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8/29/2014 4:19 pm  #1

Hungry Bully Goes Large!

You're a kid that, like everyone else, returned to school after their summer break and you're looking forward for your new year ahead.  It all gone smoothly as it planned throughout the morning and you was due to have some lunch where your mother packed it for you.  That is until you bumped right into someone's back who is much fatter than you are and even taller by the looks of him personally.  The shocking thing was that he turned around and you stare at the kid looking like 11 years of age and he was no mood but grinned when his big gut touching you at close.  "Well, well, well!  What do we have here, shrimp?  Bumping on me for no reason behind my back?"  A fat bully asked looking down on you and you have no idea what do you have to say.

I'll play as a bully named Deston, aged 11 just to let you know and if you wish to do this, then let a reply or pm me and I'll see you all soon.


7/01/2015 6:27 pm  #2

Re: Hungry Bully Goes Large!

I'm new to this site, and I understand that you've posted this a while ago, but I'd love to roleplay this.


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