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12/22/2015 12:28 am  #1

The Serial Killer

This fanfiction is sort of inspired by Bob "Shrinkingman" Nelson's Missing.  However, I promise not to be very graphic and to make it family friendly.
Aaron was in a nightmare.  For one thing a thick forest had seemingly appeared out of nowhere and for another thing, there was an earthquake.  Or it seemed to be an earthquake.  If the twenty two year old recent college grad didn't know any more he would have thought, he was in scene from the movie Jurassic Park and that the T-Rex was closing in on him. Suddenly, it got darker and something seemed to drop, no rapidly descend out of the sky. He looked up and saw the object.  It had to be some type of a blimp or aircraft, or maybe even bus. It must be because it was an advertisement on it for a shoe company.  At least he thought that's what it was.  The advertisement was a single word "Nike".  It couldn't be the sole of a sneaker.  Before he could give it much more thought, the massive object came crashing down on him.  It crushed his body completely.

"Hey, dude," said a young man calling to his friend who seemed preoccupied and seemed to be stomping something, "did you kill a bug?"
"Yeah," said the other guy, "and it was pretty messy. I got to go to the river and rinse my running shoes off."
"Well," said other guy's friend, "don't take too long?"
The stomping guy smiled, oh no, he thought it shouldn't take long at all.  He headed toward the river.  He took of his right shoe and rinsed off the sole.  All that gore.  And to think no one would suspect a thing.  Because the evidence would be so small, no one would see it.


12/22/2015 12:46 pm  #2

Re: The Serial Killer

well done,  could use a lot more, but even as consise as it is, it has great possibilities for a short story. 


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