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5/14/2015 9:38 pm  #91

Re: Anyone care for an RP with me?

Jim smiled at Maddie's remark.

"Thank you." he said. It felt a little relieving to hear some form of understanding from her kind, even though he never had any previous encounter with them. He looked down to his left wrist for the time, and saw that it was 1 PM. He wasn't in any rush.

"Jason, do you remember our little deal for your trombone?"he asked, turning toward Jason.

"Uh, yeah," he said. He had remembered the previous struggle and he still owed so much money to his dad.

"Well, I think that it's time I pay the rest up front to the store, maybe as part of my making it up to you. Does that sound like a plan?" Jim sounded happy with his news to Jason, and this was amplified when the look of complete surprise came over Jason's face.

"You really mean that? It's completely okay if you--"

"No, no, please. I've been a terrible father and person for far too long, and I need to pay off some of that debt; it's only right."

He pulled out a cheque booklet out of his jacket pocket and a pen that he usually carried with him, and began writing out a cheque for $10,000, just for Jason. Both items were incredibly small compared to his father's hands and fingers; the pen could barely be seen as he was writing. His large fingers handled the pen well, however, as he had very neat handwriting.

He tore it out of the booklet and promptly handed it to Jason.

"That trombone is as good as yours, now," he said.

Jason was so delightfully happy in this new chapter of his life and his father's. It was still all shocking and surreal as it had come up so suddenly to him, but having the trombone paid off was a huge burden lifted.

Jim turned toward Maddie, the little smile still on his face.

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5/16/2015 12:00 pm  #92

Re: Anyone care for an RP with me?

When did a trombone come into play? Maddie lifted as eye at the idea, but leaned against the wall as she listened to the two giants talking over her head.So Jason had a trombone? Maddie honestly was surprised by the news. He didn't exactly look like a musical person from her angle. Then she remembered that case Casey wanted to look into last night. Maybe that's what was in it.

Suddenly the gears really started to turn in her head. She could use that to finally get Casey to come out in the open! Casey actually loved music wiht a passion. You name a song and she'd know the lyrics in a heartbeat. She also loved just camping by the radio and listening to whatever came on. If she could get him to play it, then Caset would come like a puppy! "That's it." She muttered to herself, loving the plan she just formed.

She snapped back to reality when she heard a check being ripped out, looking up to see Jim handing Jason the paper. He just paid for the whole thing?! Now, that really was something. She didn't see the amount on the check, but Jason's face showed her it was a lot. She looked back to Jim as she felt eyes on her, smiling herself some as she gave a slight nod. 

"Well, this was great." Maddie said, peeling herself off the wall. "But I... better go find Casey." It was about time that she should be waking up soon and she wasn't going to let her sister get lost around here."Oh, and Jason? You might wanna get the trombone out."

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5/19/2015 8:47 pm  #93

Re: Anyone care for an RP with me?

Jason's attention turned toward Maddie. "My trombone?" he thought.

"My trombone?" Jason said quizically. "If I may ask, for what?"

Jason had always been determined to play some kind of an instrument, despite his immense size. He was almost dead set on a tuba, to try to compliment his size, but his fingers and hands were much too big. He settled on a trombone, where he could move the slide just as well as anyone else, even if his hand engulfed the grip. His mouth being proportionately big to the rest of his body, he buzzed his lips into the mouthpiece in the same way an average-sized person buzzed into a trumpet. All in all, he played very well; well enough to win a position in the regionally known orchestra.

Jason awaited an answer from Maddie with a puzzled look on his face. Did Casey want to hear him play, or something?

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5/20/2015 12:38 pm  #94

Re: Anyone care for an RP with me?

Maddie didn't answer Jason as he asked what the trombone was for, already slipping her way into the vent. "Just trust me." She called before going to see if Casey was awake. When she got to the last place she left her though, she got an unwanted surprise.

Casey was gone, long gone. She must have woken up earlier than she thought and ran off. Maddie bit her lip at the sight, this being the last thing she wanted to happen. "Case?!" She called out, trying to find any sign of where she could be. That could have been anywhere! 

She so came back into sight, her nerves actually showing for once. This was bad. "Um, hold on for a second. I gotta find something." Yeah, her sister. She quickly disappeared back into the vent. going deeper to quickly look in the places she knew Casey could usually be found. 

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5/22/2015 5:27 pm  #95

Re: Anyone care for an RP with me?

As Maddie ran off into the vent, Jason looked to his father, who looked back. He was still a little confused, but decided to comply and get his trombone out from the case.

As Jason went to the case and began to unlock it, Jim looked down with a blank look on his face.

"That other girl ran away because of me," he said. "I don't think I'll ever shake it; it was always "the big guy" or "big bad Jim. It'll never go away."

Jason, assembling the two halves of the trombone, looked back at him.

"Don't think that way," he said. "You're changed now. You just need to show it, kind of like Scrooge at the end of 'A Christmas Carol'. Don't stick around with "big bad Jim', be "the big teddy bear,' or something."

Jim looked at his son with the bleak expression still on his face.

"I appreciate that, Jason, but you just don't understand. You've always been the quiet, gentle guy; everyone's always thought of me as a monster. I have been showing my new self to people, but I just don't think anyone will forget the old me."

He looked down at the now assembled trombone, swallowed in Jason's hands.

"I don't think I've ever really tried to listen to you play," he said, a little smile on his face.

Jason sat back on the couch, upright, and moved the slide a little to loosen it up.

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5/24/2015 2:23 pm  #96

Re: Anyone care for an RP with me?

Maddie scrambled all over the vents to look for Casey, but no matter where she looked there was no sign of her. Why did she have to be so good as hiding!?!

"Wait a second." Maddie said, stopping in the middle of her search. Hiding... there was only one place Casey would actually hide when she was this stressed out. "The bathroom." With that she quickly darted down that way, emerging to her destination in a snap. She made her way to the sink about her, climbing up until she was sliding down at in front of the drain. Yep, it was opened up.

"Case? I know you're in there." Maddie said, sitting beside to opening.
"I'm not leaving this pipe." Casey's voice echoed, shaowing she was there. She knew it. Maddie smirked some, but said nothing.
"I didn't say you were, but that doesn't mean I can't be here huh?" Silence lasted for a while between the two siblings.

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5/26/2015 9:42 pm  #97

Re: Anyone care for an RP with me?

Jason was in playing position as he and his father waited for Maddie and/or Casey to come back. The two could feel the awkwardness in the air. Though Jason had just made amends with his former tyrant, it wasn't more than two hours ago that Jason had known his father to be the evil, lumbering giant one reads about in fairy tales. All of this had been so sudden.

Absent-mindedly moving the slide for songs he knew in his head, he responded.

"Well, I'll tell you what; the past is the past. I know it's hard; believe me, I have always felt the way you do know. You know, nobody making eye contact, even if they could? Seeing the biggest guy around keep his head down if he passed by?"

He could see a look of comprehension on his father's face.

"It's just who we are."

He could see he had gotten somewhere. Then, he thought of Maddie. She had been gone for a while.

"Now, I'm not sure if Maddie's coming back anytime soon, so I guess I'll warm up."

His slide in all the way, he played a crisp Bb, looking over to his father's face for a reaction. He did say that he never really listened to Jason play, after all.

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6/30/2015 10:08 pm  #98

Re: Anyone care for an RP with me?

( Psst. You there?)

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