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5/08/2013 10:29 am  #11

Re: Stronger

Another great  update,  it just keeps getting better and better.  Keep up the great work !!


10/21/2013 7:23 pm  #12

Re: Stronger

Craig stared at him for a moment more before turning his heel and exiting, leaving Blake alone in the room. The giant’s eyes drifted towards the picture again, his hand taking the frame away from his chest. His eyes were glued to the two men, his heart pumping loudly in his ears. With a finger he touched the frame softly, memories flooding his mind.
“Thank you… Craig.”
“Hey, c’mon, your food is ready.”

Hearing Craig call to him, Blake turned his head and signed, setting the picture down on its legs and aiming his body for the door.

“Coming.” He called.

Slowly and surely he made his way through the door (after much pushing and shoving of course) and into the kitchen, where he proceeded to sit upon the floor and waited for Craig to put a plate down in front of him.

Craig set down Blake’s food and with little effort the giant lifted the plate up and gobbled the entire meal whole, not bothering to chew much. The sun was nearly gone now as the shadows grew longer in the rooms, Blake looking down to see his shadow stretch far away from him. Craig had only sat down when Blake saw that his friend stared up at him in wonder and awe.

“You’re done already?”

“Big mouth.”

Chuckling a bit, Craig began to eat his food, Blake setting his plate down and sighing, looking out of the window to his right.

“Do you think… Jenny would be scared if she saw me like this?”

“Jenny?” Craig asked with a mouth full of food. “I don’t know. Seeing you big as you are is a mighty tall order.” He paused. “HA! Get it? Tall order?”

“Very funny Craig.” Blake mused, half smiling. “But seriously, I wonder if Jenny has any… ….” He stopped himself, his memories of the previous night flooding his mind.

“On second thought, I don’t really care all that much.” His cheeks began to burn with an anger that settled in his stomach, Blake reaching down and tightening his fists, clear out of Craig’s view.

“What’s gotten into you?” Craig asked, looking up at him. “You were so intent on impressing her before. That’s what got you into this mess, remember?”

“I know but… after what happened…” he trailed off, looking away. “I don’t want to talk about it. That whole night was enough to make me gag.”

“Really bad huh?” his friend asked, picking up both plates. “What’d she do? Have hair in places that she shouldn’t?”

“Nothing like that!” Blake retorted hotly. “She just… she’s just not my type.” He took a breath, shaking his head. “And to think, I grew a total of almost two meters to impress her… that was my biggest mistake.”

“Hey cheer up.” Craig said brightly, washing the plates and drying them now. “You’ve got to be the biggest person alive! Think about the possibilities!”

“Possibilities?” Blake inquired, tilting his head. He had not thought of anything else but finding a way to get back to his normal size lately. He breathed.

“Like what?”

“You can lift heavy objects, you can easily defend and save people from flaming buildings… you can break down walls, tear apart houses… demolish-”

“I think I’ve heard enough.” Blake snapped, shaking his head. “I don’t want to do any of those things. I’m no hero… I’m just…” he sighed heavily, staring at his hand momentarily.

“A person who got stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time… someone who tested the hand of fate… and ended up getting kicked in the ass by life.”

He watched silently as his friend finished off his meal and looked back at him, Blake shivering because of the cold floor. Craig stared up at him softly.

“Hey, don’t even worry about it, alright? We’ll find a way to shrink you back to normal.”

Blake smiled half heartedly, realizing that at the rate he was growing he would soon be too big for even a house. He looked up out of the skylight in Craig’s kitchen, seeing the night fall slowly upon them.

“You have uh…” Blake looked down as the small voice spoke to him evenly. “You have homework due tomorrow for your Biology class Blake…”

The giant blinked and then nodded his head sadly, sighing again.

“I don’t think I can fit in the classroom anymore… I mean look at me… I must be even bigger now!”

“Don’t say that.” Craig replied, washing his dishes. “You look the same size. Do you feel like you’ve gotten any bigger?”

“Well…” Blake paused, checking himself over. He flexed his muscles and gazed around at everything in the kitchen. Every item seemed to be the exact proportion that he expected. From his height, he could see everything clearly.

“No, thank goodness.” He finally said, lifting himself up and off the cold floor. “My bum’s getting rather cold… I think I’ll head over to your room.”

As he raised himself up, Blake could feel himself nearing the ceiling, a hand being put up in order to avoid hitting his head. Even the ceiling felt cold to him. He was still slouching his shoulders to fit, his immense body taking up almost all the room’s space. His eyes were set upon his tiny friend, who backed into a corner to let him roam free.

Craig… he’s so small… I’m so grateful. He’s such a good friend.

Blake’s legs carried him towards Craig’s room roughly, Blake sitting down upon the floor once again when he saw his friend follow in after him and shut the door.

“I’m not sure how sleeping with you will work…” Craig said after a few seconds. He plopped himself down upon his bed and folded his legs.

“You’re too big to be on a bed. And you’d probably deflate an air mattress.”

“How heavy do you think I am?”

“Well…” Craig rummaged around in his desk for a piece of paper. Blake watched in interest until Craig pulled out a pencil and began to write down figures.

“You started off at five foot five right?” Craig asked. Blake thought for a second and then nodded, leaning over to see what he was writing.

“Well if you started off at five foot five… and we’re doing this in American terms… now you’re…”

“Almost four meters high.”

“So let’s round that off to twelve feet.”

“Is that how they measure it? Three feet for every meter?”

“I think so. Americans are weird.” Craig drew more figures. “Anyway… you know how I’m a physics major right?”

“Right.” Blake agreed, crawling closer. “And? What does this have to do with anything?”

“Well in physics we learned about growth and body mass and calculating this isn’t all that hard. You have to take into account body mass index, weight, height… muscle mass etcetera.”

“Uhm… okay.” Blake said blankly. He was no physics major and stuff like this confused him to no end. He gazed down at the pencil moving furiously, writing numbers and calculations and symbols that he did not understand at all.

After a few moments Craig finally stopped moving his pencil, rather satisfied with himself. Blake looked back at him and then at the paper, still partially confused.

“So… how heavy am I?”

“Well according to my calculations…” Craig grabbed a calculator that happened to be by Blake’s side. “This should be right…”

The giant waited as his friend punched in the numbers, Craig’s eyes widening. The pencil dropped from his mouth, and Blake swallowed, almost afraid to speak.

“Well? What?”

“You’re…” Craig turned to him, looking at him over briefly. “You’re over two tons.”

“Two tons??” Blake shouted, knocking Craig back onto his bed. The giant shied back, unaware of the power of his voice.

“Two tons?” he asked again, this time quietly.

Craig sat back up, rubbing his sore ears and nodding his head. “Yes… approximately two tons… and a few pounds. Almost two thousand and one hundred pounds.”

Blake shook his head, thinking of all the infinite possibilities there were out there for a person of his stature.

Not only am I the tallest person alive… I’m also the heaviest!

“We have to find a way to shrink me back Craig.” Blake said sternly, clenching his fists. “I don’t want to get any heavier… or bigger for that matter.”

“Do you know when you grow?”

Blake stopped, eyeing his friend. The night was now upon them, crickets and little woodland animals making their night noises outside Craig’s house. Blake could hear everything, every little footstep of every animal. His senses were amplified.

“When I grow?” Blake parroted, shaking his head. “What do you mean?”

“Growth happens in a variety of ways.” Craig continued, putting away his tools. “In plants, when they take in sunlight photosynthesis turns their food into sugar, which in turn turns into energy for cells to multiply and reproduce; thus growth. In animals, cells multiply and divide on their own because of the brain’s commands to the pituitary gland. Once the animal reaches a certain size, they stop growing. In humans the same process works.”

At this point a diagram was needed, and Craig began to draw a little stick figure to represent Blake.

“This is you.”

“You’re a terrible drawer.”

“Hush, I’m explaining science.”

“Alright, alright.”

Craig’s fingers moved up and down quickly, drawing more.

“As seen here, you went from this,” the stick figure now had an arrow pointing to the right. “To this.” A taller stick figure was drawn, much larger than the last one.

“That’s putting it in terms I can understand.”

“Now, those pills you took had an effect on your glands obviously, seeing as you can’t seem to stop growing.”

Blake bit his lip, thinking of how foolish he was to even think of taking those pills. He could not help but call himself an idiot.

“My guess is that your pituitary gland got started again, and you now grow too much, since there is no ceiling or limit to your height.” Craig paused, erasing the figures. “Another hypothesis I have is that you will continue to grow unless something comes in the way of you and your growth.”

“What?” Blake asked quietly.

“Humans grow most when they are asleep… their bodies are in a resting phase and the brain makes necessary repairs. That is why when you take a nap if you are hurting you feel better. Necessary components of nutrients and immune system cells take over and nurture your resting body phase. This is the time that the brain is more active.”

“So…” Blake licked his lips, suddenly feeling bigger than he already was. “If… if I go to sleep… there’s a possibility…”

“A great chance that you might grow even further than you already have.” Craig concluded, finally putting the paper and pencil away. His eyes locked with that of his friend, and Blake shivered harshly.
“Craig… I don’t want to grow any bigger. I can’t grow any bigger!” he began to panic now, feeling the room close in upon him. “I can hardly fit through doors now, my clothes don’t fit… I don’t have any shoes; I’m too big for a bed… I can’t grow any bigger!” he exclaimed, nearly shouting.

“What will I eat? What if the police find me? I’ll grow too big to hide!”

His voice was cut short by a force pushing his arm back and forth. In his drama Blake had not noticed that Craig had grabbed a hold of his arm, trying to control his emotional rampage. Blake stopped his movements and silenced, his eyes dimming.

“What am I going to do Craig?” he asked weakly, his body shivering. “I’m going to grow and grow and grow… I can’t go back home… right now I don’t have a home.”

“Listen,” his friend’s voice made Blake look at him hopefully. “Right now, let’s concentrate on setting you up to sleep okay? You’ve had a long day… and you did a lot of growing. You must be exhausted.”
Blake sighed for what seemed the hundredth time, and nodded his head, calming down finally. His legs stretched out in front of him and his eyes began to droop.

“To be honest… I do feel a bit tired.” He murmured, already seeing Craig get a few pillows down from the nearby closet.

“Blake, the most important thing to do right now is to help get you situated for resting. You need to be comfortable.”

The giant moved at Craig’s request, seeing his friend set up a plethora of pillows as a cushion on the floor. The pillows were then covered with a set of quilts, and on top of the quilts went a few blankets. Blake always knew that Craig had a lot of blankets, but never this many.

“Am I sleeping on a heated mattress now?” Blake teased, watching Craig as he put the last of the blankets down for him. Criag glared up at him for a second before breaking out into a smile and softly hitting Blake’s leg.

“Sure why not?”

Blake chuckled, leaning down to pat Craig’s head. “Thanks a lot Craig… for making me feel better.”
His tiny friend looked up and nodded, stepping over the blankets and onto his own bed, gathering his pajamas.

“I don’t know what you want to use as pajamas, unless you want to sleep naked.”

Blake turned red. “I think I’d rather keep these sheets on as much as possible.” He replied, getting down upon his makeshift bed. “I can’t fit into anything else.”

The two men settled down in their beds after Craig washed his teeth and brought Blake a toothbrush. Blake didn’t want to go back and forth between rooms if he didn’t have to, often saying that he would much rather not take down Craig’s house if he could avoid the situation.

Craig washed his mouth and Blake had to settle with merely brushing his teeth with a tiny toothbrush he could hardly keep a hold of. He swallowed the toothpaste as well, saying that at his size a pea sized amount of chemicals was definitely not going to kill him. He was getting used to his size.
The night was quiet, and a full moon lit up Craig’s room, Blake staring at the reflection of the light on the wall. Craig had turned off the light and was fast asleep, Blake turning his head to look at Craig while adjusting himself on the pillows.

I wonder… I wonder what Jenny’s doing now…

His lips pursed, and he shook his head, not wanting to remind himself of such things. But his mind kept going back and forth between Jenny and what he saw.

How could she be like that? How could… how could I have been so foolish?

Blake breathed out, his body eventually growing too tired to remain awake. He wrapped the blankets around him more, the sheets only barely covering him but allowing him to retain his warmth.

I just hope… I don’t grow too big.  

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10/23/2013 1:16 am  #13

Re: Stronger

Really, really really great update. I like it the parts were Blake can barely fit through the door, can barely hold the toothbrush. I like the ending line. Great job !!


7/15/2014 9:15 pm  #14

Re: Stronger

I am sorry for the late posting... I have been working closely with 'Anoka' who is my teacher and professor. Thank you for your time and efforts in reading this.

He moved his arm a bit, trying to relax. His muscles were beginning to tense up, his body moving slightly upwards. Blake moaned a bit as he moved, unable to stretch out his legs like he wanted to. Feeling something near his side, he shifted left and then began to sit up.

A piercing cry rang throughout the room as Blake soundly hit his head on the ceiling, producing both a crack and a small hole. He felt sharp pain reel through this body and he bent down, rubbing the top of his head.

Carefully, Blake opened his eyes to see a dimly lit room in front of him. Sunlight softly filtered in through the curtained windows, and as he turned his head he saw his friend sitting up in his bed staring up at him in fear.

Blake let out a breath of air, causing the curtains in Craig’s room to rustle and wave. The giant blinked and tried to sit up again when he realized he couldn’t get more than halfway up when his head pressed up against the ceiling. Slowly, Blake’s eyes widened.

He could see himself now, his knees nearly pressed up against the ceiling as well and his body halfway hunched over. In his sleep he had overturned Craig’s desk and his dresser, nearly breaking through the walls in his movements. Fear flowed through his veins, every pulsating heartbeat echoing in his ears like a gong.

I… I got even… bigger.

“Craig?” Blake turned his head slightly, seeing his friend cower before him. Blake swallowed, cautiously extending his finger towards Craig.

“Are you… are you okay? I didn’t hurt you… did I?”

His finger grazed up upon Craig’s leg and instantly a scream erupted from his tiny friend, Blake flinching back and hitting his head again. The crash thundered through the small room and the scream died down, Blake looking down to see that Craig was trying to tell him something.

“What was that?”

“You… you grew… you grew a lot! You’re… you’re twice as big as you were yesterday!”

Blake pursed his lips together, bending down more so that his back would touch the ceiling instead of his head. The cool air wrapped around his naked body and instantly he felt a chill run down his spine. He could hear birds outside, the world around him moving normally as he continued to feel like he was beginning to be the one out of place.

“I know… I know I did… I can feel it… I see it…” he muttered, keeping his voice low. “I need to get out of here. I don’t… I don’t want to outgrow your room… and wreck it more than I have…”

With a hand upon the floor and his mind set on his goal, Blake moved cautiously towards the door when he eyed the frame. The door stood in front of him as all doors did in his past, but as Blake gazed upon the wood he came to a frightening conclusion in his mind.

I’m too big to fit through there. I’m… I’m too big to fit through the door! I… I’m too big to fit in Craig’s room…. I’m too big for my apartment… I can hardly fit in here…

“I… I’m too big… oh no…”

Despair settled in his heart as Blake remained crouched on the floor, his cramped body barely moving. He shuddered twice, feeling afraid for the first time since the ordeal began. He swallowed roughly, his heart racing.

“What…. What am I going to do…”

“Blake…” a small voice spoke to him softly, Blake turning his eyes downwards towards Craig who stood next to his huge frame.

“There’s… there’s a part of the house that stretches up to the roof…. It doesn’t cut through the house like the first and second floors do.”

What… what are you trying to tell me?

“Blake… if you can make it there… then maybe…. You will be okay.”

His mind flooded with thoughts. The thought of being too big to fit into a house scared him, and even now as he remained crouched he was afraid. He was afraid of so many things. He was fearful that he might hurt his friend, he was afraid that he would break his friend’s house… he was afraid nobody would recognize him.

Slowly Craig’s hand came down upon Blake’s neck and softly his friend patted him. Blake breathed in deeply, nodding slightly at his tiny friend and willing to put every bit of energy he had in him into breaking free of his cage.

“I’ll do my best.”
I had hoped it was all a dream.
That I had dreamt everything.
That I would wake up from this nightmare and that I would see my alarm clock. I would put it into sleep mode, I would go and roll over and fall back asleep. I would get up later and get dressed, text Craig about our next Podcast.
I would get in my car and go to campus, see Craig. See Jenny.
See the girl I asked to the dance and get the chance to dance with her for the first time in my life. Be the normal person I wanted to be; be someone I thought I could be. Never reveal myself to her; never tell her who I really was.
Because I wanted her to like her for me.
For me.
“I’m so sorry… I… I can pay for it…I promise… I’ll give you my credit card and I’ll even pay for the-”

“It’s okay. Really, I’m pretty sure insurance covers things like this.”

“Craig I… I’m so sorry…”

His heart would not be swayed. He felt guilty as anything, having taken down both a portion of Craig’s roof and doorway when he tried to escape from the room. He had messed up the desk for good, the wood shattered and in splinters. He had managed to take the dresser down as well, unhinging the drawers and crushing them beyond repair. Each piece of furniture wrecked and unsalvageable except for Craig’s bed, which happened to be spared due to the fact that the bed was next to Blake when he awoke, and not in his immediate moving area.

