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6/27/2015 2:04 pm  #1

Perils of the Macro world

Tiny people in various dangerous situations. Many are even deadly. Just examples of how dangerous the macro world can be to us. This will be an open thread where I continue to add collages rather than starting seperate threads for every new set. As always, feedback is nice and also if theres something you'd like to see me make, let me know!

Running from Bubba

"Go! Go guys I will distract him!" Katie cried out to Frank and Maggie. Katie grabbed a piece of dirt and threw it at the massive Iguana. However, this only aggravated the beast even more before it charged Katie. Katie was not quick enough this time and was caught in the beasts bone crushing jaws. Frank and Maggie could only watch in terror as the Iguana devoured Katie's body. If Frank and Maggie are able to escape this beast alive, then they will surely remember Katie is a hero who gave her own life to allow the couple to escape safely.

Spiders next Meal

Trent was shrunk down the insect sized after his shrink ray backfired on him. He struggled after falling into a spider web but was immediately wrapped up in a blanket of silk by the queen spider. He was done. Soon poor Trent would be just another meal to the spider.

Taking a Dip

The Shrunken Michael struggled in the queso dip he had falling into. His family was having a barbeque in their backyard like they do every summer weekend and now he was in serious danger of possibly being eaten by his own family.

"Emily No!"

Mark cried out as he was lifted out of the bowl of popcorn. The gigantic neighbor girl was too distracted watching her favorite cartoon and soon Mark was headed straight into the childs giant hungry waiting mouth...


6/28/2015 7:33 pm  #2

Re: Perils of the Macro world

Hey there I just registered here to say I really love your works! They really captured the essence of being shrunk and dealing with the dangers like being eaten by something/somebody. They look very realistic. You take requests right? I have a few pictures i'd like to see you Manip.


6/29/2015 12:06 am  #3

Re: Perils of the Macro world

Thank you I really appreciate it! What are you wanting to see? I am going to be uploading another batch soon so let me know.

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7/05/2015 5:12 pm  #4

Re: Perils of the Macro world


Yes I will see what I can do.

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7/07/2015 11:49 am  #5

Re: Perils of the Macro world

Part 2. To see the image in a maximum size, Right click on it and select "View Image" Just thought id mention that since a lot of them are automatically scaled to fit in the text box


Well, At least the flowers are blooming unlike the startled young woman who just awoken from her sleep only to find herself in this new much larger world.

Say Cheese

The giants have gotten tired of the tiny people stealing their food so they decided to fight back by giving them what they wanted. That is, if they were able to successfully remove the food without setting off the trap...

Squished like a Bug

The poor tiny girl didnt last very long out on the mean streets as she crushed beneath the feet by dozens of giants walking down the sidewalk she happened to be on...

"Mom down here!"

The tiny teenage brother and sister cried out while standing on the surface of their Mothers gigantic shoe. Mother had went to sit outside earlier to get some fresh air giving the children a chance to climb her and try to get her attention. However at their frail tiny size it was almost impossible to do so..

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7/07/2015 8:30 pm  #6

Re: Perils of the Macro world

Thanks no problem glad you liked it! All my works are created thru Photoshop CC. Up until 3 years ago I used to make my older works via GIMP which is also a very good photo editing program and best of all, its free to download. I just wanted to expand my creativity options more as Photoshop has some pretty awesome filters and plug-ins. As for your request, I'll see what I can do. The being sat on by giant girl request might not fly with this boards TOS and I wouldnt want to get banned. The tiny people inside a cup about to be drank can def happen tho.

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7/09/2015 2:22 am  #7

Re: Perils of the Macro world

You can get a 30 day free trial on the Adobe website if you're interested. After that you will have to buy it and it is pretty expensive. You could always download GIMP to as it does a lot of the basics and you can still yield some pretty impressive works. Oh and its free.
Yeah it would be nice if the Moderator elaborated a bit more details on the Do's and Do Not's when posting materials on these boards. I am wondering if he/she even still is around as this entire forum is for the most part, pretty inactive.

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9/21/2015 4:54 pm  #8

Re: Perils of the Macro world

Sorry ive been away for so long. I relocated last month and have been busy getting everything in order since. I also got a newer laptop so I should be able to work more efficiently in Photoshop since my old computer was a dinosaur. Earlier last week I watched Honey I Shrunk The Kids and Honey We Shrunk Ourselves back to back and got inspired to share more works. Of course finding good high quality material to use isnt easy however I'd like to thank a very special person named Jill for giving me permission to use her photos off her web album. Remember to right click and select View Image to see in full resolution,

Getting the Neighbors Attention

"Down here! Hey! Help! Help us!!" Gloria and Tommy cried to their gigantic unaware neighbor, Getting too close to her massive fingers.


The tiny people ran for their lives as their gigantic neighbor stepped out in her backyard with thunderous stomps. She was totally unaware that she could step on her ant sized neighbors who mysteriously vanished from the neighborhood earlier today..

Mistaken for Ants

Looking down on the counter, Jill spotted a couple of "Ants" scurrying around on it. Disgusted, she brought her thumb down in an attempt to squash them flat. unbeknownst to her, they were her tiny neighbors trying to get her attention...

Honey, I Ate The Neighbors

"No! Dont eat us!! Jill!!!!" The tiny people cried as they were lifted up in a heaping spoonful of honey nut cheerios and slowly brought to the mouth of their unaware neighbor...

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9/24/2015 2:00 pm  #9

Re: Perils of the Macro world

Wow great job! I especially love the honey nut cheerio picture. I dont know if you have a 4k monitor but they look amazing on my screen. Your pics really bring the sense of being so small and helpless in these type of situations. Its very realistic looking.


9/26/2015 5:12 pm  #10

Re: Perils of the Macro world

Thank you Joe and Harold. Posting a new set soon

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