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2/05/2016 10:05 pm  #1

The Incredible Growing Boy

Giant 9 year old Jimmy watched the tiny toy sized vehicles going down the freeway beneath him. He was a little over 200 feet tall at this point and his growth had apparently stopped. His parents, John and Marcia Bingham were in their car along with their 18 year old daughter Judy following their giant son. They were faced with the dilemma of trying to figure out some way of controlling him. He seemed to be focused on a commuter bus among the throng of traffic.
     "Oh no! He wouldn't! He better not!" John said as he looked at the bus coming within his son's reach. 
     Marcia turned to her husband, "John, you don't think,----he wouldn't,------------!" 
     The bus was full of men and women all going to their prospective destinations. John and Marcia were more than aware of what was probably going to happen. They knew they were powerless to prevent it. 
     Judy gasped as she watched her giant little brother reach for it. "Those poor people!" 

Just this morning the boy was the same size as any other boy, maybe a little smaller even, until later on when they all went for a boatride. There they were out on the water just a few miles off shore. All had their swim suits on as they sat in the cabin compartment enjoying the ride.

Jimmy was poking fun at his older sister Judy. "Someone as skinny as you shouldn't be wearing a bathing suit."
"Cut it out, or I'll hold you down and tickle you again." She retorted.
She pretty much ignored her little brother.
Her 36 year old mother reprimanded her son: "Jimmy, stop teasing your sister. That's not nice. How would you like it if she poked fun at you for being so small for your age?" 
"I won't always be this small. I'm going to grow up to be real big like Dad."
John chimed in with a chuckle: "Maybe even bigger." He was a well built big man of 39.  These words were about to prove true beyond any of their wildest imaginations. And much sooner than they would ever expect.

Jimmy decided to go out on deck and enjoy the breeze. It was a little cool so he donned his jeans and sneakers and put on a T shirt. He was out there for about 10 minutes when a strange mist moving across the water engulfed the boat while they were all inside. All except Jimmy of course. When his mother came out after the mist had passed, she looked at her son. He was all covered in a glitter like substance from head to toe, clothes and all. The wind then suddenly gusted and the substance was blown off the boat, but it clung to the boy and his clothes because they were still damp from his overboard swim a little earlier. Before she could say or do anything, the boy suddenly grew 2 feet.
"What in the world?" She gasped. He was suddenly taller than his mother. His father came out as he grew another foot. 
"Cool!" Jimmy exclaimed as he looked at his parents who were now both smaller than him. His sister Judy came out and looked at her little brother in disbelief. No one knew what to make of this.
"Wow! This is so cool! Look how small you all are!" Jimmy was enthralled at the sight of his now little parents and older sister.
Judy looked up at her giant little brother nervously recalling just yesterday when she pinned him down and tickled him mercilessly. All in good fun of course. She loved her little brother. Only now he wasn't so little. He walked over to her and wrapped his fingers around her bony little arms just below her shoulders.
"Eeeewww! Your arms feel like little twigs," he exclaimed as she tried to pull away.
"Let go of me!" She demanded.
The huge boy just giggled and effortlessly lifted her up over his head as she screamed for him to put her down. 
"Put your sister down right now!" Demanded his mother. He put his sister down and his mother stood there with her arms folded, unintimidated. The boy was enjoying his new size but she knew he wouldn't disobey her. At least she hoped he wouldn't. She was no bigger than her daughter. They were about the same size and were often mistaken for being sisters.
John, not wanting his son to do the same thing with his mother, spoke sternly to the boy, "Listen, young man, we're still your parents and once we figure out what happened, you'll be back to normal size, so don't go getting any funny ideas."
"Okay Dad. This is so neat though." He knew his father was right. 
In reality, John didn't know when this growth would stop. The boy continued to grow, clothes and all and John knew he didn't have time to even wonder why this was happening.
His son would soon grow too big for the boat and he knew he needed to get back to shore as soon as possible and deal with this at that point. As the boat raced back, Jimmy's growth slowly continued as his father sped the engine up.  Soon the boy was a little over ten feet tall. Then 15. Then 20.
"Wheeee! Look at me grow! Look how big I am! This is so neat!" Soon the 35 foot boat began to take on water. Then, the back of it where he was standing went under water and it began to sink entirely. 

