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4/28/2017 9:50 pm  #1


Hello! Hola! こんばんは! My name is tinywings and I'm new around here. It doesn't seem like this forum is very active, but the few oasis areas I have found have shown a lot of promise.

I've been interested in g/t related roleplay for pretty much my entire life, though it was less roleplay in the beginning and more exclusively an interest in Fae folk. Since then I have honed whatever craft I can muster in order to write.

My usual style is semi-lit with at least a paragraph, and before you ask- I am a person who can handle both side of the roleplay though my personal preference is tiny. I should also warn you that my characters are mostly winged. Mostly.

I have a lot of ho vies, but to name a few, I enjoy reading, writing, herbalism, acting, voiceover, and knitting. I am a college kid at a uni currently doing two majors, and I love to learn. What better way to write better than by practicing through clever and emotional roleplay dialogues?

In any case, it seems I have rambled a bit. You may have noticed by my intro that I used three languages. These are three that I would be comfortable speaking in, though my Japanese is a bit rusty after two years and my Spanish is... elementary. In any case, hit me up!

I am available by any of these means upon request:
-Google Hangouts
-ask for any other requests, I'll see what I can do.


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