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10/13/2012 8:09 am  #21

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

"Well if I stay this way Mom and Dad will get suspicious of you," Matt said. "I'm like, a foot shorter."

"So? I know, they may start to wonder about me what with Eric next door and you shifting sizes like this,
but imagine--you'll be the littlest guy in your class now. Of course the rest of your clothes are far too big for you now and..." Jeff sighed. "OK, tell you what..."

He took out the SAM and made some entries then got Matt back to 4'6". "And you'll grow another half a foot by the time they get home."

"Thanks...but why did you shrink me?"

"To teach you a lesson about responsibility. I saw what you did--they could have been killed."

"Are you being responsible by shrinking or growing people? I mean, do you have the right, or to keep them here?"

Jeff went over to the tiny Sumlin family and put down a pill bottle and motioned them to get inside. He headed back to his own room.

"I guess not," he said, "but it's not like anybody would volunteer to be shrunk. We get to have fun with them."

"Like I was having fun with them, right?"

"I guess--maybe we can eventually return them to normal."

But Jeff had to admit, his younger brother had a good point. Was what they were doing right? It was technically kidnapping--kidnapping by kids, ironically enough. They saw on TV how people of all ages were kidnapped,
but it was especially heartbreaking when kids were abducted. Often they were found dead. Sometimes they weren't found at all.

It was true, all sorts of people went "missing" and it was likely after awhile that the victims were dead. Here they were alive and being taken care of, true; but they were still uprooted from their own families and lives. Jeff however was not about to stop.
The next day he saw a sickly looking bum on a park bench, drinking some whiskey from a bottle. He zapped him with the SAM and scooped him up, now reduced to an inch and a half tall. He brought the bum back to his house and set him down for a moment on the floor; the bum was asleep. A couple minutes later Jeff returned, unaware that the bum had woken up and drunkenly started walking across the floor. He heard a crunch and felt something under one of his sneakered feet.

Jeff sat down on his bed and put up his left leg, folded on top of his right knee. Under the left sneaker was a flattened, tiny man. Not as flat as a pancake, but still obviously crushed. There was some blood and it looked like the tiny bum was dead. Jeff grabbed a tissue and brought the tiny man closer to his view. Long beard, raggy shirt and pants, and only wearing one miniscule sneaker--the other had fallen off. Jeff walked over to the toilet and dropped the tiny body in. It fell with a splash and he flushed the john. The body swirled around and was quickly dispatched. As if to try to sanitize it, Jeff grabbed a container of basin, tub, and toilet foam  and he sprayed it into the toilet.He had no idea who the man was. He could have been a homeless veteran for all he knew, but the man died after being stepped on by a 14 year old boy's sneaker. He felt slightly queasy but rationalized that the bum was pretty sickly looking anyway.

Jeff did mention the incident to Matt, who told him it was an accident, true, but Matt agreed they both had to be careful...and yes, again, maybe this was the wrong thing to do.

"Well I grew you and that kid, that wasn't so bad--oh and speaking of 'kid' don't forget you had dumped the little family into that bottle, and one of them is a class mate of yours."

"That's true...I wasn't thinking." Matt looked up at his brother. "Can we restore him and keep the rest?"

"And...he goes back to school and tells everybody, and tells his parents, that Matty and Jeff shrank him. I'm
sure he recognizes you."

"They'll think it's just a wild story. We can take their car and get them in it, put it in a bottle cap or somethin',
and zap 'em back somewhere..."

"They would see us when we do. Unless I use the gradual setting, they'd gradually get back to normal, you know. But after we leave someone steps on the car..."

"Just go to their drive way and put the car down there. They should be safe," said Matt.

Jeff had to think about what to do, "Well whatever, I'd like to shrink a few more people before we get them back to normal. We can have 'em ride the model train in the cellar. We can set up a city of little folks. Then I can get a patent on this thing and I, or we, could be zillionaires."

The device had a future. Criminals could be zapped into tiny beings as punishment. Dwarfs could grow to average size, or someone too tall could be shrunk a bit so they wouldn't be in danger of hitting their heads on the top of doorways. Tiny spies. Giant crime fighters or super heroes. Body switching.

And if Jeff could invent something like this, couldn't he invent a device that would, say, switch gender? Someone considering themselves a "woman trapped in a man's body" could become a full fledged female, just like that.
Age altering devices. A sickly 50 year old man could be a teenager again. Or just like in the movie "Big",
someone Matt's age could suddenly morph from a 9 year old into someone in his twenties. And getting back to the size thing, he saw people on the internet who fantasized about changing their size. He could make it real.