Nevertheless, Blake still felt guilty about everything.

The place Blake sat in now was much more spacious than the rest of the small house. The space between him and the ceiling above was almost so much that he could stand. Although he had not tried to stand up or even walk when he entered into Craig’s house, Blake was half tempted to try to see if he even fit upright. Windows were to his back and there was a single door leading to the outside if Craig needed to come in and out for anything. A staircase to Blake’s left proved to be most helpful when he wanted to talk to Craig, his friend scurrying up almost to the top to talk eye level with the giant.

How Blake had not taken down more of the house he did not know, but most of the walls looked as if some madman had attacked them with a hammer. Pieces of ceiling and fragments of wall were falling apart, and yet Craig was still eager to help Blake through. He saw to everything Blake needed, including pushing his body through the narrow hallways and into the large and luxurious space.
The only problem the two men faced was that of an obvious nature.

Blake was naked.

“What do we do about your junk?”

Blake turned red and placed both hands over his crotch, shaking his head.

“I have no idea… maybe curtains will work?”

“We can try… but I doubt that they’ll cover THAT.”

“Mm…” Blake pursed his lips before Craig spoke, almost jealously.

“Since you’re bigger IT must be a lot bigger too.”

Blake could feel his cheeks flush when Craig spoke.

“I-I guess I mean… but that doesn’t mean… I can’t have…”

Craig smiled half heartedly and shook his head.

“You gave me a real scare this morning… I hadn’t expected you to be so big when I woke up.”

“Neither did I…” Blake replied softly. “I didn’t expect to grow that much at all…. When I woke up I hit my head… I couldn’t even sit up in your room…”

He fidgeted his shoulders a bit, trying to relax the pain that had subdued and dulled into a soreness that ached him. The sun was beginning to move in the sky, time flowing freely through the day and passing the two men by slowly.

“It’s almost ten… would you like something to eat?”

Blake heard his friend speaking to him and turned his head, nodding gently.

“I would… thank you…” he paused a second, his eyes softening.

“I’m sorry… for this morning.”

Craig put his hands on the railing of the spiral staircase and swung his legs through, shaking his head.

“You got scared, right? I would be scared too if I were in your shoes.”

“I’m not even in my shoes.”

Both men chuckled for a moment before Craig held out his hand to the giant, tilting his head in curiosity.

“Why don’t you try standing up?”


“Stand up.”

“Now why would I do that?” Blake asked, now fully facing Craig. As he gazed at his friend he made a mental note of how small Craig was in comparison to him.

Craig is almost like a doll to me… he can’t be more than a few inches high… at least… I think so.

“Just to give it a try! C’mon now, you’re not scared are you?”

Blake flushed at his comment and shook his head soundly.

“Scared? Who said I was scared?”

“Then do it!”

Blake pouted, but sighed in exasperation.


With slow hesitation, Blake unfolded his legs to that he sat with his legs bent, ready to stand up.

Alright. do this slowly now….

He leaned forward and his feet met the ground, pushing his body up. With a hand Blake steadied himself against the wall to his right, his eyes trying to adjust to his surroundings. The higher up he went, the more Blake felt he was losing sight of everything down below him.

My feet seem so far down below me… and even my legs seem like they stretch on forever!

Before he had a chance to think more his head clunked on the ceiling lightly. His caution had proved to be useful, as Blake merely touched the ceiling and provided to harm to the wall. His legs were bent a little and so was his head, but he was able to stand nonetheless in the small space.

Being on his feet provided Blake with a different view of the world, as his eyes scanned the areas before him. To his front he could see second floor balcony overlooking the big space he stood in. Leaning down a bit he could see the doors and into each of the rooms, leading him to think of how miraculous his escape from Craig’s room was.

How I managed to get out and not really destroy everything will forever be beyond me…

“Blake! Blake!”

Seeing his friend walk towards him, Blake backed up from the railing, blinking.

“I can hear you. What is it?”

“You must be nearly seven meters high!” Craig exclaimed excitedly, waving his arms back and forth.
“Look at you! You are indeed the BIGGEST person on this planet! Why, even giraffes would have to look up at you!”

“That doesn’t sound like much fun at all.” Blake replied sadly, turning his eyes away. “I never wanted to grow this big… I only wanted to grow a few inches, not a few feet! Now look at me!” he replied, standing up again carefully.

“I’m too big to even stand up fully in your house!”

“I can see that, but imagine what you can do with your powers.” Craig answered, smiling at him gently. “Think of yourself as those superheroes you see on television!”

Blake blinked.

“Those men who fight crime and that sort of thing.”

“I am no superhero.” Blake concluded, sitting back down. “I’m not any sort of anything… I’m just….” Holding his hand up and examining his skin Blake suddenly felt like he had lost control of his inner soul. Something crushed him on the inside and made him want to crawl under the sheets of a bed and lie there forever.

“I’m just a person who got too big for his britches…”

“Come now Blake, you can’t be too hard on yourself.” Craig replied rather flatly. “You can’t really expect to get these results with mere pills can you?”

“Well no… I guess you can’t….”

“Listen, I’m going to make us something to eat alright? First I’ll use the bathroom… but then I’ll come back alright?”

Craig’s pleasant demeanor made Blake breathe in again deeply, calming his panicking nerves. He set his horrid thoughts aside as he forced himself to smile at his friend, nodding his head.

“Sounds good.”

Blake began to turn his attention back to covering himself with his legs when he caught irregular movement out of the corner of his eye. His hand reacted quickly, his fingers catching something soft.


His voice hit his ears almost ghost like, disembodied and out of place. Blake focused back on reality and what had happened to make him move like he had.

Craig was holding onto Blake’s fingers for dear life, looking up at him in surprise.

Blake couldn’t utter a word at the moment, his brain frozen as he gazed upon his tiny friend who remained clamped onto his fingers.

I saw Craig falling… he must’ve tripped… and…. I caught him… he must have lost his footing on the stairs and went tumbling… and I…

“A-Are you… alright?” Blake asked softly, gazing at Craig. He could feel Craig’s warm tiny body against his fingers; Craig’s hands grasping tightly to Blake’s skin.

His friend nodded at him hurriedly, looking down at the ground in anticipation. Blake blinked twice before coming to the realization that he was holding Craig in midair.

“O-Oh!” his voice barely passed his lips before he let Craig down softly on the carpeted floor, Blake taking his fingers away quickly. He felt his cheeks burn again.

“S-Sorry I didn’t…”

“Nah, i-it’s cool… I mean you did…”

“Yes I did… and I mean I just saw you…”

“I lost my footing there… haha…”

“Yeah… I just reacted you know… wanted to uh… make sure you’re okay…”

“…. It wasn’t…. it wasn’t really all that bad…”

“Was…. Was it really?”

“Yeah…” with a nervous disposition Craig smiled up at his friend, nodding his head. “You know… I felt… sort of safe… that you had me…”

Blake felt as if his whole face were on fire.

“I know… that you’re my friend…. And you would never intentionally hurt me… and when you caught me I… I just knew… that I would be okay.”

Something within Blake stirred and he softly put a hand to his chest, turning his eyes away to gaze outside at absolutely nothing.

Blake continued to stare out the window until he felt his friend’s presence evaporate, Blake then turning his head back and letting his eyes fall upon the small frame of him and his friend that he had kept from Craig’s room. His eyes dimmed softly.

You’re my friend… that’s why.

P.S = If any of you are interested in reading any of my teacher's other works please visit her at under the penname Anoka Kon. Thank you for reading and for your time.

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8/24/2014 2:09 pm  #15

Re: Stronger

Amazing story! CAN'T WAIT for the next chapter! I'm dying of anticipation!


5/31/2015 2:16 pm  #16

Re: Stronger

Thank you all so much for your patience. It has been a while since I last posted to this story. I have many things to do, and I am working closely with my mentor. I appreciate all of you who are reading this story and continue to have my support. Without you, I could not do what I do. Thank you again. 

“Here you are my good fellow.”

Blake’s eyes turned downwards as a small Craig set out a fold out table in front of the leaning giant, his friend setting out both the table and a placesetting for Blake to eat. A few plates were laid out, and as Blake watched he saw that Craig was unsure of what to do with the utensils he held in his hand. Blake shook his head and smiled weakly.

“I don’t think I’ll be needing those anymore… not with these hands.”

Craig smiled back at him warmly, nodding his head.

“Force of habit.”

“I understand.”

With the table set out in front of him, Blake leaned down as much as he could on his knees, his fingers reaching for the food. His stomach growled in anticipation, Blake licking his already moistening lips.

Slowly, his fingers took hold of the tiny plate, his touch being as ginger as possible. Lifting the food up and into his mouth Blake ate one plate at a time, the table being cleared in a matter of seconds. Blake knew that this would never satisfy him, but he had to give Craig credit for trying to make him happy.

“This… this is good. I appreciate it.”

He turned towards Craig now, who had been watching from the hallway. His arms became unfolded as Craig strode towards Blake, picking up the empty plates. The giant backed away a little, continuing to speak.

“There’s class today… right?”

Craig paused while picking up the plates, a breath escaping his lips.

“Yeah… I didn’t want to say anything but…” Blake gazed at Craig hopefully, the latter turning to face his giant friend. Blake could feel the pressure of responsibility rest upon Craig’s shoulder, and immediately Blake understood.

“You… can’t skip… right?”

“Well I… I could… I mean it’s just that I have a test today, and then I have to study for my other exams… it’s not like I WANT to leave you here, but you see I can’t bear to miss another day with my cold taking up most of my sick days and…”

His friend trailed off when Blake nodded his head easily, moving a little away. He sighed heavily, his breath causing Craig to cover his face. Blake flushed red.

“Sorry! Sorry…”

Putting down his hands Craig rubbed his nose, Blake suddenly becoming very self aware. He put a hand over his mouth, turning even more red.

“It’s my breath huh?” he asked quietly, seeing Craig nod in agreement.

“At least try to brush your teeth or something… you smell like a dead horse!”

Blake bit his lip and merely complied, keeping a safe distance away from his friend. Craig cleaned up the table and left Blake in the middle of the room, the giant folding his legs in an Indian fashion.

“Craig…” Blake called out a little to his friend who was hidden in the kitchen, washing dishes.

“Craig what am I going to do about my… you know.” Blake didn’t want to mention his ever growing treasure but he also didn’t want to be left naked in the house alone. From his view he could see nothing but the tiny rooms that lay before him, Blake helplessly peering inside to see all the tiny accessories.

It’s like I’m looking through a dollhouse… almost everything is doll sized to me… I can’t even…

Out of curiosity Blake leaned forward and peered into Craig’s room, his eyes catching the sunlight pouring in through Craig’s windows. The room looked so small to him now, everything in exact proportion. Blake couldn’t have felt bigger even if he had wanted to.

Slowly, Blake lifted a hand and leaned in closer, his chin nearly touching the balcony level floor. He bent his fingers, squeezing his hand through the hallway and attempted to enter Craig’s room. Blake knew that he wanted to get his backpack, but also knew that he didn’t want to disturb Craig.

“We could put some drapes on it or something. I could go after class and see about some extensions.”

He could hear his friend calling back to him, Blake’s eyes turning slightly to the side.


Moving aside now, Blake began to remove his hand when he stopped, his muscles tingling. Fear spread through his body like wildfire, Blake quickly withdrawing his hand from the hallway. His heart raced in his chest, his throat becoming dry with anticipation.

“No… no, no, no!”

He pleaded to himself, holding his arms as he felt his bones crack and his muscles stretch. The ground moved below him, the space growing smaller around his enlarging body. Blake panted heavily, looking around frantically in an attempt to see if Craig noticed his ever growing friend.

His head neared the ceiling now, Blake pulling his legs up to his chest and feeling despair rise up in his chest. He hadn’t wanted to get any larger than he already was, but he was a prisoner in his own body. Even the hardest of silent pleas did not stop his body from growing, his vision of the world shrinking before his eyes.

His growth soon slowed to a gradual stop, Blake now fearing the absolute worst for his and Craig’s safety. His head was barely touching the ceiling when he sat, his knees up to his chin in an effort to save what little space he had for Craig to move around in. A cold chill ran down his spine, his trembling body causing tremors in the Earth.
With hesitation he set his hand down upon the ground, straightening his back and sitting upright, his heart pounding with anxiety.

“I… I’m…”

From the corner of his eye he spotted his friend emerging from the nearby hallway, holding a notepad and not looking up in the least bit.

“I have class from noon until three today, and then after that I- GAH!”

Craig’s loud scream barely reached Blake’s ears, the giant staring down apologetically at his now even smaller friend. The tiny man’s body trembled as he dropped his pad, his mouth open agape with surprise.


“I know…” Blake replied sadly, unable to move much at all. He sighed softly, licking his lips and watching as Craig raced up the stairs and onto the balcony, all while staring at Blake.

“You grew a lot! Did this just happen?”

“I wasn’t that big before… but now…”

Craig covered his ears, Blake blinking in fright at the sound of his own voice. He lowered his voice to a mere whisper now, speaking to Craig as softly as he could.

“Craig, I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to get any bigger… I really didn’t… I couldn’t help it… I’m sorry…”

Craig lifted his head slightly, his hands slowly coming off his ears. The man swallowed as Blake lowered his head, a hand running through his dirty brown hair.

“I don’t know what to do… I keep getting bigger and bigger…”

Anger settled in his chest, his veins pulsating with the anguish that the company pills he had ordered had caused him so much distress. He only wanted to grow a few inches, to maybe impress a girl he might have liked. But this was by far the worst experience he had ever had in terms of customer service.

Blake clenched his jaw as well as his fists, slamming down upon the ground and crying aloud.

“Damn those pill serving bastards!”

Both his voice and his sudden outburst frightened his tiny friend to no end, Craig screaming and falling down upon the ground, holding onto his head while in a fetal position. Blake did not realize his actions before seeing Craig’s position on the floor. Blake’s eyes widened as he leaned forward, panic in his heart.

“Craig! Craig are you alright? I didn’t mean to scare you, I really didn’t! Are you alright?”

A small sound to his left caused Blake to stop, his knees pushing up against the balcony. The giant panicked as he moved back, his knees already doing a number of damages to the balcony. Some of the stone had cracked and fell to Blake’s feet, the architecture no match for Blake’s immense body. As Blake moved back, his head hit against the far wall, a crack emerging from his new bump.

“Blake, Blake stop! Stop moving!”

Without another word, Blake froze in his tracks, one hand upon the ground and one trying to save whatever portion of balcony wasn’t falling apart. Craig’s shouting had reached Blake’s deaf ears, the giant wanting nothing more than to cause as little harm as possible.

Craig had both hands up, running towards the broken balcony that was slowly crumbling even further. He shook his head and held both of his hands up, shouting.

“Oh God my parents are going to kill me!”

Blake’s heart sunk in his chest, the giant feeling ever more sorrowful.

“Craig I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to… I just… I wanted my backpack and then I started growing and I wanted to check in on you and make sure you were okay and then I tried to move back and I-”

“Shut up! Just… shut up will you?”

Blake pursed his lips, the tiny man partially frightening the giant. Blake retracted his hands and held his knees, biting his lip in silence.

“This is… this is…” Craig screamed again and pulled at his face, pacing back and forth nervously.

“Okay… okay… I’m going to class… taking that test… and then coming straight home…”

An angry glare kept Blake silent, Craig shouting at his gigantic guest.

“And you! Don’t you DARE get any larger do you hear me?! I’m warning you! I can only pay for so much damage in my house!”

Blake opened his mouth to form words, but his brain told him otherwise. Craig sounded angry enough as is, and Blake did not want to entice him further. Blake always knew that Craig had a temper, but never before had he seen this side of his friend. The giant knew better than to do anything more that would cause damage. He had already done enough of that.

Craig’s accusatory finger went back down and he sighed, rubbing his hair and struggling to regain control of the situation. Blake could not help but want to pick up Craig and tell him that nothing that had happened so far this morning was any of Blake’s intention. Nevertheless Blake swallowed and remained silent, watching as Craig ran down the stairs and stared up angrily at his large friend.

“Just stay here and don’t… do… ANYTHING.”

Blake nodded faintly, his huge eyes tracing over the tiny man that packed his backpack for his school day. The giant breathed out a bit, and licked his lips once again, speaking.

“Craig uhm.. may I…”

“What! What is it?”

Blake shied away, feeling attacked by Craig’s outburst.

“I-I just wanted a glass of water…”

Craig groaned loud enough for Blake to hear, disappearing into the kitchen for a moment before reappearing with a glass of cool water. Carefully, Blake reached down towards Craig, the man backing up a bit when he saw Blake’s hand reaching towards him.

“H-Hey careful now! I’m down here too you know!”

“Craig I know… I’m not going to do anything… I won’t hurt you. Not intentionally anyways.”

His fingers finally found the tiny glass, Blake pausing for a moment to examine Craig’s expression. A thin line crossed his face and a rather displeased look was the rest of his expression, Blake unsure of how badly Craig felt about the entire situation.

