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1/16/2017 5:37 pm  #1

Just a quick start--Found tiny man

This is just a quick little story start, not sure what will become of it

​I found a man sleeping in my bedroom, quite by accident. He didn't take up too much room, though,
​I had woken up not long after the sun rose, laid around in bed, then decided to get up. I reached for my glasses on the nightstand and put them on. For a few seconds I glanced down and saw something on one of my socks, down on the floor. But it wasn't a something but a someone. Was it a little doll, or a tiny man?

​Curious, I reached over and picked the sock up, holding one end in one hand and one in the other. The tiny man had gather around some of the sock and put it around himself.  He did seem to  be breathing; looked to be about three inches tall, dressed in a kind of shirt, short pants, and socks. Now I had the sock lifted so that it was just above the mattress. I saw a couple very tiny things fall off the sock--which turned out to be his sandals. At that point the man started to awaken and rolled over, only he started to fall off the sock. He landed on my mattress, though didn't seem to be hurt. The man put one hand up to his tiny face to rub it and he looked around, then up at me. The man shrieked in a high pitched voice when he saw me; he curled into a fetal position, closed his eyes, then opened them again and started to run. I put one hand in front of him to stop him, and he did.

​Then carefully I picked him up using the thumb and forefinger of my left hand, and I placed him on the open palm of my right hand. He seemed frightened but then I spoke softly: "Don't worry, I won't harm you, little one." For a moment he started to move as if to jump off my hand but he changed his mind. I moved my left hand cautiously toward him, extending that hand's index finger. He carefully put his tiny hands around its tip.

​The tiny man looked up at me and pointed to himself. "Veeko. Tek non leeva."

​I pointed to myself using my left hand and introduced myself.

​The man got down on one knee and looked down. He seemed to be humbling himself, trying to make sure I would not harm him. I didn't know if he was regarding me as a god, but he saw how huge I was.

​I didn't know his language but said to him, "I will not hurt you, little one...Veeko. I'll take care of you." With that he slowly lifted his head up and gazed at me--at first, turning his head away because he was still shocked at my size. But he looked back and despite his face being so small, it looked like he was crying...perhaps tears of joy or

​Was he a Liliputian? Maybe not--they were fictional, and besides, he was only half their size. He reminded me of the scene in the Incredible Shrinking Man where Scott Carey is down on the floor and trying to escape from a cat.
Was he even of this Earth? He sure didn't seem to speak English but I could teach him.

​I looked down and saw the two tiny sandals that had fallen to the sheet on top of the mattress. Given the size of his feet they had to be just under half an inch long. Veeko was still kneeling on top of the palm of my right hand and he saw I was delivering his sandals to him. He sat down, cross legged, and put them on. He waved up at me to thank me.

​Now I almost felt like crying, but it was tears of pity...pity that he was so small. Was he of another planet and somehow wound up here? Were there more of him? One thing was for sure, he was very vulnerable being that size.

​My apartment must have seemed huge to him. Sure, there would be plenty of room for him here. Plenty of food too, though I often ate out. Still, I could provide him some nourishment. He could bathe in, well, in a bowl or even a cup.
​I had no cats, fortunately. And I could take him around, with him riding in my pocket.

​Were I in his tiny shoes, were I him, I probably would have reacted the same way. Fright, distrust (at first) and so on, and despite being resourceful and hard working, I know I would sure appreciate help from a "giant". I'm not a mean guy at all. Some people could have crushed a little guy like him. Thrown him into a toilet, fed him to a cat, whatever,

​(OK that's enough for know me and how I suddenly run out of ideas, but I wanted to put it out there)

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