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1/22/2016 4:07 pm  #1

Growth to new heights

Today wasn't feeling like a typical day. As you walked out, you saw a light flare in the ground. You look down, where your eyes first meet your favorite light grey hoodie, dark blue jeans, your normal black and white converses, and a red crystal between your feet. "That must be what glared a moment ago," you thought. When you reach down to pick up the crystal, the world becomes darker, a wind pushes your back, and then suddenly your eyes open to see a perfectly flat world. The wind had pushed your hair over your eyes, so you push it back up. As you analyze the world, you notice that it looked like a view from an airplane. You then look down at your feet, and see that you were stepping on this long dark line. And then it occurs to you that this was a miniature world. The line you are stepping on is a highway, and you were crushing ant-sized vehicles. You squat down, looking at the highway. "Clearly this isn't Earth," you thought. "the writing on the street signs looks like nothing if seen in my life." You stand back up, and are forced with an ultimatum. Do I leave this world in peace or destroy it. After some elaboration, you figure it is best to become the ruler of it. Your first actions is to smash you foot into the ground to intimidate the bug sized people. You follow the highway, crushing the small cars and trucks that line your path. A city that, by the look of the buildings, seems to be a metropolis, appears. Despite the large size, only about 10 of the buildings are as tall as your high top converse. You stand over the city, an ominous sight for the occupants, for about 15 minutes. "Why not let the new helicopters come and document this for the rest of the world," you thought. And the news helicopters did come. Soon, about 20 of them were swirling around you and the city. Then, you acted. You placed your left foot over part of the center of the city, and then your right over the rest of the city. A small area was left for the survivors to tell how swift the destruction came. You then just continued to walk, planning to strike the next city in your path.

(POV of John Wallace, an inhabitant of the city.)
The day began normally, but around 9:00 am was in his office building. A darkness came about his room, and he looked out the window to see a giant teen with brown hair, a light grey hoodie, jeans, and black and white hi top converses. "Lord, this being is massive," thought John. "He can crush us all." John ran outside, hoping to avoid the giant. By the time he got outside, the shadow changed. He looked up to see the bottom of the converse shoe. The pattern struck fear inside of him. The diamonds were larger than city blocks. Then the shoe crashed next to John. The impact sent him flying into the building next him. Then another shoe came down.  He barely missed impact, being in between the two curves of the shoes. As John got up, he looked to see the giant leave. In between the creases of the shoes was the rumble of the city he loved. Then it came crashing back down into a suburb. Back up to do more destruction. What stung the most was that the giant didn't even know what he destroyed.


1/24/2016 12:26 am  #2

Re: Growth to new heights

giant domination, gotta love it.


1/25/2016 9:16 am  #3

Re: Growth to new heights

(Your POV)
It wasn't a long while before you reached the next city. All you had to do was to follow the interstate, which brought you to a smaller city. Unlike the large metropolis you left in the dust (literally), this small city had no skyscrapers that were as tall as the high top of your converse. The city was also densely packed, small enough where just one stomp of your foot would cripple the entire city. You decide that it would be fun for them to not even be able to prepare. The little runts of this world already knew that you were coming, so why not just cause a catastrophe? You begin sprinting. It was a bit difficult to run, since the high top converses restricted your foot movement, but you didn't care. You were on the John F Kennedy High School track team, so running in this situation came easily to you. In no time you reached the city. What would have been a journey to an inhabitant of this world became a trip of a few seconds. You prepared as you ran to do one thing: have one shoe land on the city. And you did just that. Your right shoe came crashing down as you ran with unbearable force to those below. You continued to run, but then you turned around. You decided to go back to the red crystal and get supplies to make this destruction a whole lot more fun.

(POV of Admiral James Grant, a military advisor of the nation that is currently being attacked by a giant. He is now in the emergency situation room next to the President)
"This nation might as well have suffered a nuclear attack," thought Admiral Grant. As he gazed at the footage of the destruction of two cities, he couldn't believe the reality. "A giant teenager coming out of nowhere seems impossible," the Admiral blurted out. One of the other Presidential advisors, Gen. Tarkington, asked, "Is this footage even real?" Then, the person charged with the videos, an intern named William, responded, "Of Course! Here is the live feed of a drone flying over the city." The screen changed to a scene if massive devastation. What once was a typical city now had a footprint in the middle, painting a horrendous sight of what might occur. The screen then changed again to a news channel. It was Channel 8, the National Network News Channel (NNN). A reporter stood by one of the footprints that smashed into the fist city. She began walking to the center of the imprint. As she explained, investigators identified that the shoe was a converse, which to the audience in this small world, was familiar. They wore converses, their kids wore converses, just like the people do in your world. And that is what scared the people in that small world, that a person who very well could have been one of them had it not been for the size difference was the one who destroyed their city. The military advisors then returned back to their conversation, trying to figure out how to solve this problem. Some of the advisors felt surrender would be best, others, wars. And yet the President remained undecided.

