away, rubbing his sore head. His right hand held his head as he ducked a little more down and got in, realizing that his legs wouldn’t fit. Pushing the seat lever and rolling backwards, Blake could barely make his legs fit in front of the steering wheel. He swallowed hard, feeling the pain in his knees as they pushed up against the dashboard.

Calm down. Just calm down. You can still fit in your car, that’s a good start.

Not only did Blake not have enough room for his knees, but his head was getting dangerously close to the roof. His little Honda civic was a bit too tight for him to maneuver easily now.

I’m growing too big for my car… this isn’t good. How’m I supposed to go to class when I can’t even fit in my own car?

Taking another deep breath, Blake once again tried to calm his rampaging nerves, which were almost numb due to how many times the adrenaline rushed through them.

A few more seconds of breathing proved helpful when he turned on his car, the machine revving to life and whirring at the start. He began to feel almost at home when a sudden tingling in his body made his eyes shoot towards his hands, which were slowly growing larger.

Blake could feel his head bump against the roof now, his body getting too big for the small space. His hands slid over the steering wheel and onto the dashboard in a feeble attempt to distance his body from the slowly approaching objects. Blake began to pant now, feeling almost as if he were going to faint. He didn’t like enclosed spaces much, and being twice his size did not help. His body slowed the growth and allowed Blake to finally let out a breath that he had been holding. He studied the car now, his knees now halfway up the dashboard and his head pressed against the roof of the car. Blake shivered twice, once for fear and the other out of pure ecstasy. He began to think that growing this much turned him on, but he did not give the idea much thought as he struggled to put his seatbelt on. The belt cut into his chest deeply, only barely going around his waist and into the socket.

His right arm was pressed to his side horribly, the window crushing his muscle. Very carefully Blake made his way towards the window control and slid the window all the way down. His arm almost burst out of the window, hanging down over the side of the car. Blake shivered once more, feeling the anxiety build up in his heart. He would have to be more careful about how tall he got.

What is going on? Why can’t I stop growing? I enjoy the feeling and all but… I just can’t grow any more. Any taller and I won’t be able to fit through the front door!

Feeling a shiver of fear run through his nerves and down his spine, Blake hastily put the car into reverse and backed up. The car tilted to one side when he did this, his body much too heavy for the car to drive fast like he was used to. Slowly, Blake set the car to drive mode and rolled off, eager to get to class now more than ever.


“You don’t look so good… are you alright? 

Blake pursed his lips, almost unwilling to answer his friend. How could you tell someone that you were growing out of control? He gazed at his friend silently, shifting his weight in his seat.

Blake’s cheeks were bright red, his heart beating a mile a minute. He could literally feel the stares and glances that other students gave him, Blake feeling as if the walls were closing in upon him. Sure he had grown to a nice height before, but now he was growing taller than expected.

When he had entered through the front doors, a few of the students around him gasped in awe. He remembered seeing their puzzled expressions, all of them eager to know how he got to be so tall in such a short amount of time. He had passed by them quickly, trying to get to his class on time. Luckily, Craig had been there to ward off the people who were looking and staring. He had to thank Craig for that.

When he sat down at his desk, his legs could hardly fit under the table. His knees pushed up against the bottom of the desk, nearly tipping it over. Blake could hardly write with a pen as well, his fingers becoming too large to hold the writing utensil properly. His notebook seemed almost like a notepad to him now, his view of the world getting smaller and smaller.


Snapping out of his daydream he turned to his friend, who was looking up at him in concern. “Hey, are you okay? You seem a little out of it. 

Before Blake could answer he felt a tap upon his shoulder. He paused, turning his head towards the motion of the tap. A girl who sat behind him shoved a note in his face, her mouth spitting out words as she chewed her gum.

“Here, take it. 

Blake’s gaze drifted over to Craig, who nodded his head back at his friend. Taking the note in a secretive hand, Blake opened the paper under his desk, eager to read.

Want to meet after school? My place.

The hairs on his neck rose as he caught a whiff of the paper presented before him. The scent of strawberries wafted in his nose. Blake smiled dumbly as he glanced over to the other side of the classroom, the auburn girl waving at him rather politely.

Craig turned around to see who was waving at him as well, Blake not noticing that the note was still in his exposed hand.

“Hey stupid, put that away! 

Craig’s hiss immediately caused Blake’s hand to retract, tucking the paper deep into his pocket. His friend gazed at him rather sternly now, whispering to him as to not be caught by the professor.

“Hey, are you going to meet up with her? 

“Yes, why? 

“We have recording to do tonight! Did you forget? 

Blake blinked almost absent mindedly, not wanting to admit he forgot. He quickly revised his words.

“W-Well… I’ll go... but just for a little bit… we have that thing to do right? 

His friend glared back at him for a second before returning his attention to the boring professor that taught the class. “You’d better be there, Blake. 

“I-I will. 

Sighing in relief Blake took another look at Jenny, who was eagerly writing down notes and sprucing up her hair at the same time. Her left hand was stroking through her knots and her right hand was furiously writing. Blake could almost smell the strawberries.

A few more minutes into class Blake began to feel rather bored, seeing as the topic of Biology did not interest him much. Getting out a pencil and letting his mind wander he began to draw doodles. After a few doodles all over the edges of the page that he was writing on, Blake heard a word that caught his attention.

Lifting his head up and staring at his professor he decided to tune his ears into the lesson for the first time since he had gone to this class.

“… For you see, we each have a set of alleles that determine our height, sex, disease traits and so on. Depending on which alleles you have, you might be different than your parents. Let’s say that your parent has the tall gene that is heterozygous dominant, but your mother has the short gene that is recessive. If you combine the two genes in the Punett Square shown in this diagram here, then you would have half of the offspring be heterozygous dominant, while the other half recessive. In other words, you would either be extremely tall, or rather short. 

What did he say before? Something about the genes and altering…

Raising his hand, Blake felt nervous as the professor called on him for his question. He paused first before speaking.
“What did you say before about mutations Professor? 

The teacher stroked his beard twice, the grey hairs of his beard jumping up and down at the pulling. Blake waited eagerly for an answer, his feet shifting about nervously.

“Mutations are the causation of our society and heredity Mr. Swift. Mutations can occur in offspring due to infirmities of the gene, radiation, or improper DNA replication. 

Blake swallowed nervously, feeling his throat almost get choked up as he spoke. “Can a mutation occur… because of the environment? 

“Why yes. Organisms adapt and evolve through the environmental stimulus… certain organisms are better suited for the environment while others are not. This is the cause of population increase or decrease. 

“But it is possible for an organism to change because of environmental stimulus. 


“Can the stimulus have a long term effect? 

The people around him were whispering now, murmuring to themselves as Blake asked the questions. He could feel their curiosity towards him. They wanted to know why he was so eager about this subject all of a sudden. He waited for his professor’s answer.

“Well Mr. Swift, depending on what kind of stimulus it is, the effect could be lifelong. For example, if a mutation were to occur in an organism due to radiation at a molecular level… well then that change would be everlasting. No amount of research in the science field has yet to conquer such an issue. 

