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8/07/2015 11:45 pm  #21

Re: Stronger

The plates were taken away, and yet the only thing he could hear were the distant sounds of her laughter. He stared out at the grey clouds which only reflected the settling grey in his soul. Blake still had his knees up to his chin, and he hadn’t moved.

Dinner had come and gone, and even in the morning he wasn’t right. She never came back to say good night, or to even have breakfast with him. He knew that she wouldn’t. He breathed in and out, his shuddered breaths the only thing holding him from completely losing his cool.

He had stated that he was not hungry to the people who fed him, but they insisted that their job was to put out plates for him. So the plates of food merely sat on the table as Blake ignored everything around him, his heart aching for the one person who he knew made him feel at home.

For Aria.

His eyes continued to gaze out at the grey sky, his heart yearning so loud he thought maybe she could hear his pain from wherever she was. He shuddered twice, rubbing a hand through his hair lightly before breathing out in a long sigh. The silence was deafening.

I hadn’t meant to make her cry… but… I know that she wasn’t wrong… she was… she treated me so well… and I… I’m a bigger idiot than I thought.

“Master Swift?”

A small voice made Blake turn his head slightly, James standing at the edge of the balcony. His elbow was of course creased with a napkin, but his usually stoic face was filled with concern.

“Are you eating at all today Master Swift?”

Blake did not have the energy to answer him, merely shaking his head in reply. James nodded briefly before ushering the food away, Blake watching in disinterest as the tables were cleared.

“Are you going to read Master Swift? Shall I open up a book for you?”

Once again Blake shook his head lightly, burying his face in his knees. His stomach knotted and twisted; he didn’t want to hear all the things he had done wrong but those were the only thoughts that occupied his mind. Echoes of Craig’s screams and her tears filled his head, Blake wanting nothing more than to shut the world out.

“Master Swift.”

Blake didn’t move, his heart thudding loudly in his ears.

“Master Swift… you aren’t the one in depression here.”

You don’t think I know that?

“You can’t stay like this forever. You’ve been sulking since yesterday.”

I don’t care.

Without another word, Blake heard the footsteps of the butler exit through the doors, the wood quietly shutting closed. Blake shuddered again and whimpered a bit, his eyes burning.

What have I done…?

The grey skies cleared up, the azure blue showing promise of a new day. The trees outside waved lazily while the flowers in a nearby garden attracted a flock of birds to nest. A few gardeners worked out in the field, helping to cut buds and plant other living creatures.

Blake could have cared less whether or not the day passed him or not. He didn’t very well care if he had died right then and there. His stomach grumbled from hunger and yet he had no desire to eat. His one desire was to see her, and to see her smile. Although he had never seen her smile fully because of the mask, he imagined that her smile would have been wide.

Her smile is probably really bright… like sunshine. With her face disposition, her cheeks would probably light up too… and her eyes would…

Feeling the familiar sting of burn in his eyes Blake stopped himself, finally rolling over in his bed. He had moved from his sitting position to his bed after a few hours of sitting in silence. He buried his face in his pillow and covered himself with sheets, unwilling to move any further.

Her tears… they were so small… it was me… my fault.

He could not block his thoughts, and even as he screamed in his own head his own mind drowned him out. The giant knew that he had to apologize, but how he did not know. Aria was gone; he had no idea where she was. He was not allowed outside, and he was confined to this tiny room.

If I hadn’t grown so much maybe I would still be small enough to fit through the doors… and then maybe I could have found her… and…

“Master Swift.”

Hearing his name being called Blake pulled the sheets off his face and looked down to see James once again standing before him, napkin in place.

“You know Master Swift… you can’t run from your problems.”

Blake stared back at him blankly.

“You’re a man, aren’t you?”

He looked away.

“How old are you?”

“….. twenty six.” Blake muttered.

“Twenty six. Fine age for a young man.” James rounded towards Blake’s hand and sat down upon the giant’s finger, crossing one leg over the other.

“You know… well allow me to ask you first. What do you know of women of your age?”

Blake stared at the ground, unmoving.

“… they’re… finicky?”

“They have personalities Master Swift.” James nodded his head at his own statement, Blake watching as the butler pulled out a nail file from one of his many pockets.

“Women have likes and dislikes… they are very delicate creatures.”

“…. Why are you telling me this?” Blake asked, now lifting his head.

“You know I can’t… I was…” his throat tightened as he spoke, Blake having to stop for fear of breaking his own heart.

