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6/14/2015 11:55 am  #1

Just a Few Inches

Hello! My name is Tara St. Pierre, and I recently published a Young Adult novel about a senior in high school who slowly shrinks over the course of the story. The book deals with issues of body image, self-esteem, and teenage relationships. It is appropriate for readers age 13 and up.

Just a Few Inches

All Carrie Roberts wants is to be a little bit smaller.

To fit into the perfect dress for the Valentine's Day Dance. To look beautiful for her boyfriend, the school's star basketball player. To keep his jealous ex-girlfriend, a rival cheerleader, away from him. And to be noticed by her classmates.

Exercise and dieting don't work, but an advertisement for weight loss pills promises a quicker solution to her problem. As time runs out, she takes more than the recommended dose until she's just a few inches slimmer. Heads turn when she arrives at the dance, and the wonderful night with her boyfriend is beyond what she dreamed it would be.

Days later, Carrie discovers that her body is changing in ways that should be impossible. While her doctor searches for a cure, she desperately turns to her friends and family for support. Everyone is noticing her now whether she likes it or not, and even the media is intrigued by her incredible story. Getting everything she once wanted has created new problems--problems that are growing more terrifying every day.

Because Carrie Roberts is shrinking.

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