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12/04/2016 4:12 am  #1

Hello world

I'm Newest, at least for now.
In real life I'm currently in college studying in Science, but enrolled within the ROTC program- hoping to become an officer in the Military, so excuse me if I'm trying to be professional all the time, hah.
On this site, I don't have much to contribute except for a friendly voice- so I hope to make the best of it!
To you, I may just be a name you occasionally see on posts or maybe a future friend- either way- it's nice to meet you people of this community and happy Finals coming up for those who will go through that gauntlet...


12/05/2016 8:17 pm  #2

Re: Hello world

Welcome to the site!

I am equally into giant boys and giant girls, and I want to get into making digital teen gts/gt comics

12/05/2016 8:23 pm  #3

Re: Hello world

Thank you! I'm sure my mastermind plot to take this web space over and turn it into a parking lot will never be uncovered, so don't you worry.


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