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7/07/2015 12:46 pm  #1

A rough draft

It was a supposed to be a new beginning, the whole shrinking thing. At 6'6 and 280 lbs., I was a pretty big guy; infact, my nickname was, "Big Dan," as all my friends called me. However, I always had this facination with what it would be like if I could somehow get smaller. That sounded crazy to many, especially short guys, who had wanted to trade places with me. Most noteworthy, however, was my long-time friend and the love of my life, Evan.

Evan stood a modest 5'6, but was built sturdier and had a little more bulk than I did. Nonetheless, we always got along, and were usually inseperable. Yet, we still joked about the huge size difference.

Still, though, I wanted to know what it would feel like if I couldn't see over people's heads, if I could actually shop in the normal men's department, instead of the big and tall section, or if I looked up at other guys more often than down. I never imagined that i would be as short as I am now, a grand total of 3 feet, 4 inches on the best of days.

Well, enough about me; here's how it all began.

I woke up, as usual, to go to the office. I groggily got out of bed, and started getting undressed. Then, it was on with the suit. I owned three, all of which fit just fine. Then, I thought, how exciting would it be if they got.... bigger?

Bah, I thought. Nothing like that was possible, so I just shrugged the thought off and put on the one in beige. It was like any other morning; Evan had already left for his job as a personal trainer, like usual, so I got ready for my day. I got into my car, the seat all the way back, and left for my office job.

I gazed at the bulliten board as I walked in, like I always did. There was usually something good on there to read quickly, whether it was a news headline, or new business opportunities. Well, today, there was a sheet that caught my attention:

"Ever felt like things around you were getting bigger? Want to make it a reality? Come down to our office, open 24/7, for a dose of our new Shrink360! After a decade of research, scientists have discovered a way of making you smaller! The first ten respondents will receive financial compensation just for trying, from $10,000 or more!"

Whether or not it was true, I signed right up. I still didn't know who put this up or why, but hey, I needed the money, and how cool would it be to get smaller!

A week later, after I pretty much forgot I signed up (the sign-up sheet disappeared the next day) I got a phone call from the doctor's office. I was, in fact, the sixth respondant to sign up for Shrink360, so I was eligible to receive a total of $19,000, they told me, whether or not I shrank, and it was completely risk-free; if anything went wrong, I would get top medical treatment for free should I need it. It still felt funny, the whole thing, but I went ahead and confirmed an appointment for the next day.

Today's the day! I got dressed in my suit, hopped in my car, and went downtown to the doctor's. When I was called in, I met with a fine, nice man by the name of Dr. Parre.

"Hello, Scott! My name is Dr. Parre, and I wil be your administering Shrink360."

He was a short man, only about 5'5, but he was built very sturdily. He seemed like a nice enough guy
"Yes, I can't wait. So, do you know how much I'll shrink? Even if it's a ballpark estimate?"

Dr. Parre smiled. "I've been told about one and a half feet, with maximum dosage over the course of two weeks, but it's your choice; how much did you want to shrink?"

"Oh, I, uh, never really thought it worked that way. I just thought it was anyone's guess," I said.
I knew I wanted to be around Evan's height, though probably shorter.

"Well, it's simple," Dr. Parre began. "We just give a single dosage that corresponds to how much height you'll lose, and we can give you smaller additional doses to fine tune your new height."

I thought about it. How short is too short? I thought that maybe it would be best to start off slow, say, 6 inches.

As the doctor finished assembling the syringe and getting ready the dosage, he asked, "So, what'll it be, big guy?"

"I think I'll start off with six inches," I said. Little did I know, I wa sin for a lot more than six inches.

"Very good. Now, if you'll just sign here," he said, grabbing a clipboard and pen with his bearish hands and bringing it to me. I found it just a bit odd that he was so eager to give me something like this, but who wouldn't be? It was a scientific breakthrough, after all.

I signed it, and Dr. Parre brought out the syringe and filled it with a clear substance, labled "Shrink360". I took off my jacket, rolled up my sleeve, and he cleaned the area.

"So, Scott, if you don't mind me asking, what made you decide to do this, beside the money?"

I was happy to answer. "I just want to be shorter, is all." He seemed shocked. He probably hated being his own height.

"Well, I've been short all my life. Sometimes I wish I could grow taller." He laughed his gruff laugh,

"I sure hope a "Grow 360" is on its way soon!" he joked. Yet, his laugh and demeanor seemed just a bit weird and out-of-place.

I laughed with him. Sure he was short, but I couldn't wait until I would have to look up at him.

He was finished injecting it, and carefully pulled out the syringe.
"Well, good luck, Scott. You'll receive your check in about a month. If you have any questions or concerns, just call. I'm usually here."

I got up and started walking out. "Thanks, Doc!" I yelled.

Even though no one could tell, I was almost shaking with excitement. To think, someone could actually shrink. I couldn't wait until I got home to start a record of my height and weight.

I put the key in the ignition. I took note of my surroundings. If I was going to shrink, it would be nice to know how my surroundings will change.

It was still early, about 6:45 A.M., leaving me with plenty of time to arrive at the office.