None of them had time to put their life vests on. Jimmy's wouldn't have fit him anyway. As the boat went below the surface they all found themselves treading water. Jimmy didn't have to though. He was now over 35 feet tall and the water was only about 30 feet deep. He giggled at their tiny little bodies treading water in front of him. They all looked at him in disbelief.
Cupping his hands underneath them, he playfully lifted all three of them up and out of the water. His mother and sister screamed, his father just looked up at his son shaking his head. Jimmy giggled and set them back down into the water. He ducked below the surface and after a few moments he was back up with the boat cradled in his arms. Tipping it so the water would run out, he then set it upright and it was floating once again. John, not sure of what to make of all this, was just glad to see it up and floating. As the three of them swam towards it, Jimmy watched, enthralled at the sight. His father was the same size as a GI JOE action figure to the boy, just about 1 foot tall. His mother and sister seemed smaller than Barbie dolls.

      Jimmy watched as the miniature trio swam by him. He simply could not resist. He playfully took his father's ankle between his thumb and forefinger and lifted the little helpless man up and out of the water and dangled him upside down in front of his face. Marcia and Judy gasped at the sight of it. They were speechless. 
John just shook his head and waited. His leg was starting to hurt. "Alright son. That's enough. Put me down now." John knew this was inevitable. Boys will be boys no matter what their size.
"Put your father down, young man!" His mother demanded. Jimmy looked amusingly at his miniature mother. She looked like a little stick figure in a swim suit. He giggled and reached down for her with his other hand as his sister helplessy watched. They all knew he was enjoying himself. Being a child and having to always be dominated by larger, older adults was just a reality of life for the boy. Now that reality was reversed and the boy was enjoying himself hugely. 
"Stop! Don't you dare!" She demanded, assuming her son would obey her authority as his mother. She was wrong. She gasped and screamed as his enormous hand engulfed her body, pinning her arms tightly against her sides, and lifted her up out of the water also. Instinctively she tried to struggle but even though the boy's grip was gentle from his perspective, to her if was as futile as struggling to free herself from being encased in concrete. She glared into his eyes angrily. This was still her son and he had disobeyed both of his parents. She was mad to say the least but realized she was powerless to prevent him. The boy giggled and set them both down back into the water. 
The boy looked on as they all swam up to the ladder. Judy was the first to try to climb, but being so exhausted she could not pull herself up. Her father moved up to help her, but before he could, Jimmy picked her wet little body up out of the water with his hand. She screamed as she felt his fingers completely encircle her waist as she was effortlessly lifted like a doll by her little (little?) brother. The boy cringed at how frail her tiny bones felt. Before Marcia could say anything she gasped as she felt her son's enormous fingers around her waist also. She was getting tired from all the swimming and treading water and resigned herself to the situation. At this point she was glad to have her son save her from having to climb the ladder, but still did not want to encourage this type of behavior. She felt just as frail as his sister to the boy. Jimmy handled her as gently as he could, and put her on the boat also. John figured he was next. He decided to let his son have his fun for now. He knew he couldn't stop him anyway. As Jimmy picked up his father with his hand, he felt a little more sturdy than his mother and sister. Now they were all safe and on the boat, still trying to process all what was happening. 
     Jimmy was looking at the boat as they all stood staring up at him. He moved closer and put both of his arms underneath it, lifting it off the surface of the water and held it in a cradle position and giggled. Marcia and her daughter screamed, nearly losing their balance. Jimmy was enjoying showing off his enormous strength. The boat wasn't too heavy to him. John, steadying himself on one of the seats, demanded: "Son, put the boat down now!" Hoping his giant son would respect his authority as his father, he knew he was in no position to enforce that authority. It was beginning to occur to the boy that he was the one in total control. He didn't have to obey anyone if he didn't want to. He was having fun not being a small child, always having to obey adults. As he continued to hold the boat up, he looked into all their faces. His father just looked at him sternly and waited. His mother walked right to the edge and demanded he obey his father. Judy, with a nervous look on her face, knew he was a good boy, but figured her little brother would play this to the hilt. Jimmy giggled and tilted the boat a little and his mother lost her balance and fell. The boy gasped, and set the boat down slowly. He didn't mean to make her fall. John helped his wife to her feet.

"Are you okay Mom? I'm sorry." Jimmy felt a little bad. He wanted to stay on everyone's good side, but still, he was having the time of his life.  