He had said it was tough or impossible finding volunteers to be shrunk, or was it? Someone could go to them and ask to be 2 inches tall. Or men or women could become giants and giantesses. He thought of a cartoon book his dad had, with the old Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. 5 year old Calvin imagined he was bigger than a house,
then bigger than skyscrapers, then huger than the whole world.

Jeff smiled. He was 70 inches tall, but he could use the SAM on himself (or have Matt zap him, most likely) and become 70 feet tall, or 700 feet tall.

That night he had a dream that he was sleeping in his bed and there were hundreds of tiny people in his room. They were all getting together and setting up a huge string. Jeff dreamed he had woken up and stood up, but as he started to walk, they all brought the rope-like string taut. His socked foot came into contact with the string and  he tripped; his mighty body fell down flat on the floor with a mighty force. Then as he started to get up he felt warm all of a sudden. They had found the SAM and figured how to use it.

Then he was on the floor but things were very different. Dust specks looked like big rocks. His bed was far above him. He was down to a fraction of an inch tall. The tiny people, all bigger than him now, moved toward him and in the other direction he saw a huge pair of sneakered feet. They scattered...a voice from far up said "Jeff? Are you--"
And with a million megaton force, one of Matt's sneakered feet landed on top of him.,..

It was a dream, a nightmare,  of course. Jeff awoke in his own bed, at his current size. He got a painful leg cramp and moved it around to make it go away.

to be continued


10/14/2012 11:13 am  #22

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

cool story. I hope they'll shrink more people and build a tiny village for them. And that they won't grow them back. It wouldn't be fun :D


10/14/2012 7:38 pm  #23

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

Thanks! It may well happen. Yes they may well keep them small. Or send them off into another house or location where they have to live that way. Maybe they will come clean to their parents and they will reluctantly let them
keep the shrunken ones (I'd use the word "shrinkees" but I'll leave that for Timothy--still out there Tim? We
remember Steve's Shrinkees etc!) and do a village etc.

There are all kinds of possibilities. Sometimes I think of a scene or a situation and smile...
(POSSIBLE...just putting it out there...)

1) Scott manages to tell them he'd love to back to normal size and he promises he won't tell. As I've said they can amplify his voice and slow it down. So Jeff does it.

"There," said Jeff as Scott suddenly felt warmth in his body and he was back to almost six feet tall.

Scott smiled and looked over to Jeff. Then he curled up his right hand into a fist, drew his arm back,
and punched Jeff in the shoulder. The boy landed on his mattress and began to rub his shoulder.

"THAT is for shrinking me, you jerk!," said Scott, and he walked away.

2) Imagine someone else getting ahold of the SAM and finding out how to use it. Why, just imagine a little soda bottle cap and there are two tiny people down there...why, they look like Jeff and Matt! Hello down there!
(Sequels or future chapters are possible!)

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10/15/2012 6:45 am  #24

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

One weekend Jeff and Matt's parents were away and they were on their own. Jeff, at 14, could handle himself and his younger brother. They left food, and so on.

So the two of them went over to Eric's house next door and talked to him out in his back yard. "We gotta be honest," said Jeff, "we were--well, I was--the one who shrank you, but can get you back to normal."

"Really?," said Eric. "Wow, I was wondering what happened. I thought it was a strange virus or something. How in the world did you do it?"

"I have this zapper I invented. I can probably shrink people all at once but with you I set it to do it gradually,"
said Jeff, intentionally not mentioning that he had shrunk other people before; he wasn't sure if he would tell Eric about them. "My parents do know," he added, another lie.

"But first we need to do something first with you," Matt said.

With that Jeff shrank Eric to about eight inches tall. Jeff's hand curled around him and the went back to their own house.

"Now don't run back to your house or we'll make it worse," Jeff said when they got there. "We just want to try some stuff with you." He set Eric down on the ground. Now, run off in that direction.

Eric did and suddenly he heard loud footsteps and he saw Jeff's huge legs and sneakered feet had
surrounded him. There were more footsteps and he saw Matt had done the same, and he was trapped
on the ground, surrounded by two kid giants.

Matt picked him up in held him between his two hands, the college students legs and sandalled feet
hanging limply down. "I guess we have a bit of an advantage here."

They went inside and had Eric stand on the kitchen table and lift up a coffee cup about half as tall as he was.
He could do it, barely, one hand reaching under the cup while the other held the handle. Then he was
instructed to go over to a 20 ounce soda bottle (about as tall as him) and open it up. His tiny hands couldn't do it. Then Jeff's gargantuan fingers easily did it. Eric was instructed to tilt the bottle so it would fill the cup.
It wasn't easy but Eric did just that --with some help from Matt---and a few ounces of soda were poured in.
He was asked to lift the cup up, but couldn't do it. Maybe a small Dixie cup, yes, but not this.

