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5/24/2017 11:11 pm  #1

New Roleplayer Here

Hi there I'm a 19 year old girl who can either be a Tiny or Giantess, personally I prefer being a tiny but I'm alright with either. Would anyone like to RP?


7/26/2017 6:38 pm  #2

Re: New Roleplayer Here

Sure! What do you like? And by what means of roleplaying would you like?


8/12/2017 11:09 am  #3

Re: New Roleplayer Here

I usually prefer Kik, Google plus or hangouts

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8/18/2017 1:54 pm  #4

Re: New Roleplayer Here

Kik: Toddosaurus

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8/20/2017 11:27 pm  #5

Re: New Roleplayer Here

Do you have a deviantart or tumblr or discord?  I've never even heard of kik lol 
I'm female but prefer using my male characters as giants in roleplays
And what do you like in RPs?  


8/23/2017 1:45 am  #6

Re: New Roleplayer Here

We can talk on my deviant art ShrunkenNeko if you'd like

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10/28/2018 3:09 am  #7

Re: New Roleplayer Here

Sounds neat!!


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