At that moment Blake felt his heart drop into his stomach and his palms began to sweat. A cold chill ran down his back.

Life… long?

“I’m glad you took such an interest Mr. Swift! Were you intending to major in genetics and heredity one day? 

“N-No sir… I-I was just… curious is all…  he replied weakly, feeling his knees knock together. The chills ran up and down his spine as he tried not to think about the impossibilities that were soon becoming reality. This was something he had to stop.


Craig’s voice startled him immensely, Blake jumping up in his seat. Putting a hand to his heart he breathed out softly.

“I’m fine… 

The clock on the wall ticked ominously as Blake tried to concentrate on the work set out before him. His mind wanted to focus on the issue at hand however, as he kept writing down his fears. The words “Bigger , “Growth  and “Too big  kept coming up in his notebook, and soon Blake found himself unable to focus on anything but that. Shutting his book and laying down his pencil he swiftly got his bag and waited a few seconds for the class to be over, quickly rushing out the door. He wanted to be alone for a little while.

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Re: Stronger

Hi gentleeyes,

This is an awesome story !! Please update soon


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Re: Stronger

The day had gone by quickly, Blake thankful that he only had two classes. The sun was quickly setting over the horizon as he turned his head to see a familiar figure rush towards him. He smiled bashfully, forgetting his worries for just a moment to gaze into her eyes.

She stopped before him, smiling up at him.

“We’re still meeting at my place, right?”

Too numb for words, Blake merely nodded his head and watched as Jenny flipped her bag over her other shoulder. Her eyes were as beautiful as ever and her gaze was set upon him. She looked him over twice.

“You’ve certainly gotten nice and robust. Whatever you’re doing is working. But you should invest in some new clothes.”

Feeling red erupt from his cheeks, Blake looked down at the slowly shrinking shirt. When he raised his arms he could feel the shirt rise to his belly button. He quickly pulled the shirt down and chuckled nervously.

Jenny giggled with him, putting a hand upon her lips.

“I’ll see you then!”

Turning on her heel she walked away from him, Blake’s eyes trying to avert her ever swaying hips and voluptuous thighs. He felt himself growing hard for a second before he shook his head and focused on getting into his car. From out of the corner of his eye he spotted another figure in the distance, staring out at him hopefully. His fingers paused on his keys for a second, his hand almost to the car door. Blake sighed, opening the car door and getting inside.

Sorry Craig.
The doorbell rang and Blake stepped back, eager to see how the night would turn out. He tapped his foot twice against the pavement, his heart beating a mile a minute. He wasn’t sure how Jenny would react when she saw him, but he knew that she was on watch. He wanted to be perfect for her.
His clothing ended up becoming nothing more than a pair of jeans and a tight fitting shirt, as nothing else fit him properly. Blake had rushed home to find these things, and was lucky to even have something larger than normal. The shirt was a little tight on him however, as the ends kept riding up. He did not mind however, as Jenny would see past that and into the person that he was.
When the door opened she ushered him inside, Blake getting a chance to see how she lived. Her house was a beautiful arrangement of colonial time furniture with bits of modernization scattered around the house. To get to her room they had to take a wooden staircase that was lined with engravings of angels and roses. This was a nice house indeed.

After going inside of her room and sitting down upon her bed, Blake began to realize that Jenny was acting differently than usual. Her gaze was extremely musing, and her words had a hidden meaning. He didn’t know her that well, but he chose not to bother with analysis. Sometimes over analyzing someone takes the good out of them.

Her room was a plethora of bright pink and strawberry colored items, ranging from a red chair to a pink bed set. Blake would have felt disgusted, but this was Jenny. Jenny was the exception to every rule. His eyes scanned the room while he waited for her to get dressed. She had offered him a drink, but he declined, saying that he was not thirsty. In truth, he was not about to go and open up his ever hungry stomach.

Jenny was dressed fine that day, but for some reason she wanted to get a little more petite for him, as he was the first man she had ever had in her house. She wanted to make him feel special, and Blake had no objections to such thoughts.

After a while Blake became bored and began to rummage through her things, looking for any sign of her underwear drawer or perhaps even her brassier drawer. Finding nothing after a few looks Blake was ready to give up when something out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. The object was a strap, and was black in contrast to the rest of the room.

Tilting his head and taking the strap gingerly in his huge fingers he pulled upon the object, causing the strap to open the drawer. Blake’s focus shifted from the strap to what was inside the drawer, and immediately he froze. His hands dug through the various items in the drawer, pulling out chokers and collars and straps and belts. All of the items were black, which was unlike anything else in her room. This drawer also happened to be at the very bottom of her pink dresser, which confused him to no end.

What is all this?

Feeling a pair of eyes upon him, Blake hastily turned around and nearly toppled over himself. The girl smiled sweetly, her black corset only barely hanging onto her body. Blake’s eye twitched invulnerably.

Is she… is she some sort of masochist?

The girl strut in with her black heeled boots, a pair of collars hanging from her neck and her lips lined with dark lipstick. She gazed at him and purred softly, swinging a chain from her hand and onto his shoulder. Blake hastily threw off the chain and stood up, backing away from her.

“If you want to go to the party with me… then don’t you want to get to know me a little better?” the frozen boy began to back out of her room now, almost afraid to do anything else but that. What was she doing? This was not the Jenny he had come to know and adore… this was somebody who was impersonating her.

All at once she rushed at him, her arms hoping to catch him in some sort of entanglement with her chains and straps. Blake quickly turned out of her way, the girl slamming into the wall behind him. He gazed down at her in disbelief, not wanting to accept what was happening.

“Jenny… what are you doing?”

The girl giggled almost sadistically, her smile full of malice. She opened her mouth to speak, her tongue forked.

“You want to get to know me right? Well this is the real me! I’m not some pathetic ditsy little girl you can push around!”

Aiming at his throat she lunged at him again, Blake holding her off rather easily and thrusting her onto her floor. She cried out in pain, Blake shaking his head and trying to understand what was happening.

“You’re not who I thought you were… what is all this? Chains? Whips?”

The girl merely gazed at him, not making any sort of movement or sound. Her body was a crumpled heap on the floor, shivering and shaking.

Blake pursed his lips, having enough of the drama. She was not Jenny; she could not be Jenny at all. Jenny was sweet, naïve, and a little childish.

“I’m going home.”

Sadly, he shook his head again, biting his lip. Blake sighed heavily, watching as the girl got up from the floor and straightened her corset. She did not speak to him.

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Re: Stronger

What the hell was that… seriously? Jenny? A masochist? What kind of nonsense is this? I can’t believe I went so far as to take those pills for her… I’m not going to that party now…

Consumed by dread and anxiety Blake didn’t remember getting home and flopping onto his bed. He didn’t remember taking off his clothes and sliding himself under his covers. His heart was too hurt for him to really make his brain work.