He set it back down and just kept looking at it with them on it as it floated. He watched as his father helped his mother to one of the seats. They knew they needed to make him understand the potential for him causing property damage or possibly injuring someone was very real. John was still not quite sure how he would impress this upon the boy just yet. He knew the first order of business was to get everyone back to shore to see how to reverse the boy's unexplained growth.
      As his father tried to start the engine, it wouldn't fire, being waterlogged. 
"Jimmy, you'll need to pull us back to shore. Here's the rope. Be careful son, don't pull too fast." 
"Sure, okay. Neat!" Jimmy carefully pulled the boat with his family on board safely back. 
     Soon they were back on shore, and not a moment too soon for the boy was now just over 37 feet tall and too big for the car. Jimmy walked up to it as he continued to grow. To him it didn't feel like he was growing. It just seem like everything and everyone around him was shrinking. Looking at the car as it continued to seem to shrink, soon to him it seemed to be a little over two feet long from bumper to bumper. He was abut 39 feet tall now. John and Marcia were beside themselves still not sure how to deal with this. Jimmy just kept looking around, giggling. He reached down with his arms spanning the car, his left hand on the rear bumper and his right hand on the front and easily lifted the vehicle off the ground and up over his head while his family looked on in disbelief.
"Jimmy Dear, are you okay? How do you feel?" His mother looked up at her growing son. He had just lifted their two ton car up over his head like a toy. It was obvious the boy was enjoying this but she was concerned for his well being.
"I feel fine." The boy's voice was starting to increase in volume as his size increased. He set the car back down, much to his father's relief. He was now about forty feet tall. Looking down at his sister with a mischevous grin on his boyish face, he reached down for her and before she could do anything, he completely encircled her body with his huge fingers, pinning her bony little arms tightly against her sides and lifted her up to his huge grinning face as she screamed and squirmed in his huge grasp. John and Marcia gasped. They know their son meant no harm, but the sight of their daughter gripped helplessy in their son's huge hand like a Barbie doll caused them to be concerned for her safety. The boy might accidentally crush her with good intentions. 
"PUT ME DOWN!" She screamed. The boy continued to giggle despite his parents yelling at him to put her down. She continued to struggle to free her arms. Jimmy relaxed his grip a little and she pulled her arms out and began pounding on top of her brother's huge hand.  Jimmy giggled at the sight of her pencil thin legs kicking and flailing as they portruded from below his fist. He barely felt the tiny taps on the top of his thumb knuckle as she kept pounding on it. Soon she was exhausted and went limp in his hand, gasping for breath. He tilted his hand and opened it palm up with her laying flat on her back. Her legs dangled over one side. Her arms were stretched out on either side.She was still too exhausted to move. Jimmy just held her there wanting to make sure she was alright. She seemed to be okay. She sat up some and repositioned her self as best as she could in his palm with her legs crossed. She knew all she could do was wait for her brother to put her down. 
"Hey Sis. Look who's bigger now. Remember when you tickled me the other day? Let's see how ticklish you are!"
With that the boy gently pushed her back flat onto his palm with the tip of his finger. He then spread her arms out with his thumb and forefinger, pinning them outstretched on either side.  Then, again with his thumb and forefinger he began to tickle her on either side of her ribcage and armpits. She began laughing hysterically and uncontrollably begging for him to please stop. Her voice changed from laughing hysterically to anger. "Stop! Now! Or else!"
"Or else what?" He loved the challenge. What could she do? Jimmy again clenched his hand around her waist. It was so thin his fingers overlapped. He held her upright in front of his face teasingly. Her pencil thin arms were resting on top of his fist. Her pencil thin legs were dangling limply. Jimmy tightened his grip around her waist a little more, still realizing he needed to be careful. .
"Just stop! Please! You're hurting me! Stop squeezing me so hard!" Jimmy could feel her ribcage expand in his hand with each breath she took. 