I arrived at work at 6:50 sharp. I quickly got into gear, going to my cubicle, taking off my suit jacket, and sitting down at my desk, which was always a bit small for me, and began writing out records of the company's purchases, just like any other day. I kept wondering when I'd start to get smaller.

Throughout the day, I didn't notice any change at all. I was still "the big guy" in the office, towering over others. Mark, the next tallest guy in the office at 6'3, still came up to my eyes.

By the time the end of my shift came around, at 6:00, I still didn't notice any change in my size. No one at the office knew I signed up, so I would just see how short I'd become before they noticed.

And as for Evan, I decided to keep it a secret as well. I thought it would be a good practical joke, as we always joked about my height.

At my house, I put myself up against the body measurement tape I put up vertically, and I measured myself. I was still 6'6, the same as always. I was so ecstatic at the beginning, but I figured that maybe it just took a little bit of time to enter my system. I stepped on the scale. "275," it read. Well, I lost five pounds, but no height. I sighed as I went into the kitchen, where Evan was sitting, editing some of his clients' records.

"Hey, you," I said. "Had a good day?"

"The usual, big guy," Evan said, smiling up at me from the table.

"Jeez, I'm always 'the big guy', I said jokingly. "I'm like a giant compared to you."

"Well, everything's not so hunky-dory down here at 5'6, you know," Evan replied matter-of-factly. "I felt like a little shrimp before I worked out and worked at the gym, but even then, I'm the short guy."

"Don't feel so down, little man," I joked, as I started walking out to get ready for bed. "You're still an awesome guy."
I stopped and turned to face Evan, who was chuckling.

"Whatever, man. Off to bed?"

"Yep. I've had a long week. Good night."

"Good night," said Evan, looking up from his paper and pen.

"Love you!" I said as I walked out.

"Love you, too!" Evan called back.

I took a shower, put on my pajamas, and got into bed.

"Wow," I thought to myself. "Maybe it'll take a day or two, but I'm sure I'll shrink in due time. This is so overwhelming to think about."

The next day was Friday, which I never worked. It's a bit unusual, but I had to work Sundays, so it's not like my schedule was shorter than anyone else's. But that day, I had to work because two other people called in sick, so off I went.

Day 1: 6'4"

I got up at about 5:30, before Evan, so I could measure and weigh myself. As I put my feet on my floor, my pants felt somewhat looser. The cuffs of them came down a little more than usual. My shirt felt a bit bigger too. Finally, some results!

I measured myself. I was now 6'4 and 250 lbs, a loss of two inches and twenty-five pounds. I was considerably thinner than before, too.

I took a shower, noticing that the head was just a touch higher than normal. I didn't have to cram myself in as much anymore.

After I dried off, I got dressed for work. My socks were maybe a touch bigger, but the rest of my suit really surprised me!

When I put my pants on, the cuffs came down more than usual, and I had to tighten my belt one notch so they felt snug. My dress shirt was bigger in the chest, the sleeves coming down to the base of my thumbs, and the neck was a little larger. Putting on the jacket, the shoulders and chest was noticably fuller, and the sleeves hid the cuffs of the shirt. My shoes were just a bit bigger, so I had to tie them tighter.

It was a cool sight. The suit was bigger, but still not bigger than how most other men wore their suit.
I said good-bye to Evan, who was only half-awake, so not noticing the change. I hopped in my car, adjusting the seat a tad, and drove to the office for a little different day.

As I got out of the car in the parking lot, I felt again how much bigger my suit was than normal. It felt funny, but I walked in the office with confidence.

Not too many other people were there that early, so I quickly got settled in to my cubicle to begin work.

At about 2:00, after lunch, the shrinking seemed to accelerate. I could feel that I was shrinking. The computer keys were gradually getting larger compared to my fingers. Not to mention what was happening with my clothes;
My pants were getting longer and baggier, little by little, as I had to tighten my belt by one notch every few hours. My dress shoes were getting too big to walk in, which I countered by wearing another pair of socks and stuffing them with tissues.

My dress shirt was getting a noticable gap around the neck, the sleeves were bunching on my forearms and wrists, and the chest and waist were ballooning at the waist.
At about four o'clock, I got up to use the bathroom,and it was a good thing too, because my belt was feeling loose again.
After going, I put my longer, baggier pants back on my waist, the belt going in another notch. There was a scale and measuring device on it, so I measured myself as well to get a feel for where I was.

What I saw was shocking. I now weiged 225 lbs, and was 6'1! A whopping 3 inches and another 25 pounds in just several hours.

I didn't shrink for the rest of my shift, thankfully. I was on the tightest belt notch, and my shoes starting to feel like clown shoes.
At the end of my shift, I put on my suit jacket. It was almost comical, how big it was on me! The sleeves went down to cover my thumbs, the shoulders jutted out past mine, and the chest was much too full. The length went down past my fingers as well.

I waited until most of the other workers in my viscinity had left before I tried leaving. I didn't think that people noticing how much I shrank could be so awkward, but I had no intention on finding out that night.


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Re: A rough draft

Feedback is welcome!

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