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5/03/2015 2:40 pm  #1

tiny winged person

I'm just looking for someone to RP with. I had an idea for an RP where the giant/normal-sized person discovers a tiny, winged person, who has injured one of their wings and needs to be protected until they can fly again.

Any takers?  

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5/03/2015 3:11 pm  #2

Re: tiny winged person

Um, I actually have a winged girl that would perfectly fit the bill.

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5/03/2015 3:28 pm  #3

Re: tiny winged person

Awesome! :D

I was thinking that maybe I could use Reuben. He's big and strong, but he has not got a single malicious bone in his body. 

He's about 6'4", muscular, with long, brown hair he keeps tied back in a braid, an intricate tattoo covering his entire left arm from shoulder to wrist; and his ears are pierced. He is missing the lateral inciser on the left side of his mouth.  

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5/03/2015 3:40 pm  #4

Re: tiny winged person

Sounds nice. I like them.

My character is a fairy named Karma, standing at about four inches at least. She's a really daredevil and enjoys pushing her luck, along with causing some tricks. She's also a Jinx, thought to be bad luck to those around, but it more often happens to herself. There's a picture of the rest of her look.

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5/03/2015 3:45 pm  #5

Re: tiny winged person

Okay. Would her wing even be fixable if broken? It looks like it would just snap off. Or do they grow back if broken? I'm just wondering how this is going to work. 

Anyway, do you want to write the starter, or should I?

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5/03/2015 3:57 pm  #6

Re: tiny winged person

Her wings are more durable than most fairies, but that means they take longer to heal. I was thinking she gets a really bad tear and she'd have to keep it straight so it could heal.
I could you start us off?

I'm probably listening to music at the moment, so scream really loud so I can hear you.

5/03/2015 4:01 pm  #7

Re: tiny winged person

Oh, so they rip like cloth or paper? Interesting. 

Sure. I can start us off. 

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5/03/2015 4:09 pm  #8

Re: tiny winged person


I'm probably listening to music at the moment, so scream really loud so I can hear you.

5/03/2015 4:16 pm  #9

Re: tiny winged person

The house as quiet. Too quiet. Reuben lay awake in his bed, listening to the silence. Comparitively speaking, that was. Ever since moving to the edge of this small town surrounded by forest, he had heard crickets, frogs, a coyote or two, a cat fight, and more than a few barking dogs. However, to a city boy used to the cocophany of noises found outside his window every night, these country noises were less than soothing.

"Ugh." Reuben sat up and pushed aside the covers. "Forget it. I'm never going to get to sleep." 

Resigned to his fate, Reuben decided to go see if his tiredness would go away if he finished off the last of the moose tracks ice cream stored in the fridge. Half-asleep despite his insomnia, he shuffled through the house to the kitchen. When he flicked the switch for the overhead lights, nothing happened. 

"Damn it." He muttered. "I know the lights work." 

He began to make his way across the room to where he knew there was a light hanging above the sing. He kept bumping into things, until his foot got caught on the table leg and he went sprawling onto the floor.  

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5/03/2015 4:53 pm  #10

Re: tiny winged person

Meanwhile on the outside of the house in the countryside, something was stirring that was more than a cat or dog. Karma moved quietly and quietly through the trees of the woods, but she was hard to see among the darkness. The clearest part of her that could be made out were her bright puple lights and she hovered over a branch on the edge of town. She had lived in this area all her life, but she had to admit something about it. It wasn't really exciting during the day. The biggest rush she got was when she had o run from a hark or something else that wanted to make a grab at her, which actaully happened a lot. At night she was the most active, since you never know what could happen when it got back.

When she reached the reached of the woods, she saw a familiar sight not too far off. It was a house, emtpy the last time she actually went inside. But that was a long while ago. "Well, another quick look wouldn't help huh?" She told herself, shooting off towards the small house. It might have been foolish to just bolt like that, since she wasn't the only thing active at night, but she didn't care. She just wanted action.

Soon she flapped into a slightly open window, finding herself in the dark kitchen. It was quiet, like the last time she was here. But something felt different this time. She could place it, but it just did. She couldn't think about it long as she heard something coming, making her freeze in the air for a second. What was that? Nothing was supposed to be in here. Without much of a second thought she shot up and flew to the top of the fridge to hide, ducking low as she waited. What she saw nect let her speechless. A... human? What the heck were they doing here? Either way, she grinned a little to herself. This jinc just found something interesting around here.

I'm probably listening to music at the moment, so scream really loud so I can hear you.

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