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5/22/2015 10:58 am  #1

LF a roleplay partner of epic proportion!

Hey! I'm looking for someone to do a long term roleplay of epic scale!

The plot: The plot is based around my charecter [ Zein ] being your older brother, and or babysitter. Our parents or [ Your] Parents are world renown scientist that travel across the world over the weekends, and during the week to science conventions cause they create some of the weirdest things. Zein being your older brother or babysitter [ Whichever you choose ] is either asleep or on his way over to your house or asleep upstairs. Your charecter that morning due to the parents being in a rush forgot to lock the lab door, and you end up exploring into the lab.

Now while in the lab either one of two things can happen. 1: Your charecter gets a serum dumped on him causing him to grow to a giant. 2. You find a shrink gun that can shrink anything you want to any size!

Let me know~
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5/23/2015 9:49 pm  #2

Re: LF a roleplay partner of epic proportion!

Hmmm... Sounds interesting!

Do you have any role preference?

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Gentle Giants are awesome!

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