She was a masochist, something he did not approve of. She didn’t seem like the type to be so, but the worst things come out of people when provoked. What made her think she could treat him like such? Coming at him with whips and chains wasn’t going to do her any good if she wanted him to see the real her.

Why did I fall for that? I wish I hadn’t even met her now… Way to go Blake. The one girl in the world who actually wants to go to a party with you and she’s a psycho.

Flipping over his pillow and undressing himself Blake pounded a fist upon his bed, making the mattress shake a bit. A little bit of anger and resentment nestled in his bosom as he faded into the world of dreams, not even bothering to check his phone to see if Jenny called him.

He felt as if the world were crashing around him. The man growled angrily and shook his head, eager to get to bed and forget that the night ever happened. This was something that would live in his memory regardless of how hard he might try to forget the event. Feeling a bit tired and worn out from all the stress Blake decided to spend the remainder of the night in his bed, covering himself with sheets and drifting off into slumber.

The phone at his bed stand kept vibrating and vibrating, but Blake could not have cared less. All he wanted to do was forget everything, and pretend like nothing ever happened.
Getting out of his car and locking the doors Blake made his way towards his first class that morning. The sky was overcast, and because of the change in temperature he wore a hooded sweater. Of course, his body did not allow him to be fully covered so he had to make do with what he had. The sweater barely stretched down to his wrists and numerous times he had to pull down on the sleeve. Blake would never get used to having his clothing so small on him.

Another trip to the mall I see… can’t be helped I guess. And I haven’t grown since the other day… maybe it stopped finally.

His sneakers skid across the tiled floors as he walked to his class, feeling as if he had forgotten something. A few people passed by him and their eyes drifted towards him. Blake tried his best to mix in with the crowd, as he did not want to stand out that much. The building was cool, Blake feeling a little chilly even though everyone else was in summer attire. He breathed out once or twice on his hands and rubbed them together, trying to warm them up.

As he headed towards his desk he spotted Craig in his chair already, playing with his phone. Blake sat down hastily and looked at his friend, who did not return his gaze. He sighed, tapping Craig on the arm.

“Something wrong?”

His friend flinched away from him and proceeded to play a game on his phone, waiting for class to start. Blake frowned, speaking.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

Hearing a groan from his friend Blake decided to back off, taking his hand away from Craig. Blake waited a second before seeing Craig’s head snap to him, an angry look in his eye. Blake flinched back a little, surprised by his friend’s sudden reaction.

“What’s wrong Craig?”

The latter put his phone away and sat up with his arms folded across his chest. He didn’t look at Blake very much, but occasionally grunted.

“Nothing.” Craig finally said.

Blake swallowed a bit, turning his head towards the front of the classroom. He pursed his lips before trying again.

“Craig, just tell me what-”

“You blew me off that’s what!” Craig’s yell caused Blake to nearly jump out of his seat. Blake blinked, thinking hard about the previous night. He could have sworn that he had shown up to Craig’s house.
I didn’t.

Sadness seeped into Blake’s heart as he spoke hurriedly to his friend. “Craig, I’m sorry! I was with Jenny last night, and I-”

“I don’t want to hear it Blake. You’ve blown me off a few times already, and this is it! I’ve had it with you and your inability to commit to our projects!”

“But if you would just let me explain-”

“Blake! Shut up!”

Feeling hurt and rather unwanted, Blake turned back to the front of the classroom, hiding his face from his friend. Craig remained in his seat, his arms folded over his chest and a stern look planted on his face. He was in no mood to talk.

Blake shifted uncomfortably in his seat, thinking of ways to repay Craig for all that he had done. When Blake thought about what Craig had done for him, Blake really was the one to blame. He was treating Craig as if he were some sort of servant instead of a friend. Sighing and shaking his head, Blake swallowed hard, hoping that by the end of the day Craig would be able to forgive him.
Class began and people rushed in, taking their seats. Once or twice Blake passed a look over to Craig, who occupied himself with menial things while the lesson was taking place. Blake tried to tap Craig on the shoulder but every time he would do so Craig flinched away from him. Blake was beginning to feel as if Craig really was serious about never talking to him again.

A half hour passed into class and Blake was about to try to get Craig’s attention again when something unexpected occurred. He began to feel a small tingle on the end of his fingertips. Gazing down at his hands curiously, Blake stared at them for a few moments before feeling the tingling escape through his nerves and travel in his body. He knew this feeling all too well.

Panic flowed through his system as he breathed out, trying to calm himself. His hands were beginning to shake with his nerves now, and as he sat in his seat he could feel the seat moving beneath him. He gasped silently, feeling the desk become more and more cramped.

Out of the corner of his eye he spotted a few people turning their heads to see him grow, their whispers turning into frantic snaps. Blake shivered again, feeling himself grow some more. The agitation of everyone looking at him set off his body and made him rise. He didn’t want to attract attention, but his growth was the view of most people in the classroom.

He wasn’t growing that much, but he had gotten large enough to get the attention shifted. Blake sat in his miniscule seat as calmly as possible, feeling a cold sweat travel down his back. He had stopped growing for now, and only when he made sure he was stopped did Blake try to ration what was going on.

I don’t get it… I didn’t take the pills… why am I still growing? And especially in class!

Lifting a hand in order to be excused, Blake could feel his body trembling more. Another adrenaline rush of panic surged through him like an electrical pulse, his body rising even more. He didn’t have time to be frightened as his knees finally pushed the desk over and his weight collapsed the seat.
Shouts of surprise rang in his ears as Blake sat on the floor, dazed by what happened. His hand came up to rub his sore bottom as he stood up, his peers gazing at the towering Blake. He could feel his hands shaking and his lips were trembling.

Breathing out rather nervously Blake picked up his bag and ran for the door, the dazed students being left behind. He could hear the shouts of amazement and surprise as he passed through the hallway, growing a little every so often. His clothes were beginning to become tatters as his body began to burst through the seams. He was not going to have clothes for very long.

Running through the halls and bursting through the doors to the outside, Blake made his way towards his car, which looked smaller than ever now that he stood two feet above normal height. He panted heavily, his chest heaving.

“My car… it’s so small… I can’t fit in there!” he bit his lip, looking for some other form of transportation. There weren’t any buses running and the only train station was a mile away. Sweat beaded down his broad forehead as Blake rummaged through his tiny bag, looking for his keys.
His fingers came upon the minute object and he thrust the car door open, stuffing the keys in the ignition. The car roared to life and Blake dumped his bag in the backseat, trying to cram himself into the car. His legs were almost up to his shoulders now as he felt himself expand a little more, the wheel seeming almost babyish to him.

If I keep growing… I’ll never make it back home! I’ve got to get going… this is my last chance!

Turning the car to drive mode he frantically drove down the street towards his house. Blake could feel the car closing in on him, his fingers struggling to keep some grip on the ever shrinking wheel as he grew bit by bit. As he drove, he could also feel the seat he was sitting on get smaller and smaller, Blake almost losing his seating.