“Craig… what time will you be home?”

The man paused, shuffling his feet back and forth a bit before answering.

“Should be home no later than four… I’ll come back then. As soon as I can get out.”

“Okay.” Downing the water quickly Blake placed the glass on the ground, his throat still dry.

“That’s not even enough for a sip.” He remarked, seeing Craig gather up the item on the floor. His friend growled at him through thin lips.

“You get it next time.”

Blake’s eye twitched.

“I would if I weren’t so big.”

“Whatever.” Flinging his backpack over his shoulder, Craig stormed out the door, slamming the wood in the process. Blake growled silently, but knew that Craig had a good point. He would have to be careful about how he went about doing things. He was much larger than before, MUCH larger. Taking up the entirety of the living space was something that disabled him a lot. Blake could not spread his legs out, and was also unable to stretch any portion of his body. He was stuck with his knees up to his chest until further notice.

Having taken so much energy to grow Blake began to feel tired, his eyes slowly closing even as he sat rigid in defense. A yawn escaped his lips and as he rubbed his eyes he wondered how long he would have to sit in the same position. His legs and bottom were already getting numb.

As he sat in the silence that covered the house Blake began to think about his predicament; he would have to move out of Craig’s house sooner than later. He could not move, he could not eat and he could not sleep.

I’m too big to lie down comfortably, and I eat way too much for Craig to keep up. I can’t sleep because I’m so fearful of another growth spurt… but then again I’m so sleepy right now… maybe a nap would help? But I don’t want to grow again… growing even bigger than I was before didn’t help…

Turning his eyes upwards Blake put a tentative hand on the ceiling, whispering to himself and feeling the pang of loneliness creep inside him.

I was able to stand up before, now I can’t even do that. I’ve grown so much larger than I had intended… I wish I was small again… my head is nearly pressed against the ceiling even as I sit… my legs are cramped and I nearly destroyed another portion of Craig’s house… I can’t keep growing like this forever….

Can I?
The lonely clock on the wall ticked in rhythm to Blake’s slowly icing heart. None of this would have happened if Craig hadn’t mentioned the magazine to Blake, and especially if Blake hadn’t listened. Sure Craig was trying to be helpful, but neither one of them had done any research on the subject of the company or the pills. They had no idea how long or how large Blake was going to grow, and in a matter of days Blake had gone from being a nice tall man to becoming a gigantic monster that outgrew everything in sight.

The sunlight continued to pour in through the windows, Blake peeking outside to see a few birds flying through the afternoon air. He had not moved a muscle since Craig had left, his mind too occupied with getting revenge on the people who had put him through the ringer to really think of anything else.

What I would give to take those fat heads and crush them… I could do it now… I really could! All I would have to do is gather them up… maybe scare them a little first… and then boom! Crush them and make their lives miserable like they did mine.

He sighed for what seemed the thousandth time that day, the clock nearly ticking at four in the afternoon. Nothing had changed since Craig left, but the need to perform certain necessities had occurred. Blake hoped that Craig wouldn’t be too mad at the scent in the bathroom. He had tried his best to aim in the shower, but accidents did happen. A little water did do the trick after all, but Blake couldn’t help himself. He hadn’t gotten used to his new size just yet.

Glancing at the clock once again Blake read four ten in the afternoon, his hands balling into fists as he struggled to contain his burning anger and resentment.

Craig was supposed to be here already… where is he?

At that moment the door opened, Blake’s ears perking at the sound. He waited eagerly, hearing the sound of keys being placed on the counter and a loud groan emerging from his friend’s mouth. A few more seconds passed and soon Blake saw the emergence of his friend, a hand upon his stomach and a plate in his other hand.


The man nearly jumped out of his skin, the plate toppling over and spilling whatever snacks he had onto the floor in a heap. Blake did not move to help his friend, knowing he would do nothing but crush the snacks and making cleaning more difficult.

“What is it Blake.”

Craig replied dryly, cleaning what little snacks survived the fall onto the dirty floor. Blake leaned his head down and spoke, eyeing the man carefully.

“I’m starved. Do you have anything that’s worth cooking?”

“When are you not starved?” Craig snapped, tilting his head upwards and towards the giant who watched him ever so carefully.

“No need to be snippy.” Blake replied hotly, pursing his lips.

Craig finished cleaning the snacks and resumed to eating them, speaking to Blake as he did so. A tired look crossed his face and as he approached a nearby couch that Blake did not push off to the side with his immense girth Craig suddenly dropped his snacks again, holding his nose.

“Oh God what is that?!”

Blake turned red at Craig’s shout, the man covering his nose with both his hands now and nearly gagging.

“What is that smell?”

“I… I had to…” Blake stammered, clearing his throat a bit. He knew that nothing was really damaged but not ignoring the fact that Craig would undoubtedly be really upset.

“You peed… all over my bathroom?!”

“I had to do something I mean I was holding that in for hours!” Blake retorted, eyeing the pacing Craig. Blake followed Craig with his eyes, noticing that the longer time passed the more Craig paced and the more agitated the air became. The giant rolled his fingers a bit before then realizing that Craig was no longer in the room with him.


He called out to his friend, worry settling in this chest. The halls were empty and the rooms that were to his left were empty as well. Blake puzzled how Craig could have managed to move so fast before a sound to his right made him peek. His eyes traced over the broken wall and into Craig’s room, where the door was slightly open. Blake moved forward a bit, eager to see what was going on in the room that was unreachable to him.

The door flew open in Blake’s face suddenly, the giant backing up and away from Craig’s room. His newly dressed friend emerged, slick and adjusting his shirt while combing his hair.

“I don’t even care.”

“What?” Blake asked, seeing Craig speak to him from the balcony. The human faced Blake, anger raging in his eyes and a snap in his voice. He had his hands balled into fists at his side, his voice growing louder with every syllable.

“I don’t even care!”

Blake tilted his head, his eyes narrowing.

“What on Earth are you talking about?” he asked, setting his hands down upon the ground. With what little room he had Blake moved forward, Craig raising a fist at his giant friend.

“You’re so selfish!”

“What?” Blake flinched back, blinking. He had never heard his friend talk like that to him before.

“You! You break my house, you eat my food, and now what’s worse is you literally pissed all over my bathroom!”

“I had to do something! I wasn’t going to go all over your house!”

“It smells rancid in there!” Craig motioned with his hands now, his Italian side coming out in full force. Blake found himself nearly growling at his friend, but he wanted to keep his anger to a minimum.

“You don’t have to clean it up I do! And what’s worse is that you broke my balcony!” he aimed his hands at the crumbling rock that still managed to fall on Blake’s toes. The giant said nothing as Craig continued his rant.
“You stood me up Blake! That’s what this is about! You stood me up for some girl! Some girl who doesn’t even want to see you right now!”

“She’s a nice girl!” Blake protested, still keeping his voice as low as possible. “She’s just… she has different tastes that’s all!”

“Well I won’t stand for it!” Craig said finally, planting his feet on the ground. “She’s so out of your league man, you can’t even breathe without thinking about her!”

“You’re so all over Rose you can’t even keep yourself in check!”

“You just wanted to be with Jenny because she’s popular and we’re not!”

At this, Blake silenced, his anger suddenly diminishing and turning into silent rage. His eyes widened, an angry pulse now surging through his veins. His jaw tightened and his hands gripped at the ground.

“You wanted to be like them so bad, I always saw that in you!” Craig shouted, shaking his fist once again with a vein nearly popping from his face.

“You wanted nothing more than to be just like them… just like those jocks that always shoved us around or even the girls who screwed with every guy they got with! Rose isn’t anything like that!”

He paused for a moment, grimacing.

“I offered you a place because I felt bad for you… because you started to lose control over everything… because you were so eager to take those pills… you couldn’t help yourself. And you stood me up… even after all I had done for you…”

Blake spoke now, anger boiling inside of his heart and overflowing into words.

“You? You’ve done more than enough for me! you’re the one who suggested that stupid magazine with those pills and made me grow like this! Now I’m far too big to be in a house or even in a room! This is your fault!”

“My fault? My fault?” Craig screamed back, shaking with anger. “My fault is letting some selfish girl obsessed idiot like you make me think that you were my friend!”

“You’re crossing the line buddy!” Blake warned, his knees coming down from his chest. Craig backed up a little, a strike of fear passing through his face.

“Don’t you dare wreck more of my house you inconsiderate ingrate!”


Blake was letting his voice become normal now, his body tingling with the anger that he had withheld for so long. He balled his hands once again and put down his knees, his feet jutting into the rooms ahead of him. Craig cried out and leaned over the balcony, shouting.

“You’re wrecking my living room! Get out of there you lummox!”

“You’re the one who started all of this!” Blake replied, his voice nearly knocking Craig over on his side. The tingling in his body grew stronger, Blake growling now.

“You’re the one who gave me those stupid pills and you’re the one who couldn’t wait to see me grow more!”

The tingling only increased as Blake’s rage finally burst from his chest, his anger settling in on the tiny human that struggled to stand up against his gigantic friend.

I have power now… I desired power and I got it in the most unconventional way… I want… just shut up Craig… shut up!

“You’re the one who’s to blame for all of this… nobody asked you to get a girlfriend… and leave me behind… nobody asked you to get me pills… your help isn’t wanted… I… I…” Blake finally roared aloud, his anger taking hold.

“You call me selfish and you’re the one who’s got everything and I don’t?”

Craig barely managed to hang onto the balcony’s ledge, his lungs only barely screaming over Blake’s now thunderous voice.

“Maybe that’s why Jenny never invited you to her party in the first place!” Craig cried, Blake getting even more enraged.

“Because you’re a selfish low life spoiled brat who can’t even talk to girls because he’s too busy being high and mighty with his own youtube channel to care about the real things in life!”

The cup that had been filling with rage now spilled over and Blake screamed aloud in anger, his body reacting accordingly. Soon his body filled the room, Blake feeling every muscle and bone crack with stretch. His head pressed against the ceiling horribly, the wood and concrete being taken down as Blake continued to roar.

“I’ve had it with you and your smart ass!”

His body continued to rise, his hands coming up to press up against the bending house. With a grunt Blake felt the wood above him bend, his head crashing through the roof of the house, his large body now becoming even more gigantic. Small pieces of wood and plaster littered his hair as his head burst through, his legs following up. His feet crashed through the walls of the house, the once stable structure now on the last bare legs of the foundation. His body rose a little more, Blake raising his hands to punch through the wood. His strength tore down the back of the house, his head far above the once strong ceiling.

The loud roars he produced echoed through the land, the darkening sky drawing upon the growing giant. Blake raised his fist now, his eyes searching across the destroyed house for the one person he wanted to crush the most.

The growth had stopped, but Blake felt powerful enough to at least give his former ‘friend’ a warm welcome. He would not let his guest go that easily.

From the corner of his eye Blake spied a little man hanging onto a stone structure for dear life, his startled cries catching Blake’s ears. With a smirk on his face Blake reached down and plucked the tiny man from his hold, Craig struggling to fight back against Blake’s hand. The giant growled and grasped Craig by the shirt, his pointer and thumb holding the man steady while Blake adjusted himself in the newly destroyed area.

“You think you’ve got all the answers huh?”

Craig did not reply to him but merely struggled in Blake’s fingers, the giant growling with anger.

“If it weren’t for you none of this would have happened to me!”

With a hand upon the ground Blake lifted himself up, the pieces of remaining house falling to the ground harmlessly around him. The once proud structure now lay in a heap of mess around Blake’s feet, his captive audience screaming.

“You… you tore it down… you took down my entire house! You bloody-”


Blake roared at him, Craig immediately shutting his mouth as the giant dropped him into the palm, his hand squeezing around the tiny man’s body. Craig tried his best to struggle, but every movement made his prison grow stronger and tighter.

Lifting Craig up to his face, Blake’s thunder voice blew over him like a tornado, Craig nearly fainting at the mere sight of Blake’s humungous teeth.

“I’ve had enough of you and your smart answers! You’ve got everything all figured out right? You think you’re so much better than me but you’re not! You’re a small and weak little thing… while I continue to become stronger!”
At his will, Blake’s hand tightened around Craig, the man screaming in agony. Blake smirked a little, feeling the rush of power flow through him in ecstasy.

“I don’t need you… I don’t need anyone… I can do whatever I want… I’ll find my own place! Build a home for myself! And you’ll see… you’ll all see!”

Squeezing Craig more, Blake felt the small heartbeat of the man race against his fingers, the giant finally erupting in his final moments.

“If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be like this!”

The squeezing continued, Blake closing his eyes and letting his frustrations out on his friend, who was beginning to look paler. He squeezed and squeezed, his hands beginning to get sore from all the strength he was putting into his attack on his friend. The night dragged on and on, the moon soon rearing her head in the open night sky and a few stars appearing. Crickets chirped in the distance while the giant let out the last of his strength on his prey.
After a while Blake opened his eyes again and let out his breath; he had been holding in air for he did not know how long. Slowly he panted, seeing a very limp Craig in his hand. Blake shook his head and grimaced, speaking softly now.

“Yeah, yeah… I get it… you’re exhausted from all the yelling… well… I guess I can forgive you… seeing as you did do-”

Blake stopped his words, his eyes now fully tracing his friend. Craig was completely limp in his palm, no movement could be felt beneath Blake’s fingers. Slowly, Blake’s anger washed away, his chest now empty with nothing. Something was off.

“… Craig?”

His voice was a whisper, Blake being aware that he might startle his friend when he woke up from his sleep. The tiny man did not move, and upon closer examination Blake could see that Craig’s head had been lying on the side for some time. Blake smiled weakly, shaking Craig back and forth gently.

“H-Hey… Craig… Craig… you okay? I’m okay now… I just… I got a little frustrated… that’s all. You’re okay now right? Hey… hey wake up.”

The shaking did nothing to aide in Craig’s reawakening, and as Blake stared he could feel the pressure of worry seep into him. The giant’s smile faded as he shook his friend more, the limp body not moving at all even when Blake shook him harder.

“Craig… Craig can you hear me?”

Blake’s voice rose from a whisper to a scared cry, his heart beginning to pound in his chest. Had he really given Craig that much of a fright? Why wasn’t he waking up?

“This isn’t funny anymore Craig!” Blake stated, his previous anger reawakening. “Wake up! I get it! I was a jerk! C’mon wake up! Craig!”

Silence filled the air as Blake watched his tiny friend continue to lay limp in his hand. Slowly, Blake’s eyes widened with fear, his body beginning to shake. He could not have possibly harmed his friend… could he?

“Craig… Craig c’mon this isn’t funny! Craig… Craig!” Blake opened up his hand now, adjusting his friend to lie across his palm like a mattress. Craig’s body remained completely still, Blake not seeing any form of life at all.
“I…. I didn’t realize…” Blake stammered, his eyes shaking almost as terribly as his heart.

“I didn’t realize how small you were… look at you…” he murmured quietly, his right hand coming up to lightly graze across Craig’s body.

“You’re so small you fit in my hand perfectly…” Blake continued to stare until he swallowed, his finger pressed against Craig’s chest. After a few moments pure terror and panic settled in his chest, Blake falling to his knees in a heap of shock.

“Craig… Craig no… I… I didn’t… wake up!” Blake pleaded with his tiny friend now, shouting into his palm as much as he could.

“Craig I’m loud enough that you can hear me right? Please wake up! I get it I was a jerk, and I’ve learned my lesson! Just wake up! Please get up! You have to get up! I… I don’t know what to do if you don’t! Craig please…”

More silence filled the night air as a cool wind blew across Blake’s face, his eyes trembling even more.

“I… I need help… I don’t know what to do… oh Craig… Craig I’m sorry… I’m so sorry… please I…”

His eyes now gazed across the area, wood and statue and stone littered across the ground. Blake stared in stricken horror as he saw the damage he had done, his gigantic body trembling with both sorrow and fear.
“I did this… me… I grew so much and I… I was so mad… but… I didn’t mean to…” turning back to his friend Blake curled his fingers around Craig’s body, holding him close to his chest.

“I’ve got to get you to a hospital… or something… the police! Well no… they would run… oh Craig… Craig you’ll be alright…”

I promised I wouldn’t hurt you… and I lied. I blatantly lied.

Blake could feel the tiny man in his fingers and he bit his lip, standing up once again to see into the distance. His eyes traced over the tops of trees, Blake realizing that he now stood well over four stories in height.

“I must be as tall as Big Ben! The tops of trees only reach my waistline…. Craig… I need you now… I can’t even tell the streets apart!”

Worry settled within him fast, Blake trying to decide on what direction to go. He stepped forward and then back, each portion of his brain screaming at him all at once. Nothing was the same in his view, the entire world so much smaller than before. He did not recognize any landmarks or even the streets that led to other parts of their small hometown.

