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5/04/2015 4:51 pm  #21

Re: tiny winged person

Reuben immediately spotted the tiny figure running away from him. She wasn't hard to spot, even if she hadn't been glowing like that. Again without thinking (his brain was still trying to process what was going on), he lunged forward, falling flat on his stomach, but managing to cup his hands over the fairy. It helped that just stretching out to his full length got him farther than she had already run. 

"Gotcha." He said triumphantly as he lifted the tiny creature off the floor, trapped between his hands. "This is probably some sleep deprivation hallucination, but what the heck,right?" 

Slowly, carefully, he opened his hands, wanting to see what he had caught but not wanting it to jump out at him. 


5/04/2015 5:15 pm  #22

Re: tiny winged person

The fairy didn't have time to do anything else but run away, now in a complete panic herself. She couldn't fly and there was a human on her tail. She didn't know what else to do but run. Sadly her luck seemed against her tonight as she found herself right into his grip, hitting the skin of his hands hard. She winced a little as she rubbed her head, having little time to react before she felt herself being closed in and lifted off the ground.

"No no no no no." She said to herself, starting to squirm around and try to pry his hands apart. Of course, she couldn't do it at all, leaving her trapped. Why did the fates hate her tonight? Out of all the days?! She froze as she heard his muffled voice, pressing her back against the flesh beind her. Later she felt him shift his hands around, soon looking out to see his huge face. "Shoot."

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5/04/2015 6:27 pm  #23

Re: tiny winged person

Reuben frowned at the tiny woman in his hands, trying to decide if he was hallucinating or not. He didn't really feel tired enough to be hallucinating, and he hadn't hit his head when he fell over. Carefully, he used his thumb to poke the little creature. 

Oh crap! It was real. It was very real. 

Panicking, Reuben grabbed the jar from where it lay nearby on the floor and dropped the creature into it. Then he hid behind the chair and peeked out from behind it, like an arachnophobe who had just seen a spider. 

Okay, it was real. It looked like a tiny girl, and it was real. It apparently had wings but couldn't fly, but it was real. What was he supposed to do with this information? He should take her to someone, show her to someone. No, that was no good. That would be scary as hell to the poor little thing, and besides, who could he trust not to turn her into an experiment? 

Having thought it through enough to calm down, he moved back over to where the jar sat on the floor and picked it up. "I have decided that I am awake." He told the fairy. "And I am also going to let you go." He frowned as he looked more closely at her. "Hey, is there something wrong with your wing?" He asked, pointing at one that looked different from the others. 

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5/04/2015 7:00 pm  #24

Re: tiny winged person

Karma stayed completely still and silent as she stared up at this human, pretty much brain dead for a moment. Any ideas she had of escape were completely erased from her head, replaced by sometihng she didn't experience a lot. Absolute terror. Suddenly felt something hit in him the chest, making her instantly yelp and back up even more into his fingers. Her wings beat in the tight place, probably tickling the skin. 

The next thing she knew, she was dumped out of his hands and hitting a hard surface. She groaned as she rubbed her throbbing skull, finding herself in a jar. She swallowed in her little prison, backing inside the cold glass. Where did that human go? Her eyes quickly darted around, soon spotting him behind a chair. Seriously? What was he doing over there? There was no way on earth he was scared of her. He towered over him and just made an entire shelf fall on top of her. 

"You had to come here didn't you?" Karma muttered to herself, nervously pulling a shiny strand of hair out. "Just needed a thrill huh?" Well, she certainly got something alright. Captured. She couldn't fly, she was stuck in a jar and she was being watched by a larger than life human. She hadn't seen many in her life, but he was the biggest she had seen. 

She jumped as she heard him moving again outside, seeing his huge form coming right for her. Her eyes widened and her wings flattened again, the girl jumping as her ajr was picked up off the cloud. She locked right onto him as she started talking, only really catching the part where he said he'd let us go. What couldn't be right. It felt like a trick. She didn't have long to think about it as her wings were pointed out, Karma instantly remembering how they weren't working. She twisted her head and extended the four dragonfly like wings, making any moonlight bounce off them like frosted glass. Karma on the other hand paled as the huge jagged rip on her upper right wing. It must have torn when that rubble fell on her, plus all that beating earlier might have harmed it too. Either way, Karma instantly started to panic. "This can't be happening!" She shouted, momentarily forgetting about the human as she worried about her wing. 