Fortunately, he managed to get home before he grew too large. Shifting the car into park, Blake hurriedly grabbed for his house keys and rushed into his apartment, ducking his head to fit through the doorway. He didn’t want to be seen by anyone, but he knew he needed help. He moved through the apartment and into his bathroom, where he took out his scroll and measured himself once again. His hands were trembling hard, and his fingers were elongating faster than he could manage to comprehend. Blake panted a few times, trying to gain some breath.

His eyes studied the chart, and immediately he knew that he was growing too much. The scroll stopped at eight feet, and by the looks of things, he was going to surpass that in only half an hour. Shaking his head and moving back towards his room, Blake desperately tried to stop himself from growing any more.

He flew onto his bed, wrapping the sheets around his body and trying to chant to himself.

“Don’t grow… don’t grow… I don’t want to be any taller!”

His pleas were all but helpful as his body gave way to a new wave of tingling. He could feel his clothes getting tighter and tighter, his shirt finally ripping apart at the seams and falling off gently to the ground. Blake held onto his pants as much as he could, but his bulge was too great for the shrinking cloth. The seams on his pants broke off as well, exposing his naked body.

Blake clawed the bed sheets, trying to hide his slowly expanding body. He began to whimper with fright now, as his ears caught the sound of creaking coming from beneath him.

“If I stay on my bed… I’m going to break right through it! I can’t just sit here…” looking around for some sort of escape Blake suddenly had a thought cross his mind.

“Craig… he’s the only one who I can call for help!”

His eyes scanned the room in desperation, feeling his body expand a little more. “Where did I put my bag? I know I had it when I came in…”

Getting up and walking over to his desk, Blake crouched down and began to search around. He knew that he had put his bag around the desk area, but he wasn’t sure where he set the bag down. Looking one more time around his desk, he finally spied the tiny object in the corner of his room.

Rushing over to his bag, Blake knelt down and frantically tried to pry open the zippers. He could not grip them correctly, and even as he tried being tender he still could not open his bag.

“My fingers are too big to even grip the zippers… I have to keep trying though… my phone is in there somewhere!”

Reaching for the zipper again, he managed to grab a hold of it with his thumb and pointer finger. Pulling gently upon the fabric, he finally opened his bag, reaching in with one giant hand. Blake murmured to himself as he searched, wanting to find his phone already.

“It has to be in here… I just know it!”

Finally his fingers came upon that little box and he pulled the phone out, taking it in one of his giant hands. Standing up and dropping the bag to the floor, Blake tried to key in Craig’s phone number. He stopped when he realized he was too big to do even that.

“I can’t even key in his phone number… I’m too big! I have to contact him somehow though… my fingers are too big for the keypad…”

Thinking hard and sitting down upon his bed again, Blake had an idea. He called out to his phone.
“Siry! Siry can you hear me?”

The phone beeped for a few seconds before a female voice answered him.

“Yes ShadyVox I am here.”

Breathing a sigh of relief, Blake spoke to the phone directly. He knew that Siry was the only way to contact anybody.

“Siry, can you dial Craig’s number for me?”

“Yes I can. Would you like his cell or his house phone number?”



Waiting for Siry to dial, Blake managed to get his shoes off in time for his feet to fully outgrow them. He tossed his shoes off to the side as he waited more, eager to hear from his friend. A grunt on the phone came as his reply.

“Craig! Craig are you in class?”

“Yeah, but I came out to answer my phone. Why are you yelling at me?”

Blake flushed, lowering his voice. He had not realized his lungs were so powerful. “Listen, I need your help Craig. I really do!”

“Yeah well, whatever it is you can deal with it. You’re the one who sped off in the middle of class acting all weird and stuff.”

“Craig listen to me!” Blake shouted, desperation leaking from his voice. “I need your help! Please! I can’t think of anyone else to call!”

“Stop screaming! I can hear you just fine!” Craig hissed. “And no, I’m not helping you! You got yourself into whatever mess you’re in, and you’ll be fine!”

Blake felt his hope vanish when Craig snapped at him, his heart sinking. “Craig please…” his voice was calm now, quiet and almost whispering. “I… I don’t know what to do… I keep growing and growing… I’m getting too big for anything now… I’m sorry… I’m sorry I blew you off last night… I just… I had a horrible night… please Craig…”

There was a pause on the other side of the line, and Blake listened carefully. He breathed out nervously, feeling his body expand a little more. The phone was shrinking in his hand, barely taking up his inner palm.

“Craig… I know I’ve been a jerk lately… but please… I really need your help… I’ll do whatever you want me to, just… I need your help… Craig please! You’re the only…”

The only friend I’ve got.

There was no answer on the phone for a few seconds, Blake’s heart dropping to the floor and panic riding in his veins.

He hung up…

“I’ll be over in five.”

Hearing the click of Craig hanging up Blake flopped down upon his bed and tried to restrain his boiling emotions. Craig was a true friend, a friend who would never back down from the challenge, and he would always be there for Blake. He was a real life saver, and Blake knew he had to do something to repay him for all he had done.

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Re: Stronger

He said he’ll be over in five… so I have to make sure I don’t grow too much. I’m already big enough as is!

Sitting up and covering himself with sheets, Blake waited for his friend to arrive, feeling nervous. Once or twice he checked the clock, seeing the minutes pass by slowly. The more time passed, the bigger he grew. He could literally feel himself growing more and more, his feet now hanging over the sides of the bed.

Blake crossed his legs, hoping to cover as much of himself as possible. The room seemed to close in around him, Blake feeling like he was going to get too big for anyone to even recognize him.

I can’t get too big… I mean… I can still do things even at this height…

Feeling the need to move around and do something, Blake decided to test his strength. He did not know if the science fiction movies he watched were true about proportion and strength, so when he picked up his desk with ease he knew that everything about the movies was right.

I can lift heavy things like they were nothing… I’m so much stronger now!

His feet moved over to where his bed was and he sat down again, putting a hand to his chin. Finding his little phone in his sheets, he peered at it, testing the weight.

“It’s even smaller than before… I can’t dial numbers or anything! My fingers are way too big.” He touched the screen once, seeing a plethora of apps open all at once. Blake tried to close all of them, but the more he touched the more apps opened up. Feeling frustrated and rather hungry, Blake tossed his phone onto his desk, nearly breaking both the phone and the desk.

Reaching over to his desk, he saw his phone fall behind the desk and onto his radiator. Knowing he would need his phone for later, Blake tried to reach behind the desk. He grunted a few times, his arm too thick for the narrow space.

“I’m too big to get to my phone… I need to move this desk.” His hand gripped the edge of the desk easily and he turned it over, seeing his phone in front of him. With a smile upon his face he reached for his phone, unaware of his other hand. He dropped the desk onto the floor, a piece of the edge chipping off.

“I didn’t mean to do that!”

Standing up to get his desk, his head bumped against a lamp that was in the way, the lamp falling over and crashing to the floor. Blake felt panic rise in his chest as he reached for the lamp, standing it up and cleaning up whatever glass was on the floor.