“I-I have to find someone… someone who can help… if only I weren’t so big… I’m so sorry Craig… I never meant to say those things… I need you…”

His panic settled as Blake decided on a direction, his feet leading him towards the sound of a party coming from a few blocks over. Blake stepped lightly, careful not to crush anything in his way. His vision was still a little blurry, and even when he tripped slightly he held Craig close to him, occasionally checking in to see if he had awoken.
“Craig you’re going to be alright… I’ll make sure of it. Just please don’t…” the words made Blake choke up a bit, his worst fears becoming a possible reality in his eyes.

“Please don’t die on me… don’t you ever die on me… you hear me?”

Before reaching the well lit house Blake knelt down amongst the trees and took another look at Craig, who was still laid upon his hand. The giant sadly gazed upon his friend, lightly stroking the tuff of Craig’s hair with his finger.
“I’m sorry I did this to you… you’re going to be alright. Just hang in there alright?” Blake paused, finally coming to terms with not only Craig, but himself.

“I didn’t mean to crush you… I really didn’t. You’re so small compared to me… I should know better than to do this… look at you… you’re so tiny… fragile. Like a doll.”

His giant hand curled up once again to press Craig against his cheek, his voice shaking with the fear that he might have lost his friend forever.

“I won’t let this happen. Not if I have anything to say about it.” 

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He took another deep breath, trying not to stress over what was about to happen. His head cleared the tops of trees when he knelt, and even as he bent down lower he could hardly see through the thicket into the distance towards the brightly lit house. The darkness covered him well, Blake feeling confident that nobody would have seen him even if they had tried.

There were clouds covering the moon here and there, so the possibility of moonlight was slim to none. He knelt in waiting, his eyes scanning over the house faintly.

Wait… is that…?

A gasp escaped his lips, his heart beginning to light up with the first sign of hope in he did not remember how long.

This is it! This is Jenny’s house!

Without a second thought he stood up once again, being careful not to knock over any trees in his immediate area. Blake swallowed for what seemed the millionth time and let the deep anxiety that welled within him lower into his stomach, his huge hand bringing his friend closer to his face.

Craig was still laid still, a single arm across his chest and a plain look upon the tiny’s face told Blake that Craig had still not woken up. Blake wasn’t sure if Craig would ever forgive him for what he had done, but the most important thing was to get Craig into safety; even if that meant removing Blake from the picture.

This is my fault… if I hadn’t started growing… if I hadn’t gotten mad… and if I hadn’t been so eager in my anger…

He pursed his lips.

I’ll get you help Craig.

He paused.

I just hope… I’m not too late.

He moved the head of a tree to the side a little, holding Craig in one hand while examining the below area. He could feel the logs and bushes getting trampled under his foot, but Blake could not do anything to help. He was far too large to avoid all nature; he kept reminding himself that he was five stories high.

Got to be careful… don’t want any campers getting an unwelcome surprise.

As the giant moved through the thicket of trees he could see the house immediately in front of him, Blake measuring the object up and down.

“Perfect. This is her house.”

Blake moved closer now, his footsteps causing some of the party goers who were on the balcony to lose their footing. Bending down and getting upon his knees, the light from the house illuminated him, Blake leaning down to see the pure terror in his fellow classmates’ eyes.

Blake stared back at them apologetically, whispering to them.

“Do you know where Jenny is?”

His voice startled them to no end, a few running back into the house from which they came. Blake stammered with his next words.

“W-Wait a second! Come back!”

His ears caught the word monster over and over again, the shouts of joy turning into screams of terror. Turning around a bit he could see people tripping over themselves in an effort to get away from him.

“Hang on a second!” he whispered frantically, trying to get their attention. His body towered over the house, his knelt position doing nothing to relieve the stress of seeing a giant human in the wake of a private party.

“I promise I won’t hurt you! Don’t you recognize me?” his voice was a whisper, but a few of the people who had their heads down heard the noise. Leaning down closer to get eye level with the balcony, Blake’s gaze focused on one particular man who had backed up towards the wall of the house, his beer can nearly empty from the shaking his hand was doing.

Blake blinked, whispering to the man in an effort to somehow calm him.

“Don’t you recognize me? It’s me, Blake. From biology.”

The man’s startled cries and frightened look suddenly turned curious, his mouth hanging wide open. Blake waited a moment, wanting nothing more than to have at least one person recognize his new stature.

“B-Blake?” the man stammered, his gaze now completely upon Blake’s giant form. With a sigh of relief Blake nodded his head, speaking.

“Jason, do you know where Jenny is?”

Jason ignored his question, the man stepping forwards towards the giant. His eyes were still filled with fear, but a curious and suspicious look also swirled within.

“Blake is that really you?”

At his comment Blake could not help but turn red. His eyes dimmed, almost afraid to answer his fellow classmate.


“Dude what happened to you? You’re like… a giant!”

“Don’t remind me.”

Jason laughed aloud, calling to the other people who had fallen into silence during their conversation.

“Guys! Guys it’s Blake!”

The giant soon heard his name being murmured around the student body, his cheeks burning from embarrassment over their comments.

“What happened to him?”

“Guess he went a little overboard with the milk.”

“How’d he even do that?”

“He’s naked!”

Blake turned his head and tried to block out all the murmurs he heard, speaking directly to his classmate again.

“Jason, I need to know where Jenny is. This is important.”

Jason snorted a bit, throwing his beer can away in nearby garbage.

“What do you need? Why do you need to see her?” he suddenly stopped, a knowing look on his face. Blake blinked, unsure of what to say.

“Wait a second… you’re the one who tried to impress her weren’t you?”

Blake opened his mouth and then stopped, instead deciding not to get into details.

“Listen Jason, I have a problem. Craig…” at this, Blake began to pant with anxiety again, his heart trembling furiously in his chest.

“Craig… he’s hurt… I don’t know what to do… he needs help… I’m too big to do anything… please Jason you’ve got to tell Jenny… she’ll know what to do.”

“Where is he if you’re so concerned about him?” Jason retorted, folding his arms. Blake lowered his eyes, biting his lip to keep from panicking.

Lifting his hand and opening his fingers, Blake watched as Jason stood back from him, seeing an unconscious Craig lying in Blake’s hand. Jason did not waste time in getting Craig off of Blake’s palm, Blake carefully placing Craig within Jason’s care.

The giant pulled his hand back and silently watched as Jason set Craig down upon the balcony, shaking his head and listening to Craig’s chest. Blake could feel his heart trembling with anticipation, but Jason’s words eased him.

“He’s still breathing. I think he’s just unconscious. Seems like shock.”

Shaking from head to toe Blake let out a breath of relief, his head spinning from the anxiety that was withheld. He ruffled his hair a bit, shaking his head.

“Is he going to be alright?”

Jason picked up Craig by the shoulders, dragging him back into the house.

“Yeah, he’ll be fine. But…” Jason gave a glare in Blake’s direction, the giant flinching back a bit.

“What did you do?”

“W-What?” Blake’s stutter only confirmed Jason’s suspicions, the people around him suddenly erupting in murmurs.

“Did he crush him?”

“Didn’t look like Blake did anything… but poor Craig…”

“I know! The poor thing. Probably just wanted to help.”

“Hope he didn’t break any bones.”

Blake held up his hands, as if trying to prevent anybody from attacking him.

“I-I didn’t mean to do anything! I just… he got… well I mean…” Blake silenced, now realizing how impossible his scenario might have sounded to the others who were accusing him of potentially harming his friend.

“It’s not-”


A female voice lifted his heart, Blake turning towards the balcony once again to see a young girl staring up at him with wonder in her eyes.


Without thinking his hand went towards her, Jenny screaming at the top of her lungs. The people around her ran in all directions, Blake’s palm lifting her from her legs. He picked her up in his fingers, Jenny flopping down into his palm softly. Gingerly Blake bought her to his face, a grateful expressions overcoming him.

“Thank God you’re here… you’ll understand won’t you?”

The young girl flinched back from him, the crowd below stunned into silence. Blake ignored them however, his eyes completely focused on the girl who lay in his palm.

“You have no idea how strange this week has been…. Since the last time I saw you so much has happened and… oh I just wish I had a way to tell you everything at once!”

His excitement caused panic below, Blake momentarily looking down to see people staring up at him in fear. He paused, hearing Jenny speak to him directly. Her hands were clamped onto his thumb, her tiny heart pressed up against his mighty muscles. He could feel her heaving breaths, knowing she felt afraid of him.

“Jenny it’s alright. I won’t hurt you. I’d never harm someone so pretty.”

The girl gazed back up at him, but did not withhold her thoughts. She turned her head, speaking.

“What happened to you? Why are you like this?”

“It’s a long story…” Blake began, feeling the red rush to his face again.

“I wanted… well I mean…” he rubbed the back of his neck, trying his best to explain his situation.

“I-I wanted to impress you… I mean… I knew that you liked… certain attributes in someone… but… I mean… at least… at this size… nobody will ever mess with you right?” a faint smile lit his face. Blake curled his fingers around her once more, Jenny crying out in surprise.

“I promise I won’t run away again. I know who you are now, and that’s fine. I can get into that….” He paused, searching for words. “Sort of thing.”

When she did not reply back to him, Blake narrowed his eyes, bringing her closer to him.

“Are you alright?”

“D-Don’t come any closer!”

Her outburst surprised him, Blake bringing Jenny back down to chest height.

“Are you okay? I wouldn’t want”

“Put me down!” she demanded, pounding her fist against his palm. Blake frowned now, shaking his head.

“Jenny, I just asked if you wanted to be together, and the only thing you can think about is me setting you down?”

“You’re such a freak!”

To this Blake was silenced, his eyes widening. Jenny glared up at angrily at him, shouting.

“You ruined my party! Everything was going fine until you showed up!”

“I-I didn’t-”

“You were a freak before, with your weird drawings and your freaky obsession with animals… but now you’re an even bigger freak!”

All around him Blake could hear laughter erupt from the crowd, his heart sinking into his stomach.

“You’re such a freak! Get out of her freak! Nobody would ever want to be with you!”

The giant scanned the ground, every person shouting and pointing their fingers at him in mockery. Blake felt larger than life with all eyes cast up upon him.

“You think you have a chance with me? You never had a chance! Got it? Never.”

With the last of his dignity intact Blake hastily set Jenny back down upon the balcony, speaking back to her.
“Why would you say those things?” he asked weakly, his eyes trembling. “Why would you say that about me? I thought you liked me…”

“I never liked you, you gigantic freak!”

The voices around him grew louder and louder, the tension in the air growing. Feeling nervous now, Blake began to consider running away as soon as he had the chance. A small itch on his cheek made him turn his head, seeing a litter of cans and bottles being thrown at him. Ducking his head and shielding himself from the onslaught he could hear people screaming at him.

“Get out of here you freak!”

“Yeah weirdo! Get out of here!”

“How dare you do that to Jenny you freak!”

Blake shielded his eyes and felt the stick of beer smearing across his skin, the giant lowering his head.

“Cut it out!” he said, feeling more vulnerable than in control. His heart sunk lower and lower, until he felt as if his entire body would explode in upon him.

Slowly Blake began to stand back up, the expression of the crowd turning from anger to fear once again. He was halfway standing when his eyes caught the sight of a few people running beneath him back into the house, Blake moving his legs to avoid crushing them.

“H-Hey watch it!” he cried out, his voice shaking everyone down to the ground again. Another few people ran in between his legs, Blake constantly moving so he wouldn’t touch them. In the distance he could spy Jenny standing on the balcony, completely cool and collected. Her arms were folded across her chest and a vindictive smile crossed her face. Blake shuddered, nearly screaming in anger.

You knew what you were doing. You planned this.
You’re the one who knew that this was going to happen.
You did this on purpose.

Feeling the pang of anger take over his control, Blake set his body into motion. He intended upon grabbing her and crushing her into dust. A cry from below him snapped him out of his thoughts, a girl in the path of his oncoming knee.

Blake panicked, his instinct kicking in and making him move before he put his full weight upon her, the girl screaming from her fetal position. His movements made him lose his balance, Blake falling backwards into the in ground pool that filled up the rest of the yard.

With a hand upon his head, Blake felt the water rush out of the pool, the tidal wave nearly knocking everyone off the grass and onto the pavement that was the porch of Jenny’s house. Blake found himself sitting in the pool, his body much too big to consider swimming. His knees were far above the water line, and he felt like he was sitting in a kiddy pool.

Lifting his hand and letting the water drip from beneath his fingers Blake began to feel a slight tingle in his palm. Fear and anxiety once again shot up through his veins, Blake becoming more frantic than before.

“Not again!!”

Attempting to lift himself up, Blake could not get a good balanced stand and ended up sitting in the pool while feeling the tingling surge through his body, his body trembling. He frantically waved to the people around him who were watching in awe.

“Everyone get away! Get away! Please! I beg of you!”

With the last of his tingling running down his spine, Blake began to feel the all too familiar stretch of his skin, his body rising higher and higher. His classmates now became even smaller as Blake enlarged, his body too big to fit in the small pool now.

He cried out as his expanding body broke away the walls of the in ground pool, Blake pulling himself up to his full height in an attempt to regain some control over his rapidly expanding body.

At this rate… I’ll reach the atmosphere!

Covering his privates with his hands Blake could do nothing but let the pool water drip from his naked body, his muscles stretching and elongating as he grew. Higher and higher he rose, panicked cries heard from down below him. His feet covered half the yard now, Blake lifting his foot to avoid stepping on anyone unintentionally. Jenny’s house now only stood as far up as his knee, Blake shuddering at the thought of possibly crushing her house under his weight.

I didn’t need this… I didn’t want to get any bigger…

His body stopped growing after what to seem like hours, Blake staring down at the ant like people below him, his heart shaking with fear that he might harm them.

I need to get out of here… I need to go home!

With a quick step to his side, Blake hurriedly escaped the surprised and shocked look of the people who threw garbage at him. He didn’t want to grow any more; he didn’t want to be a giant. He didn’t want to stay here.

He didn’t want Jenny.
His feet led him towards a place that he did not recognize, Blake finally stopping and looking around at his surroundings. He turned his head to and fro, but confusion set in rapidly. Blake could see nothing but the tops of trees as his head was so high in the clouds.

“I’m too big to see the streets now… they’re covered with trees and bush… I can’t kneel down… for fear I’ll crush someone…”

Loneliness began to creep up upon him, Blake swallowing as he felt the chill of night blow through him. He wrapped his arms around his chest, breathing into the cold night.

“I-It’s getting colder…” looking up into the sky his eyes traced over the clouding dark, Blake feeling hopelessness now becoming a certain reality.

“Well,” he said to himself as he began to walk again.

“At least I got Craig to safety… I know he’ll be alright… with Jason and Jenny… he’ll be alright…”

The sounds of Craig’s screams rung in his ears, Blake covering his ears to shut out his mind. He knew he couldn’t think about things like that but his heart would not let him forget the pain he had caused his friend.

The night grew colder and colder still, Blake seeing his breath come out in wisps of smoke. He shuddered, once again looking around for any sign of a house that he knew or even lights of people. Nothing but darkness surrounded him, and as he walked to his left he felt something crunch beneath him.

Stopping his movement, Blake jerked up his foot, leaning down hurriedly.

“I didn’t get someone did I? Oh God no…”

His voice trailed off as he leaned down and saw that what he had crushed was not at all human or animal, but machine. Feeling curious, Blake lifted the contraption up gently, bits and pieces of the machine falling off. His fingers lined the wheels of the machine before an unsettling feeling grew in his stomach.

“This is… my…”

Blake knelt down fully now, his heart pounding. He knew this place, he knew this street and he knew where he was.

“I… this is my car!”

His car lay in a crumpled heap, completely destroyed by the weight of Blake’s foot. He groaned and put his car back down, shaking his head and complaining.

“I just finished paying it off too! Oh… bloody hell…”

He turned to his apartment now, his brown hair ruffling with the breeze that was beginning to pick up. Blake realized that when he sat, he could have taken the roof off his apartment if he so wanted to. He lived on the bottom floor, and his upper neighbors would not have been pleased if they had found their roof removed. Blake sighed to himself.

“What am I going to do?” he murmured, his fingers carefully swiping over the police tape that lined the outer doors.
“I’m too big to fit in my house…” a sudden realization overcame him, Blake’s eyes widening in pure fear and terror.
“I… I can’t fit in any house!” his arms tightened around him, Blake murmuring his thoughts aloud.

“Where will I sleep? What will I eat? I’ll eat out the entire British nation! They’ll have to make my clothes out of curtains and bed sheets… and even those are too small for me…”

Feeling hopeless now, Blake sat down behind his house, leaning back a little for support. Cracking sounds forced Blake to sit back up, Blake unaware of his own weight.

“I forgot… everything is fragile like paper.”

He sighed again, his shoulders sinking and his body shivering with cold. Blake bought his knees to his chest, trying to warm himself up from the freeze that was slowly settling over him.

“Well… it can’t get any worse.” He stated, shrugging his shoulders.

“I already outgrew everything… what’s next?”

A crash of thunder filled the sky, Blake feeling tiny water droplets on his skin. He quickly looked up into the clouds in disbelief, rain soon pounding upon him. Blake grit his teeth, balling his hands into fists.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!!”

