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9/28/2014 10:41 am  #1

Height Preferences?

Just curious on what you guys think is the best height range for giants. It's awesome to get different opinions

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9/29/2014 1:17 pm  #2

Re: Height Preferences?

A good cuddle buddy for me is 9-15 feet. But I love giants of all sizes.

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9/29/2014 3:05 pm  #3

Re: Height Preferences?

Same here.

I'm no writer, but I think some of the roleplay you do is just pure genius. Do you by chance remember when you roleplayed with pokephirawriter on 11/11/12, with the giant new student Bruce? That one is by far the best thing on this site IMO.

Gentle Giants are awesome!
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10/04/2014 12:01 am  #4

Re: Height Preferences?


Oh, thank you so much! I'll be honest, my best G/t roleplays were on the old site. I was a little disappointed to lose them.

I <3 Gentle Giants
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10/07/2014 7:22 pm  #5

Re: Height Preferences?

Slightly smaller (10-30 ft or so) can be good but I like the idea of 12x normal size, like in Gulliver--second part, or Land of the Giants. My stories of planet Wodlen (usually on FurAffinity but here too I believe) had a planet like Earth populated by foxes, raccoons, wolves etc who are "anthro" and everyone and everything is 12 x.

(for heck of it):
OK, so it was interesting and bizarre enough to be a reporter set to interview an intelligent fox from another planet. Add to that the size difference--he's a giant, and he came here to Earth (complete with a pretty good knowledge of the English language) to befriend us, and so on.

Ungorp Vulpa is a male, middle aged fox from Wodlen. Very smart and friendly and he came to Vermont to be with the locals, including the students and faculty of Middlebury College. We met not far away on the shores of Lake Champlain on a warm October day with gorgeous foliage.
As I drove toward the park there was no mistaking him. At first I thought, 73 feet tall may not be ultra huge. I mean, I see signs on the highway saying "Exit 300 feet" or my GPS will tell me the next turn is 300 ft away. In some ways that's not far, and he's only 73 feet. But folks, 73 feet IS huge. Really. I got out of my car and got up close to him, Even sitting cross legged, perhaps to not scare me by standing up, he was immense. Ungorp has red and white (but not black) fur and he wears T shirts and short or long pants. His "feet" are barepawed. He cast a long shadow--and when he did stand up, that shadow really did extend far.

"Yip yip yoo!," I said to him. "I'm told that's Wodlenian for 'wow!'
He chuckled and said, "Yes...and believe me, I'm just as fascinated by your tininess as you probably are by
my hugeness." He extended one paw toward me and I had grabbed a couple fingers of it with both my arms.

"Good thing you're friendly...I heard you even helped put out a fire in Middlebury; I mean, you helped save a mother and son."

He nodded but grimaced slightly. "Uh, I flattened a car by mistake on the way--nobody was in it...and I leapt over that new bridge they put in town. The car owner had insurance, but I was so sorry."

"You could probably pick up a car easily."

"Like this?" He pointed over to my aging Toyota.

"Uh, well...oh, OK...if you want to pick it up--uh, be careful."

He was careful, using both paws, and gently picking up the vehicle and lifting it easily some 20 feet or so, then he put it down again.

I asked him nicely to pick me up as well--which he did, as I walked onto one paw, sat down cross legged on it, and found myself in a rather unique kind of elevator, one may say.

I got lifted quite a distance and got a closer look at his smiling face. Immense ears on top, a colossal snout and nose, and long whiskers. His fur was quite thick and soft (I got to stand on one forearm) and it smelled nice.
Almost like well-shampooed hair.

I was a Liliputian--compared to him. Compare our arms, legs, feet/paws, hands, torsoes, heads...his head looked like it was billboard-sized, to me. He tried to speak softly, knowing his voice could really carry.

Yet despite being so small, in relation, we could still relate to each other. It wasn't like I was flea sized compared to him, yet I still worried about being stepped on, or sat on, or whatever.

"I'm not a giant where I come from, of course.  But it was interesting to hear of your planet--and we don't have humans on Wodlen, at least not naturally, Some Earthling humans have settled on my planet..."

"We have foxes and raccoons and such but they don't speak or dress as you do."

"Yes. So maybe I was thinking of the days when I was a little cub and we'd fantasize about tiny creatures. So when I heard about you, hey! Animals--people--so much smaller than me. Fun to be with--and we could help you..."

"We fantasized about giants here on Earth, too, and here you are...though I'm sure there are problems."

"Food!," he laughed. "I eat and drink so much compared to you, and I feel a bit bad about using up so many of your resources. And sometimes I wonder if my paws might lead to sinkholes on your roads, or in your fields."

He did bring quite a bit of his own food from Wodlen, so that helped.

I got an even closer view of his face--those immense eyes (and unlike animals on Earth, I am told they see in color, not mere black and white).

I imagined the immense size and weight of his muscles, bones, heart,, stomach (not that I worried about being eaten!), and so on. It was funny--the scientists were asked about the size of someone like Ungorp,
and we were told nobody that big could possibly exist on Earth. They would collapse under their
own weight.




10/19/2016 11:42 am  #6

Re: Height Preferences?

I prefer giants that are at least 5 miles tall.


10/19/2016 3:44 pm  #7

Re: Height Preferences?

Many likes,  I tend to make my Megaboys from eight hundred feet (Megaboy from Outer Space), to fifteen hundred feet (Project 9/11).  Humans would be respectively half an inch tall at 800 ft,  to less then a quarter inch at fifteen hundred.  


10/19/2016 4:26 pm  #8

Re: Height Preferences?

Your megaboys are great, Ivor.


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