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5/26/2015 12:54 am  #1

Looking for a movie

Couple years back I saw a children's movie with shrinking in it and vaguely remember it. I think that film is from India, isn't in English and I can't remember the title. Wonder if anyone's heard of it?  

In the movie the cheiftan's daughter of a remote village is kidnapped along with some of the village's jewels. Outside of the village, she shrinks down to the size of a doll. Two men from the village volunteer to save her. But once they venture out into the outside world, they also shrink. Later on in the movie, the two guys gets caught by a girl. She shows them to her older brother and they both decide to help the two tiny men save the damsel in distress. They keep the men in a box and keep them secret from their parents. There's definitely a scene where one of the tiny guys tries to eat a giant cake. 

EDIT: The movie was live-action. 

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6/08/2015 10:06 pm  #2

Re: Looking for a movie

I remember seeing a clip of this on YouTube once. I wish I remember its name.


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