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4/05/2014 12:35 am  #1

Happy Never After

Happy Never After


"Mom, I want to go with you and dad!" Snapped 13-year old Gus, his short brown curls of hair bouncing on his head in a mini Afro as he followed his mother around the kitchen.
"Honey, look, we've been planning this for weeks if not months! It's very important your father and I give our presentation neatly and correctly, and in order to do that, we can't have any distractions."
"Not even you." His mother ruffled his hair, kissing the top and helping his father carry a large box into the trunk of their car.
"I swear I won't distract you guys. Promise." He said desperately, helping with loading the car as well.
His mother rolled a suitcase in, pushing her bangs out of her face. "I love you, but I couldn't possibly ask you to not ask for food or water for two and a half months. It's just too much pressure, and I love you too much to have to worry you might be in danger every day for the entire trip. Besides, we hired someone to help you out while we're gone."
Gus moaned, carelessly lifting up a rectangular package. "You mean you got me a baby sitter?"
His father chuckled, turning the box over and helping him carry it out to the car. "She's only a year older than you, sport. She's just going to help you out. If you don't want her to stay in the guest room, she can go home for the nights."
Gus grunted, pulling down the hatch that opened up the trunk. "Fine. But don't expect me to be nice to her."
"That's my boy." His mother hugged him, smooched his cheek, and slid into the passenger seat.
His father hugged him as well, in a lighter way, and ruffled his hair. "She'll be here at five. I think you might recognize her."
Winking, he shut the door to the drivers seat and started the car.
"Love you!" Both his parents called as they started to drive away.
"Love you too." Gus replied softly, waving and smiling.
"Stay out of the  basement!" His mother exclaimed as he turned to walk back into the house. Her face seemed full of worry.
" I will!" He yelled back, hoping his mother could hear him.
As he walked in through the front door, he glanced at his watch.
"4:57" it read. He still had some time.
As he walked through the house, a question kept nagging at his mind.
What's in the basement? And why do I have to stay away?
He stopped in front of the stairs that lead to the basement. He could do it if he wanted....
He began jogging down the stairs and sprinted through the basement halls until he found a door.
It was locked.
Lucky for him, he was practically a lock-picking master, and it was only a matter of time before he heard the lock click.
He stopped in caution for a moment. Did he really want to do this? What if his mother was being serious?
His hand was on the knob, and his mind debated on his next move.
Before he could decide, Gus heard a high-pitched ringing noise: his door bell.
"Coming!" He shouted, momentarily forgetting about the door and jogging up the stairs to the entrance.
He opened his front door, and nearly choked at what he saw.
Rachel Schmidt, the one and only, standing on his porch.
"Gus? Gus, are you okay?!" She exclaimed, placing her hand on his shoulder.
No response.
Gus began getting dizzy, and the world began to fade.
And then it was black.

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4/05/2014 3:05 pm  #2

Re: Happy Never After

Sounds interesting so far! Can't wait to see the rest!


4/05/2014 4:34 pm  #3

Re: Happy Never After

Thank you! I'll post the next chapter soon.

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4/05/2014 5:01 pm  #4

Re: Happy Never After


Rachel sighed, running a cloth under the tap and pressing it to Gus's forehead.
She had dragged him in to the kitchen and onto a chair, which was somewhat excruciating for a girl her age.
"Gus, wake up." She cooed, running her fingers through his hair. "Gus, seriously." She slapped his cheek.
"Ow!" He jolted awake, panting, then slowing his breathing when he realized where he was.
"Sheesh, Rachel. You scared the crap out of me." He joked, rubbing his head.
She laughed, taking the cloth and throwing it into a laundry basket. "It's your fault for passing out. Does your mom have you on meds?"
Gus slowly got out of his chair. "Nope." He strode over to lock the front door, then came back to Rachel. "Do you have any bags?" He pretended not to care that much.
She nodded  , pointing to two slightly bulging bags in the corner of the room.
Does she really need that much? Gus thought, glancing at her. She had medium brown hair that shone slightly gold in the sun and fell at her chest. Her makeup certainly didn't need any work, her clothes were perfect, and her sun kissed skin definitely was in fine shape. Her teeth were white, she had sparkling hazel-brown eyes, and she smelled like bubble gum. Stop thinking like that! He scolded himself mentally.
Rachel waved her hand in front of Gus's eyes. "Hello? Earth to Gus!"
He shook his head. "Um, what?" He laughed nervously.
She rolled her eyes, smiling and pushing her hair back. "What do you wanna do?" She asked in a melodic voice.
"Um...Do you want a tour of the house?" Gus managed, looking around.
The idea of a tour was almost ridiculous to Rachel. She threw her head back in a strange, slightly goat like laughter. "Oh my gosh Gus, do you seriously think I need a tour? I only came here every day after school from third to fourth grade."
"Oh oh oh, right." Gus laughed. "And we would play those little kid games."
"I won all of them."  She replied, making sure he heard.
He arched an eyebrow. "Wait, what?"
"Oh, nothing." Rachel smirked, striding past him."I mean, I don't wanna brag or anything, but you are in the presence of the hide and go seek tag champion."
"No way!" Gus argued, smiling. "If we have to pick a champion, I think we know the man."
"It's not you!" She giggled.
"You wanna go? Right here, right now?" He tried to keep from laughing as he clenched fists.
"Oh, I wanna go." Rachel replied, walking over. She tapped his shoulder and jumped back squealing. "Tag! You're it!" She yelped, laughing as she ran away.
"You're on!" Gus grinned, sprinting after her and completely forgetting about his mother's warning as he chased Rachel down the stairs into his basement.
She hid behind a door she had found, panting in the dark and leaning against the door. Hearing Gus's heavy footsteps come closer, she scrambled to the back of the room, hoping he didn't turn on the lights.
Gus ran into the dark room, breathing heavily and hiding a smile. "Come on Rachel...Come out come out wherever you are..."
He bumped into a huge metal figure behind him. "Ouch!" He exclaimed, rubbing his neck. He felt around the metal, turning knobs and flipping switches. "How do I turn on the lights?" He felt a shock go through him and saw a streak of blue light shoot out from the metal to the back of the room.
He felt along the wall, sighing in relief as he switched on the fluorescent lights. He looked around. Nothing but the metal device was visible from his angle. "Rachel?" He called.
No response.
He sighed, jogging out of the room and wondering where she had hidden.
If only he knew she was six inches tall and sitting behind a metal device.

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4/06/2014 12:58 pm  #5

Re: Happy Never After

Writers block. Story on hold for now.

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