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5/25/2015 1:30 am  #1

A Giantess

Lindsey a 250 foot Giant.

The ground just shook and trembled as Lindsey Hansen walked, she was a giant, she was 250 feet tall. Lindsey had on her tight light purple top and her skin tight blue tights, Lindsey was shapely. As Lindsey walked the ground around her for a mile just shook and trembled with each step she took. Sitting way up on her left shoulder was her boyfriend Max and Max was just a bit bigger the 1.5 inches to her. Now Lindsey was 17 years old and Max was 18 years old. Lindsey was walking towards the town that Max and his family lived in, it was a small town with a population of 6200. As Lindsey neared the town Max saw it in the distance and he shouted to her, "Look Lindsey there it is." When Lindsey was a good 3 miles out some of the towns people saw her coming, and they alerted everyone. The towns people saw her coming and when Lindsey was a mile out the ground began to tremble across the town as she got closer. As Lindsey neared the town she slowed down her walk and she stopped right outside the town.

Lindsey looked down at the town there in front of her, she towered over everything. Down below she saw tiny people running through the streets and they were shouting, and to Lindsey their screams and shouts were faint and high pitched. Max was able to see his entire town from Lindsey's shoulders, to him from way up there the towns people looked small and helpless. Then looking down Max saw his family his Mom and his younger sister Allie 14 and his young brother Dan 12 all stood there looking up, Max's father was out of town on a business trip. Max told Lindsey where they were, she saw them. Lindsey squatted down and she reached out her right hand palm up and lowered her hand down. When Lindsey's hand touched the ground she said, "Ok you can get on you will be safe." With that Max's family all got onto Lindsey's hand, she then lifted them up to her face. Lindsey then stood up and there in her right palm were her boyfriends family, they just stood there in her palm looking around. They looked up at Lindsey and she smiled down at them and they saw Max sitting way up on her left shoulder. Max's mom shouted, "OH MY GOSH MAX!! Your girlfriend is so nice and she is so huge so big, oh my goodness." Lindsey then spoke and as she did her voice was like thunder, "Its nice to meet you all." Then Max shouted down to his mom and said, "Hey mom why aren't Allie and Dan at school, did something happen?" To which his mom shouted, "They were there for not even an hour when those bully kids beat up Dan and tore off Allies clothes, those 6 bully kids do nothing but hurt other kids, so I picked them up and brought them home."

Lindsey turned her head to Max and said, "Hey Max, those 6 bully kids did they abuse you too and tell me about them." Max cleared his throat and said, "Yes they did bully me for a year, but i was too scared to say anything. There are 6 of them actually 7 the six are in grade 11 3 guys and 3 girls, the seventh is in grade 12 and its a girl, her name is Darlene, she is the leader. Darlene does nothing she except tell the other 6 what to do, and Darlene's Dad is the superintendent so through her they are protected. Our school of 800 is run buy them."

Lindsey shook her head and said, "Well now, I will deal with them once and for all, looks like I will take a trip to the city of Coaldale." She then told Max's family that they were welcome to come with her, they all looked at each other and all nodded. Lindsey then moved her hand over to her left shoulder and they all went over to her left shoulder. There up on Lindsey's left shoulder was her boyfriend Max and his family, his mom and his two younger siblings. Lindsey was so big that there was more then enough room for them. Max's mom told Allie and Dan to sit down and they did. Lindsey told them not to be afraid that they were safe up on her shoulder.

With that Lindsey then turned and headed away from the town, she took a slight turn and headed out towards the city of Coaldale with her boyfriend Max and his family all up on her left shoulder. The city of Coaldale was 26 miles away but with Lindsey being a 250 foot tall giant it won't take them long to get there.

Lindsey Hansen was a sight to behold a 250 foot tall girl walking across the country side was a sight to behold, Max and his family took in the view, they were seeing the country from 20 storeys up. As Lindsey was walking her bum cheeks jiggled along with her thighs. She had booty bounce.

Chapter 1. Lindsey arrives at the city.

Lindsey Hansen continued her walk to the city, she had her boyfriend Max and his family all on her left shoulder. They were totally enjoying the view from a height of 210 feet. As Lindsey was walking she was easily seen for several miles around and being 250 feet tall the ground around her for a distance of 3 miles just shook with each step she took. The city being 26 miles away but they were coming upon it fast. Then in the distance Allie pointed and shouted there it is, and Max and his family saw the city in the distance, and Lindsey was walking right towards it. As Lindsey got closer many of the people who worked in the taller buildings saw her coming and within a few minutes an alert went out, many people could not believe what they were seeing, a huge giant girl was heading straight for their city.