I can’t pick up the small glass shards… I wish I hadn’t grown so much…

Seeing his futile efforts Blake decided to sit down upon his bed again and wait for Craig. Setting a hand upon his chin he tried to make himself comfortable. His legs were a bit too long for the bed, and even when he crossed them he felt like he was too big for the sheets.

No matter what I do I can’t seem to get comfortable… and I keep growing… I can’t stay here… I’ll outgrow my room soon!

A shiver of fear ran down his spine as he gripped himself, shaking his head to keep the horrible thoughts from reentering.

I can’t grow any more… I have to stop… and I haven’t even eaten those pills… what’m I saying? I’m going to keep growing!

At that moment the door opened, Blake hearing a familiar voice call to him from the front of his apartment.

“Blake? Blake where are you?”

A smile crossed Blake’s face as his heart began to beat with joy. He called out to his friend.
“Craig! Craig I’m in my room!”

“You don’t have to yell, I’m coming.”

Blake smiled faintly, and then spoke quickly, as he did not want to scare Craig. “W-Wait a second! Before you come in, I have to tell you-”

The screams caused Blake to flinch, shaking his head back and forth. He knew Craig wouldn’t be too apt at seeing him like this. After a few seconds the screams died down and as Blake laid his eyes upon his friend he could literally see the sweat beading down Craig’s forehead.


Nodding sadly, Blake responded.

“Hey… how are you?”

Craig stared up at him in amazement, closing the door behind him and circling Blake like he was some sort of monument.

“Those pills… they really worked!”

“I know… but I have a problem… as you can see.” Blake replied, motioning to his overgrown body. “I can’t seem to stop growing. When I came home… I was already tall enough… but now…” his voice trailed off as he spied Craig taking out his phone.

“What are you doing?”

“Taking a picture. Look happy for a second will you?”

“Craig!” Blake growled, “I have a little problem here you know!”

“I know but this will only take a second… what will the guys at the Guinness World Records think of this?”

Sighing heavily, Blake shook his head again and bit his lip, thinking. “Craig, I don’t even know how tall I am. I don’t want to grow any more… I didn’t think the pills were going to affect me this much!”

His friend shrugged, pocketing the phone.

“How tall are you now anyways?”

“I don’t know.”

“You didn’t bother to measure?”

“How can I do anything when every time I move I topple something over!”

“That would explain the glass on the floor.”

Growling in anger now, Blake leaned over his friend. “Listen, we don’t have time for games. I need you to find that little pill vile I had, do you think you can do that for me?”

Craig nodded, staring up at him. Before stepping away however, Craig put a hand upon his hip, speaking.

“You needed my help because of this? Why can’t you do it yourself?”

“Do you see my desk?”

“Point taken.”

As his friend began to search around the room, Blake gazed at himself in the mirror that hung from his closet door to his side. His body was too large for him to see clearly in the reflection, and even when he hunched down he could only see a little bit of himself. An unhappy whimper escaped his lips.

“Is this it?”

Turning to his friend’s voice, Craig held up the vile to Blake, who nodded in reply. “That’s the one. Can you read anything on it? Are there any warning labels? Or even a number we can call?”

Examining the bottle and pursing his lips, Craig frowned.

“Not a thing. I don’t think they put anything on this except for the directions.”

“Great!” Blake cried, exasperated. “What am I going to do now?”

“Well we could try to get a doctor to see you. Maybe they can come up with a cure.”

“If I can even fit into a doctor’s office…” Blake muttered, looking at the ground. “I should have never taken those pills…”

Craig swallowed, sitting down next to his now gigantic friend. Gazing up at him sadly, he put a hand upon Blake’s arm.

“Hey, it’ll be alright. You’ll see.”

Blake’s eyes drifted down and a small smile lit his face for a second.


Before he could say anything else however, that same stretching feeling overcame Blake. He hastily shoved Craig off the bed as he felt himself begin to rise, his head growing dangerously close to the ceiling of his apartment.

As he grew, he could feel Craig’s eyes upon him, staring up in awe. Blake felt himself turning red with embarrassment and as his bed bent even more under him he felt a shiver of fear run through his veins.
When his growth ended, he saw the sheets only barely clinging onto his hips. Blake began to panic now, his heart racing.

“I have to get out of here before I grow too much…”

Standing up slowly, Blake felt his head smash up against the ceiling. He cried out in pain, rubbing his head and slouching his shoulders to fit. His giant body was too big to fully extend in this small space.
“Look at you… you’re huge!” Craig exclaimed, stepping up beside him. Blake gazed down at him, whimpering.

“I don’t want to be huge! I want to be me!”

Getting down low, Blake headed for the doorway, Craig blocking his path.

“Hang on,” his friend said, worry emanating from his voice. “I think I should be on the other side, just in case you get stuck.”

The giant nodded, seeing his friend go first. Blake paused, getting down upon his knees and pushing his head through the doorway. Holding his hands out in front of him, Blake took a hold of the doorway, trying to get his shoulders through. He grunted a bit, hearing the wood bend under his strength. His shoulders squeezed through the opening, just barely. Lowering himself more, he pushed his torso through next, feeling the pressure of the wood against him.

“I hope I don’t get a splinter out of this.”

“I don’t think a splinter would even penetrate your skin.” Craig replied, motioning for Blake to come in a little bit more. Craig stepped backwards, eyeing the doorway warily.

Blake felt his torso go through the rest of his body slipped through quite easily. Breathing a sigh of relief, Blake made his way very carefully down the hallway and into the larger part of the apartment, which happened to be the living room. His friend followed next to him as Blake sat upright, moving towards the couch and sitting down upon it.

Putting a chin on his hand, Blake struggled to control his raging emotions. The last thing he wanted to do was outgrow his apartment, but at the rate he was going that was only a dream. Feeling a bit uneasy, Blake shifted his position and looked down to see that the sheets he had from his bed were still upon him, hanging off his legs. He would have to get used to wearing things like this, as his growth only ripped apart whatever clothing he had.

Seeing his friend so depressed, Craig walked over towards Blake, speaking softly.

“You okay?”

Blake turned away and rubbed his arm, feeling exposed all of a sudden. “Y-Yeah… I’m just a little nervous… I don’t want to get too big… you know? What if people don’t recognize me?”

“How can they not? You’re still you… just…” Craig paused, thinking of the right words. “You’re just a bit taller… uhm…”

“A lot taller.” Blake added, sighing. “I can’t go to class now… I wouldn’t be able to fit through the doors.”

“Or even the desks.” Craig motioned, “You’d have to sit in the back, and that wouldn’t be too much fun. You wouldn’t be able to write either; I don’t think your fingers can maneuver a pen as easily now.”
“You know you’re not making this any better.”


The boys remained silent for a few moments before a rumbling tore through the air, startling Craig and making him jump backwards.

“The hell was that!”

“My stomach.” Putting a hand upon his belly Blake looked at his friend pleadingly. “If you can, can you get me something to eat? I’m starving.”

“Didn’t you have something already?”

“I did… but I guess because I’m bigger now… I eat a lot more.”