“What happened to you is partly your fault, but then again not. You changed to impress a lady of your interest, no?”

“And fat lot good that did me…” Blake snorted, shaking his head.

“I regret ever putting that stuff in my body…”

“Tell me Master Swift,” James inquired, continuing to file his nails. “Why did you choose to change yourself?”

“Well… I… wanted to impress a girl I liked.”

“But you didn’t think she would like you as you?”

“Well I… I… guess not…” Blake shook his head in confirmation. “No. I didn’t think she’d like me… I didn’t think she’d like someone like me… the real me. I have my channel on YouTube… and then I thought… that if I stuck to myself… maybe changed something… then she’d have eyes for me.”

“But you see Master Swift, by changing yourself; you only played into your fears.”

Blake’s eyes narrowed.

“How do you mean?”

“Well, if you wanted to be yourself, then why change? Why change your body? If you didn’t want to be known as your alter ego, then why did you bother to change any part of yourself?”

His answer silenced Blake, making the giant think. Once and again Blake moved to answer, but yet nothing seemed to be suitable for the conversation.

If I wanted Jenny to like me for me… then why did I change? Why did I bother growing and getting a little taller for her? Because I knew she liked tall men? Why did I change… for someone I hardly knew?

“…. Why… why did I change? I changed because… I thought she’d like me… but… I did play into my fears… I became someone I didn’t want to become… all because… of someone I didn’t even know.”

“Now tell me, Master Swift.” James took his nail file and blew upon the sand, dusting the thing off with his napkin before placing the file back in his pocket.

“I have known Miss Aria for twenty three years… and not once has she fallen into these ‘norms’ as you young people say.”

James got up and dusted himself off now, walking a little ways away from Blake’s huge face.

“I have come to know that the way she is now, is how she will be around everyone. That bright young girl with a smile to die for is the same little girl I pushed on the swings all those years ago. She has grown into a woman, yes, and has toiled the rocky path of life, but never once has she strayed from her charming self. Now… riddle me this.”

Holding up a finger, James commanded Blake’s attention, the giant pulling his pillow closer to him.

“If she were not herself… would you not have come to enjoy her so much?”

If… if she were anyone else… …. When I saw Jenny… and who she was… I didn’t like it… I didn’t like anything about it… and I didn’t want it to be true… and I tried to change it to make it seem like it was okay… when I knew… I knew it wasn’t… I knew I didn’t like it… I’ve been lying to myself the whole time… I knew… I knew from the start…

I didn’t like her the way I think I did.

“… if she were…” Blake whispered, lowering his head. “If she were anybody else… I don’t think I would like her as much as I do…”

James walked around to Blake’s other hand, putting a hand upon the giant. The hand caressed Blake’s skin, the man feeling his heart beginning to fill with hope.

“You’re a good man, Blake. I see that in you. Speaking as a friend now, more than a butler…. I have this to say.”

The giant turned his head curiously, his ears perked.

“She loves lilacs.”
Her room is the second to the right from the East side of the mansion. There is a small balcony where her music stands are, and where you can see potted plants.

How will I know she’s in there?

You can tell by the music blasting out of her room, or by the sounds of typing. She loves to write horror novels.


He settled down upon his knees, Blake leaning down carefully in front of the balcony. Numerous potted plants were scattered about the area, the giant gingerly reaching out a hand towards the glass door that was covered with green curtains.

“Aria… Aria I know you’re in there.”

The music from behind the doors dimmed a small bit, a tiny head peeking out from behind the curtain. Blake stared back hopefully, the girl vanishing behind the curtain again.

“Aria please… I just want to talk.”

The afternoon sun was setting behind him, Blake swallowing as his hand reached out more, his pinky extended to tap lightly at her door.

“I want to talk… I need to tell you something.”

“Go away.”

The pang of hurt stung at his heart, Blake lowering his head.

“Aria please… I won’t be long.”

His pinky tapped lightly again, her door rattling with his force. He waited a moment before tapping again, the door finally opening. Aria stood in her shorts, wearing nothing but a sweater. She glared up at him, Blake leaning down to be eye level with her.

“Aria… just listen please,” Blake began softly, “I-”

“I don’t want your fake apologies, Blake.” Her harsh words made him silent, Aria shaking with emotion.

“I know people like you. The popular group who pick on people like me because we’re different, because we’re the ones who are interested in the ‘not normal’ things.”

The giant began to shake his head.

“No I-”

“I know it already okay?” she yelled, her voice echoing.