They put him in the freezer and Matt started reading his homework to him. With every correct answer
Eric gave he said, "OK, but let me ask another one or two before I let you out." Eric was freezing. He crouched down next to ice cream and frozen veggie containers. Finally they took him out.

"Four minutes," Jeff said, glancing at the microwave clock. It felt a lot longer to Eric.

They had Eric position himself inside one of Jeff's sneakers. They were new (to replace the smelly and ratty ones he had before)--size 13 Dr Scholl's with gel inserts. Eric was able to fit in quite easily but he was scared when Jeff put one of his socked feet just over the sneaker and pretended he was about to step in. Eric struggled to right himself and get out of the sneaker, which he did. The boys laughed.

"Come on we wouldn't hurt ya."

"Please...just make me big again," said Eric in a high pitched voice. They could hear him, faint and very
high pitched, but in his case, he could be heard.

"Want a swim?"

They filled the bathtub with water and told Eric to strip to his boxer shorts. "Dive in," Matt said.

With that, Eric jumped into the bathtub-pond. Yes, it was pleasantly warm and he swam around in what seemed like twelve feet of water. The boys would occasionally dip one of their hands in and tried to grab him.
He treaded water for a moment and then suddenly felt gallons of shampoo coming down on him from above.
Finally after getting the shampoo off he heard a lever being pulled and the water started to recede...
his own puny body being pulled toward the drain. Matt grabbed the tiny young man and brought him out,
then provided him with a facecloth to dry off. Off to the side were the tiny T shirt, shorts, and sandals he had been wearing (the latter were just over an inch long).

He felt some hot air blowing toward him--Jeff had pointed a hair dryer at him. "Wanted to do a faster job,"
he smiled down at Eric..who was subjected to a massive dose of hot air that almost blew him away.

They watched TV, Eric sitting down on the right side of Jeff's lap.

"Now, we don't want you to tell your parents or anyone else about this when you get back to normal,"
Matt told him. "We have to keep this device a secret--other than from us and our parents."

Eric stood up and ran down Jeff's right leg which was extended onto a coffee table. When he got to the boy's
socked foot, he jumped down onto the coffee table, then down onto the floor.

"Leaving so soon? Don't you know we are the only ones to bring you back?," Jeff said.

"You've got a cat next door, don't you?," added Matt.

Eric stopped and looked up at the two giant boys. "Why are you guys so cruel?"

"Cruel?," asked Jeff. "We gave you a nice swim, we're hanging around with you..."

"It's gonna be tough for him at school being that size," said Matt. "Or..."

to be continued

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10/15/2012 1:36 pm  #25

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

cool addition. they should shrink him even more and keep him

Admin shrinkingman wrote:

1) Scott manages to tell them he'd love to back to normal size and he promises he won't tell. As I've said they can amplify his voice and slow it down. So Jeff does it.

"There," said Jeff as Scott suddenly felt warmth in his body and he was back to almost six feet tall.

Scott smiled and looked over to Jeff. Then he curled up his right hand into a fist, drew his arm back,
and punched Jeff in the shoulder. The boy landed on his mattress and began to rub his shoulder.

"THAT is for shrinking me, you jerk!," said Scott, and he walked away.

2) Imagine someone else getting ahold of the SAM and finding out how to use it. Why, just imagine a little soda bottle cap and there are two tiny people down there...why, they look like Jeff and Matt! Hello down there!
(Sequels or future chapters are possible!)

1)  and then Jeff pulls out SAM and shrinks Scott again

2) i can imagine that. maybe Jeff can ask Matt to shrink him. he may want to see the world from tiny's pov and it'd be up to Matt if he'd grow him back again :D


10/16/2012 10:14 am  #26

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

Maybe though with his family next door and Jeff and Matt's parents getting suspicious who knows how long it would last. Keep in mind that a) it's tough for me to write a situation where J&M's parents find out about it then let them keep going. You would think the parents would put a stop to it, and b) while they seem cruel at times J&M have a bit of morality and kindness going.
They might restore Eric to his former size, maybe do some kind of mind-clouding technique to make him forget about it, etc.

The tiny village part (a preview):
Their dad had a friend in his fifties who just passed away, and that friend had a huge model set built which could accomodate people an inch tall. A mini town with houses, businesses, a river & waterfall, a train etc. The man's widow gives the set of their dad, seeing that she'd hate to see it go to waste. J&M can make all their victims
an inch tall and put them in there.

Those two ideas at the end--I had the same thoughts too

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1/23/2013 12:00 pm  #27

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

OK let's get back to it

Jeff zapped Eric back to 4 foot 1, then zapped him again and told him he would gradually go back to his previous size of close to six feet tall. 