John and Marcia both kept shouting up at their son, "PUT HER DOWN THIS INSTANT, YOUNG MAN!" Jimmy was already lowering her slowly back down to the ground, starting to feel bad. As her feet made contact with the ground, her knees buckled some. She was so exhausted, she could not yet support her own weight. Jimmy lifted her up again. Her thin legs dangled limply just above the ground.
"Are you okay Sis?" Out of breath, she was too weak to reply. Jimmy gently held her tiny limp body in his hand not sure what to do. She took a deep breath.
 "I'm okay. You can put me down now." The boy slowly and carefully set her back down. When he was sure she could stand he slowly removed his hand from around her. She was a little shakey but apparently all right. "Will you please stop doing that?" She asked. Her arms were crossed in front of her, her hands gripping her shoulders. She was a little sore from his tight grip.
"Okay. Sorry. It's just that you're so cute and little. Just like little dolls." He stooped down and looked at his miniature family.
His father spoke up: "Son, apparently you don't realize how frail people are to you now. We're not toys. We're the same people we always were before you grew. Even though you think you're being gentle, you're hurting us when you pick us up. We're not dolls made of plastic. We're made of flesh and bones and you could very easily break our bones if you keep doing this. Understand?"
"Okay, Dad. I guess so." It was obvious to John his son didn't fully get it. All Jimmy could think about was how fun it was being a giant. 
He then stood up and looked around and started to walk away to explore his surroundings. Judy, still nervous and a little shakey from being handled like a doll, watched as he walked away. She loved her little brother and didn't want him to get into any trouble. They all ran after him pleading with him to come back. Jimmy turned around and looked at them. He was now about 100 feet tall, and they all seemed to be about 5 inches tall or so. Marcia gasped as she looked up as he continued to grow. The sheer enormity of the boy was a bit unnerving. Still, this was her son and she was worried about his well being. She also knew he didn't realize he needed to watch every step he took. The boy continued on his journey. 
"Jimmy! Please stop!" Her voice was getting to tiny for him to hear. They all got into the car and started to follow the boy. He was now just about 150 feet tall. Each new growth phase was a new and exciting experience for him.

As they continued to drive down the lone winding road, there was no danger of losing sight of him. As he neared the main highway, John and Marcia could only hope their son wouldn't do anything foolish. This hope was suddenly shattered as he turned around and saw their tiny car following him. Jimmy reached down to pick the car up with his hand. John put the car in reverse and slammed on the accelerator. The escape attempt was futile. Jimmy playfully giggled and with one huge step, put his foot behind the car, blocking it's path, being careful not to accidentally step on it. The car rammed into the boy's foot at a high rate of speed, jolting their bodies violently. Jimmy giggled and reached down and lifted the toy sized car up with his fingertips. They all screamed involuntarily as they were lifted up into the air at such a great velocity, that they nearly passed out from the G-forces. They were all moaning in pain, though uninjured for the most part. Jimmy didn't realize the danger he was putting them in. He set the car in his palm, still unaware of their condition. Thinking he was being gentle he set the car back down. Again they all screamed at the sensation of the sudden drop in altitude, again nearly passing out.
Jimmy continued towards the freeway. His final growth spurt had just run its course. He was now just a little over 200 feet tall. With the freeway in sight, the boy marveled at what he saw. It was rush hour and the traffic was heavy. The Binghams continued to follow him. 
He was now at the freeway. Straddling all lanes with his feet on both the east and west bound lanes, he looked down. All these neat little toy cars with real little people in them. Tires squealed as some of them slammed on the brakes. People simply could not believe what they were seeing. Other cars sped away with their engines racing. Jimmy looked down at the commuter bus as it approached. Soon it was within the boy's reach.

     Reaching down, being careful to keep it upright, Jimmy carefully lifted up the toy sized bus which was about eight inches long from his perspective. Bringing it close up to his huge face, he looked inside. There was total pandemonium and hysteria. Jimmy could barely hear the tiny screams of the men and women as they looked out at him in disbelief. To him, they were the equivalent of about 1½ inches tall or so, almost too small for him to see the expressions on their faces. As he looked closer, he could see some of them cowering in fear, some in their seats, some standing in the aisle wondering which way to go. Any attempt at escape was utterly futile. This giant boy had the tiny bus over 200 feet in the air. All the tiny occupants could do was to wait in fear wondering what he was going to do to them.
The tiny size of the people made them seem somewhat insignificant to the giant boy, but not entirely. He certainly had no intention of hurting anyone. He was a good boy who was just enjoying the novelty of his newly acquired giant size. But being that he was just a boy, the problem was, he was so big he didn't realize the danger he was putting everyone in. Every move he made was amplified.

Jimmy carefully set the bus in the palm of his hand. "OUCH!" He hollered as the heat of the exhaust system burned his hand. Gripping it suddenly with his other hand, his palm on the roof, his thumb and fingers down the sides, the windows cracked and the walls caved in some. It wasn't as sturdy as he thought. The screams intensified as everyone aboard thought he was about to crush the bus like a tin can with everyone inside. The screams subsided some when this didn't happen.

The Binghams continued to look on, feeling utterly helpless, hoping against hope their son wouldn't accidentally drop it.
"Put it down. Put them down. Please put the bus down," They repeated over and over as they sat watching the events unfold from about a quarter mile away.

Holding it in front of his face, he continued to marvel at the sight of it. He was holding what seemed to him to be the most perfect toy. A real bus with real living little people inside. Realizing this was no toy, however, he knew he needed to be very careful.

