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1/10/2016 10:49 am  #1

Brave New World

Pretext: In this alternative universe, there are two different sizes of people. One are the typical sized humans (5' 10" with varying sizes) and smaller, 2" tall humans. Recently, civil rights were granted to these small humans, and they are now able to actively participate in their massive world.

Chapter 1: This moment in Richards life was one of change. The government had just passed laws stating that no one may discriminate a person based on their height. This was especially important to Richard as he was a member of the tiny race, being only 1.8" tall. This week he was headed out to the New Amsterdam School, a boarding school outside New York City for High School Students. He arrived riding the miniature train built for people his size. As he walked through the 10" gates, which were 66 times bigger than him, he read, "Naar Kennis en Hoop" or "For knowledge and hope" in Dutch. The New Amsterdam School was all boys, and he would be receiving a roommate of larger size. This was the first year the school allowed tiny students, meaning that Richard was a trailblazer. He walked in, was registered, and was showed his room. The school installed small doors next to the large doors in case a tiny needed to get in or out without the help of a large student. When Richard was carried through the door, he met saw a thin, 6' 2" student with dark hair and tan skin. The administrator who carried Richard in introduced the two, and Richard found that the boy's name was Austin Grath. The administrator left the boys to talk, in which the two found out quite a lot from each other.


1/10/2016 11:00 am  #2

Re: Brave New World

Chapter 2: As Richard stood on the table, he looked in awe of Austin. Here was a boy dressed in skinny jeans, a t-shirt that read "Barcelona", socks with anchors displayed upon it, and brand new black and white Converse high tops.
"I understand that this is your first time here," said Austin. "I'll let you know some things about this school. First off, everyone has one and only one roommate. Since you are with me, that means I get more space than had I bunked with a normal sized person. Second, you are under my control. I will listen to your opinions, but what I say goes, understand?"
"Absolutely, but what happens if I believe that your decision will endanger me?" replied Richard.
"Tell me and then we'll work it out. Don't go ranting to the school; they'll just get on our case."
"Alright. Now where is my sleeping area?" Asked Richard.
"On the floor, at the foot of my bed." Replied Austin.
The two continued their conversation, finding out that Richard was in love with Geography and Austin like Basketball, Soccer, and music. The two then went to bed, having known each other quite well.

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1/10/2016 11:10 am  #3

Re: Brave New World

Chapter 3: The next day, Richard woke sat up as he awoke. He slept in a miniature sized bed on the floor by the foot of Austin's bed. As he looked around, the only things he saw where Austin's dirty clothes and pair of Converses. He then heard an alarm go off, followed by an intense thud with Austin's feet hitting the ground.
"Hey little guy, get up we have our fist classes today." Said Austin.
Richard was picked up by Austin, who was clad in only shorts. They got both bathed and got dressed, and then proceeded to eat breakfast. Austin had two muffins and an apple, giving Richard a few prices of each.
"Typically they provide us breakfast, but today they don't." Explained Austin.
They then proceeded to their first class that day, which was Chemistry. Austin gave Richard an choice, get carried around in a pocket or in the side of Austin's Converses. Richard tried out both, and decided that the sides of the converses would give him less sea sickness. As Austin walked out, he felt bad for the little guy in his shoe. But then he realized that he so much power of Richard, which put a smirk on his face.

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1/17/2016 7:30 am  #4

Re: Brave New World

Chapter 4:
As Richard was enveloped by the black cloth of Austin's converses, he encountered the potent odor of the massive teen's shoes. "Gosh, this world is insane," thought Richard. "If thi boy can out me in his shoe, imagine all of the things he holds over me." With each step Austin took Richard became even farther wedged down between Austin's shoe and blue stiped sock. Then Austin reaches the classroom. He finds a chair in the middle of the class room, raises his foot to be on top of it, and then reaches for the small passenger trapped in his footwear. When Richard looked up, all he saw were three fingers reaching out for him. As he transitioned from the dark cavern to the bright classroom, he saw an immense space filled with around twenty giants. Austin then proceeded to sit down at a table where a smallet seat was available for Richard.

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1/17/2016 8:02 am  #5

Re: Brave New World

Chapter 5:        (Note: this chapter is two months ahead of chapter 4, taking place in November.)

Richard had already awoke before the alarm clock had gone off. He stayed away from the path Austin always took to reach the bathroom, for fear that it would be too early for Austin to realize where he was stepping. One time, in late September, Richard walked over to where he had left his books. He paid no attention to when Austin got up and began walking, and almost got crushed by a teen's massive size 12 feet. Richard felt the force of Austin getting out of bed, sending shock waves throughout the room. Austin looked over at Richard, only to just walk over to the bathroom to shower and change. When he was finished with that, he let Richard do the same in the sink. Richard was then picked up by Austin's massive fingers after he had put on his clothes, and then placed on the table next to Ausins binder. In Richards eyes, the monstrosity was bigger than a football field. Austin had put their schedule in the front pocket of the binder. It read as follows:
Austin Grath/Richard Conrad-11th Grade
H Chemistry: Mr. Perry S121
H Algebra II: Ms. Doucette M221
H English 11: Ms. Bowman E203
3-D Art: Mrs. Wess A102
AP Economics: Mr. Harrington H221
AP Government: Dr. Levvik H214

As Austin carried Richard out to breakfast, he went over to his bed to grab his pack of pencils. While doing that, he accidentally stepped on Richard's bed, crushing it completely.
"Oh shoot! It's my bed!" Exclaimed Richard.
"I guess we can go down to the office to try and get a new one. Last I heard they had a few more. The boys then continued down to the office, passing the cafeteria where they were originally headed for breakfast. As Austin had Richard in his shoe, he walked into the office. He explained the situation of the stepped on bed to the secretary, only to be informed that the school was out of small beds and a new shipment was arriving in two weeks. Austin thanked the secretary, and then walked into the cafeteria. He grabbed a premadeplate with pancakes, syrup, fruit salad, and bacon on it. He then sat down next to his friens Michael and Jack. Michael was a boy whose parents were from Spain, but who couldn't tell from his Brooklyn accent. Jack was a 6 ft tall kid who often wore jeans and a hoodie. After joking around with his friends, Ausin stood up and reached in his shoe to pull out Richard.
"Hey, they won't have any beds for two weeks." Said Austin.
"I could hear that from your shoe. Do you know what I'll do then?" Replied Richard.
"I think of something."
Then Austin returned to talking to his friends will Richard ate the scraps he was given.

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