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3/22/2015 6:12 pm  #11

Re: Anyone care for an RP with me?

After about ten minutes, whatever the girls had collected would have been put away for safe keeping.The bags were tied tight and stashed into a pocket in the bedstand that may or may not have been carving into to make room. Maddie and Casey only ate a bit of what they collected, some chips and a piece of candy for each to be exact. Luckily for them they didn't have to worry about rats stealing what they had gotten. Whatever wasn't edible they rolled under the stand, from dead batteries to loose change. Most of it was Casey's known for being a bit more of a thief among the two. 

"So, you remember what we heard at 113 Wednesday?" Maddie piped up at first.
"Uh huh. The guy's having a bachelor party this Saturday. It's going to be huge! That's tomorrow night right?"
"Right. And it's gonna be a goldmine." Parties meant two things for these two. Lots of leftover food for the taking and a ton of fun. "So any crazy ideas in that little head Case?"
"I'll think of something when it's time." Casey said, giving a smirk wide enough to make the two crack up. This they were an 'empty' room, they never bothered trying to keep quiet in their own territory. Who was going to hear them?

Soon the girls got out from under the bed and into the open, careless about being stealthy at the moment. They knew this place like the back of their hand , so navigating was easily done for them. Of course, they didn't have much to do in this landscape made for giants. That's why they made it get their own fun around here.

Casey grinned and suddenly jumped up on Maddie, swiping her grey beanie and running off with the prize. in her grip. This was something she always did to her, stealing her hat and seeing how long she can keep it away from her, 
"Hey! Give it back!" Maddie called out, instantly chasing after the little rat. She knew it was a game, but it was still a little annoying when she managed to grab it from her. So the chase commensed, Casey going into another vent in the wall with Maddie darting out of the room to try to catch her in another room.

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3/23/2015 6:39 pm  #12

Re: Anyone care for an RP with me?

Jason couldn't have been imagining things at this point. Left and right, there were little noises coming from the walls. And he could've sworn he heard laughing and yelling coming from them, too.

"These can't be rats," Jason thought to himself. "Rats can't laugh."

What did this mean? He thought of only one explanation, though hesitantly: tinies. He grew up hearing about possible discoveries of them, but never really believed the hype. He never thought that humans could be so small and be able to hide in houses, seemingly in the shadows. He had always heard his father, who was not much smaller than Jason was, joke about them in macabre ways.

"If I ever found one of those pesky rodents in my house, I'd cook them and eat them whole!"

As one may see, Jason wasn't keen on his father's ways. He was sometimes reprimanded for being "weak" or a "wuss" when he wouldn't use his size to intimidate others, or when he simply didn't want to be viewed some sort of troublemaking tough guy.

By now, Jason had known himself to be gentle. He was a gentle giant, as they say. Jason thought that if there were somehow tinies in his apartment, then the best thing to do would be to house them; even with what little he had, he wouldn't have the heart to just kick them out onto the street.

Content with himself now, he turned back away from the hole in the floor and walked into the living room. He was sure to walk slowly, so as not to startle who may be there. As he walked closer to the couch, the sound briefly increased in volume, but it died down quickly after. It was almost as if with each footstep he took, the sounds got quieter.

"Is- is anyone there?," he asked, with a whisper.

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3/23/2015 7:35 pm  #13

Re: Anyone care for an RP with me?

Casey was fast in navigating through the maze of vents and spaces in the walls, climbing and sliding around with Maddie's hat still in her possession.She wasn't sure if Maddie was on her trail or not, but she still knew how to get away from her when it came to fun little games and gags like this. They were always competitve with each other, seeing who could trick and outdo who on a daily basis. They even managed to keep track of who was in the lead of the playful war. Right now the score was Maddie 29 and Casey coming in at 27. Well, 28 with this hat grab. 

Maddie didn't have to go after Casey in the vents to know exactly where she was going to come out of. This vents were laid out pretty much the same in every apartement, leading to the same openings. Plus they always had of idea of where to find her sister when she ran off with her stuff. So she quickly made her way into the living room, where another vent opened up beside the T.V. The older girl waited quietly at the side for a second, hearing the slight sound coming from inisde. Soon she lunged and managed to grab a squirming Casey, crawling a little too confidently out. "Now we're tied." She smirked, taking back what was hers.

She would have put it on right then and there, but something else caught her attention. Both of theirs actually. A giant case next to the couch. That... wasn't there before. The two quickly turned more serious at the sight, instincts starting to kick in. What was that and what was it doing here? Before they could debate it they heard and felt the last thing they could expect. Footsteps. Someone was here, in their home. Without thinking, the two quickly went from carefree to survival mode, mouths shutting tight.
"Bathroom, ten minutes." Maddie quickly motioned to the vent before bolting under the couch, Casey going back into the vent she came out of. If someone was here, it was better if they split up to avoid them getting caught together.

Maddie just managed to get under when she caught sight of someone going into the doorway. She didn't even need to see all but a shoe to know that this guy must have been massive! They might have been slow, but Maddie still acted fast. She stayed in the darker corners of the area, her hair giving her a little more camofluage since her hat was still off. No one was supposed to be here. This place hadn't been occupied for years! She stayed calm and perfectly quiet, trying to find a fast way to get out of here. She knew there had to be a tear above her to slide in, but she couldn't exactly remember where. So until she could locate it, she just had to keep invisible and wait it out.