Still peering closely into the tiny vehicle, Jimmy noticed the commotion had somewhat lessened. He turned the bus around from side to side slowly looking into it with boyish curiosity. Bringing it even closer to his face, he met eyes with one young woman looking out at him. With his huge finger he smiled and touched the window she was sitting by and she seemed to faint at the sight of his enormous digit which was more than twice the size of her entire body. 
A couple of the people inside tended to her as well of a couple of other women who appeared to be unconscious, apparently having fainted also. The driver was still gripping the wheel and looking out intensly. Jimmy began to realize the seriousness of the situation. He carefully set the tiny bus back down and waited for it to drive away. It just sat there between his enormous sneakers, not moving yet. The engine then started up and he watched as it slowly drove away.
Looking down at the highway that stretched beneath him, he wondered why there was no longer any traffic. He wanted to pick up another car or two and see the people inside them also. Apparently road blocks had been set up with all the commotion the sight of him was causing. The Bingham's were still about a quarter of a mile away looking on helplessly, hoping their son wouldn't continue with this playful behavior. 

"At least he's trying to be careful." Marcia said to her husband.
"He should know better!" John said as he shook his head, still watching his giant son. 
"Playing with his toy cars back home is his favorite pasttime," his wife said, shaking her head back and forth, hoping her son realized these were in fact not just his toys. She knew why he was behaving this way, but still was very worried about the outcome of all this.

A few news helicopters were coming towards him. They also looked like little toys to the boy.

"They'd better keep their distance," John said to his wife.
Judy continued to look on, knowing her little brother all to well. Her ribcage and pelvis were still a little sore from being clenched in her brother's fist. Her ribcage was also still sore from his huge fingers trying to tickle her.
"If they do get too close, he will try to get them. We know that."
One of them did fly a little too close, just within arms reach. Jimmy reached up and with his fingertips and playfully gripped the landing rails. The pilot gunned the engine, but it was futile. Giggling, Jimmy effortlessly brought it down to look inside and gasped with delight as he recognized the famous newslady he'd seen on TV many times. She was much smaller than his pinky finger and looked frightened but continued to talk on the microphone as the cameraman continued to film. All had looks of terror on their faces.
Not wanting to get into trouble, Jimmy figured he had better let the little chopper go. He was afraid of hurting them or scaring them too much. He released his grip. With the engine still revved to the max, the tiny craft shot up into the air and began to spin out of control. Just then the engine quit and it began to plummet to the ground. Marcia and Judy both screamed as they turned their heads, unable to watch. They thought their worst fears were about to be realized. 
"Look!" John exclaimed. Marcia and her daughter looked up and they all breathed a sigh of relief.
     The boy had caught it in his two cupped hands, saving all on board from certain death. He lifted it with his thumb and forefinger and looked inside and gasped at what he saw.  
The limp little bodies were motionless. 
He caught them as carefully as he could, but apparently the extreme jolt as they landed in his hands knocked them into unconsciousness.
Now Jimmy was the one who was afraid. He was enjoying being a giant, but he would never forgive himself if he accidentally hurt anyone. He tilted it ever so slightly. The newslady's head listed to one side. She opened her eyes and looked out. It was an odd feeling to the boy meeting eyes with someone so small. The look of sudden terror on the woman's face again made him realize this was no toy. These were real people. The same people they always were even though he was now a giant. He was enjoying being big and powerful but did not really want anyone to be afraid of him. He just wanted to interact with them somehow but they were just too small. The woman screamed at the top of her lungs. Jimmy barely heard her. The pilot and cameraman also started to move some.