“I’m a weirdo okay? You don’t have to repeat yourself! That’s what I’ll always be right? The one who likes the eastern animation and the one who can sing the entire ballet of Phantom of the Opera! The one who dresses in black because she doesn’t believe she look better in any other color! The one who stays at home during those Friday nights when everyone is out partying because she’s never invited!”

Aria… I never…

Aria began to shake again, her eyes shimmering in the afternoon glow. She adjusted her glasses and turned away from him, quieting down. Blake could do nothing but listen as she whispered to him, his ears only barely catching her voice.

“When you shrink back to your normal size… you don’t ever have to see me again… and then you can go with your popular friends… and I’ll… go back to…”

At last his tongue found reason to move, his mind finally making coherent thoughts and processing words.

“Aria… I… I know you don’t want to hear my ‘fake’ apologies… so… I’m not going to say those things.”

She did not move, Blake setting his hands upon his lap and closing his eyes.

“I’m only going to say things that I believe are true… that… I came to realize.”

The wind rustled his hair as he slowly gazed at her, his heart trembling.

“… I know that I told you I wanted to change myself… to impress a girl I liked… but… after all this time… I came to see that she wasn’t the girl I thought she’d be. She was rude and crass… and not at all the small and petite lady I thought she was. On top of that… she was into things I thought were vulgar.”

She did not turn around, but she did not move either. Her bare feet were planted upon the balcony, her hair whisking about.

“When you found me… I had lost all hope… that I would ever find someone who wouldn’t run and be afraid of me… trust me when I say I hadn’t meant to grow as big as I have… I really only wanted to get a few inches on me… and then when you came… I… I found that even the smallest bit of talking did me so good….”

He paused, his eyes softening.

“You talked to me, you helped me… you gave me food, clothes, and even a bed… a nice warm bed… and… and all I did was take advantage of that… I never once said thank you… or told you how much I appreciated all you had done for me…”

Blake took a shuddering breath in. His hands tightened.

“I-I hadn’t realized how much those things meant to me… when we saw that horror movie together… when you showed me your bow and arrow… when you ate with me… all those things… all those things I had never considered before suddenly became the only things I ever thought of…”

He breathed in once again, feeling his chest tighten. All of his body was clenching, and even as he spoke he felt tension.

“I would replay those scenes over and over again… and when I found out who you were… I became an idiot.” Blake grit his teeth.

“I acted like I had power over you, like I knew who you were and what you were all about. I acted like I was in control… when really… I had nothing. I assumed everything about you… and I just acted like I knew you. But really… I got to know you… and… you aren’t weird at all.”

He sensed a shift in the air, Aria slightly turning towards him.

“Aria… you’re so bright… and smart… smarter than I could ever be… you designed all these machines in my little area… you made sure I was comfortable… you’re gentle and kind… and you’re so brave… you were brave enough to challenge me even when I yelled at you… even as I sit here, towering over you…. You have the courage to stand there and trust me enough to know that I won’t hurt you. I could pick you up and treat you like a play thing but you know… you know that I won’t. You saw something in me that nobody else saw… someone… who was scared… and lonely. You saw that in me… and yet you never judged me for it. You accepted my loneliness, you accepted my fear.”

His hand moved towards his heart, Blake feeling the familiar burn in his eyes.

“You accepted me and my quirks… and grew to like me… and yet… I… I toyed with you… I teased you… and I acted like a jerk… I am truly the largest and most incompetent human being I know…”

His body trembled again, this time so hard that Blake thought he might have started a mini earthquake. Craig’s screams echoed in his mind.

“I’m so sorry that I said all those things… you’re not weird… you’re smart and kind and loving and cute… you’re… you’re perfect.”

Aria whirled around to him now, Blake staring down at her through watery eyes. He sniffed a little, his voice beginning to crack under pressure.

“Aria I understand if you never want to talk to me again… and I promise… I promise I’ll leave as soon as I’m better… but… I just want you to know… that… I truly am sorry… because… really…. It’s me who’s the weirdo… I’m the biggest weirdo there is…”

Her eyes were wide as he spoke, Blake finally muttering his last words. With what little strength he had left, he extended his hand to her, a small sorrowful smile upon his face.

“I… I got you these… James told me you like lilacs so… I-I picked some up… I thought… maybe… you could… forgive me… maybe…”

The girl stepped forward as he reached out to her, his fingers holding out a bouquet of lilacs wrapped in purple wrapping paper. She took them from him slowly, Blake turning away from her as he sniffed more.