The rain continued to pour upon him, Blake’s hair matted against his head now and the dirt beneath him turning into mud that caked his feet. Blake’s eyes softened, the giant placing his head in his knees and whispering.

“I want to go home… I don’t want to be a giant anymore…I want to go home… I want to go home…”

Blake felt his eyes tingling, the cup of emotions beginning to overflow too heavily for him to keep control. He closed his eyes and sank into himself, the rain patting softly against his cheeks.

“I want to go home…”


A female voice shook him out of his trance, Blake’s eyes shooting open and his head lifting up to look. In the trance he had forgotten that he was a good thirty three meters tall, Blake suddenly remembering that he had to look down if he wished to see someone.

A single umbrella lay before him, whoever the umbrella holder was clearly speaking to him. Blake stared at the umbrella for a few moments, hearing the voice speak again.

“Are you okay?”

Blake blinked in disbelief, his head lifting up from his knees and his arms coming down to his sides.

“You’re talking to me?” he asked, peering down at the little blue umbrella.

“You’re Blake aren’t you?”

Blake’s eyebrows went up in surprise, his tongue numb.

“Y-Yeah… how do you know who I am?”

“You’re really wet; do you need somewhere to stay?”

Blake opened his mouth for a moment, pausing before speaking his next words. What were this person’s intentions? How did they know him? He spoke slowly.

“Why do you ask?”

“Looks like you need somewhere dry to stay. I don’t think you like the rain as much as I do. It’s cold out here too, and from the looks of it, you haven’t got a piece of clothing to your name.”

Blake flushed at her comment, nodding in agreement.

“Alright… I’ll go. But only because I have nowhere else to stay.”

Before moving he paused, gazing down at the blue umbrella that waited patiently for him to respond. Blake clicked his tongue twice, thinking.

“Who are you?”

“I’ll tell you later.” She replied, beginning to move towards the forest in the distance. “Follow the lights on my truck. You can see them from your height. And be sure to tread lightly, I don’t want to have to explain the giant footprints in the ground.”

Blake frowned.

“So you know you’re talking to a giant. How come you’re not running away?”

“What are you going to do to me?” she inquired, Blake surprised by her bluntness. “Are you going to crush me or something? I have a feeling that you’re gentler than that.”

Her statement made Blake rethink his actions, the giant finally nodding and getting up upon his knees.

“Okay… you’re right. I won’t do anything. But that doesn’t mean I won’t in the future.”

“Yeah, yeah, just follow me.”

Blake tilted his head as he watched the umbrella move faster towards the forest, his disbelief in full effect.

She doesn’t sound British at all… maybe American?

“Say, why are you helping me?”

At his words the umbrella stopped for a moment, Blake being careful not to squish the woman with his hand. He had only crawled a few paces before she stopped, Blake clearly noticing her thinking in her response.

“You’re cold and wet aren’t you? And you said you wanted to go home.” She paused, Blake looking away into the Earth.

“Your home isn’t exactly your size, but where I live, I can at least offer you a bed.”

“A… bed?” he asked incredulously.

“A bed… you’re talking about a bed that’s my size. A bed that’s fully functional.”

“Just follow me.”

Her curt response shut him up, and finally Blake decided to merely follow the woman instead of asking questions. His curiosity was brimming, but by the sound of her voice he could tell she was not in the mood to talk about her reasoning.

The night went on, Blake crawling across the forest and into a place where he had never been before, not even as a normal sized human. He did not recognize the terrain, but was grateful to see lights up ahead with a promise of warmth.
He ducked his head to get into the room, the glass doors sliding closed behind him. He could hardly see anything in the dark, but the warmth of the room enveloped him and made him shiver with pleasure.

“You can take a shower in the morning; I think you’ve had enough excitement for one day.”

The voice that had led him there was nowhere to be found, but she managed to reach his ears. Blake turned his head and scanned the room, finding nothing of particular interest in the immediate area. The room was large enough for him to sit comfortably, and whatever he was sitting upon was rather soft. His hand ran across the soft ground, Blake feeling the drowsiness of sleep overcome him quickly.

“Can I lay down?” he asked, wanting to pinpoint the source of the voice. His ears caught a little ‘yes’ in the right bottom of the room, Blake noting that this was where the normal exit would be.

With a yawn and a last shiver of cold, Blake lay down upon the soft ground, his fingers finding something to cover him with. He grabbed what seemed like soft plush and pulled the thing over his shoulders, Blake feeling the warmth of the sheet seep into his bones.

This blanket is large enough to cover my feet too! And the ground is so soft… am I lying on a bed? Was she right?

His head fell onto another soft object, Blake nearly forgetting the feeling of a pillow against his head.

This is amazing… there’s a pillow… that’s my size… and there’s a blanket that covers me… I’m so warm… I forgot when I was warm… I forgot what it was like to be comfortable… I guess… this is good… for now.

With the last of his thoughts finally quieting in his mind, Blake’s eyes drooped shut, allowing sleep to take over his body. He was tired and needed the rest, Blake soon feeling the warmth and peace of rest overcome him.

Craig’s screams echoed in his mind. 

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@gentleeye :
Your update is so impressive and I really hope you can continue later. I have followed this site for years and your work is one of the best I have ever read!



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Thank you kl122002 for reading and commenting. Thank you for saying such nice things, I look forward to continuing this story and building upon it. Thank you so much.
The light of the sun upon his face warmed him up, Blake rolling over and covering his head with the warm sheets that surrounded him. He continued to sleep for a few more moments before his eyes slowly opened, a yawn emerging from his lips.

Sitting up and rubbing his eyes Blake shook his head, rubbing his neck and letting the warm sheets fall off of him softly. Upon his awakening his brain began to work and soon he remembered that he was not home.

He became startled for another few moments before he recalled that he had followed a strange girl the previous night, having been in such despair that any assistance would have been more than welcome. Blake gazed around him, now taking a good look as to where he was.

He was lying upon a soft white something that made him comfortable, and the sheets that covered him were blue. His pillow was white as well, Blake poking at the fabric once more to make sure that he was not dreaming.
His head turned to see a huge glass frame in front of him, the sun pouring in. Fields of green lined his view, a few green trees whisking about in the wind. Their branches swayed side to side and only when Blake looked down did he remember that he was a giant. His hand lifted to see a wooden floor beneath him, the area all around him open and spacious.

“Where… am I?”

“Good morning!”

A girl’s voice startled him, Blake nearly jumping out of his skin.

“Jeez you scared me!” he retorted hotly, panting.

“Just who are you? You’re that girl from last night right? The one who offered for me to stay with her?”

“That is correct!” the voice came from all around him, Blake looking around to see if he could pinpoint a body with a voice.

“Well, how did you sleep?” she inquired, Blake still looking about him. There was a balcony off to his far right, a marble staircase leading up to a very ornate marble balcony that was littered with plant life and other treasures.
“I slept very well… where did all this stuff come from?” he asked, now looking to his left. A few strands of wire hung from the ceiling across the left wall, Blake curious enough to crawl over and examine the miniscule writing beneath the strings. He squinted, leaning down to read quietly.

“Pull… for…. Water… pull for water?”

“That’s right.” The voice continued to lead him on, Blake hearing a noise to the back. Turning towards the sound Blake watched as his make shift bed disappeared beneath the floor, being replaced with wood tile. He blinked in astonishment.

“Moving floor tile?”

“It’s easier to keep things that way. We don’t have to move things around as often.”

Looking about him once more, Blake adjusted himself into an Indian style position, speaking into the openness of the room.

“What is all of this about?” he asked, clearly confused.

“Where am I? And what are these wires for?”

“Each wire says something different. The first green wire is for you to wash your mouth.”

“Wash my…” Blake cocked his head, reaching out for the tiny wire that hung before him. His fingers grazed the wire gently, Blake hesitating.

“What will happen when I pull it?”

“A highly advanced gun with lasers will come from the roof and shoot you in the mouth.”

Blake’s eye twitched, a sigh coming from him.

“Very funny.”

From a distance he heard a giggle.

“No, no, it’s not that. We have a system of lasers that can analyze and detect harmful bacteria in your mouth and can laser it out, like poof! It’ll keep all your teeth fresh and clean, while the aftereffect mist will have your mouth smelling fresh as mint!”

“Uh huh.” Blake nodded, smirking a bit.

“Alright, I’ll go along with your little game.”

He pulled on the wire softly, a whirring sound coming from above him. Blake flinched back in surprise as a machine head came down from the ceiling and opened towards him, the giant peering intensely.

“Good morning. Open wide.”

“That machine spoke to me.” Blake stated, leaning back a bit.

“I’m not sure how I feel about this…” he moved back and forth, the machine following his very movement.

“How do I know it’s operational?”

“Just open and you’ll see.”

The giant cleared his throat, opening his mouth wide in front of the machine. True to her word, the machine did emit a strong yet cool laser upon Blake’s mouth, the man feeling his teeth grow lighter and more clean with every passing second.

In one minute the procedure was done, the machine folding back up into the roof of the room, Blake staring in awe

Filled with anticipation now, Blake reached out to another wire that read ‘Shower’ underneath. He grinned as he pulled, feeling warm water wash over his gigantic body right where he sat. The floor tile beneath him opened up to grate work, a series of holes intertwined in patterns making a drip center.

Blake chuckled as the warm water trickled down his back, Blake not even caring where the water was coming from.

“Is there any soap?”

“Like you have to ask.”

Feeling something slimy run down his back, Blake’s nose filled with the scent of fresh husk, the giant knowing that soap had just been placed upon him. He scrubbed his body up and down, being sure to still keep his privates from showing.

“You’re not watching are you?” he asked into the air, listening carefully.

“No, I’m not. I’m just monitoring what you’re pulling. I have no visual.”

Blake nodded subtly and closed his eyes, shaking his wet hair back and forth.

“How about some shampoo?”

“Already on it.”

Cool mixture poured onto his head, the voice continuing to speak to him from a distance.

“We only use organic produces here; this is to prevent the spread of lice and disease from person to person. This facility was once used as a massive plane storage area, but now it has been cleared out due to rising prices of machine parts. Luckily I was able to modify a few things to accommodate your unique size.”

Blake could only nod as he felt himself getting more and more clean, the man never realizing how much he had missed the feel of water running over his skin or the feel of a clean mouth.

I never thought I would miss those things… but I guess it’s true. What you take for granted you miss when gone.

The shower water turned off, Blake wiping the last of the warm out of his eyes and shaking his head.

“I could use a towel…” he murmured, looking around him expectantly.

“Is a towel going to pop up out of the ground?” he teased, smirking.

“You’ve got everything here!”

Before he could say anything else, a hot wind blew across his body, Blake actually finding the need to shield himself from the oncoming pressure. His ears barely caught the sound of the woman who spoke to him.

“We installed these drying devices a long time ago. Now we have a reason to use them!”

The harsh wind died down after a few moments, Blake feeling the floor beneath him return to normal as he let down his arms. His hand ruffled through his soft hair, a growing smile upon his face.

“This was great… what else have you got in here?” his curiosity was once again getting the best of him, Blake crawling over to the balcony now. He had to lean down even when he knelt, but he did not mind. He sniffed the flowers that littered the floor, his inhale threatening to pull the plants out of their pots.

“Smells beautiful… tell me… where did you get all this stuff?”

The voice did not reply right away, and after a minute Blake’s smile dropped. He waited a bit more and swallowed, speaking.

“Hey… where are you?”

“Did you want something to eat?”

Blake’s eyes widened; he had forgotten that he was hungry. Luckily his stomach rumbled when she spoke to him, Blake holding his abdomen.

“Haha… I guess I am a bit peckish.”

The sound of opening doors echoed in his ears, Blake looking down to see an entire crowd of waiters and waitresses come through the doors holding silver platters. He remained silent as a table was set up for him, the platters being placed before him and opening one by one. Roast mutton, eggs, ham and bacon were only a few of the entrees, as more platters lined the long table, a barrel being placed at the end of the line of food.

“What do you drink in the morning?”

“Uh…” Blake had to shake his head to get his mind back in order.

“Orange juice if you please… is that French toast?”

Blake could feel himself salivating already, a waiter coming in and filling the wooden barrel with orange juice that sprung from a nearby hose. The giant licked his lips when he stopped himself, his eyes narrowing.

“Why aren’t these people running from me?” he asked, looking down at a waitress who was fixing up the table.
“Aren’t they scared?”

“They were allowed to examine you while you were sleeping. They have no fear of you now; they know you won’t hurt them. Besides, we needed to get your measurements while you slept.”

“Measurements?” Blake parroted, now lifting himself up to see a lone cloaked figure on the balcony. He stared for a moment before leaning in, the figure holding ground as Blake came closer.

“Are you the one who’s been talking to me this whole time?” his question nearly bowled the person over, Blake backing away.

“I’m sorry… I’m not quite used to whispering all the time yet.”

The figure held up a black gloved hand, standing upright from the crouched position they had gone to.

“It’s alright. We had to take your measurements so you could get some clothes on. We knew you wouldn’t be fond of walking around naked all the time.”

Blake could not believe his ears. He had food, showers, and even mouth cleansing. His bed was soft and warm, and even as he sat near all these people he did not feel like he was a monster at all. He felt welcomed and warm.

“Clothes? You can do that?”

“Our seamstresses should have your clothes out after breakfast, but first you must eat! I wouldn’t want my guest starving.”

Without another word Blake nodded in agreement, scanning over the vast food that lay before him. He smiled hungrily, reaching for a silver platter that was no larger than his pinky. His fingers plucked the plate from the setting, Blake dumping the entire serving down his throat. Blake smiled and shuddered, his heart warming for the first time since his ordeal began.

“I think I might like it here.”
He sat back and inhaled, his stomach finally feeling full after the past few days of feeling anything but satisfied. With care he sat back upon his hands and watched as the tiny people below him scurried to gather up all the trays and barrels that he had gone through. Blake sighed and burped silently, shaking his head and chuckling.

“That was really good. I have to say… you certainly do now know how to provide for your guest.”

The black cloaked figure had been standing next to him, facing the food as the waiters and waitresses came and bought the plates in and out. Blake turned to the figure and tilted his head, speaking silently.

“You said something about clothes earlier… did you mean that?”

The figure did not respond right away, Blake blinking twice before hearing her voice.

“I did. But…. Tell me.”

She turned to him, Blake staring down at the tiny figure of black. He could sense an aura of mystery around her, and he swallowed, unsure of her question.

“How did you get like this?”

Blake paused for a moment, looking away. He balled his hands into fists and sighed heavily, running a hand through his now clean hair.

“I uh… I took… I know you’re not going to believe me but…” he paused, searching for words.

“I took some growth pills… you know just to get a few inches on me… you know how girls like a tall guy… well being the shrimp that I was I wanted to gain some attention… but that… that didn’t turn out too well…”

“You ended up growing so much that now you’re like this…” she finished his sentence, Blake nodding his head in remorse. The last of the food was cleared away and he was left in an empty hall of sun.

“It’s been a while since I slept in a bed that was my size.” Blake stated, now bringing his knees to his chin. “It was nice to be able to sleep like that.”

“Well, I’m glad you were comfortable.”

With a turn of her heel the black figure began to walk down the flight of stairs on Blake’s left, the giant watching in curiosity.

“What are you doing?”

“You said that you took pills right?” she asked, Blake noticing something shiny in her hand. “Well, I want to test something.”

He tilted his head slightly, his eyes peering down at her. Blake moved his legs down into a cross position, his hands covering his privates discreetly while his eyes locked on her movement. She circled him once and stood beside his knee, tapping his skin with the end of a pen that she held.

“You’re well over fifty feet high. You’re exactly one hundred feet tall. Not an inch more.”

Blake’s shoulders sagged, a weak smile upon his lips.

“Well… at least I didn’t outgrow this place.” he replied, watching her still.

“What did you want to test?” he asked, leaning down a bit.

Before he could say another word a small pinch made him cry out in surprise, the figure standing back with a small vile of something in her hand. Blake frowned and rubbed his knee, grunting.

“What was that for?”

“Well one,” she began, pocketing the substance. “I injected you with a keratin protein that blocks your hormones. In other words, something to help with those nasty growth spurts you have.”

Blake turned red at her comment, fidgeting.

“So you know… about…”

“Your place yes… and even… what happened out there at her place.”

The giant could not help but hear the edge in her voice, the figure turning from him again and waving her black hand.

“There now, there isn’t a need to worry. Your growth will stop. I injected you with enough hormone blockers to kill a whale. Your job now is to lay low, and hope the media doesn’t catch whiff of where you are.”

“What do you mean whiff?”

Blake leaned down more, extending his hand towards her.

“Hang on a second.”

His fingers reached towards her, the figure backing away quickly before he could reach. Blake flinched back at her speed, the woman clear out of his reach before he could react.

“Wow… that’s… fast.”

She grunted at him, her head shaking back and forth. Blake retracted his hand, curious to her small figure and disposition.

She moved out of my reach… and she doesn’t seem afraid at all. Not like Jenny… and… not like Craig at all….

“You should know better than to man handle people. It’s rude.”