Back in the family car the drama continued. "Please put it down sweetheart, please put it down! PLEASE put them down before you accidentally hurt them." Marcia continued to repeat herself as she watched helplessly. 
"Hopefully they're not already injured," John said. "They landed pretty hard in his hands.
Ever so gently, Jimmy set the helicopter down. It was almost as though he heard his mother. The side hatch slowly opened and the camerman and pilot slowly climbed out. Jimmy wondered how the newslady was, hoping she was okay too. The pilot reached in and lifted her off the seat and carefully carried her over to the side of the road and set her down in the grass. She started to come to and apparently was alright. The boy was relieved as the two men slowly got on their feet. The pilot helped the newslady up and soon, she was standing also. They all looked up nervously at the giant boy. Jimmy stood there looking down, waving at them.
"Sorry." He said. He was smiling. The newslady nervously waved back not quite sure how to take all this. The cameraman started filming him again.
As an ambulance approached, Jimmy stepped back a little to make room. All were taken on board and he watched as the tiny ambulance sped away. Looking off into the horizon, Jimmy saw the freeway led into the city, which was just a few miles away. He excitedly made his way for it with his family following behind. The earth tremored with each step he took. He soon caught up to the ambulance and they thought he was chasing them, but he simply stepped over it being careful not to step on it. They breathed a sigh of relief. 
    Jimmy continued towards the city, excited at the fun he would have there. There were houses and neighborhoods he encountered along the way. Little people in in their yards, little cars moving about. The general populace was now becoming aware of his presence and the reactions of fear and disbelief continued to increase.
Scanning the landscape, he noticed some people swimming in a community pool. It was an olympic size pool and the facility was crowded with people, some swimming some sunbathing. When they looked up and saw the giant boy, there were screams, gasps, and some people got up and tried to make their way out of the pool. Jimmy giggled and knelt down carefully to observe the activity.
"Hi. Don't be afraid. I'm not going to hurt anyone." The commotion eased a little as the tiny people looked up not believing their eyes. Many of the children looked up and were more amazed than afraid. 

There were still some people in the pool gazing up at him with their mouths agape. Jimmy playfully reached into the pool and carefully grabbed a handful of them as they screamed and tried futilely to escape. The rest of the crowd gasped and screamed, fleeing in all different directions. Jimmy stood up and opened his hand palm up, not sure what to expect. There, laying flat in his palm were three women, two men and one young girl who appeared to be about 12 years old or so. The women were screaming. One of them had her arms around the young girl. Jimmy figured it must be a mother and her daughter. The two men just looked up at the boy not sure what to do.
Jimmy slowly lowered his palm back down into the pool and they all became bouyant in the water. He kept his hand there long enough to make sure they were all safely above the surface. He giggled as he brought his hand out from under them and shook the water off. 
The sounds of car doors slamming and engines starting up caught his attention. Looking down into the parking lot at all the cars trying to exit all at once, he decided to have some more fun. Realizing he needed to watch every step he took so as not to accidentally step on any people, he took one giant step over the pool and into the parking lot. Horns were honking, frustrated and frightened people exited their vehicles and started running. 
     Jimmy got down in a prone position and blocked the exit gate from the pool with his huge hand. Having seen the movie 'GODZILLA' countless times, he realized everyone no doubt viewed him that way somewhat. Only Jimmy was not some destructive terrible giant lizard creature, but rather a young boy just wanting to have fun without causing any property damage or human casualties. Wanting to interact with the tiny people somehow, he realized he could not do this if everyone was terrified at the sight of him. The sight of all these miniature people was enthralling to the boy. 

His family got the car as close as they could and they all got out trying to make their way for Jimmy to see them. They ran up to the back of his hand as it blocked the gate. People were starting to panic. Jimmy looked and saw his family. John looked up at his son and shouted: "Jimmy! You need to stop this behavior now before you hurt someone." His voice was barely audible to his son's giant ears. 
"Hi Dad! Hi Mom! Hi Sis!" Jimmy's voice sounded like thunder. He set his hand flat for them to climb on. They hesitated a little. John figured it might be the only way to get through to his son. He climbed on first, then helped his wife and daughter aboard also. As they sat there next to each other in the giant palm, Jimmy raised his hand up to his face. Holding them in his hand was fun for the most part, but it also made him a little uneasy. His one time big and strong father now looked so tiny and vulnerable in his hand. His mother and sister looked so tiny and frail also. He was afraid to touch them. The crowd started to calm down somewhat as they watched. The sheer enormity of the boy was unnerving, coupled with the fact that no one was sure of his intentions. It was clear now that if he was going to do anything destructive or hurt anyone he would have done so by now. Seeing the boy carefully holding his tiny family in his hand continued to put them at ease to some extent. Now that his hand was away from the exit gate, many of the people made their way out hastily to their vehicles. Quite a few lingered as they realized they were in no danger, amazed at what they were seeing. 
Looking closely into the faces of his family, he noticed his father was trying to say something. He was shouting at the top of his lungs. Jimmy strained his ears trying to hear him.

“Jimmy, listen to me very carefully. Cars, houses and people are not toys. Don’t get any funny ideas please.”
“I know Dad. It’s just that everything is so small. They look like toys.”
“Well they’re not small. Remember, you’re a giant. So don’t go picking up people and cars with your hand whenever you feel like it. How would you feel if you accidentally hurt someone?”
Jimmy thought about what his father said. "I'd feel real bad." He lowered his hand and waited for them to climb off.
Pondering his father's admonition, he resolved to watch every step he took and be very careful. But this was all still so much fun for him.