Licking his lips, Craig headed over to the kitchen and opened up a few cabinets. As his friend searched through the pantry, Blake decided to calm his nerves by joining Craig. Getting up rather slowly and putting his hand upon the ceiling, Blake stood up as much as he could, his body halfway bent over.

“I’m so big I can’t even stand up anymore… this is rather uncomfortable.”

The giant boy slouched his shoulders, stepping over heavily to his friend and kneeling down beside Craig, who backed away unconsciously. Blake gazed at him for a second before taking out a box of cookies from the cabinet. Stuffing five of them in his mouth, Blake swallowed and poured the whole box down his throat, his friend watching him.

“You’re going to need a lot more than that to fill up.”

Swallowing and nodding his head, Blake licked the crumbs off his lips. “I know… but I can’t resist. I need something right now… and from the looks of it, I might be eating the whole pantry!”

Leaning against the kitchen table, Blake sighed as Craig readied some meat from the fridge. The giant felt along the sides of the table, thinking to himself.

“What made those pills so effective anyways? I took them according to the directions.” Looking down at himself, Blake groaned.

“Now I’m tall enough to be mistaken for a tree!”

“Oh cheer up will you? You can make money with your stature!” Craig replied, flipping over a slab of steak. The air filled with the delicious scent of meat as Blake felt his mouth water, his stomach growling for food.

His huge hands came over his friend as Blake nudged Craig aside, heading towards the fridge for something to drink. Craig barely moved as Blake’s body pressed him against the stove, his face nearly on top of the frying pan.

“Blake, would you move your body out of my way? You’re crushing me!”

“Oh, sorry.” Moving his body away from his friend, Blake began to back up, not watching where he was going. His hand slipped on the table, tipping it over and causing things to fly off into the air. Blake cried out in surprise and tried to upright the table when his head bumped against the hanging ceiling light, taking the fixture down.

Craig ducked underneath Blake’s frame to hide from the falling glass and objects, putting his hands above his head. Blake shook his head, bits and pieces of whatever fell on him gently sliding off. Sitting down upon the ground, the giant moaned again, speaking.

“I hate this… I can’t even get anything to drink because I’ll knock something over! I’m too big for my apartment already!”

Craig gazed up at his friend and held up his hands, eager to calm his friend down.

“H-Hey… easy there big guy. You’re still able to at least fit inside right? That should be good enough for you.”

Brown eyes scanned over the tiny man as Blake relaxed, feeling the bump on his head with a finger. “I guess you’re right… I just wanted to impress Jenny… but now I can’t even get through the door without a hassle.”

He paused, fear rising in his chest. “What am I going to do? I can’t stay here… I’ll outgrow my apartment soon enough… where can I go?”

Craig put a hand to his chin and pouted, thinking hard. Blake blinked and rubbed his eyes, suddenly tired. His body felt at ease now, the panic of growing too big almost dismissing itself in his mind. The giant stretched out his shoulder a bit, eager to get out of the tiny space.

“I don’t know where we can take you… as long as you can fit in here, why don’t you stay? I mean, it’s not like you’ve grown in the past few minutes.”

“That’s not the point.” Blake replied hotly, looming over his friend. Craig backed up a bit, feeling a little intimidated. “I need to get out before I have another growth spurt… I don’t want to crash through the ceiling and break the frame of the building!”

“O-Okay… just… calm down… Blake…”

“How can I stay calm when I’m stuck in this apartment!” Blake’s voice had risen only a little, but to Craig the sound of his voice was thunder. Falling upon his back, Craig scrambled away in fear, hiding behind the overturned table.

At Craig’s movements, Blake gasped and backed away, his eyes drifting down to the floor. A sadness overcame him, Blake whispering back to his friend.

“I-I didn’t mean to sound so loud… I just… I got a little agitated…”

His friend gingerly poked his head out from behind the table, watching Blake warily. The giant pursed his lips, turning his head towards the steak that was sitting on the stove. With a swift movement he plucked the steak from the pan and dropped the meat into his mouth, swallowing whole. A soft smile crossed Blake’s face as he turned back to Craig.

“You make a really good meal.”

His friend paused for a second before finding the courage to come out. His feet avoided the shattered pieces of glass as Craig walked back to his friend, putting a hand upon Blake’s gigantic arm.

“You can stay at my place, if you’d like.”

Blake’s eyes widened, his heart warming. He bit his lip, his cheeks turning red. “Do you really mean that?”

Craig nodded, still shaking a bit. “Yeah… but you have to promise me that you won’t scare me like that… I know you’re still my friend but…”

Blake nodded, understanding.

I can’t get angry over anything… not at Craig… he’s my best friend… and I have to thank him for everything he’s done so far… I’m a lot bigger than him now… I have to watch what I do and where I go… I have to be careful not to scare him.

“I get it. I’ll be more careful.”

The boy smiled up at his friend, patting Blake’s arm and walking towards the door. “We have a lot of food, so don’t be afraid to eat as much as you’d like.”

The giant felt his heart warm, his feeling of fear and despair slowly dying down with his friend’s kind words. Moving towards the door next to his friend, Blake felt at ease with himself. Craig was going to help him through this… no matter what.

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Re: Stronger


“I am!”

“Well push harder!”

“I’m pushing as hard as I can!” Blake sighed, feeling his tiny friend push hard against his gigantic body. He hadn’t intended to grow as much as he did, but mistakes happened every so often.
Following the directions on that tiny label seemed to do him much more than make him grow a few inches.

His head and shoulders were through, but the last portion of his body; his mid torso and his behind, weren’t going through. Blake couldn’t imagine growing another inch, and being stuck in the back doorway was beginning to get rather frustrating for him. The larger he grew, the less space he had to move around in. Luckily for Blake, his apartment came with two sets of doors; one to the front lawn and the other to the backyard, where Blake could safely move around without hassle.

His friend pushed even harder now, Blake’s body moving inch by painful inch. The wood from the frame was cracking beneath his skin, but Blake paid no attention to that. His mind was too full of thoughts to really pay attention to much of anything.

How big am I going to get? What if I keep growing and never stop?

“A little help here?” his friend called out from behind him. Blake shook his head, focusing back to reality. He turned his head a little, managing to make out a little bit of his tiny friend. He sighed.

“Sorry Craig…” pushing a little bit more and using his strength, Blake managed to push himself out of the doorway, taking the majority of it down with him. Sitting up on the soft grass Blake pulled the blankets over his crotch more, feeling embarrassed at the circumstances. His friend reappeared in the doorway, shaking his head.

“This is a lot of damage… what is the landlord going to say?”

“I don’t think he’d be willing to talk to me now… look at me!” Blake replied, motioning to himself. “I can’t fit in there anymore… I grew too much…”

The sadness in his voice made his friend shift his feet, making thinking noises. Blake stared down at him, Craig now reaching only barely up to his chest when he sat. Blake swallowed, feeling his stomach growl more for food. At the rate he was growing, he could have easily consumed over four times the amount Craig could. His friend circled him, eyeballing him warily. Blake said nothing, but was eager to get a move on.

