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10/02/2012 11:18 am  #1

Big set from Dr Cyclops

Despite being 13 inches tall this man found work in the movie industry; just kidding. Actually it's a set for the 1940 movie Dr Cyclops, about people shrunk to about a foot tall or so. (Odd: to the left of him I can see a face of another man..I don't know if it's someone's head superimposed, or it is another man but he's standing in a hole of some sort). If anyone happens to be about 36 feet tall, this room would fit them perfectly.


10/02/2012 9:05 pm  #2

Re: Big set from Dr Cyclops

Cool picture.  That seems like a fun size to be.


3/26/2013 3:45 pm  #3

Re: Big set from Dr Cyclops

I saw behind-the-scenes footage for the next Hobbit movie, and Beorn's house is built like this. It made the studio people look like hobbits themselves.


3/30/2013 8:43 am  #4

Re: Big set from Dr Cyclops

hola .me encanta la serie es la mejor que he visto amo a brooke davies es la mejor saludos a todos desde aguascalientes

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7/10/2013 2:35 am  #5

Re: Big set from Dr Cyclops

nice pic, thanks for sharing


11/22/2014 12:49 am  #6

Re: Big set from Dr Cyclops

Shrinkingman, you always dig up the coolest stuff!

Shrunk around a brother and sister is my favorite genre, but it is so underused!

6/14/2015 11:39 am  #7

Re: Big set from Dr Cyclops

Great photo! Would love to play around those sets!


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