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6/22/2015 11:26 am  #1

Some pictures I made

Just a few I photoshopped. Most of my pictures are mainly tiny people interacting with the dangers of the macro world. Bugs, objects, giant people etc

Emily vs Ant

Emily Millers fended off the ferocious ants by throwing pieces of dirt/rocks at them. She certainly was not going to become their next meal.


Poor Daniel wasnt so fortunate and was devoured to the bone by the victorious Ant.

Waiter, Theres a Tiny Person in my Soup

At least, those were the words Steven prayed the giant woman above him would of said as he was lifted out of the bowl and about to be eaten by the unaware woman.

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7/05/2015 5:10 pm  #2

Re: Some pictures I made

Thanks, joehoneytoast!

Yes I to am real fond of the "I dont see you in my food and I almost eat you" scenes like from Honey I shrunk the Kids/Honey we shrunk ourselves. Im hoping the upcoming movie "Ant-Man" will have some good giant/tiny interaction scenes to. Either way it looks amazing.

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7/06/2015 3:42 am  #3

Re: Some pictures I made

Yes I tend to always call a large male or female a "giant" regardless of gender but sorry for the confusion. More to come soon.

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