“Can we go? What’re you looking at me for?”

Craig clicked his tongue, speaking.

“How tall are you now?”

“Are we still stuck on that? Who cares how tall I am? I just want to get some food!” Blake exclaimed, his voice surprising his friend into silence. The giant immediately turned red, shaking his head.

“S-Sorry… my voice is a lot louder now… I have to get used to that.” Craig gazed up at him, nodding his head.

“I know… you’re scared. But I said you could stay at my place, and I mean it.” Blake smiled back at him weakly, getting ready to stand.

“I’m not sure if I like growing so big…” he muttered, getting up on his knees. Brushing himself off and checking the surrounding area, Blake swallowed hard, finally gathering up enough courage to stand up to his full height.

Blake fumbled a bit, his friend scurrying around him so he wouldn’t be crushed. His legs felt like heavy weights to him, and his feet seemed so far down below. Blake blinked hard, his head spinning from the sudden change in view.

“I’m getting a headache… can I just crawl to your house?”

“Blake, you have to get used to this. If you don’t, then how will you ever walk around?”

“I can’t do that anymore Craig.” Blake called down to him. “I’m too big to walk around freely… people would run… they would hide…” his eyes dimmed, a hand coming up to scratch the back of his neck. Gazing down at the ground, Blake shook his head more, closing his eyes.

“Everything is so small… everything is so far away!”

“Blake! Blake!” Craig called up to him, cupping his hands over his mouth. “Blake, just look down carefully… you’re still on your feet.”

Opening his eyes rather slowly, Blake slowly adjusted to the new perspective. His eyes scanned over his apartment doorframe, broken and in tatters. His vision moved to his friend now, who stood a little below his waistline. Bending down to talk to his friend, Blake could feel how tall he was in comparison to his friend.

“How big do you think I am?” he asked softly, not really wanting to know the answer. He eyed Craig, waiting. His friend thought some more, his eyes gazing up at his gigantic friend.

“From the looks of it, you might be at least three and a half meters tall…”

Blake’s heart dropped into his stomach, his ears almost catching the sloshing sound. “T-Three…” falling to his knees and cupping his head in his hands, he shuddered.

“I can’t grow any more… I can’t… I just can’t!” Blake shook his head, taking a deep breath and calming himself. He knew panicking would do nothing to help his cause, but he couldn’t help himself. His heart raced as the thought of growing even more than he already had dug into his brain and poisoned his mind. Feeling a small hand upon him, Blake once again took a breath, swallowing.
“Let’s go Craig. I can’t stay here all day.” Turning his head towards the horizon, Blake could see the sun setting below the trees, the cool night air beginning to give him an unwanted chill.

Standing up again and waiting for his friend, Blake licked his lips, feeling both thirsty and nervous at the same time. He knew that if he stayed in his apartment, he would have easily outgrown the space within the night.

But at Craig’s house… I’ll have a little more room to move around. I’ll have a little more time to think about how I can contact those pill serving bastards and get back to my normal size.

His body shivered, Blake looking down again to find his friend waving at him. Nodding his head and moving towards the front yard Blake stopped, his foot almost upon the pavement. With haste, he moved back behind the apartment building, hiding.

“Craig… I can’t go out there! Everyone would see me!”

His friend jogged over from the pavement, thinking. “I hadn’t thought of that… what do you want to do then?”

“Well at this height I can’t go on the streets… do you think maybe I could get a ride?” he asked hopefully, his eyes boring into Craig. His friend backed up a little, his head off to the side of his shoulder and his eyebrow twitching.

“You want me, to put you in the back of my truck?”

“You have a pickup don’t you?” Blake replied, eager to get a move on before another growth spurt happened. “I can just get in the back, since I can’t fit in the front anymore.”

Craig paused for a moment, thinking the idea over. Blake watched him hopefully, the sun gradually setting over the horizon and making the giant shiver with a slight cold. Getting down upon his knees, Blake slowly put a hand upon his friend, noting how small and meek Craig seemed to him.

“Craig… I have to move to another place. Getting on that truck is my best option right now, before I get too big to even do that.” Blake watched his friend, breathing in slightly.

Craig always used to seem so normal to me… but now… I feel like… he’s so tiny… he’s so small compared to me! But maybe it’s because I’m so big compared to him…

Taking away his hand from his friend’s shoulder, Blake bit his lip, waiting for Craig’s answer. The man thought for a moment, looking at his truck, and back at Blake.

“We’re going to have to strap you down.”
“Are you sure this is necessary?”

“You don’t want to go flying do you?”

“You’re speeding??”

“With you I am. Don’t you want to get to my house before you grow any larger?”

“Well… yes…” Blake fiddled with one of the hooks he had in his hand, his eyes following the hook down the wire and to the latch that attached him to the car. He sat upright in Craig’s open back trunk, the only place where he could do so. Craig was busy leaping about the truck like a frog, tying wires down and latching hooks. The giant couldn’t really help him, so Blake occupied himself with getting comfortable while he still could.

“How many wires are you using?” Blake asked, handing Craig another hook. The man took out a wire from his mouth, clamping it onto a hook that was attached to Blake’s waistline.

“As many as it takes. I don’t want you to move while I drive. The house is only a few minutes by car… but at the rate of your growth, you might crush my truck.”

Blake turned red, his eyes averting his friend and aiming towards the ground. He felt Craig’s presence beside him, a small hand upon his arm.

“It was just a joke.”

“Ha ha.” Turning around a bit, Blake could see that his arms and legs were tied to the truck, his chest having at least four to five wires that ran across his breast and latched onto the truck. He flexed his arms a bit, realizing his movement was constricted, but his new strength provided him with some mobility.

“You’re too strong to be tied down completely.” Craig stated, as if reading Blake’s mind. “I just attached whatever I thought was necessary. Fold your legs.”

Bringing his knees up to his chest, Blake wrapped his arms around his legs, watching in silence as Craig closed the back compartment and got something out from the passenger’s seat. Blake tilted his head before he saw the tarp come out, Craig handing him the long piece of plastic.

“So nobody sees you.” Blake nodded, taking the tarp and placing it over his body, feeling Craig’s hands attach the tarp to the truck as well.

“Will it fly off?” Blake asked, fearing the worst. Craig’s voice was muffled by the tarp, but Blake understood his reply to mean that he was safe.

Hearing the door open and close the truck roared to life, Blake feeling the truck move beneath him and beginning their journey.

The truck moved jerkily underneath him, Blake having to find his grip multiple times on the rims of the truck to gain some stability. He knew that Craig was driving fast, but that was no reason for him to be reckless. Blake wanted nothing more than to just talk to his friend at this time, but seeing as he was underneath tarp and holding on for dear life he had no opportunity to do so. He wanted to get to Craig’s house as soon as possible.

Various sounds filled his ears as Blake tried to sneak a peek to the outside world, lifting the tarp only a little to see a few trees passing by. The truck rolled to a stop at a red light, Blake leaning back a bit to talk to Craig.

“How much longer?”