As he made his way along the freeway, the little cars were speeding and zooming trying to get away. Jimmy giggled. He noticed a car sitting by the side of the rode. It was an old looking car. He picked it up with his thumb on the underside and his forefinger on the roof. Looking inside, he saw there was no people in it. Being the boy he was, he wanted to see how easily he could crush it. Pinching his fingers together it was instantly crushed flat as a pancake. "That was easier than I thought. I do need to be careful. I probably shouldn't have done that. That might be someone's car." He tossed it  into the cornfield next to the highway and continued his way towards the city.
As he got closer he heard the sound of sirens and noticed several little fire trucks zooming along the road. A 15 story high rise was on fire! As Jimmy got closer he recognized it as the office building where his aunt worked. He hurried as carefully and as fast as he could toward the burning structure. It was a little taller than he was. Flames were shooting out from many of the windows. People were hanging out some of the windows, screaming, waiting and hoping to be rescued. Many people were on the roof as rescue helicopters picked as many of them up as they could, but the flames were spreading faster than they could get all of the people.

As Jimmy walked around the flaming building, he looked down at the fire trucks with their ladders. They could only reach as high as the fourth floor. He saw countless tiny people hanging out of the windows from the 5th floor up, screaming and waving at him but he wasn’t quite sure what to do to save them.
The sight of the giant boy was something they weren't expecting. Not knowing who he was or why he was so big didn't seem to matter to most of them for the time being. They were just hoping he was willing to help.

He couldn’t just start plucking them out with his fingers or grabbing them with his hands, they were just too tiny and frail, he also remembered his father's stern warning. How could he get them to safety without hurting any of them? Time was running out fast. Even though they were all within reach, he felt helpless. Each time he reached for one of them, he stopped, afraid to touch them for fear of injuring them.

Just then he looked at a man who caught his attention. The man was holding his hands cupped together, trying to get the boy’s attention. Jimmy got the point! The man was trying to make him see that the best way to save the people was by cupping his hands and letting them jump or climb into them. Jimmy hurriedly cupped his enormous hands and held them near one of the windows. Instantly, several men and woman were more than happy to jump to safety into his enormous cupped hands. . 

As he made his way around the building and his hands started to fill up with tiny people, his panic subsided somewhat. Each time his hands were full, he would lower them and watch as they quickly climbed off. He then would repeat the process, going up and down from window to window as countless men and woman jumped into his waiting hands. Most were glad to jump into his hands and most did so without any hesitation. A few were apprehensive and stunned at the sight of him but that changed as they considered the alternative. As his hands continued to fill up with little people, he was careful not to let them get so full that he might accidentally drop any of them. He had as many as 18 people in his hands each time. He went around the building looking into the windows making sure everyone was out.

Looking into one window, he noticed a man lying down, apparently unconscious from smoke inhalation. Jimmy knew the only way to save him if he was still alive was to pick him up carefully with his hand. He tried to reach through the window but his hand wouldn’t fit through the opening. With his fingertips, he tore away huge chunks of the wall creating an opening for his hand to fit through. Upon doing this he could then see there were a few more people lying down motionless, 2 woman and three men. He had no choice. If there was any hope of saving them, he would have to pick them up with his fingers. Ever so carefully he lifted each one of the limp little bodies up and gently set it in his palm. One of them, a woman opened her eyes and saw the giant fingers coming and screamed. She jumped up and tried to run into the building.

One of the men in the boy’s hand yelled to the boy, “Just get her! She'll die if you don't” Jimmy hesitated. She looked too small and frail. He reached in and engulfed the tiny woman in his hand as gently as he could exerting just enough pressure to keep her from falling out of his hand. Jimmy gently set her in his palm with the others, and he noticed she wasn’t moving.  Looking into his hand at the activity that was going on, he saw the others tending to her. “Is she okay? I didn’t hurt her did I?” 
“Nope. You did good. She just fainted.” The man said.  Jimmy breathed a sigh of relief.
He lowered his hand and waited for them to lift the unconscious woman off.
One of the firemen using a bullhorn shouted to the boy: “Young, man, hurry up and see if there are any more up there in any of those windows. Check the roof also.”
It suddenly occurred to Jimmy that he did not recall seeing his aunt among the many people who jumped into his hands.
Jimmy stood up and got on his tiptoes. He could see several people on the roof all huddled into a group. Flames were erupting through the roof around them and they were trapped. He looked at the group of them, about 8 men and women or so. He figured if he was careful, he could gently grab them all in his hand at one time. It seemed to be the only way. They were screaming as the flames continue to close in around them. Then they saw the giant hand coming for them and spontaneously screamed even louder at that. Jimmy knew there was no other way. He gently but firmly grabbed them all in one handful.