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3/24/2015 8:28 pm  #14

Re: Anyone care for an RP with me?

Jason was cautious to proceed further into the living room, even though the room went completely silent.

At this point, he was convinced that there was ar least one riny here, if not more. There had been too many outstanding noises to be mere figments of his omagination.

Jason stopped just before the couch.
Still quietly and trying to remove the usual gruffness from his voice, he whispered, "Is anyone in here? There's no reason to be afraid of me."
Silence. Whoever the tinies were, they were nowhere to be found, Jason thought.
Despite that notion, he tried again, just a tad louder this time.
Nothing. Jason sighed, then turned around and began walking back to the kitchen.

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3/24/2015 9:24 pm  #15

Re: Anyone care for an RP with me?

Maddie's green eyes stayed perfectly glued to the massive feet of the human out in the open, the only part she could clearly follow at her point of view. She was used to getting herself into tight spots when it came to humans, but how some reson this one was a little more nerveracking for her. Maybe it was the fact that this guy was actually in their part of the apartments, the part no one ever went. Just the idea someone was here sent a bit of a chill done her back. 

When the figure stopped just before getting to the couch, Maddie instantly felt a surge of adrenaline hit her system. It was something both girls were used to, honestly loving the sudden rush. But right now she didn;t have to worry about that. She had much bigger things to worry about. When he spoke up above her, she coudln't help but swallow a little in the dark. She had never heard anything like that before. And it was a little more scary when she realized what he was talking about. He was onto them. He knew they were here! Now that was a horrifying thought.

She felt herself back away slowly from him, stopping just before she got out of the shadows. She prepared to run and make a quick retreat with she got spotted, but luckily she never got the change. The human decided to turned around and start to leave. She grinned a little to herself as she looked to be in the clear, finally putting her hat back on. Without a second thought she crept out of hiding when his back was turned, slipping back into the vent before closing it behind her quietly.

"That was way too close." She muttered herself once she thought she was clear. Now that that little experience was over, she had to actually get back to Casey and try to process what they were going to do about this. She started to travel the vents again, navigating the the bathroom through the walls.

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3/26/2015 4:08 pm  #16

Re: Anyone care for an RP with me?

Jason squezzed back through the doorway that led into the kitchen. He sat back down at the kitchen table, forgetting about eating, and tried to make sense of what had just happened in the living room. He was a little disappointed that whoever was there did not want to communicate.  He knew he wasn't alone; there was no doubt about that. Yet, he tried to ponder why the tinies didn't respond. Jason thought: Were they still hiding, and could not hear me talking, or were they too frightened to talk? I tried the best I could to not sound scary, but am I really that threatening?
As soon as that thought finished in his head, the obvious came to him: whether or not he wanted to be, his appearence was very threatening, even to the human world; everyone he knew were below his shoulders, and if humans tended to be on edge when they met him, how did the tinies feel? They were scared that he might harm them, or maybe even eat them.
Jason quickly jerked away from that thought; he was out on his own now, and, tiny or human, he just wanted to make friends. He had already grown up with the thoughts of everyone fearing him, and he could not bear to live the rest of his life like that.

Jason stood up. He read the clock, which read 8:50. It was late, and he was tired. Whoever the tinies, were ,he thought, they wouldn't have to live in hiding for much longer. He began walking to his bedroom, ducked under the door, and flipped on the light switch.

Drowsily, he dressed himself in his extra-large sleepwear and laid on his bed, which was almost comically too small for him and creaked under his tremendous weight. He did not care, however, and, thinking more about how he would try to reach out to the tinies, drifted off to sleep. 

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3/26/2015 5:34 pm  #17

Re: Anyone care for an RP with me?

Casey was pacing back and forth under the bathroom counter, silently trying to think of what was going on. Maddie might have told her to hide in the bathroom, but she did stay behind long enough to see the human coming in through the slits in the vents. Only one thing she could say, they were huge! She was silently thinking that Maddie might have gotten caught, but she knew it was a bad idea to go out and check.

Luckily though Maddie did come back through the vent some time later, meeting up with her sister in the dark. Now they could actually think about what to do about this situation.
"Tell me this isn't happening Maddie." She said, a little panic and shock in her voice.
"It is. We got company. Did you see the guy?"
"That was the biggest human I've ever seen!" It really was. They had seen some big people to them, but everyone was bigger to them. This guy though clearly beat the limit. It was both terrifying and amazing at the same time. "So." Casey said. "What are we going to do about this?"
"Simple." Maddie said as calmly as she could. "We don't get caught."
"Easier said than down."
"Look. He was right over my hiding place and I got away clean. If we stay low for a few days, he'll forget the whole concept of us in no time."
"But what is something bad happens? Like we actually get caught." Now that was a realy risk. They heard stories about humans finding people their size and either throwing them out to the curb, selling them off or simply ending it all. Why worth the risk?