Her scold surprised Blake, his eyebrows going up and a rather surprised look upon his face. Blake froze for a second, a small inkling of fear settling within him. Before he could rationalize himself the woman sighed, and Blake fell back into warmth.

“Your clothes are ready.”

From his right Blake could see a large hole open in the floor, a platform holding folded clothes lifting up from beneath him. Wonder settled in his eyes and he gleefully crawled over, eager to try on everything he touched.

“Good lord… how did you do this?” he exclaimed, picking up the shirt that he saw. A smile crossed his face and he looked down at her, a happy feeling present in his heart.

“This is amazing! I had no idea anyone could even fix me clothes like this!”

“When you know people, things are easy.”

The feeling of warmth and happiness settled over him easily, his fingers sliding over the soft fabric. Never once did he think he would wear clothes again, and never once did he think that he would be able to feel the soft of a bed. Blake had never felt so happy in his life, and since all of this was free he was more than happy to partake.

Slipping the shirt on over his head he realized that his shirt was actually a tank top, which would explain why he had a blue and white button up collared shirt lying next to the white tank top. Adjusting the plaid shirt over his chest he rolled up the long sleeves into nice rolls and pinned them to the buttons, also noticing a pair of black boxers on the platform as well.

“You’ve thought of everything haven’t you?” he asked, smirking. The figure did not respond to him, Blake putting the boxers on and eyeing the tight blue jeans next.

“You know… I have no idea who you are… but you’re certainly smart to have known how to do all this.”

The woman shook her head, Blake fitting the jeans over his legs carefully.

“I have people to do it for me. I mean… I couldn’t do this all by myself.”

Once the jeans were on, Blake sat up and adjusted his shirt again, taking a deep breath. He looked down at the platform again to see a pair of socks waiting for him. Blake laughed heartedly now, fully joyful at his discovery.
His laughter however, rattled the windows and shook the terrace back and forth, Blake realizing he was being too loud before clamping a hand over his mouth. His eyes lowered down to the woman, who was pressed her hands against her ears. He knelt down apologetically.

“I’m so sorry! I guess I’m not used to being this big yet… I have to remember to whisper.”

He paused, staring down at her figure from his knelt position. Slowly, Blake leaned down even further.

 I want a good look at her face… her voice sounds somewhat familiar to me… but I can’t pick out who it is…

He leaned down farther and farther until his chin was upon the ground, his eyes set upon the small woman who had put her hands down. Blake breathed out, her cloak fluttering in the strength of his breath. He gazed at her curiously, eyeing her mask.

“You’re not afraid of me… I know you said you had no need… but I find it strange.” He whispered to her, feeling the need to lie down upon his arms.

“There are many strange things in life… don’t you agree?” she asked him back, Blake watching as she walked towards him. Her bravery made him uneasy, Blake backing up a bit and lifting his head.

“H-Hey now… I don’t want to hurt you.” He murmured.

“You’re not going to hurt me. Your reach before was purely out of curiosity.”

Blake shifted his head to the side, grinning.

“You’re smart… you know I’m not going to do anything.” He paused. “I’m over twenty times your size… but yet you find no reason to run.”

“Why run… when you can learn?”

Her words silenced him, Blake’s mouth open in a small gasp. He had never heard such language before.

I had no idea anyone could talk like that… she’s… she’s really smart for someone who’s foolish enough to interact with me. Then again… maybe I’m the foolish one.

“Tell me, Blake.” Her voice snapped him out of his thoughts.

“Would you like to take a walk?”
“Come on out.”

The glass windows moved back and forth a little as he crawled out of the room he had been kept in, Blake being careful not to rattle them too much.

The woman was ahead of him, the sun from the day already reaching low in the sky. He had been fidgeting with his socks and shoes for some time, marveling at how she had come to make them so. She had told him that many seamstresses had taken the entire night to sew him his clothes, using parts of fabric that were yards long to make designs. She had instructed them to sew into the night, promising them two days off if they did.

Blake was astounded by how many people he saw frolicking in the fields as if nothing were wrong. As if he were not present. In a way this made him feel more at home. He could not have imagined that he would be here in warmth and comfort with clothes and shoes. He had begun to think that everything he touched would be too small for him to wear or use. Luckily, this girl had found a way to suppress such thoughts.

She had made everything… and the way she talks… it’s very unusual.

He was still upon his hands and knees when he finally emerged, gazing around him. Trees swayed back and forth gently in the afternoon sun, the view of the ocean clear in his sight. Rolling hills and green pastures lay before him, Blake taking a moment to marvel in the beauty of the Earth.

“This is…”

“You can stand up now.” The voice called to him from below, his eyes peering down again as his hair sifted back and forth lazily in the wind. She was looking up at him, he knew, and from his perspective she was no more than a tiny doll.

“You are no longer constrained. Plus you’re not naked.”

He smiled gently.


His legs helped him stabilize his standing, his vision of the world growing smaller and wider. Everything around him was in complete shrunken era, Blake easily towering over even the tallest of trees. The green grass waved in the wind, colors of red and orange beginning to light the sky up in fireworks of painted beauty. In the silence of the wind he began to think to himself.

I’ve been so caught up with the party… I forgot…I forgot that…

His mind paused, a sudden sadness seeping into his heart.

With all that’s been going on… it was my mother’s birthday… I forgot to call her… I… I have to tell her… I have to tell her how sorry I am… and maybe… tell her what’s happened. That her little boy isn’t… so little anymore.

Blake could feel pressure on his chest, quickly shaking his head to dismiss the creeping sad thoughts. He could not let himself be preoccupied with the shaking sadness he had, and especially not in front of someone he had just met.

He took another breath, his nerves quietly calming as the sun began to set. His shadow stretched out in the back of him, completely covering the building. He could easily squeeze back inside if he so wished, and even as he peered down he could feel a sense of home here. He was big enough sure, but for some reason he had felt that somehow his size meant nothing to her.

“I wanted to ask you something.”

He called down to her, the little figure once again pressing her ears. Blake frowned, getting back down upon his chin to speak softly.

“I’m sorry… I wish there was a way to talk to you and not have to whisper.”

The small figure once again shook her head, easily accepting his apology.

“Actually, I wanted to give you something.”

Blake blinked, his body lowering down to lay across the field. From beneath her cloak emerged a small device that was a mere speck in Blake’s eyes. His eyebrows furrowed as he puckered his lips, unsure.

“What is that?” he inquired, leaning in closer to her. He had no fear of his breath now, the woman clearly ignoring his breathing as she pushed past his wind.

“Move your arms.”

Her stern voice startled him, and Blake obeyed. Moving his arms away from his chin, he froze as he saw her walk around his head and towards his ear. He swallowed, feeling her push something onto the back of his ear, a small beeping sound echoing in his canal for a second before silencing.

“What are you-”

Blake stopped in astonishment, his ears picking up his voice only slightly. Touching his throat and neck absently, the woman avoided his fingers. His shock was evident obviously, as she placed a hand upon her hip. The giant fumbled with his words.

“What is… what…”

“It’s a device that lowers the frequency of your voice. If you want to talk normally you can, and I don’t have to be punished in my hearing. I can easily hear you.”

“You mean you turned my voice down?” he asked, feeling behind his ear for the contraption. “How did you-”

“Nanotechnology provides us with an insight into frequency range. You can still talk normally, and I can hear you as if any other normal person would hear you.”

Curiosity filled him and he sat up upon his knees, gazing down at her in joy.

“How does it work when I talk like this?”

His voice boomed over the field, the woman stepping back a bit at the sound.

“Although we have to work out a few kinks, the detector should pick up living organisms such as me and arrange the frequency to just the right amount so I can hear you no matter if you’re standing or if you’re sitting.”

“So no matter how I am… you’ll still be alright?” he laughed once again, holding his stomach.

“This is marvelous! Seriously! I hadn’t thought that someone would ever come up with this stuff! This is amazing!”

“What’s amazing is your food eating habits.” His laughter ceased as Blake turned red at her comment, feeling that the woman was smirking at him.

“You eat a lot.”

“Well I am a giant after all.”

“Oh so you admit it now?”

Her pleasant disposition gave him reason to laugh again, bending down to get a closer look at her.

“You know…” he murmured, his eyes softening. “You’re not too bad. I appreciate you taking me in and giving me all this… but why would you want to help someone like me? How do you know me?”

“Doesn’t matter how I know you.” She replied. Her curt response made him wonder if she was a former classmate of his, or even a friend of a friend. Blake waited a bit before seeing her turn her back towards him. The evening sky was setting in upon them, Blake hearing the call of crows and seagulls over his head. Blue and black began to creep across the sky, watercolors of stars showing through rolling clouds.

“It’s getting late…” he whispered, once again looking down at her for an answer.

“Yes…” she replied, her hands folded across her arms.

“Tell me Blake… do you like movies?”
It’s been a while since I’ve watched a movie… I think since last month really. And having it here on the big screen… well that just makes it better!

A large bowl of popcorn was upon her lap, Blake hearing the crunch of her little mouth as she chewed. Blake smiled softly as he reclined on his pillow, adjusting his boxers and scratching his naked chest.

What movies do you like?
Anything really. So long as it’s good.
I like horror movies.
I love horror movies.
Silent hill is good.
That’s one of my favorites.

The fifty foot screen in front of him flashed with colors of red, blood spewing from another victim of the antagonist. Echoes of horrific screams and thuds made for a very bloody and nasty gash in the protagonists throat. The gory scene made him grin, Blake letting out a yawn. The darkness of the night engulfed them, and as the movie came to a close, Blake could hear the chirps of crickets outside. The world was continuing to turn, and Blake hadn’t once felt that he was neglected.

He had been provided a very good dinner and lunch, the meats being of the finest cut in all of Britain and the food in general very tasty. He had gulped down over one thousand plates and still more until he could fit no more into his ever empty stomach. Luckily for him, this woman was ready to provide him with whatever he needed.

“I wanted to ask you something.”

His previous question from before had not been answered, the woman turning to the giant silently. Blake turned his head and adjusted himself so he could look at her, the woman sitting upon a couch on the balcony that separated them.

“I mean… I know you said you wanted to help me… but where on Earth did you get all these resources? It’s-”

“Stop asking questions like that.” Her snap made him shut his mouth, the woman stern in her words. Her forceful approach made him rethink his speech, Blake clearing his throat.

“You uh…” he paused, pursing his lips. “Alright. I’ll stop asking stuff like that.”

They fell into silence, the television screen dull with the static that filled the air.

“What’s your name?” Blake asked; daring to let his eagerness show. He had no knowledge of who this woman was, or what her occupation was. She was nice and kind and eager, and yet he knew nothing of who she was. He had hoped in his heart that somewhere deep inside of her she would find a reason to open up to him, Blake feeling that somehow she wanted to.

“My name isn’t important…” she paused, clearly searching for words. “You need bed rest.”

“Hang on a second.” He begged, holding out a hand. Worry seeped into his chest as she got up, his heart pounding.

“Listen… you don’t have to do any of this for me… you-”

“You sound sad.”

Silence filled the air again as he froze, his tongue numbing. How could this woman see through to his inner soul? How did she know that he had been thinking of his mother?

How does she know? The way she acts… it’s peculiar. She picks up what I’m feeling right away.

The woman tilted her head, her mask hiding her true face from the world. The empty mask eyes bore into Blake’s mind, his hands curling.

“I’m not… sad.” He said finally, laying his hands upon his lap.

“You could have fooled me.” she replied, once again sitting down with a soft plop. The giant pursed his lips, turning away from her and shaking his head.

“You wouldn’t understand.”

“Try me.”

Blake sighed, replying.

“Listen, I don’t need another person who knows my business alright? I just… I’m going through some stuff right now.”

“Like growing out of control isn’t your biggest problem.”

To this he turned to her in anger, his heart hard and ready to fight. However, when he turned and got close he stopped. She was standing with her hands at her side, her cloak all around her in some sort of trance.

“It’s lonely… isn’t it?”


Her words echoed in his ears, Blake backing away softly. His huge body shivered with sudden cold, the word lonely repeating over and over in his mind. Cold air wrapped around him as Blake looked into the ground, wanting nothing more than to seep into the Earth and never come back out.

“Growing so big… does it really mean power? Dominance?”

He listened carefully, his ears perked. Somewhere deep inside him, his soul began to move. He could feel the pressure of sad seep back into his heart and immediately he wanted her to stop.

“Just leave me alone…”

“But what does it really mean?” she continued, walking towards the edge of the balcony now. Her heels clacked against the marble as she approached him, Blake folding his legs.

“Growth… it’s lonely having nobody around your size… isn’t it? Not being able to fit into anything… not having a proper home… bed… all those things you thought you’d never miss… you miss now. You understand what it means to have warmth and comfort and even joy. The things we take for granted are those that are so easily lost.”

Your words pierce more than any sword ever could.

“You ask me why I want to help you.”

Snapping from his mind he looked up, Blake gasping at the sight of the woman. She held her hand to her chest, her body visibly shaking from her distress.

“Because I know what that’s like.” She added softly, her head shaking.

“Loneliness is the only pain in the word greater than death. To not be acknowledged or just shunned by everyone… those who love you don’t understand what you’re going through and you’re all alone… you have to deal with it… it’s your job to get better. Even if you don’t know how… you still have to try. That’s why…”

She paused, Blake letting his legs down. He had not known her for very long, but something inside of him kept pushing him towards her. For some reason, she had felt the same as he did. He wanted honest friends, an honest living, and truth in his life. He hadn’t wanted what happened to him. He had felt lonely, and sad. She was right. His eyes were trembling hard, his heart pounding in his chest.

“That’s why I choose to help.” She stated, finally breathing. “I chose to help you because I cannot bear to see another person so desperate and in need.” She paused.

“Those who are lonely only desire to be loved and shown affection… once they are loved, then they can live happy and truly meaningful lives. What is life without another to share it with you?”

Everything she said is true… that’s…

“That’s… how did you…” he stammered with his words, clearly put off by this sudden change of events.

How did you know how I feel? How did you know… that I was lonely?

“You took me in… and gave me a place… and… you….” The sounds of night fell upon them, the darkness lighting up only portions of her in the bleak. He saw her stand a little longer, her boots clanking again against the marble as she turned heel and walked away. Deep in his heart Blake could feel the warmth of something growing within him, a possible thought streaking across his mind.

“… Thank you.”

His words made her pause, Blake sensing that she wanted to come back to him. Carefully he reached out a hand to her, his heart leading him to want to hold her. With haste she made her way back into the main house, Blake sighing as he put his hand down. His thoughts began to emerge again.

She… understood.
He awoke slowly, his eyes tracing over his pillow and onto the floor beneath him. He paused, looking upwards towards the ceiling. His lips parted, and then he regressed, turning his head. Slowly, he breathed.

“Today is Sunday right?”

His voice rolled over her warmly, the woman sitting beside him and eating her food. They sat together in his room, his eyes glued to her small figure. She did not speak much, but allowed him near her. Blake cleared his throat and drank from his barrel, speaking.

“You haven’t told me a thing about yourself.” He commented, setting his barrel down and aiming for a silver plate that held some toast.

“I would like to know who you are, at least.”

“There isn’t a reason for you to know that.”

Blake sighed and rolled his eyes, shaking his head. Her fork and knife were put down as the last of her plates was cleared away. The one butler she had catered to her every whim, Blake saw, and from where he sat Blake could almost suppose they were intertwined.

“Do you have class tomorrow?” Blake asked quietly, his knees stretching out so that his bones cracked a little.

“Give me your finger.”

Once again, Blake sighed, and held his finger out to her. The prick was minor, and as he pulled his hand away he leaned in to her, peering down. He thought to himself as he watched her, still surprised by her courage. Even as he loomed over her, she did not step back or even twitch as he came near her.

“Those steroids will help keep you at a stable height… at least until we can figure out a way to reverse this growth of yours.”

The giant licked his lips, nodding. The last of the tables was cleared away and Blake turned his head, setting his hand down upon his side.

“You know… I haven’t been able to see… ….” He trailed off, his words barely reaching her ears. The sun filtered in through the window before them, Blake gazing outside. Birds were flying in the sky, the evergreen fields waving lazily in the wind.

“….. sounds like you miss someone.”

Her words made him snap out of his trance, the giant blinking a few times.

“W-Well… I uh…”

The little table she sat at was nearly turned upside as she stood up hastily, her arms at her side. The giant tilted his head curiously, the sounds of small breathing heavy in his ears.

“Let’s go outside. You need to walk.”
The sun was warm upon his skin, Blake staring out at the fields that lay before him. The beauty of the Earth never failed to amaze him, a few seagulls passing overhead to dive into the ocean a few miles off. From his view, Blake counted how many mountains and green forests there were, the sky changing into rolling clouds that blossomed into beautiful shapes.

“I thought you might use a walk. You seemed… off.”

He smiled, holding his head down to see her at his feet.

“You hardly know me… what makes you say this?”

Her small body wavered back and forth a bit, her hands at her hips. She had not removed her cloak, and Blake could still not see her face. Although he was curious to know who she was, he was cautious enough not to push her, lest he end up in the rain again.