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5/04/2015 8:28 pm  #25

Re: tiny winged person

Reuben stared at the panicking fairy, concern on his face. He was going to guess by her reaction that a torn wing was at least as serious as a broken arm or leg. He hoped that he wasn't the cause of it, but he had the uncomfortable feeling that he was. 

"Is there anything I can do to help?" He asked. "Can I get you anything, or walk you anywhere...?" 

He didn't know what exactly he could do to help, but he figured that he should offer anyway. After all, if it was his fault that she was hurt, the least he could do was offer his help in first aid or transportation. 

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5/04/2015 10:38 pm  #26

Re: tiny winged person

Karma vision flicked from her busted wing to the human peering down at her through the glass jar. She didn't know which one to worry more about at this point. She couldn't feel much pain other than a numb stinging, but it was still something that horrified her. Her wings were one of her best traits, giving her her speed and skills in the air. Her flight was something she prided herself on, since it had gotten her out of countless situations she shouldn't have gotten out of. Now she felt like she was completely defenseless not even able to get off the ground anymore. 

Her attention snapped as the human spoke up again, eyes locking onto him as her wings snapped shut again. Why did he what to help her? He's the one who put her in a jar. Of course, her own bad luck had a play in it, but she'll still trapped by him. 
"Get me out of this jar." Karma answered, keeping her wings down to keep that tear from getting any bigger. She had one idea what to do, but she just wanted out of this thing. The glass was freezing against her exposed skin.

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5/04/2015 11:08 pm  #27

Re: tiny winged person

"Oh! Right. Yeah." Reuben said quickly, nodding his head in consent to the reuqest. He knew that there was a chance that the fairy might try to escape, but at this point he had stopped thinking of her as a bug and now thought of her as a tiny person. It would be rude to keep her in the jar like a cockroach.

Going slowly to keep from jarring the woman, he gently placed the jar on its side on the floor. That way, she would be able to walk out on her own.

Truth be told, he was still slightly dazed and was acting on autopilot. He was, by nature, a very polite man who didn't like to hurt people, so that was how he was acting now. He laced his fingers near his knees to show that he wouldn't make another grab for her. 

"Are you all right?" He asked helpfully. "Would my first aid kit be of any use to you?"  

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5/05/2015 7:51 am  #28

Re: tiny winged person

The fairy tensed some as the jar started to move again around her, keeping herself upright as was turned sideways. He wasn't just going to pluck her out? Strange, but it wasn't something to complain about. It didn't take too long to get her to come out, creeping out of the glass as into the open. Man, this guy was huge! Karma just couldn't get that out of her mind. Or the fact he turned a bookshelf into firewood by leaning on it. Yikes.

"First what?" Karma repeated at the mention of a first aid kid, lifting an eye. What the heck was he talking about? She may have known a few things about the human world, but she still did live out in the wilderness. All she did know are from exploring this house and occasionally playing tricks on campers she came across. "And other than the split wing, I'm fine." She couldn't help but sound a little sarcastic in her natural tone. Of course, she have been a little.

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5/05/2015 10:24 pm  #29

Re: tiny winged person

"My first aid kit." Reuben repeated, realizing suddenly that fairies might not have first aid kits. "First aid... it's like bandages and anitbiotics and other things that help someone if they're injured." He explained. "Like, if one of us breaks an arm, we can bandage it up until a professional doctor can look at it." 

"I might be able to cut the bandages into thin enough strips for you to use, if that would help any." He offered. He rubbed his still-linked hands against his knees awkwardly. "But if there was somewhere you would rather I drop you off instead, that's good too. I just want to help."  

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5/06/2015 7:50 am  #30

Re: tiny winged person

Karma listened to his explaination of what was apparently a first aid kit, trying to get a picture in her hand. Some of the words she didn't understand at all, like antibiotics and doctor, but she started to get an idea that it all had to do with fixing injuries. And boy, she had a bad one.

When he offered to assist with the wound, she couldn't help but be a bit skeptical. What were bandages going to do to help her? She wasn't bleeding. Her wings didn't have veins. "I just need to keep the tear closed and it whole thing straight so it can mend." She explained, lifting it up slowly to look at it again. It teared almost more then halfway down, near the base of her back. She winced mentally, knowing that was going to take a really long time to treat. Ahd there was no way she could go out in the woods like this. The ground was a territory completely unknown turf to her, belonging to things that could easily crush us or get a nice little snack. And being stuck in a tree wasn't any better.

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