When Lindsey reached the city limits she slowed down her walk, and she slowly entered the city of Coaldale. The city had a population of 110 000 people, and Lindsey was seen across the city. Lindsey towered over every building in the city, the 3 tallest buildings in the city, one was 21 floors and the other 2 were 18 floors. Then there were 5 others which were between 10 to 15 floors. Lindsey was slowly walking through the city and as she was walking the ground just shook with each step she took and the trembling was felt across the city. Lindsey's weight of 7400 tons just shook the ground. As Lindsey was walking through the city, the people down below were looking up at her and she was easily seen across the city.

After Lindsey had walked a good 20 blocks into the city, she stopped walking. Lindsey then put her hands on her hips and she looked down and around at the city all around her, she watched for a minute the tiny people down below. The tiny people down below were running down the streets away from Lindsey they were scared of being stepped on. Lindsey watched the tiny people, they were screaming and shouting and to Lindsey their screams and shouts sounded faint and high pitched. To Lindsey the people were tiny they were just a bit bigger the 1.5 inches to her. Lindsey continued to walk again with her hands on her hips, she walked a few blocks and stopped. A lot of the guys were focused on her bum because with each step she took her bum cheeks jiggled along with her thighs.

Lindsey then dropped her hands to her side and she took a turn and headed straight for the North side School called North side Sentinel School. It was a large school with 800 to 100 students, it was 3 floors 2 gyms and grades 1 to 12 under 1 roof, and Lindsey was heading right for it.

As Lindsey got close the students in the school began to feel the ground shake it was like a mini earthquake, and she entered the school grounds. Lindsey stopped outside the school and she looked down at it. Max and his family looked down and saw their school from her left shoulder the school did not look too big. As Lindsey stood there many of the students ran out and when they saw her they started to run away. In the main gym there was an assembly and all the students from grade 11 and 12 were there, and from the shaking of the ground there was silence. Max told Lindsey that his class and other were most likely in the main gymnasium. Lindsey took a step towards it the top of the gym the roof was just below her knees.

Lindsey the spoke and as she did her voice just thundered and boomed down into the school and everyone heard it, "Darlene Lear, I am Lindsey Hansen, my boyfriend is Max Conrad, and he and his family are sitting here on my left shoulder. Your friends and their days of bullying other kids are over." Lindsey then squatted down, she made a fist with her right hand and brought it down onto the roof of the school main gym. When her fist hit the roof it just cracked and caved in which sent the students running and the sound was heard across the city. Debris just fell into the gym, and Lindsey's fist went right through the roof and there was a large hole there. Lindsey then tore a part of the roof away and the sound was heard across the city. The students and the teachers were looking up and many were coughing because of the dust, as they were looking up they saw something. Lindsey leaned in and when the dust settled they looked up and saw Lindsey's gigantic face and neck and part of her shoulder fill their view. The students just could not believe what they were seeing a real giant girl. As they looked up they saw 4 tiny people way up on her left shoulder. Max was looking down he was trying to find Darlene the ring leader in the crowd. He then spotted her and he told Lindsey where she was, she was the tall red haired girl with the blue jean jacket. Lindsey saw her too, Lindsey reached her right hand in through the roof, she stopped and she then pointed down at Darlene with her giant index finger and said, "Darlene I will get you." she then reached down for Darlene and as she did the students went running as Lindseys giant hand came down. Lindsey quickly grabbed Darlene before she had a chance to run, Lindsey grabbed her with her thumb and fore finger and she lifted Darlene up into the air. Darlene screamed as she was lifted up through the roof and Lindsey lifted Darlene up to her face and held her there. Lindsey looked at Darlene and as Darlene looked into Lindsey's huge face and she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Lindsey then spoke and her voice silenced Darlene and shook her to the core, "Darlene Lear, look at me I am Max Conrad's girlfriend, see him sitting up here on my left shoulder, he is here with his family. You and your bully friends told him he would never have a girlfriend but he does now, he has me a real giant. A 250 foot tall giant, he is under my protection and so are his little sister and brother, and so is every student you and your goons bully. Now behave or I will deal with you and your goons severely. Lindsey took a breath and she blew onto Darlene and Lindsey's breath was like a gale force wind and as she was blowing Darlene's long red hair was blown straight back and Darlene's face was like she was in some powerful wind. Darlene was unable to breath as Lindsey was blowing onto her and from Lindsey's breath Darlene's arms and legs were flapping. There was nothing Darlene could do. Lindsey then stopped blowing, she reached back down and put Darlene back down into the gym. Lindsey leaned in and she looked at Darlene who was getting up and there were 2 students who ran to her. Lindsey took a breath and she blew down and her breath pushed Darlene and her two friends across the gym floor and any other student caught in her breath. They were blown across the gym floor right into the wall, Lindsey straightened up and stood up. She then took a turn and she began to walk away from the school.
Chapter 2.