“I’m sorry…”


He wiped his eyes with the back of his hand, his tears still burning him. Twice he swallowed in the hopes of regaining his composure, but he had no such luck. Blake knew that he had exposed himself to her, but he did not care. He wanted nothing more than to be open with her; to show her that he really and truly was sorry for what he had done. He had to amend for one wrong in his life.

“Nobody’s… ever called me perfect…”

The giant perked, turning back to the little girl who held the bouquet in her hands. She stared up at him through glossy eyes now, Blake gasping as he saw tears ride down her cheeks. Aria shook hard, her voice cracking.

“Nobody’s… ever given me flowers either… ever… nobody… has ever said those things to me… and I… am I really…”

“Aria…” coming down to her now, Blake got as close to her as possible, his nose nearly touching her.

“Aria, I meant what I said. To me, you’re perfect… in every way.”

More tears rode down her cheeks as she dropped her bouquet, her hands unable to hold them. She shook and buried her face in her hands, large sobs emerging from her chest.

“… Aria…”

Backing up a bit, Blake’s right hand loomed over her for a second before he extended his finger, pushing her hands away. She fought him weakly, Blake pushing harder. Soon she stopped fighting and allowed him to come close, his finger grazing her cheek lightly. She shuddered under his pressure, Blake angling his finger beneath her eye. A tear landed on his fingernail, Blake shaking his head.

“Smile. You’re prettier when you smile.”


Her hands flew to his finger and Blake flinched in surprise as he embraced his digit, holding onto him tightly. He stared at her tiny body, his heart finally warming as he began to smile, relief flooding over him in a wave of warmth.

I want… I want to hold her. I just wish… there was a way…


Softly, his hand moved around her, Aria stopping her tears to look as his fingers closed in upon her body. She did not fight him, or even move. Softly, he picked her up, making sure to keep a good grip on her body. Her hands held onto his fingers and as he moved he spoke.

“Aria… I’m sorry.”

“I-It’s… okay…”

He stopped moving when she was in front of his face, Blake staring at her intently while Aria returned his gaze. The giant breathed.

“Can you ever forgive me?”

“Blake…” her tears flowed again, a soft smile upon her face. She smiled through her tears, Blake feeling the rush of joy seep into his heart. He felt as if he were soaring, a free bird in a sky that opened up into eternity.

“Of course.”

Before she could utter another word he pressed her up against his cheek, her arms extended around his skin. He felt her head against his bone and he cradled her against him, rocking her back and forth. Her tiny body felt so good to him, and as he cradled her he could not imagine of any other way he would want to be at that moment.

Her body against my cheek… I can feel her warmth… her tiny hands over my skin and her head pressed up against me. Everything… feels right.


Her small voice made him open his eyes, taking her away from his cheek. In truth, he didn’t want her mini hug to end. Blake gazed down at her gently, cradling her in both his hands.


Aria sniffed and wiped her eyes, the last of her tears falling softly upon his skin.

“It’s… getting late.”

The giant blinked, unaware of the time. The once blue sky had turned deep orange, fire racing across the heavens. Blake breathed out, his eyes tracing over the setting sun.

“Then… why don’t we… watch the sunset… together?”

He smiled warmly, seeing Aria’s cheeks flush with red.

“It’s… the least I could do… after what I’ve done.”

“But those flowers… the lilacs…”

“I know… but… I figured… you’d have a great seat… right,” with care he placed her upon his shoulder, turning to her as she sat down, her legs dangling off him.

“Here. You’ll have the best view, won’t you?”

Aria couldn’t speak much, her cheeks too red. Blake stroked her head gently, rubbing her cheek and eventually speaking.

“Do you like sunsets?”

She did not reply to them, but as the sun continued to set Blake knew her answer. They sat together, facing the world around them. The wind was caressing their skin, Blake’s heart still soaring through the skies. His world was at peace now; he knew that he had done something right in his life. He had amended for his sins, and he had gained a friend.

That hug… I felt so much… warmer. It’s so much better… having her around… and… she is… really pretty.

The blue of night began to fall upon them, Blake staring up at the covering black that illuminated fireflies of light all throughout the galaxy.

She’s not pretty though…

His thoughts still lingered in his head, and soon he began to hear more of his heart speaking. Blake felt himself flush with the thought that he couldn’t suppress.

She’s beautiful.