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1/25/2016 9:42 am  #4

Re: Growth to new heights

(POV of you)
You had decided upon what to bring: a tent, water bottles and soda, food and snacks, sports equipment, and a sleeping bag. You had put all of your supplies in your backpack, fitting perfectly. As you looked at the clock in your kitchen, you realized that only a few minutes had passed since you walked outside in the first place. Then it occurred to you that the tiny world must have a different speed of time than the normal world.  As you reached for your backpack, you decided to test the time of the miniature world. You went outside, stood next to the red crystal, and opened the app on your phone that had a timer. You began the timer and then headed into the small world. By now, you were used to the darkness and the wind on your back. You looked at your watch. 10:37. "I'll just walk for 5 minutes and then turn back," you thought. While you were walking, you made sure to go out of your way to mountains and other sort of landmarks, just so that the little runts lose their natural treasures. You checked your watch. 10:43. As you headed back, you blazed a new trail. It was odd, since it seemed that nobody had ever touched this land before, and yet their were  people smaller than ants living on it. You reached the red crystal, with your watch saying 10:49.12 minutes. As you appeared from the red crystal, you were surprised to see the timer reporting 2 seconds had passed. After you did the math (with help from the calculator app on your phone), the results showed that for every hour that passes in your world, 15 days pass in the miniature world. You text your friends Jake and Matt to meet at your house in 30 min. That would give you a week to play with the runts by yourself. You then lift up your back pack, put on the straps, and then head pack through the portal.

(Matt's POV)
Matt was one of Alex's cross country buddies. Although Alex was an impressive 6ft runner, Matt was only 5 ft 1 in. However, the size difference gave Matt the upper hand in endurance running. As Matt looked at his phone, he saw that Alex had invited him over. He rolled his eyes; whenever Alex invited him over it was always something stupid. But then he figured that he had nothing better to do, so he walked outside and got into his car, on his way to Alex's house.

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1/25/2016 10:15 am  #5

Re: Growth to new heights

(Your POV)
Once you got through the portal, you decided that you should follow the interstate again, just the opposite direction. As you were walking, you found another city. But this one was too small (it was smaller than the other 2 you've destroyed), so you just crushed it and kept walking. Then, you saw a hoard of cars on the highway. You crushed those cars, certain that most of them would be stuck to the bottom of your shoe like flattened out ants. Then you saw the place all the cars were coming and leaving from. The city was massive; It must have been the square area of 900 ft, in your measurements. You decide to set up your tent on top of a suburb of the city. You see a development that, at least from far up, seemed quite well off. By the time you had your tent set up, it was already dark. You hadn't gone to bed until 5:00 am last night, and your neighbor's dog woke you up around 9:00 am, so needless to say, you felt pretty tired. You first took of your shoes, which released a potent smell. It somewhat made you gag a little, but you eventually overcame it. As you lied down in your sleeping bag, you heard noises from your tent's floor. At first this confused you, but then you realized that you were sleeping on top of a suburb. So all you did was move your body around to make sure anything making noise would be silent for the night.

In the morning, light shown through a small gap in the tents ceiling. The light at some point woke you up, hitting your face. As you got up, you stretched a bit, and then grew a smirk upon your face. You unzipped the door of the tent, looked on the ground, and found two tanks by the side of the tent. You picked up a tank in each hand, then placed one in each of your converses. The tanks than quickly rolled to the end of your shoes. Then your out them on, lacing them up and tying them. As you walked, you made sure that your toes didn't crush the tiny tanks. Otherwise, you might not be able to deploy them at will. You then felt a strong sense of hunger, and returned back to your tent to grab a snack. After you ate, you grabbed some sports equipment. By the looks of the sun, it seemed as though you slept until noon. As you walked around, you found a large baseball stadium. Oddly enough, it seemed as though the inhabitants of the world did not even stop their daily life when a giant threatened their city. A game was going on down below. At first you thought of how empowering it would be to crush the stadium, but baseball was your favorite sport, so you sat down and watched the game. You had the stadium in between your legs, outstretching them so you could relax. You then put your arms behind you so that you would have support. The game at first was paused when all the fans and players stared in fear of you, but you motioned it to continue. It did. You reached into your pocket and pulled out a wad of gum. You chewed it for most of the game, and then spat it out on some building when you were done with it. The chewed up monstrosity engulfed the poor structure it landed upon. When the game ended, you spoke. "I want all the players, so that we can have more games later on. You grabbed all of them and placed them into the pocket of your hoodie. Then, you stomped all the cars of the audience at the game, making sure that they couldn't get far. "I'll promise you guys this: I'm not going to crush your stadium for a while. I want to have another game, so you guys are probably better off in the stadium," you said. Then you put the baseball team into the tent and went your merry way.