As he lifted them all off the roof he paused for a moment and looked at what he was holding in his hand. Tiny little arms and legs were protruding out from between his fingers and there were little squeaky screams. Feeling an overwhelming sense of responsibility for their well being he knew he needed to set them down as soon as possible. Before he did he needed to see if his aunt was among them. He opened his hand palm up being careful not to drop any of them and looking into each of their terrified screaming little faces, he could see she was not. He slowly lowered his hand down to the ground and carefully tilted it and watched as they tumbled over one another onto the ground.  “Sorry!” Jimmy said. He was being as gentle as he could. Now they were safe and he breathed a sigh of relief.
His attention was now turned to finding his Aunt Cathy.. He knew she was in there somewhere. The entire building was nearly all engulfed in flames. Jimmy started to panic realizing that it was entirely up to him to find her. His first instinct was to tear the building apart, but realized he would very likely kill her if he did. He went from window to window frantically searching. He started to remove large sections of wall with his fingers. She was nowhere to be found.

Just then he looked down and saw his family among the crowd. His mother father and sister were all shouting to him to keep looking for her for it was certain she was still somewhere inside.
As the flames raged, the building started to collapse. Just then Jimmy looked into one of the top floor windows and saw the tiny little motionless body of a woman. It was his aunt Cathy! Just as that floor started to crumble he reached in and with his fingertips, cringing at how very frail she felt. Trying desperately not to injure her, he gently lifted her up just as the top floor collapsed down on top of where she was laying. He carefully brought her out and set her into his palm. Looking close he could see she was breathing. Then she opened her eyes and looked up at her nephew with a bewildered look.

"I must be dreaming," She thought. "Jimmy?" She closed her eyes figuring she would probably wake up. 
He lowered his hand to where his family was and his father immediately climbed onto his hand and picked her up and walked over to the edge of his son's palm and lowered her into the arms of two waiting men. who then set her on a stretcher. After they put her into the ambulance, Jimmy watched as his father, mother and sister all got in the back with her.

Cathy opened her eyes and looked at her sister. "What in the world is going on? Why is Jimmy so big?"
"We'lll explain later." She said.
"He just saved my life!" Cathy said as she looked out the rear window at her giant nephew.
The two EMT technicians got in the front and as it sped away, it soon got stuck in a traffic jam. Jimmy took one big step, and reached down and picked it up with his hand and carried it a few miles to where the emergency entrance of the hospital was. He set it down and waited for them all to get out. Immediately the back door opened and his father got out and helped his wife and daughter out. “Attaboy son!"
As the two EMT technicians got out they were obviously shaken by the sudden abrupt unexpected lift they got. Jimmy’s father spoke to the boy: “Jimmy, reach in with your fingers and lift the gurney out of the back of the ambulance.  With his thumb and forefinger Jimmy lifted it out with his aunt on it. Looking into her face, he was relieved when he saw her open her eyes and look at him. She was having difficulty taking all this in.
“I love you Aunt Cathy!” With that, the two technicians then wheeled her through the sliding doors. 

(Thanx for reading. Feel free to let me know if you like the story as it develops)


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2/07/2016 1:38 am  #2

Re: The Incredible Growing Boy

Nicely done. well observed details,  excellent descriptive style.  I would love to read much more about this boy and his explorations. 

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3/13/2016 9:34 pm  #3

Re: The Incredible Growing Boy

Great story! Wanna see more!


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Re: The Incredible Growing Boy

I threw this together real fast a while back. I've made a few minor changes to the original and added a little more. I plan on adding to it significantly when time permits. As a child I used to dream of growing into a giant like the boy Jimmy in the story. Those dreams were very vivid and enjoyable. This story is based on those dreams.

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Re: The Incredible Growing Boy

As I said, great story do we know anything about his growth?


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Re: The Incredible Growing Boy

Great story so far, like your new addition


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Re: The Incredible Growing Boy

Most excellent Kennytoimst.  Would you allow me to share your excellent story, via a link, from my Yahoo MegaBoy Art group?  Wondering if I could link it directly here, or if you have another address for your story you would prefer me to link to.    

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