“Only a few more blocks and we’ll be there. No worries.”

Blake swallowed and nodded his head, sitting back up and feeling the wires upon his body. He tugged at the wires a bit, the metal bending against his weight just slightly as he pulled. He would have to get used to his newfound strength.

I can’t imagine breaking through things like this… especially metal. It’s so hard and tough… will I grow that much?

Shaking his head to rid of the thought Blake continued to tug at the wire when the truck finally stopped, the giant feeling the door to his back slam as someone exited the front seat.

“Alright, we’re here. Better hurry Blake, the sun’s going down fast and you might grow a bit more before you actually get in the house.”

“Untie me and I’ll get going.”

Craig’s voice could barely be heard under the tarp and as the black was lifted off of him Blake could see the house looming over him. Gazing around Blake saw that the truck was parked so the rear was facing the garage, the largest door Craig had to offer the newly grown Blake. The giant had been over Craig’s house before, but at his new size he was not sure if he would fit in right away.

The wires came undone and Blake flexed his arms, eager to get his blood pumping again. His eyes drifted towards the house again and he suddenly realized that the structure seemed a lot smaller than he previously thought. But then again, he was much taller than before.

Have to remember I’m almost four meters high… must remember that.

Craig had pulled the truck open and was waiting for Blake when Blake snapped back to attention. He shook his head apologetically and slid off the truck easily, the machine bouncing a bit because of the immense weight.

“I’ll open the garage from the inside. You wait out here. We’re behind the house, so nobody will see you.”

“Sounds good.”

Craig entered in through the back door of his house, leaving Blake to stand in the middle of the grassy yard alone. The truck was off and all the sounds of the environment seemed to disappear, leaving Blake to stare at the slowly setting sun. His eyes traced over the house and once again Blake determined that he could almost no longer fit through the regular doors, remembering that he took down his own door in the process of trying to free himself. His fingers brushed against the grass lightly as he bent down, eyeing the house.

The garage was large enough for him to bend down and simply walk inside, but Blake knew that he still hadn’t gotten used to his new height. He would insist upon crawling everywhere until he thought of a way to get help. His ears caught the sound of clicking and the garage door slowly opened, Craig standing before him waving at him.

“C’mon in.”

Nodding his head and bending down like he planned, Blake entered in through the garage, tightly grasping whatever was left of the sheets from his bed around his waist. His head barely scraped the top of the ceiling as he leaned down more, Blake setting his hands on the ground and crawling inside of the garage. The floor was cold and rather damp, but Blake paid no mind as he watched the garage door slide close.

“Now you’re in… good. And you haven’t grown at all. What a stroke of luck!” Craig said, already going through the door into the main part of his house.

“Luck indeed… I’m glad I haven’t grown at all… I think being almost four meters high is big enough.” Blake replied, gazing at his tiny friend.

“Let’s get you into my room… I’m sure that you’ll be able to sleep somewhere.”

Blake watched Craig go through the door to his main house, and followed after softly, his body barely fitting through the door. He got stuck once, but after a few pushes Blake figured out a strategy to fit. This he would keep in the back of his head, should he have use of the thought again.

Blake had always known Craig had a house, unlike Blake who lived on his own in an apartment. Craig lived with his mother and father, who at the moment were away on a business trip. Essentially, Blake had approximately seven days to figure out what was wrong with him and fix his dilemma before they returned. Seven days, thought Blake, was more than enough time.

Along with the knowledge that the house was all to themselves, Blake remembered where everything was in Craig’s house. He had been there many times before, either to hang out or to write out scenarios for their podcast show.

The podcast! Oh… I’m too big to fit into the studio now…

Sadness filled Blake’s heart as the thought flooded over him, his mind quickly scrapping the idea and his heart trying to find a normal beat. He saw Craig catching a glimpse of his sad face and immediately he brightened, proceeding about the hallway until he came to the living room.

“Let’s go into my room, you can stay there until we figure this thing out.”

“You bought my bag right?” Blake asked, looking down at Craig. His friend smiled up at him and nodded, opening the door to his room.

“You didn’t think I’d leave it behind did you?”

Ducking his head more and entering into Craig’s room, Blake turned his head about, seeing the room in a different manner.

“It’s so small…” he muttered, slowly getting up upon his feet and forgetting how tall he was.

“I don’t ever remember it be-” a loud cry escaped his throat as his head smashed into the ceiling, Blake kneeling down and covering his head with both hands.

“Son of a… God that hurt!”

“Blake! You alright?” opening one of his closed eyes, Blake saw his friend staring up at him with concern in his eyes. Blake shook his head, rubbing.

“I’m alright… but by the end of today I’ll have two heads instead of one!”

“You have to remember how big you are now… you can’t just go standing up in places where you don’t fit.”

“I know that… I just… forgot. That’s all.” Finally putting his hand down, Blake sat carefully near Craig’s bed, seeing his friend plop himself down as well.

“What’s there to do now?” Craig asked, looking at Blake.

“For starters let’s see what we can find out about that company. Is there any possibility that you have that magazine?”

“Didn’t you ask me that already?”

“I don’t even remember anymore. Can you look?” Craig hopped off his bed and began to rummage through is belongings, Blake crossing his legs and trying not to be much in Craig’s way. Mentally, Blake checked how tall Craig was to him when Blake was sitting.

When I sit, he’s a little below my shoulders… when I stand… he’s below my waistline… I really HAVE grown big…

Shudders erupted from his body and Blake held his chest, looking back at Craig.

“Did you find anything yet?”

“Not yet.” His friend threw down a few more clothes and sighed, rubbing a hand through his hair. “Listen, why don’t I make you something to eat? You said you were hungry right?”

A deep and ominous growl was Craig’s answer, Blake turning red and holding his stomach.


“I’ll fix you up something quick. But stay here okay? Don’t want you sneaking about.”

“Like I can sneak about being this big.”

Once his friend left the room Blake took the opportunity to really examine himself. He had newfound strength, mass, and height. All these things would come into play once he got used to everything.

But… I can’t go to school… I can’t fit through doors… I can’t do anything! What if anyone else finds out? What will happen then?

Getting up upon his knees Blake crawled towards Craig’s dresser, where a litter of clothes greeted him. Smiling and moving a few shirts aside, Blake began to look for where Craig put his bag when something caught his eye.

A fallen picture that was face down made Blake hesitate a moment before picking up the fragile frame. His fingers grasped at the tiny frame and slowly lifted upwards, his eyes scanning over his newfound object.

Using a finger he wiped away a few strands of dust and lifted the frame closer to him, his heart beginning to twist. Two smiling happy men were hugging each other inside of a recording studio, their arms around each other’s backs. Blake pursed his lips and let his eyes fall to the ground, something stirring within his heart.

“Hey, food’s ready.”

A voice startled him into covering the picture with his chest, his head turning around to see Craig standing in the doorway of the room. His friend gazed at him curiously, speaking.

“You okay?”

Blake blinked and swallowed, nodding his head quickly.

“I’ll be right there.”

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