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7/08/2015 11:54 am  #1

Dreamworks making "Micro" movie based off Novel

"Jurassic World producer Frank Marshall and Dreamworks are dipping into the diminishing well of available Michael Crichton novels for their next sci-fi project with Micro, Crichton's fringe science techno-thriller centered around a shadowy Nanotech corporation and a shrunken group of research students roaming the wilds of a Hawaiian rainforest.

Micro was Crichton's final novel before his untimely death in 2008, and carries with it all the familiar elements we've come to love from his imaginitive works like The Andromeda Strain, Jurassic Park, Sphere, Congo, Prey and many others.

Published posthumously in 2011, after being discovered as an untitled, unfinished manuscript on the author's computer at the time of his death, Micro was completed by The Hot Zone's Richard Preston using Crichton's own remaining notes and research and released by Harper Collins to mostly enthusiastic review.

With the film slated for immediate development to capitalize on the current fever for miniaturized superheroes and alt-science entertainment, Dreamworks Studios has teamed up with veteran producer Frank Marshall (Poltergeist, Hook, Raiders of the Lost Ark) and Sherri Crichton and Laurent Bouzereau of Crichton's estate to bring this diminutive odyssey to life. No director or casting choices have been announced."



8/07/2015 11:04 pm  #2

Re: Dreamworks making "Micro" movie based off Novel

     I have just finished Micro, by Michael Crichton, and Richard Preston.  The authors novel, "Prey" had delt with the subject of nano-bots.  "Micro" takes the action into the  microscopic world one step further. In this book, a group of eight young scientists are shrunk down to a half an inch in size, and realeased into the tropical forest on the large island of Oahu. They are left to die by the evil corporate head of the Nanogen Company, with no hope of being found.  Each of the shrunken scientists have special skills with their knowledge of Insects, Poisons and Botony. They must use their skills to survive in an incredibly hostile environment.  Nature has no mercy.  To make matters worse, the corporate head is determined that the shrunken group will not survive.
       It was a thrilling tale, and an easy read. I was hoping there would be more interaction with the shrunken  people and the "giants" Although this happens, most of the action takes place in the jungle with a wide variety of Insects. The story is very cinematic, and the horrors are terrifying.  This one will up the ante from the movie Fantastic Voyage. 


9/24/2015 2:11 pm  #3

Re: Dreamworks making "Micro" movie based off Novel

I never read the book but after seeing many reviews of it in the Macro forums I to was a bit disapointed to hear the lack of interaction with giant humans. Then again movies based on novels sometimes are very different than their text based counterparts. Hopefully they will add in extra scenes that were not in the book or maybe even take it an alternate route at some point in the film.


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