As Lindsey was walking through the city the ground just shook with each step she took. She was seen across the city since she towered over every building. Lindsey was dropping off her boyfriend at his work place, he had a part time jog. She dropped him off and told him that she would pick him up after work. The people at his work place were totally speechless when they saw Lindsey. Lindsey then headed across the city, she was taking home Max's family who were so enjoying it up on Lindsey's left shoulder.

When Lindsey left the city limits she then increased her walking speed and as she did the ground was trembling with each step she took. She was walking along the right side of the main highway about 60 feet off the side and to the people in the cars she was a sight to behold. Many from their cars were looking up at her gigantic figure and since she was shapely it was a turn on. Lindsey continued on her way to take her boyfriends family home.

Within 5 minutes of Lindsey leaving Darlene Lear and two of her girlfriends showed up along with a older college student Bill. Bill had lots of muscles but not much brains and he was in college because of Darlene's older sister who vouched for him. Max was startled that they had shown up and Darlene and her two girl friends began to humiliate Max. Max took out his cell and Bill knocked it out of his hand. Bill then punched him and knocked him out. He then put Max over his shoulder and carried him out following Darlene. He was thrown into the back of a mini van which drove off. One of Max's co workers ran and called his home thinking that one of his family members would tell Lindsey. The phone rang and rang but no answer. Darlene and her goons were driving through the city with Max unconscious in the back. They then arrived at a old 5 storey abandoned building. Darlene pulled up at the side she told Bill to quickly take Max upstairs and to tie him up, that he did do and one of the girls went to help him. Max was taken to the 5th floor and he was tied up.

Lindsey had arrived at Max's place she moved her hand to her shoulder and his mom and 2 siblings went onto Lindsey's Palm she lowered them down and they went off. Lindsey then sat down. Just then Max' s mom heard the phone ringing she ran in and answered it. It was Max's coworker. After a few minutes of talking Mrs. Conrad ran out and shouted up to Lindsey and told her what had happened. Lindsey quickly got up and headed back to Coaldale. She then picked up her speed and began to run. Now being 250 feet tall Lindsey's running speed was 440 mph and she was covering 7 miles a minute. Her weight of 7400 tons just shook the ground as she ran. As she was running the trembling of the ground was felt for up to 15 miles. The entire country side felt the ground shaking as Lindsey was running back to the city. As Lindsey was running her thighs and butt jiggled since she was wearing her skin tight blue tights. As Lindsey neared the city the ground began to tremble across the city and everyone felt it. As she got closer the shaking got stronger.

Darlene and her friends felt it and the entire building began to shake and Darlene shouted, "What the hell are we having an earthquake." to which one of the other girls shouted and she was trying to balance herself, "No its that giant Lindsey she is coming."

As Lindsey neared the city she slowed down her run to a walk and entered the city, she spoke and her voice just boomed across the city, "Darlene and her goons, my boyfriend better be alright, I know where you are keeping him." Lindsey then made her way towards the building her boyfriend Max was in.
Chapter 3.

As Lindsey was making her way towards the building her boyfriend was being held in the ground across the city just shook with each step she took. The people down below were getting out of her way fast. Darlene had called her friends to come to the building and they had arrived, there were 5 of the 3 girls and 2 guys, they all went inside. One of the girls whose name was Alyssa shouted, "Lindsey is here and she will be here in a few minutes." Then one of the guys spoke up, he was Brad he said, "Hey out in my truck I have some hunting rifles, they belong to my dad and I barrowed them we can use them." Brad and his friend Tim ran out and came back in with 4 hunting rifles, they then headed upstairs to the top floor. Lindsey was a good 10 blocks away and she was getting closer. Lindsey saw the building up ahead and she walked up to it and the people in the building felt the building shaking with each step she took. One of the girls Jennifer looked up and around and she shouted, "LINDSEY IS HERE, SHE IS HERE." They had reached the top floor, Brad and Tim were loading the rifles, and Jennifer ran up to a window and she looked up and out and saw Lindsey standing there. Jennifer looked up way up at Lindsey, and saw her standing there. The top of the building was below Lindseys knees. One other girl Alyssa also looked out and she shouted, "Oh my gosh just look at the size of her I doubt your guns can hurt her."