“I just had a feeling. Call it woman’s intuition.”

A small chuckle escaped his lips.

“Alright, alright. where are we going?”

“Well…” she turned around and pointed towards the north, Blake quickly scanning over the grassy area.

“I have a little spot where I practice.”

“Practice?” he parroted, kneeling down to her. His movement made her step aside, his hand coming down next to her small body.

She’s so small… I wonder… would she want me to carry her?

“How do we get there?” his voice was soft, and as he waited in silence he could sense a disturbance in the air.
“Normally I walk but… seeing as you’re here… then I wouldn’t want to do that. I would be much too slow.”

Blake frowned apologetically, turning away for a bit.

“I-It’s alright… it’s not your fault anyways…”

The wind began to blow through them, Blake’s plaid top waving softly in the breeze while her cloak floated about her. His brown eyes lay upon her, unwavering.

“…. I….” he began, his fingers curling slightly at his thoughts.

“… I… I mean… I could…”

“You want to hold me.”

She finished for him, his heart beating nervously. He had reached for her before, but for some reason he felt that this was different. Blake wanted nothing more than to be gentle with her, and he had realized that she was right. He was just reaching and grabbing for people, not considering what they might have thought.

Maybe that’s why Jenny acted the way she did… she had never been handled like that before… the way she felt in my hand…

He stared at the five limbs he had, curling each finger until a soft fist was made, once again his mind replaying the screaming echo in his head. Those nightmares would never end for him. Not in this lifetime.

“… I do… but… only with your consent.”

The woman switched her footing, Blake waiting patiently. She turned towards the north, and then back at him, and then ran her hands along her arms. He could understand her hesitation; he would have hesitated as well.

“I… give you permission.”

Warmth spread through his limbs, Blake almost going numb at her words. His body shivered with anticipation, his heart pounding in his ears. He had taken other people against their will and he had no trouble, but here in this consent he found himself unable to withhold his feelings. The burning in his cheeks made him more uncomfortable, his hand overturning. Slowly, he reached out to her, holding out his palm and trying not to watch.

“No, the other way.”

The other way?

Feeling his blood rush to his cheeks more, Blake gingerly placed his palm around her, the woman grabbing a hold of his fingers. He breathed out silently, curling his limbs around until she was in his grip. Her heartbeat was fast against his skin, and as he lifted up her small grip on him became tighter.

Her body was so small to him, Blake still astonishing over the fact that he was indeed holding an entire woman in his hand. An entire woman.

“… A-Are you… okay?”

She did not answer him right away, Blake only lifting her up a small ways above the ground. Her legs dangled from his palm, her arms fast around his index finger. His cheeks still burned, and in a matter of seconds he heard a sound he never thought he’d hear.

Laughter erupted from her chest, Blake feeling her bosom rumbling against him. His eyes widened in surprise as his heart settled, the burning from his cheeks now removing. Her laughter rung in his ears, a happy sound to his much needed darkness.

“What’s so funny?” he asked softly, his own laughter leaking out.

The woman adjusted herself in his hand, her laughing eventually dying down into a small chuckle. Through her mask Blake could sense that she was gazing at him almost in a friendly manner, the giant turning his head to the side a bit.

“What’s so funny?” he repeated.

“The fact that you’re so big… and yet… you’re afraid to hold me… what is it that makes you so afraid?”

Blake paused, staring at her. His fingers were wound around her comfortably; she made no effort to release herself. He must have been gentle enough. His breaths were even as continued to kneel down and hold her, his eyes glossing over her small figure. She intrigued him so; her mysterious air and her speaking were all hidden.

“I… I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

His words washed over her and he felt her adjust herself once more, her head nodding up at him.

“Trust me when I say I’m okay.”

His heart fluttered a bit, a soft smile creeping along his face. Slowly, he bought her up to his face and as he moved, he could feel his lips moving without his knowledge.

“This is where you practice?” he stepped over a bush and gently pushed aside a tree, clearing his view of the area. The green forest lay before him, his shadow looming over the arbor in girth. Blake peered down and then turned his eyes towards the woman who sat in his palm, her small body taking up only his inner hand.

“Yes.” She replied, a hand gesturing for him to set her down. The giant complied, kneeling down and letting her slide off of him easily.

“What do you practice?” his legs carefully spread out and he lowered himself into a sitting position, crossing his legs and leaning over gently. The ground beneath him did not shake much, but he made sure to angle his body correctly.

From beneath her cloak she unsheathed a glimmering bow, sparkling brown in the day sun. The thread was taught and as Blake watched an arrow emerged from her same side. He opened his mouth slightly.

“You’re an archer?”

An arrow flew from her grasp and straight into a nearby tree, hitting a small mark that Blake could only make out as a red dot. He breathed.


“I agree, not my best but enough to satisfy.”

The arrow whizzed through the air, almost slicing the wind with force. Another arrow flew in the same pattern, the mere whizz the only thing Blake could sense of the weapon.

It’s so fast I can’t even see it! Wow… she must have practiced a long time to get this good…

Slowly Blake smirked, arching his eyebrows. Adjusting himself to lay upon his stomach, he watched as more arrows were shot in different directions, all aimed at similar red targets.

“So you’re an archer?”

She did not reply to him, but merely drew back her bow again, a slender yet muscular arm revealing a piece of her skin. Blake’s eyes narrowed.

“You’re an archer and you like horror movies.”

Another arrow flew at another target, this time at a nearby branch of a tree. A loud thud caught Blake’s attention as the woman ran towards her bow, snapping the wood in half. Listening closely, her footsteps disappeared in the brush. The giant waited a few moments before seeing a dead fowl being thrown at him. Letting out a yelp of surprise Blake backed up hastily, laughter ringing in the air.

“Oh God you should have seen your face!”

Blake’s eye twitched, a frown on his face.

“That wasn’t nice.”

She emerged from her bush, covered in leaves and twigs. His heart fluttered more, Blake feeling his annoyance disappear from his chest as soon as it had come. He smiled down at her gently, nodding towards the bird.

“Is that your catch?”

“This, my good fellow,” throwing the bird down upon the ground and kicking the last of the consciousness out of the animal, she continued.

“This is lunch!”
“So, what’s it like to be huge like you are?”
“Well, it’s different I’ll give you that.”
“Is it like you’re a skyscraper?”
“I doubt that skyscrapers need to brush their teeth or eat.”
“You’re funny.”
“Oh like you’re not?”
“Me? Not at all.”
“Of course! Every mysterious woman I’ve ever met has shoved a fowl in my face!”
“Hey it’s good pep talk.”
The evening sky filled with embers of orange glistening in red. Clouds danced across the sky and threatened to overtake the slowly filling purple with grey. Small specks of yellow flickered across a palette of embers that soared above them. Blake took a breath.

“What do you think about?”

“What do you mean?”

He turned his head, seeing her small figure lay beside him. Her arms were spread out as he was, completely spread out and staring at the wondering sky above them. A breeze ruffled his hair as he spoke again, a small ember touching his chest.

“I mean… when you look at the sky… do you ever…”

“Why are you asking me this? Don’t you have other friends you could ask?”


The giant’s eyes saddened, cold seeping into his once warm chest. He pursed his lips, turning away from her.

“… It’s alright. I know the feeling.”

Her voice piqued his interest, and he turned to her again, seeing her continue to lie upon the soft grass. He breathed in, inhaling the sweet scent of blossoms.

“…. My butler… James… told me something.”

“Oh?” Blake stared up into the sky and closed his eyes, letting the deep cool of Earth seep in through his shirt and into his soul, feeling the connection between the spaces. Small leaves danced above him, one tickling his nose. He twitched.

“You missed your mother’s birthday.”

His head snapped so hard to her that he thought he might have given himself whiplash.

“How did you-?”

“You can give her a call. You know. Just to let her know you’re alright.”

The fire within him burned harder now, her words seeping into his heart and making his feelings melt into a pot of eternal gratitude. Softly he turned over to face her fully, the woman not moving. He gazed at her small figure, his giant shadow overtaking hers.

“I… I kind of figure you love your mother… same as I do.”

“You wouldn’t be wrong.”

“Then… let’s go.”
We went back to the mansion… and she had this device that let me talk to my mother… she had been so worried about me… and I told her how sorry I was for making her worry, and for missing her birthday. I couldn’t exactly explain what had happened to me, but she had seen on the news that my apartment had been… compromised. I understood her worry.

I told her that everything was okay, that I was alive and well, and that I was staying at a friend’s house. I think that was the first time I had called that woman ‘friend’. She had asked for Craig… and to that I could not lie to her. I explained that we had a bit of a… disagreement… and that… he didn’t want to talk to me.

Craig’s screams still haunted me at night.

She told me that everything was going to be okay, and that I was a good person. With every passing moment I could feel myself getting lighter and lighter, as if some heavy burden had been shifted from my shoulders. To be honest I hadn’t felt so good in so long, I had forgotten how long I was on the phone with her.

The device was merely a large speaker with a headphone set, but alas this did the trick. My swollen heart was easily healed and I was able to talk with my mother as if I had spoke to her yesterday. I promised her that I would get her a nice gift, something like a sparkling silver bracelet, or even some gold earrings. These things she did not want to hear. She wanted me to settle down, maybe get a girlfriend.

I couldn’t tell her the reason why I was not in any position to do so… I could have easily gotten a girlfriend if she were about ten stories tall.

As I said my goodbyes I could not help but notice that the woman who granted me so much freedom and liberty had been staring at me the entire time I talked to my mother. Somehow she knew that this was what I was thinking; that this was healing for me. Her butler, James, had obviously been eavesdropping on me… and for once I could not complain. This was a need that was fulfilled… and I felt like she had done me a service.

I would have to repay her.


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Re: Stronger

“You know… having breakfast with you is always an experience.”

Her voice pulled him away from his eggs, Blake staring down at her small little plate on a white blanket. He grinned and ate his eggs, politely wiping his mouth with a nearby tablecloth.

“Well, you know it’s always good company. These waiters of yours are so stoic.”

“Eh. They’re good people. They cook really well and they’re super friendly!”

His chuckle could not be contained, and as he lifted another plate his eyes caught the sight of the rising sun. Shadows of new day broke across the floor and Blake paused, a smile upon his face.

“I’ve been here for three days already… God it’s been a while.”

“Feel any smaller?”

The giant turned his head, gazing down at her. With care he adjusted his shirt and pulled his sleeves down a bit, shaking his head.

“Not a bit.”

He scratched the pant of his skinny jean and resumed eating, taking care not to drop any plates in his mouth. The waiters came in and out nonchalantly, as if he had been living in this mansion for years.

“Come to think of it… those little shots you’ve been giving me have really been doing the trick!” Blake smiled now, his heart warming. With care and precision, he reached down to her, aiming to shake her hand.

“I haven’t grown or shrunk… and I guess that’s better than growing all the time right? At least I know that I can’t get any bigger.”

The woman stood away from the outstretched finger, Blake’s smile dimming as he licked his lips. She had been seated near him, on the balcony as always. Every morning they would dine together, and during both lunch and dinner they would dine. Blake had grown used to having her around, and his outstretched rejected finger made him a little uneasy.

“You know I won’t hurt you… I promised.”

“I know… I just… I don’t like you being so close. That’s all.”

The giant tilted his head and pulled his hand back a little, turning his body so that he could see her more clearly. He moved forward; so that the balcony was closer to him and he only had to look down to see everything in clear view.

“I picked you up yesterday… I thought you would have felt more comfortable?”

“I don’t. I told you, permission is always first.”

Blake nodded in reluctant compliance, finally removing his hand from her view.

“I only…” his words died out as he caught the sight of the woman falling downwards. He reacted quickly, her body falling softly upon his fingers. He made sure to be gentle with her, as a stroke of panic rose within him when she fell. With care, he pulled her up to his face, cradling her in his hands.

“Are you alright? You tripped and I-”

“Yes I’m alright… I just didn’t think…”

His brown eyes widened as the face of a girl he knew peered up at him. The hood of her cloak slipped off her head, and revealed shining black eyes that shone like dark embers. Her black hair draped across her shoulders as she sat up, staring at him in wonder.

“What are you looking at?”

Blake narrowed his eyes now, jostling her into his left hand. She cried out in surprise at his movements, shouting back at him.


“I know who you are.” His words washed over her as he pulled at her cloak, the woman struggling to keep the cloth on her. With ease he held her back, the cloak being tossed carelessly on the floor as Blake flicked the mask off of his palm as well. The woman struggled against his thumb which had pinned her to his palm, and only when Blake was done did he move his digit. A smile crossed his face, Blake once again jostling the woman into the center of his palm so he could examine her fully.

“I know you. You’re that girl in my Digital Imaging class.”

His finger caressed her left side and she smacked his skin, Blake letting out a little chuckle.

“Who knew it was you?”

She flushed at his words, biting her lip. Blake’s eyebrows arched, a twinkle in his eye. He knew she meant him no harm, he knew who she was now.

“What was your name again? It was something strange… something to do with music too… Opera? No…” he pondered for a second before feeling her sit up in his palm, her voice even.

“Aria. My name is Aria.”

“Aria!” he replied, nodding his head. “Ah yes, Aria. No wonder I couldn’t remember your name. You don’t really socialize do you?”

The girl flushed and pulled her shirt down, adjusting her black jeans. Blake continued to examine her figure, his finger tapping the side of her black combat boot.

“You know you never were like the other girls… you came into the first day of school with what… that zombie hoodie or something on? And then you had all those chains… everyone thought you were some sort of Goth.”

Aria flushed at his comment, standing up now. Her fists were planted firmly at her side as she glared up at him.

“Put me down. I don’t like being man handled.”

“Yes, yes I will. But first…” his fingers curled around her as he examined, getting a closer look at her neck. With a smile he shook his head, chuckling.

“You’re still wearing that weird necklace… that choker thing with the hoop on it.”

From his grip he could feel small scratches against his skin, Aria furiously clawing at him with what little force she had. Blake mused, now realizing that she held no real mystery at all. She was the person that everyone at school stayed away from; even Craig had never socialized with her.

“You were that weird girl who likes anime and animation and things… you were the one who showed the class how to animate a ten second clip right? You haven’t changed at all.”

His hand finally bought her down to the balcony, where Aria proceeded to shove him off, Blake hardly noticing the push. The giant leaned over her, smiling devilishly.

“Now that I know who you are, you don’t have to keep wearing that silly cloak do you?” he asked, his finger poking at her side.

“Quit it.” Her hands pushed him away, Blake teasingly continuing to poke her.

“You’re in no position to be making demands little girl.”

Her frustrated grunts made him giggle, Blake finally ending the torment with a final rub of the top of her head.

“Fine, fine, I’ll leave you be.”

He pulled his hand back, reaching down for her cloak which had floated to the end of the room. Gingerly picking up the cloth he turned back to her, speaking.

“I know you wore it a lot, but now you-”

“I’m going to school now.”

Blake stopped as she cut him off, the giant still holding the cloak in his fingers. He paused, watching as she gathered her bag from another corner of the room. Glancing at the clock, Blake realized that the time was indeed the hour that school began. He nodded his head.

“Oh… I had forgotten about that.” He rubbed the back of his neck softly as Aria continued to get ready, adjusting her bag about her and grabbing a container of water.

“Where should I-”

“James will be your caretaker. You will address him if you need anything.”

“James? Well okay… I guess after you come home we’ll-”

The slam of a door was his response, Blake blinking twice. Confusion set in his heart but for a mere moment before his head replied to him.

She’s probably mad that it got this late… she’ll be late.

He breathed out and fingered the cloak, setting the cloth down upon the balcony neatly. He stared at the cloak for a second before feeling the need to fold the clothing. With care, he folded the cloak into a tiny square, seeing James the butler approach him.

“Here. This is hers.”

The butler did not respond, but merely took the cloak from Blake’s fingers, the giant continuing.

“What time will she be home?”

“She will be home at approximately four in the afternoon.” James replied, gathering up Aria’s plates. The table was swept away from the balcony as well, and the people who once surrounded him began to fade away into other rooms of the mansions. Blake watched in silence until the only person who was left in the room was James. The sun was high in the sky, and the silence of the room was only broken by a clock that ticked softly on the wall near Blake’s front. The giant cleared his throat, suddenly feeling out of place.

“What… can I do until she gets back?”

The butler turned to him gracefully, his elbow poised with a napkin and the black tuxedo shimmering in the sun.
“You may read, write, study, watch television, or go outside if you wish. However, if you are to leave the premises I will have to accompany you.”

Blake’s mouth opened slightly, his eyes wandering down to the floor.

“Oh… uhm… what… can I read?”

A large screen appeared before him as James pressed a button on his cufflink, Blake turning towards the television.

“There is a channel which enlarges certain texts for troubled eyes. Built for seniors and yet much likely to be used by you.”

Blake smiled down at the man, nodding his head. He adjusted his seat so he was comfortable and touched the screen, scrolling through the many books the database held. Seeing a book that he had not read before Blake pressed on the screen, the text opening up large enough for him to read.

“Will that be all, Master Swift?”

Blake nodded in reply, stretching his neck a bit before beginning to read.