Maddie noticed the still worried expression on Casey's face, going over to her and wrapping her arm over her shoulders. 
"Hey, we'll be fine." She encouraged, messing uo her hair. "Just think about that party tomorrow night." The thought of the jackpot and excitement was enough to make Casey grin again. "Atta girl."

Soon enough both of them realized that it was getting dark out after leaving the bathroom and looking through the vents again. The place was now quiet now that it was night, much like how it was normally around here. The human's stuff was still out, giving both the girls an idea.

One things these two did a lot, it was digging up information. After living here for so long they knew a lot about the residents and their habits and patterns. It helped them learn when it was safe to go in and collect supplies. So being as quiet as possible, both of them crawled back into the open to do... 'research'. 

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3/28/2015 3:20 pm  #18

Re: Anyone care for an RP with me?

Though Jason fell asleep rather easily, he was prone to strange dreams, which often, unfortunately, turned into nightmares.

Each dream was different. This one, however, was strange in that he could only hear what was going on, as if what the dream was meant to be, only needed Jason to hear.

As Jason drifted off, his father's voice gradually appeared, getting louder and louder. He could not make out what his father was saying, but he knew that his father was not happy.

What he was saying was gettng clearer:

"What are you, a big softy? Those rats are vermin!"

Jason could feel pressure on his shoulders, his father's hands gripping them as he reprimanded him.

"It doesn't even hurt to! Just throw them in!"

"Please, sir, don't do this!," Jason heard coming from his hands.

Jason could feel the heat of something. It was a bonfire. Jason, awash in this whirl of emotions, could feel anger eminating from his sorrow.

"Shut up, you filthy pests!," his father yelled.

Jason could feel his head to the direction of his father's voice and yelled, "No, Dad, you shut up! These poor people have nowhere to go, and I just can't kill them! Don't you understand?! I've had it with you!"

With the tinies in his hands, he ripped away from his father's grip and bolted away from the lumbering tyrant.

As he sprinted away, he heard his father yell , "Fine! A big guy like you will just fade away in my eyes! You weren't much to me anyway!"

On his bed, Jason bolted awake, sweat pouring down his face and tears in his eyes. He looked around in the dark, confused of his surroundings. He figured out that it was all a dream, that his father wasn't really there, and that he was in his bed.

The time was about 4:30, and Jason, having his bearings, laid back down in bed.

"Tomorrow, I'm going to find them and set the record straight; I'm not a bad guy put to hurt them. They won't have to be afraid any longer, that's for sure.

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3/28/2015 4:41 pm  #19

Re: Anyone care for an RP with me?

In the outside world though, the two girls outside were busy going through all of their giant guest's belongings. In their mind it wasn't anything wrong like stealing, since it was all in their place and it wasn't leaving the place. In all honesty thy're wasn't really much they could use to get a read on him. After hours of digging through huge items, most of the information they could read was the size of his clothes and shoes. Yup, this guy was massive.

"Hey Maddie. Help me open this." Casey called as she tried to get into the big case near the couch.
"You'd need an elephant to get that open." Maddie joked instead. Casey rolled her eyes as she dropped back to the floor, seeing Maddie stifle a yawn. 
"Hey, we better get some sleep. You seem pretty tired.'
"I'll be fine. Just a few more minutes."
"You know what happens when you don't get enough sleep." She gave Maddie a look to drive in the hidden point, finally making her crack. 

"Alright. Come on." She yawned, both of them, slipping under the couch. Usually they would sleep on one of the pillows on the bed, but it was taken at the moment. So they camped out on the floor out of the open, Casey pulling out some scraps of clothes from the tear in the couch for blankets. By 4:00 the two were out cold, curled up and not likely to wake up anytime soon.

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3/28/2015 5:37 pm  #20

Re: Anyone care for an RP with me?

Jason groggily opened his eyes. The alarm clock read 6:00, so he knew it was time to get up.

He didn't have anything going on today, so he figured it would be a great day to just hang out, and maybe play his trombone for a while.

"Wait," he thought. "The tinies! I think it's time to introduce myself; they won't have to live like they do for much longer. If I can find them, that is."

He stood up, careful not to smack his head on the ceiling, and started to walk toward the door.
He ducked through the door to the kitchen area, which connected to the living room. He walked in, and scanned his eyes across the floor.

He thought it best to check under the furniture first, rather than to try looking in the walls.

He pondered around to see where they might be, when the couch caught his eye.

"It makes sense," he thought.

Carefully and slowly, he walked, almost tiptoed, to the couch, and started to bend down. As he got lower, he became more and more cautious. He didn't want to frighten them, if they were there.

When his head got down to the floor, gazed into the space that was under the couch. What Jason saw was nothing short of stupefying.

"Extraordinary," he whispered to himself.

He kept there for a moment, thinking about what to do. They were sleeping; if he tried to wake them up, they would be beyond startled.

"Hello?," Jason uttered, unintentionally.

He quickly shut himself up and got his head away from the floor. He didn't mean to say anything, but he just couldn't keep it in.

He wasn't sure if he woke them up, so he sat himself in a criss-cross style and decided to wait patiently. If they did wake up, Jason thought, maybe they would investigate.

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