Lindsey then spoke and her voice was like thunder, "Darlene I know you and your friends and in there, my boyfriend Max better be okay." Lindsey then got down on one knee and she then sat down, and Tim and Brad ran up to a window and the looked out and saw Lindsey sitting down, even then she towered over the 5 storey building. Brad and Tim using the rifles knocked out the windows. Brad aimed along with Tim and the fired a few shots out at her. Lindsey bent down and she turned her head and leaned in and as she did her huge face came closer to the building and she looked in. Brad and Tim had backed up as they saw Lindsey's huge face getting closer, Lindsey's face was sideways cause she was leaning down. Lindsey moved in closer and she looked in with her right eye, Darlene and her friends stood there and they saw Lindsey looking in with her right eye. Her eye filled up the entire large window and she looked around the room. They then heard her voice, "Where is my boyfriend?" Tim aimed and cocked the rifle and Lindsey saw it, he fired, she closed her eye. she then opened her eye and continued to look in the gun shot had no effect. Lindsey pulled her head back and while still sitting she made a fist and brought it down onto the top of the roof and a part of it caved in. The entire building just shook and everyone inside almost fell over and debris just fell into the building. Lindsey then using her fingers tore the roof off and as she did Darlene and her friends were exposed. Lindsey looked down at them and the looked up at her, Brad and Tim both began to shoot their rifles, and as they were shooting Darlene picked up a gun and she too began to shoot at Lindsey, the other girls were watching. Lindsey could hear the gun shots but they were having no effect on her cause she was so huge. Lindsey spoke and said, "Now its my turn." She leaned in closer, she took a breath and she began to blow down onto them and as she was blowing her breath was extremely powerful. As Lindsey was blowing the people down below were being blowing across the floor only by her breath, as this was happening the girls screamed. They were blown across the floor right into a wall and as Lindsey was blowing they were all pinned to the wall.

Lindsey stopped blowing that's when Tim got up and he picked up his gun and he ran forward and began to call Lindsey names. Lindsey took a breath and she let out a quick blow and as she did Tim was picked up and he was thrown back a good 15 feet, and Tim flew back and as he hit the wall he bounced of and fell to the ground. Alyssa just screamed and shouted, she ran forwards and she fell onto her knees and shouted, "Goddess Lindsey please have mercy on me I will get your boyfriend I know where they are keeping him." Darlene shouted, "Alyssa shut up or I will shut you up for good, I can make life very miserable for you." Alyssa turned and shouted, "Yes you can but Lindsey can wipe me from existence if she wanted to and all she did was just blow and using only her breath she sent us all flying, and your guns did not even affect her." Alyssa got up and she shouted up to Lindsey, "I will get your boyfriend." Alyssa got up and as she did Brad ran up to her and Lindsey saw it she reached down and in and using her fore finger she hit the floor right in front of him and as her finger hit the floor it just caved in and the floor shook. Alyssa ran across the floor to the elevator and she got in and closed the door. Alyssa took the elevator down to the basement and she ran down a hallway and opened the door at the end, she ran in and cut the strap ties that they used to tie up Max. Max looked at Alyssa and asked, "Whats going on why are you letting me go." Alyssa still shaking said to him, "Lindsey is here and she is so powerful she is a real Goddess, I can't serve Darlene anymore, I want to serve Lindsey but by freeing you Darlene will now cause me lots of trouble." Max said to Alyssa, "I will ask Lindsey to help you out for freeing me." They then both ran down the hallway towards the elevator.

They got in and headed up to the top floor, and when they got to the top floor and when they reached the top floor they got out. Lindsey saw Max she reached down and just grabbed him gentle with her fore finger and thumb, she lifted him up to her face and looked at him and she smiled and asked if he was alright. Max nodded and he quickly told Lindsey about Alyssa freeing him and as Lindsey was holding her boyfriend the others were looking up at them. Lindsey moved her hand over to her left shoulder and she put Max onto her left shoulder. Lindsey then reached in and grabbed Alyssa with her thumb and fore finger and lifted her up and out, Lindsey then got up and as she the ground just shook. Lindsey stood up and the people in the building looked up at her. As they looked up they looked up at her legs and up to her thighs up to her stomach to her chest and all the way up to her head. The skin tight blue tights she had on very tight and her tight tang top showed off her shape. As Lindsey took a step the ground shook and Darlene and her friends just felt it. Lindsey had turned and she took a couple of steps, and as she did Jennifer saw how Lindsey's thighs and butt jiggled and she shouted and said, "As Lindsey walks her thighs and butt just jiggles." Alyssa still being held between Lindsey's thumb and fore finger looked down and around at the city down below her. She then felt an air rush as Lindsey brought her up close to her face and she looked at Alyssa. Lindsey then spoke and as she did Alyssa was shaken to the core, Lindsey said, "Listen to me Alyssa, I will take you to safety since you helped free my boyfriend." Lindsey then moved her hand down to her chest level and she began to walk through the city. Alyssa was being held at Lindsey's chest level so Alyssa was looking straight at Lindsey's large boobs.