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1/27/2016 10:12 am  #6

Re: Growth to new heights

After crushing the highway and suburbs around the city, you realized that Jake and Matt would be arriving at your house soon. You went to your tent, emptied your backpack onto the floor, and then brought your backpack with you. You headed back to the crystal so that you could get ready for your friends. Once you passed through the portal, you looked down at your shoes and noticed that your converses accumulated a lot of crud on the soles. You decided that it might be best not to leave tracks of crushed civilization in your house. You took off your shoes before you got inside, and then hid them in your closet. To replace the converses, you determined that you could use your vans, one of your running shoes, or your basketball shoes. "I don't really feel like wearing my vans today," you thought. "And I gotta keep my trainers clean for the match tomorrow. I guess the basketball shoes would fine. Besides, they have the benefit of the nasty smell." Although your basketball shoes emitted a potent miasma, they looked fairly clean. They got the strong smell of sweat from a few heavy years of game only on the court. The basketball shoes were the Nike Hyperdisruptor, colored orange and dark blue. Almost all of the material was the type that was easy to clean and bring back into pristine shape, perfect considering that there are not too many bugs in the normal world that look like smashed miniature automobiles. As you slipped on the basketball shoes, you heard the doorbell ring. When you went downstairs and opened the door, you saw Jake and Matt. You and Jake towered over Matt. The 5' 1" runner had his short, blonde hair combed into a horn by the forehead. He was wearing a long sleeved shirt that read, "JFK runners", jeans, and sperrys. Jake, who was 6' 2", was wearing a button down with the polo insignia, tan pants that drew similarities to khakis, and black nike free running shoes. You said to them, "follow me out to the backyard." When the three of you reached the crystal, Matt asked, "dude, are you high?" All you did was smile and touched the crystal. Then, touching Matt and Jake, you brought the two of them through the portal.

"Oh my god," uttered Jake. The three of you were standing in the middle of an army. As you looked at your friends, you saw how massive they were compared to the tiny force. You imagined how big the three of you must be to those little runts. "I've already been here for a bit, and I left to go get you guys. The only difference is that time goes by much slower here. These tanks and stuff is probably here so that we don't go very far," you said. "How much slower does time go by here," asked Matt. "5 minutes back home is 1 hour," you replied. "Let's just stomp them." You acted first. All you did was hovered your foot over a group of tanks and then crashed it down. Jake and Matt followed suit. Some of the tanks began firing at you, but could only hit your shoes. The effect was minimal, unseen to your eye. Matt of course found it fun, normally being picked on for his size at school and on the track team. Then Jake asked, "so these bugs are like us, right?" "Yeah, but they are smaller than ants," you replied. After crushing the army, you headed back to the large city you placed a tent near. You noticed the army had put up a fence around the tent, and some trucks were adjacent the the poles, most likely attempting to take down the tent. All you had to do was walk over the fence (it was maybe twice as high as the small runts, clearly not able to stop you), and crushed the trucks and people trying to bring down your tent. As you went into the tent, you noticed the baseball team was missing. You cursed under your breath for the unlucky fate. Then a new idea popped in your head. Since you can't watch sports, why don't you just play them? You grabbed a soccer ball that you had emptied onto the floor of the tent before you left. You brought your friends over to the city, and then placed the soccer ball on the outskirts. Before you played a game though, you thought you might as well have fun. You took one of your water bottles, opened it up, and then dumped the water upon one section of the city. The heavy volume washed up cars and other sorts roaming around the streets and gushed through the city. Then, you kicked the soccer ball to Matt, who then kicked it to Jake. So far, the soccer ball hadn't even touched the city. When Jake kicked the ball back to you, you hit it right into the center of the city. Then, all three of you ran after the soccer ball. The game ended up turning into a semi-game of soccer, where one if the players had to get the ball onto the edge of the city. Not only did the ball crush the city, but three pairs of massive shoes running up and down did damage that none of you and your friends could imagine. After a while of playing, you forgot that you were even playing soccer on top of a miniature city. It seemed as if it were a normal field. Then Jake called out, "guys, look how destroyed this place is." When you looked down, all that was there was rubble and footprints. A smirk came across you face, for you knew the immense power you held.

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