“Yes, that’s it.”
The clock on the wall ticked to four, Blake finally leaning over the screen to gaze. The small hand stood at the four, and happiness bubbled in his chest.

Aria’s going to be home soon… maybe we can go outside! I can look at the ocean again… maybe walk around a little.

Afternoon sun filtered in through the windows, Blake sighing as he stretched out his legs. He could not have gone outside, and even as he stretched his legs multiple times he wanted to actually get up and move. Lunch had been provided to him and he had eaten heartedly, thankfully taking a break from his reading.

I want to ask her where the beach is… seeing as we’re so close to the water. Maybe I can go swimming… if I can that is.

The door to his left opened and Blake turned to see Aria walking through. He smiled as he came closer, once again approaching the balcony as he did the previous day. His shadow covered her completely and Blake leaned down to get eye level with the woman.

“Aria, I was wondering. Could we go outsi-”

“James is your caretaker.”

His words were cut off as she slung her bag off to the side and gathered some water from the tap in a glass. She drank thirstily, Blake pausing.

“I know… but I was just-”

“Whatever you need he’ll take care of it.”

Blake frowned, his fingers tapping on the ground.

“I know that. But I wanted to ask you if-”

“I have work to do.”

Before he could say another word Aria slipped out the door once again, Blake’s chest suddenly feeling very cold and somber. He swallowed, backing up from the balcony.

“What was that about?” he wondered aloud, turning back to the empty room. The quiet room creaked a bit when Blake lay down upon his makeshift bed, covering his face with his pillow. With a grunt, he turned over on his side and sighed heavily, tapping the floor with his hand.


The butler appeared from behind his hand, gazing at the giant evenly.

“Yes Master Swift?”

“I need to stretch, think you can accompany me outside?”

“I’m afraid not Sir.”

Blake’s eyebrows furrowed, Blake sitting up upon his elbow.

“Why not?”

“You see Sir, my shift is over. Time for me to go home.”

Lifting his eyes again to look at the clock, Blake protested.

“But it’s only-”

“Aria gave me early leave.”

The giant stopped, hearing James’s words. He breathed for a second, curling his fingers and nodding.

“Alright… have a good night.”
Blake remained on his stomach when his food was bought out, his eyes tracing over the marble of the balcony as the waiters and waitresses filled his table. Blake twitched his body back and forth, moving his head in rhythm to a tune he was humming.

The plates were set and the waiters were beginning to leave, Blake once again looking up at the balcony. He smiled slightly as he spoke.

“You know, I don’t know what that was before but I wanted to ask you if-”

He had hoisted himself up to look over the balcony, expecting to see Aria sitting there at her table with him. Blake flinched back in surprise when he did not see her. Her table was still set up, but she was not present. Concern grew in his heart as he bent down, looking underneath the balcony and behind the stairs in an effort to see where she was.

“Aria? Aria where are you? You’re not hiding are you?”  He called out to her, Blake lifting her table in an almost silly and childish attempt to make her reappear.

“She no here.”

A voice to his right made Blake turn slightly, a maid staring back at him. He pursed his lips, silence covering them both.

“She in her room. She has work.”

“I know she has work,” he replied hotly to the woman, his heart beginning to flounder. “But I wanted to know why she’s not here. She’s usually here on time. We’ve never-”

“She no wanna eat today.” The woman replied in her Hispanic accent. Blake’s heart floundered more, the giant setting the table down upon the ground.

“Why not?”

The woman shrugged and turned her heel, carrying a mop away from him.

“She no say, but she no here.”

Blake moved to the side of the balcony that the woman was heading towards, her body stopping as he peered down at her.

“Is she alright? Is she sick?” his words were feverish, worry emanating from him.

“She no here.” The woman repeated, finally walking down the stairs in haste. Blake got down upon his hands now, following her as she walked.

“I know she’s not here, but I want to know if she’s alright. Is she sick? She usually eats with me and I don’t want-”

“Good night!”

The sliding glass door blocked Blake from continuing their conversation, the giant lifting himself up slowly. He watched as the woman walked to her car while pulling out a cell phone, calling someone and speaking. Blake clenched his hands and turned back to his food, swallowing.

“I… guess there’s no reason to be worried right? She’ll come back… yes… yes she’ll come back tomorrow morning. And then everything will be alright.”

Pushing his emotions down into the pit of his stomach, Blake settled himself back into eating mode, picking up plates and emptying them into his mouth. Every so often his eyes glanced to her table, where images of her figure ghosted in front of him. Ice seeped into his veins as he kept eating, suddenly his stomach twisting in knots.

He sighed.
The morning meal came, same as the previous night. Waiters and waitresses lined up his food as Blake knelt in front of the multitude of tables. Every so often he glanced at the balcony, awaiting her arrival. His eyes traced over to the clock, reading about nine in the morning. His vision flickered back and forth between the clock and her table, finally catching the opening doors. Blake smiled faintly as Aria walked in, her eyes glued to her phone.


Her eyes flicked up to him briefly before her hand reached down to pick up a piece of toast from her ready set plate. Blake breathed out in relief, the smile still on his face.

“When you didn’t come for dinner last night I got worried that you were sick. But looks like you’re fine!” he mused, finally deciding to start his meal. His stomach grumbled in hunger as he emptied one plate into his mouth, Blake swallowing.

“I was saying yesterday about…. Hey… hey where are you going?”

She was walking away from him, her boots clacking on the marble tile floor and her toast still in her mouth. She munched on her toast and spoke.


Blake nodded slightly.

“Yes but… you have an hour… why don’t you-”

“If you need anything, James will be here, okay?”

“I know that but-”

Once again the door slammed behind her, and once again Blake was left with a feeling of uncertainty. Why was she behaving so rudely? She wasn’t like this before, and Blake knew that she didn’t have to go to class so early.

Maybe she’s a tutor? Or maybe she wants to get going early… either way… that’s two meals she’s skipped.

James stood by her table now, Blake only watching as he sat down and began to eat his own meal. The giant gazed back at the food that was laid out before him, his stomach suddenly not feeling very empty after all.

“… James?”

The butler turned to him, fork in his hand and a piece of bacon in his mouth.

“Yes Master Swift.”

“Is… Is Aria alright? I mean… she skipped two meals so far…”

“Master Swift, she’s twenty three, not a child.”

“Well she’s still not eating.” Blake answered, concerned.

“Why isn’t she eating? She’s not sick is she?”

“No, not at all.”

“Then why isn’t she here? What’s the problem?”

“She has class.”

“I know that!” slamming his fist down upon the ground he heard screams of surprise and fear ring through the hall, Blake immediately flushing at his own action.

“S-Sorry… I’m sorry…”

The people who fell upon the floor in fear began to get back up, cursing at him in all languages. Blake held up his hands in defense, nervously speaking.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean it… I’m sorry…”

“Master Swift.”

His attention was diverted back to the butler, who seemed completely unaffected by Blake’s outburst. The giant waited.

“Why are you so concerned about Miss Aria?”

Blake thought for a moment, mulling over his words.

“She’s usually here… isn’t she? I mean… she…” he drifted off, not bothering to finish his sentence. The people below him continued to curse at him, Blake hardly giving them any thought as his mind occupied him with images of Aria’s figure.

“Master Swift, I suggest you find something to do. She will be gone the entire day.”

Blake shook his head, snapping out of his daydream.

“Uh… Uhm yes… yes… of course…”

As the plates were cleared away Blake took a deep breath in, setting his head in his knees and peering out into the newborn sun. The clouds drifted overhead and for some reason, they didn’t seem as light as before.
He stared at the door, not even bothering to look at the clock anymore. He knew that four in the afternoon had come around, and he had been bored out of his mind because of that. Reading books and studying new things only occupied him for so long before he felt as if he were going out of his mind.

The door finally opened to Aria who once again set her bag down upon the ground. Blake smiled hopefully, his eyes lighting up.

“Aria! Aria you’re home.”

Her eyes were glued to her phone as she nodded, texting someone. Blake watched as she got her water and gathered up a bowl of snacks from a nearby cupboard. He spoke hurriedly.

“Aria there’s this movie that I think you’d like. It’s a horror movie and it’s got-”

“I have work to do.”

Blake stopped in his tracks again, Aria not even bothering to turn to him. He lowered himself down to eye level, stammering.

“B-But you just got home…” he stated, half chuckling. “I mean… you need a break don’t you? You don’t want to get sick or anything.”

Turning her heel away from him, Aria addressed her butler who had been standing at the door, waiting for her. She smiled at him, Blake catching her little moment of happiness.

“James you’ve been really good lately… how many weeks of vacation did I give you?”

James chuckled in reply, answering.

“Why, two Madam.”

“Two? Is that enough for you to see your kids and everything?”

“They don’t live in Kansas Madam,” he replied heartily, “I can see them in a week tops!”

“I’ll give you an extra week, just so you can see your grandkids too. Where were they? Manchester right? So cute! How old is the brother?”

“About four Madam.”

“Closing in on five huh?” she giggled again, Blake feeling warm waves in his stomach.

“I think you should see him before he knows the horror that is kindergarten.”

“If you insist.”

“And I do.” laughter filled the air as Blake watched James walk out, holding the door for Aria. The giant leaned in closer, getting as near as he could to her.

“Aria, you’ll be back later on tonight right?”

His words made her stop, the woman holding the door. She did not turn to him, but instead hung her head a little, Blake growing nervous.

“… Aria?”

Without another word the door was shut, Blake left with a feeling of emptiness. His eyes traced along the patterns of wood on the floor, and suddenly he didn’t feel like doing anything. The sky outside was clear and blue, birds tweeting happy mating songs and the wind rustling through trees.

To Blake, everything was grey.
The clanking of silver plates did nothing to lighten his mood, Blake growing frustrated with Aria’s avoidance. Where did all of this responsibility come from all of a sudden? Since when did she have so much to do? Albeit she did have class, but still… even honors students took breaks every once in a while.

Two hours had passed and dinner had come, Blake merely staring at the food that suddenly began to look unappetizing. He held a hand to his stomach.

I’ve never been one to turn down a good meal… what’s wrong with me? I… I wonder where she is… is she coming?

His gaze was fixated upon the door that had not opened since her arrival, and soon Blake found himself growing impatient with her antics.


The butler approached him hastily; his soapy dishwashing hands in the air.

“Yes Master Swift?”

“Where’s Aria?”

“She’s doing her work Sir. She mustn’t be disturbed.”

“Well… tell her… tell her uhm…” Blake paused, thinking. He grit his teeth, his anger and frustration becoming more apparent as time passed.

“Is she coming for dinner?” he asked finally, the soap from James’s hands dripping onto the marble floor.

“No, Sir. She will not be. She is dining in her room today.”

“But why? That’s twice she’s going to miss dinner… where is she?” Blake pressed, coming closer to James. He could sense the fear coming from the butler as he approached, looming over him.

“Go get her.”

“Sir I can’t. She mustn’t-”

“I said.” Blake replied firmly, his nose nearly upon the poor man who was clearly sweating in Blake’s enormous presence.

“Go get her.”

The butler sped out of Blake’s sight as if his life depended on him, and to this Blake breathed in and out heavily. He knew that feeling angry wasn’t going to help, but yet this was all he could feel. Why was she avoiding him?

“Sir, Miss Aria is here.”

James’s voice drew Blake to glare down at the woman who in return had her hands folded across her chest. Blake growled.

“Where were you?”

“James told you.”

“Well… why weren’t you here?”

“Because I had work to do. Now what do you want?”

“You can’t sit and eat for a half hour?” his nerves were beginning to rattle with agitation, Blake coming closer to her.
“I can eat in my room. Is that all?”

“No that is not all.” Blake snapped, shaking his head.

“What’s wrong with you? You were fine two days ago, and now this!” he exclaimed, blinking.

“You were fine! What’s going on?”

Aria did not reply to him, but instead continued to glare up at him. Blake growled again and shoved his face towards her, to which Aria backed up hastily.

“What’s your problem?” he growled, eyeing her.

“You’re in my face is my problem.” Aria snapped back, taking Blake by surprise.

“Oh I’m in your face now? Is that it?” he asked, peering at her.

“You haven’t eaten with me at all, and now you’re saying I’m your problem. Well which is it? What, you can’t tell me?”

“Why don’t you leave me alone, Blake?” her voice rose slightly, Blake continuing to feel anger burn inside him.

“Just eat your damn food and leave me alone.”

“What the hell did I do?” his voice began to rise as well, his anger boiling.

“What did I do? Just sit down with me for three minutes!”

“I don’t want to!” she shouted back, waving her hands about.

“You can eat your own meals! You’re big enough right?”

“Oh is that it? Now you’re making those kinds of jokes?”

“Better than what you’ve been saying!”

“What did I do??” he shouted, Aria standing firm in her position. She glared up at him and yelled, pointing her finger.

“Like you would know you idiot! It’s guys like you that don’t even know anything!”

“That’s it.” Blake’s anger took hold, his hand reaching for her. As his fingers neared her body he felt something sharp pierce his skin, Blake crying out. He held his hand to his chest, feeling something tingling in his fingers.
As his eyes turned to Aria he realized that she held a bow and arrow in her hands, aimed and ready to shoot.
Blake’s left hand caressed his right, realizing that his fingers were beginning to tense up. Fear overcame him as he felt his right hand go numb, his fingers freezing in their place even as he tried to move them.

“What… what did you do?” he cried, holding onto his numb hand. With his other hand he attempted to grab her again, only to be met with the same piercing sharp arrow that had impaled him before. Holding his hands up to his face, Blake watched in stricken horror as both his hands contorted into flat palms, his brain struggling to make his muscles move.

“Reach for me again and the next one will go straight into your eye.”

The giant swallowed hard, seeing Aria aim her bow at his face. He bit his lip, backing away from her slowly. Aria stood ready with her bow, words pouring from her mouth.

“Leave me alone Blake.” She stated, still holding her bow.

“Just leave me alone. When you’re shrunk back down, you can leave. Then you’ll never have to see me again.”

Blake began to protest when something in his heart made him stop, his eyes catching a glimpse of something glimmering in the evening sun. His anger melted away into the floor, and as he watched his eyes widened, a small trickle catching his attention.

Is… is she…

More trickles of water poured from her, Blake feeling his chest tighten with guilt. He set his hands down upon his lap now, feeling the numb from the arrow travel up into his arms. Blake continued to watch her in silence, Aria finally setting her bow down and wiping her eyes.

“Administer the antidote James. If you may.”

Her cracked voice echoed in the room, James immediately running down the stairs and heading over to Blake’s hands.

“The poison won’t reach your neck… it won’t kill you. That arrow alone would be enough to kill a man, but to you, it’ll only paralyze you.”

Her cracked voice made his heart shudder, Blake beginning to mouth words.


“As soon as James gives you the antidote you should be fine.”

The empty room echoed with her footsteps as she ran from him, Blake’s heart trembling so hard he thought he would have rather been paralyzed.


Feeling the warmth seep back into his hands, Blake flexed his fingers, feeling the stiffness melt away as soon as he moved. The butler stood by his side, needle in hand and a straight look upon his face. The giant lowered his head.

“I… I don’t get it… what… what did I do?”

James tapped his foot upon the ground, listening. Blake fell silent as James walked calmly back up the balcony stairs and placed the needle into his pocket, putting on a pair of gloves.

“You really don’t know do you, Master Blake?”

Blake shook his head hopelessly, worry in his eyes.

“Why was she crying? James… what did I do? I didn’t do anything.”

“How strange.” James finally spoke, his head turned to Blake over his shoulder. The giant could feel the chill of sorrow seep back into his bones, a feeling he had not had in a long time. Suddenly, he trembled.

“How strange that you called her weird… and poked at her and made fun of her… and yet…” his hands slid over the wood of a barrel which had not been used to feed Blake.

“You are the one drinking out of a barrel.”

Blake flinched, his body frozen to his spot. The sound of James walking out of the room mulled in his head as Blake absorbed James’s words. His hands trembled almost as hard as his body.

You called her weird… and yet… you are the one drinking out of a barrel.


Slowly, Blake took a hold of his head, his mind a jumble of thoughts.

Aria… Aria made me… she made me feel human again… she made me remember… what being warm was like… what it was like to have a real friend… to laugh.. and to really enjoy beauty… she shared… she shared a lot with me… movies and…

His body slumped down more and more into the ground, his eyes shaking while his breaths came out in heaving heaps of sadness.

I… I drove her away… I hadn’t… I hadn’t meant to drive her away… she made me feel like I was me again… she never made fun of my height and… and…

He gasped silently, ignoring the waiters and waitresses that were staring at him in confusion.

She wasn’t afraid of me.

Her bow, her talking, her time with me… eating… all of that meant so much… and then I go and I…

His heart trembled and trembled and continued to tremble until he felt all of his nerves go on overdrive. His body enveloped in a series of cold waves and ice skin, Blake feeling as if the whole world were closing in upon him. Darkness engulfed his heart, and slowly he sank into his knees, rocking back and forth.

Aria… Aria… I…

I’m so sorry.

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