"You're not going to tell anybody about what we talked about," said Jeff, "unless you want to shrink again."
Then he pointed the zapper back at Eric and three quick beeps were heard. "And now you'll forget about what we said. That's what I just cloud your memory."

Actually he was just making that part up. But he figured the threat of being shrunken again was enough
to deter Eric.

"But the TV people, the papers--people will see I'm back to normal and wonder what's going on and I'll
be in the news again. What do I tell them?"

"You say nothing." He pointed to the SAM. "I can do other stuff, too. Want to be 60 years old all of
a sudden?"

Eric pledged to keep quiet.
Later Jeff went on his computer and saw two things of interest. Someone on a messageboard said
he hoped he'd find whomever was changing peoples' sizes--the Little league boy and the college
student--and wanted to be shrunk to 3 or 4 feet tall. Jeff thought for a much would I
charge the guy to make that happen?

Secondly he looked up the local police department's website to see missing persons. There were some
listed unrelated to what he'd done, but there they were: 45 year old Scott Chase. 27 year old Cora Lynne.
And the family--an entire family that had last been seen at a pizza restaurant.  John and Doris Sumlin and their kids, Laurie and Billy. Nobody had reported the bum on the park bench yet.

Yes Eric's sudden growth back to almost six feet tall did make the news, after his college classmates noticed. 

And then there was the inheritance. The scaled down railroad and mini-town their dad had received. A friend of his passed away, and after the memorial service, their dad was informed that they felt the
mini-town should go to a good home.

"You and your kids would like it," his dad was told. "And Jordan"--the man who has passed on-- "would have wanted your family to have it."

So they set it up in their cellar. It was scaled down for people two inches tall. And yes there were
little doll like figures that size to be found, placed carefully around the train station. Men, women, and children (dressed in the style of the 1950s), even tiny little dogs.

PUTNAMVILLE read the sign on the train station. Inside the building was a small restaurant with a soda jerk who they supposed was making milkshakes. A tiny schedule of departures and arrivals. 

And when their parents weren't around, Scott Chase was placed down next to the train. It was perfect.

"All aboard!," said Matt and Scott looked up at them warily.

"I'm still setting up the rest of the town," said Jeff, placing tiny houses nearby. 

"Well, go on, get on board," said Matt. "You'll be late." He put his finger down next to Scott and gently pushed the two inch tall man, nearly knocking him over. Scott steadied himself and practially ran into
the train and sat down on one of the seats. Some of them were occupied by toy figures and a silent,
non-mobile conductor was in the aisle. There were actual scaled down ads inside. "The most beautiful music on AM 740...WJIB". "How are you fixed for blades?," asked Sharpy the parrot for Gillette.
"Christmas Train starts Dec 12--Advance Tickets recommended!"

The train lurched forward. 

"Can you WAIT for me?," Jeff asked Matt. "You don't know how to run the controls."

"Whadda ya mean, forward, reverse, stop. And this thing here makes it go faster or slower."

The train slowed down then stopped. Matt's giant fingers poked into the compartment that had Scott.
He could just barely get his pinky or index finger in the windows. Scott got up and ran toward the next compartment; he got into the section in between and ran down the few steps, jumping down the half-inch or so down to the "ground". He was picked up by Matt's thumb and forefinger.

"Don't like that ride?"

Matt brought him up close to his face and actually stuck the top third of Scott's body up his nose.
He could feel the breathing and saw some mucus.

"Stop that, Matt! Put him back down."

Scott was still between Matt's thumb and forefinger; he was pulled out of the nose by Matt tilted him so he was now upside down. Matt let go and Scott fell some six inches or so--into his other hand,
cupped upwards.

Matt looked over at Jeff, who had walked over to him, and grinned. "Yeah I know, I get to ride the next train when you shrink me."

"Are you responsible enough to run that train? I don't want anybody getting killed. You know all of the others are gonna be his size too and they're gonna live here--"

"What if mom or dad see them?"

"We'll tell them to go still and pretend they're toys."

Jeff scrunched down a bit so only his head and upper torso were above the table top. He looked over at Scott.

"Look, you're going to take a ride but I'll run the controls, Scott." (Again, he had gotten to know the real name from the mp3 recorder slowed down, as well as the city police's webpage.) 

Scott sat down cross legged and put his head down. He started to nod his head "no...." Total


He looked up at the giant teen.

"Look, everything will be provided for you. A house, food, and us for friends."

to be continued

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1/26/2013 11:23 pm  #28

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

Glad you're back at it! I keep meaning to finish up my story but I keep coming up with excuses.  Can't wait to see how this goes.


8/15/2016 12:03 am  #29

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

I really like this story. Could you make next part please?


7/07/2017 6:44 pm  #30

Re: Collect Em All (story itself)

love this!


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