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3/19/2014 11:53 pm  #1


  ("Parvum" are the Borrowers of the world, around four or five inches tall. Feedback is always appreciated!)

 The girl screamed as the wire cage snapped shut. She dropped the, in hindsight,  rather conveniently placed cracker. The heavy thumps of the gigantic human monster, the owner of her temporary home, were heard coming up the stairs into its room.

 It tripped coming in, as Claire had learned it was prone to do over the week or so she had spent in the house, and quickly jumped up. The human noticed her and gasped, walking over and getting down on his knees. Claire hurriedly backed up against the back of the cage. The human was so close to her and the cluttered space under its desk that she was in made it feel like the human was a monster, stalking her before it killed and ate her.
But she knew it would be far worse than that. Humans would trap parvum like her for their little playthings. Her kind would be expensive, though, so when most humans caught a parva, they were more than happy to receive a free pet. The monster staring at her right now would probably “play” with her the second she was let out.

   Her suspicions were confirmed when its face seemed to brighten. It wasn’t smiling. The human had more of a look of pleasant surprise. Claire desperately wanted to scream at it, to go down with a fight. Unfortunately, all of her emotions were overwritten by fear. She was shaking and pressed against the back of the cage.

    The human cocked its head in a strange fashion, like a curious animal. Its smiled, probably delighting in thoughts of its new pey. “I was honestly expecting a mouse or something, but hi anyways!”

    Claire was frozen. Still shaking, but also not moving. He was being friendly? What? “What!?”

    It looked around the room, clearly confused. “Um... hi.”

   Oh god, she had spoken. The human was going to attempt communication. The question was, what kind? Mocking and cruelty? Or maybe something else?

   According to the kind old woman (not human, of course) that lived here, the young man was normally very kind to other humans. Claire still didn’t completely trust him. Being a parva, she couldn’t put complete trust in anyone.

    Oh god, it was still watching her, staring at her expectantly with huge, brown eyes. Claire stayed silent and after a  while the creature sat cross-legged, unlocking the trap. It scooted back and opened the wire door down. Claire would have complete freedom to leave if it weren’t for the gigantic idiot sitting within his arm’s reach of her.

   She cautiously walked forward, almost out of the trap. Claire looked up at the giant. “You’re not going to keep me?”

He chuckled quietly. “No. Some people do that, but it’s not really my thing.”

It was still a little unsettling how casually the human spoke of enslaving her kind. Still, it was better than being a slave herself.

“Do you live here?”

She shook her head. “Temporarily.”

“Oh. Heh, thought I had parvum living here for a second.”

Claire considered telling him of the old woman, but decided to keep silent.

“I’m sorry for scaring you. You can go.” He stood up and walked to the door, sparing her one quick glance and a smile before he left.


3/20/2014 8:34 pm  #2

Re: Captured

Cool story. I guess there's gonna be more going on between these two? Maybe he'll have to rescue her from a different, meaner giant. Whatever happens, looking forward to more.


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