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10/17/2015 10:53 pm  #22

Re: Stronger

He awaited her arrival eagerly, a happy smile upon his face. Morning could not have come soon enough, and Blake found himself unable to contain his excitement. He knew that she would have to go to school that day, but the thought of seeing her made him giddy.

He had placed her back on her balcony after their time together, Aria getting an opportunity to ride upon his shoulder for a little while. He had never imagined actually carrying someone like that would have made him happy, but her smile was enough to put all his troubles at ease.

The door opened and Aria stepped into the room, Blake’s smile growing wider as she approached him. A soft smile was upon her face, Aria waving slightly and bashfully at the giant as he moved closer to her.


She continued to smile, shyly nodding her head towards him.

“Good morning Bla-AAHH!”

His hand scooped her up from her feet, carrying her towards his face. Excitement exploded in his heart as he cradled her against his cheek, nuzzling her head. Aria cried out in surprise, Blake warmly rubbing her against him.
“Blake… Blake cut it out!” she exclaimed, laughing.

Regretfully he moved her away from his cheek, his eyes sparkling with joy. He cradled her in his hands, smiling down at her softly.

“I’m sorry I just got excited… I couldn’t wait to see you…. I’m sorry.”

The woman giggled and stroked his palm, Blake feeling the blood rush to his cheeks.

“You couldn’t wait to see me? We just saw each other last night.”

Adrenaline suddenly pumped through his veins, Blake stammering.

“W-Well I… I you know… uh…” his cheeks were on fire, the woman smiling up at him in understanding.

“It’s alright Blake… I’m happy to see you too. Just… next time, give me a warning okay? I don’t want to lose my shoes or anything.”

“Oh, no of course!” he said apologetically. “I’m sorry, you’re right… I’ll warn you next time… I just… I got really excited for some reason!”

Softly he set her down upon the balcony, Aria easily sliding off his cupped hands and onto the marble floor. Blake smiled shyly, tucking some of his hair behind his ear and scratching the back of his neck.

What is wrong with me? I just went and picked her up and didn’t even ask her! She could have yelled at me....

He paused.

But… she didn’t.

Curiosity overcame him, the giant sneaking a peek of the eating woman on the balcony. The sun shone through the glass and he found himself unable to look away from her. Her brown eyes glimmered with content, a happy smile upon her face. Her hair was down across her shoulders, small silver earrings dangling from her lobes and a few rings on each finger. The more he stared the more he noticed things he had overlooked. How her hair shone brightly in the sun, turning the strands of black into deep beautiful auburn brown that glistened. How she crossed her legs while eating but kept them separate when she merely sat.

Blake continued to stare at her for some time, his mind and eyes both taking in numerous things at once.

I never realized how skinny she was either… not that she’s overly skinny but… she has… curves…

He glanced down at his fingers for a second, thinking back to when he held her in his hand. Blake tilted his head, his mind deep in thought.

Come to think of it… when I held her… she was…. Nice and plump… and curvy… she fit nicely into my hands… like… we were…

His eyes widened at his own thoughts, Blake slapping his cheek to shut his mind up.


A worried voice made Blake turn his head rapidly, Aria gazing at him with concern in her eyes.

“You okay? Why did you slap yourself?”

Blake opened his mouth, no sound emitting. He felt his cheeks burn again, his eyes averting her gaze.
“N-nothing! I’m alright! I just… uh… something… in the air… thought I felt a sting on my cheek… fly or…. Something… you know… ahaha… ha….”

His answer seemed to justify his reasoning as she pursed her lips and nodded slowly, turning back towards her breakfast. Blake’s forced smile dimmed as he sighed, breathing in air. Blinking twice he looked down to see his food ready for him. Reaching for his plate as usual Blake thought to himself.

What is going on with me?? First I pick her up and then thinking of her curves?? What is up with me? I mean… I know she’s got curves… she was so warm after all… and she’s soft too… really soft. I wonder….

His eyes couldn’t help but drift back to where Aria was sitting, taking a sip of her juice and chewing on some bacon. Blake’s gaze drifted down to her chest area and immediately he felt his manhood harden.

She’s that big? He screamed in his mind, trying to shake off his thoughts. No wonder she’s so soft! They’re huge! They must be…. She must be at least forty inches across… maybe more… why did I not notice them before?

Blake stopped, his eye twitching at the rise of his perverted thoughts.

And they were against my cheek… they were right there…

He swooned back and forth a little, the giant unaware of the on looking waitresses and waiters.