Lindsey was seen as she was walking across the city and she was seen across the entire city since she towered over the entire city. Max was so happy to be back on Lindsey's shoulder, he got up and was walking around on there as Lindsey was walking through the city. Once Lindsey left the city Limits she picked up her walking pace and as she did Max sat down. Alyssa screamed and Lindsey said, "Alyssa you are coming with us." Lindsey then reached up and put Alyssa up onto her right shoulder and Alyssa quickly sat down. Lindsey then began to walk through the country side as she headed away from the city of Coaldale.

Alyssa was moving around there on Lindsey's right shoulder, she was taking in the view she was so high up that she was able to see for miles. She moved towards Lindsey's arms and sat down and wondered what Lindsey would do next. She looked over at Lindsey's head and shouted, "Lindsey what are you going to do to me?" Lindsey turned her head a bit and looked at her, she then reached and grabbed Alyssa and as she did Alyssa screamed. Lindsey brought her before her face below eye level and looked at her. Alyssa was directly infront of Lindsey's mouth and as she looked up she saw Lindsey looking down at her. Lindsey was still walking she hadn't stopped. Lindsey then spoke and as she did her voice like thunder just shook Alyssa and Lindsey's breath just blew her hair back. Lindsey said, "I can do whatever I want, I can crush you or let you fall, let you live or die, you are at my mercy." Alyssa screamed and shouted, "Please Goddess, please let me live, please dont' crush me." Alyssa began to scream and as she was screaming she was kicking her legs. Lindsey turned her hand and let Alyssa fall into her palm, and Alyssa lay there in Lindsey's palm looking around. Max from Lindsey's left shoulder saw Alyssa just lying there in the middle of Lindsey's palm, she looked so small there. Lindsey stopped walking and she looked down at Alyssa and said to her, "Alyssa, now I want you to run around on my palm, okay." Alyssa got up and she began to run around on Lindsey's palm and Lindsey watched and smiled. After a minute she told her to stop, Lindsey then put Alyssa back onto her right shoulder and continued her walk, Lindsey was heading back to her boyfriends town.

When Lindsey neared the town she took a slight turn and arrived at her boyfriends acreage and she then sat down and as she did the ground just shook. Lindsey grabbed both Max and Alyssa and she put them down onto the ground, Lindsey then lay down onto her stomach, Alyssa took a few steps back and looked up at Lindsey.

Lindsey looked down at them and Max turned and headed inside Alyssa was going to follow but Lindsey told her to stop. Lindsey grabbed Alyssa and lifted her up into the air and said, "Alyssa I am going to put you on my shoulder run down my back all the way to my feet and give one of my big toes a massage." Lindsey reached and put Alyssa onto her shoulder, Alyssa began to run down Lindsey's back, she reached her butt and she ran up onto it and stopped and looked around.

Alyssa just stood there on Lindsey's left bum cheek She looked so small on there. She then began to run around on Lindsey's left bum cheek. She stopped running around and took in the view she then ran off her butt onto her thighs and ran down her thighs to her legs and down her lets to Lindsey's foot to her right foot.

Lindsey lifted both her legs at the knees and just continued to lie there. Alyssa was on Lindsey's heel and since Lindsey's legs were lifted up Alyssa looked around. She looked down at Lindsey lying there, she looked and saw her thighs and but and back and her head. Lindsey's skin tight blue tights brought out her shape and Alyssa got a bit jealous. As Alyssa was looking down at Lindsey's bum and thighs, Lindsey gave her bum cheeks a squeeze, she held for a couple of seconds. She then unsqueezed her bum cheeks and when she did her bum cheeks jiggled. Lindsey then began to flex her bum cheeks and as she did her bum cheeks just jiggled and Alyssa began to shout praise to Lindsey. She did this for a few minutes as she was watching Lindsey flexing her cheeks.

She then turned and ran down Lindsey's foot all the way to her big toe. Alyssa looked at Lindsey's big toe, to her it was huge at least 4 feet across and and over 6 feet long. Alyssa jumped onto Lindsey's big toe and began to massage it with all her might.

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