Stop it, stop it, stop it!! Blake screamed, knocking himself over the head with his hand. This is no time for thoughts like that… she’s right there… and…

He turned to her again, seeing that Aria was staring at him.

“Blake are you sure you’re alright? You’re acting a little strange.”

Her deep voice soothed him and Blake could feel his heart pulse with something that was slowly growing inside him.

“I’m sure. I’m just….” He paused, licking his lips. Gently he came over to her, his huge body towering over her but Blake staring down at her softly.

“Aria… I meant what I said. I really am sorry for everything… and… I just… I want you to know how grateful I am to be here… with you…”

Aria set down her utensils and gazed up at him, her hands upon her napkin.

“Blake… I told you it’s alright… I mean… you gave me flowers and let me ride on your shoulder… we even watched the sunset together. It’s okay.”

“I-I know but….”

Tell her the truth. Tell her the truth.

“I… I wanted… I want…” Blake curled his fingers a few times, rubbing his hand across his arm and then through his brown hair.

“I-I… may I, I mean… may I…. …. Hold…. You….. maybe?”

His voice grew quieter as he spoke, feeling the blood rush to his cheeks again. The woman titled her head curiously at him, Blake feeling the eyes of the people around him watch in amusement. The giant lowered his eyes and dropped his hands, shaking his head.

“I’m sorry it was a stupid thing to ask. I already-”


Her answer cut him off, Blake turning back to the woman who stood next to her table now, a gentle smile upon her face.

“If you want to, and if it’ll make you feel better, you can. I don’t mind.”

“But….” He began, coming down to meet her at eye level.

“What about your food?”

Aria smirked and grabbed her plate off of the table, taking her utensils with her.

“Problem solved!”

Blake blinked before feeling a soft smile creep across his face, happiness seeping into his heart. He knew that he wanted to hold her, and in his mind he knew that his heart was telling him things he did not yet understand. They were friends… weren’t they? He had felt lonely and depressed… and she was the one who bought happiness and light back into his soul. She had filled him with compassion and joy; something he did not think anyone would be able to bring back to him.

She’s not afraid of me. I’m so much bigger than her… but yet she sees that I am a person… with emotions and feelings… who was scared and lost. She took care of me… and… I want to do the same for her.

He cradled her in his hands now, Blake watching as she ate from her plate in content. Her legs were spread across his palm and he did not move, for fear of dropping her. The sun had risen above their heads and in a short while she had to go. He wanted nothing more than to talk to her, and maybe even get in a little more cuddle time.

Cuddle time? What am I talking about?

“Aria…” he began, drawing her attention.

“What time will you be back? Do you… really have to go today?” his heart twisted with sadness when he glanced at the clock on the wall, his heart already aching for her to stay. She put down her finished plate and set a hand to her cheek, speaking.

“Blake you know I have to go…. I can’t afford to miss class. They’re teaching a new lesson today.”

Blake sadly nodded, sighing.

“I wish I hadn’t grown so big… I never thought I’d miss school this much!”

“There have to be some perks to being big like you are.” Aria replied, patting his skin.

“I would think that you would have gotten used to your size.”

“I am used to being… well…” he looked down at the ant like people below him, wishing he could shrink even just a little bit.

“A giant… but I really just want to get back to my normal size.” He breathed. “I can’t go out like normal people… I can’t eat like normal people…. I can’t even go shopping for clothes my own size. They’re all doll clothes to me.”
Blake shook his head slowly, thinking mostly to himself.

“I never wanted to grow this big… I never wanted any of this to happen… I got so caught up in my own feelings… that I disregarded the feelings of those around me… and especially…”

The screams echoed in his head as he spoke, his body icing over with guilt.

“Blake… what happened?”

Her small voice snapped him out of his trance, the giant realizing that he held her no higher than chest height. As he stared at her his eye began to play tricks on him, Aria’s form changing back and forth from Craig to the woman.

He was small, just like her… and he was… and I….

Feeling his heart brimming with emotion Blake quickly spoke, hoping to calm himself down.

“Aria you’re not going to leave… are you?”

“Well I have to leave for school,” she answered, “But then I’ll-”

“Promise you won’t leave me.”

His tongue found words before his brain could stop him. The giant felt his body tremble with anxiety, his depression slowly creeping back into his mind.

“Aria please… promise you won’t… you won’t leave me… no matter what I do. I promise… I promise I’ll be good…”

His voice grew louder, Blake now firmly grasping onto her with both hands. His fingers were wound around her and Aria remained still as he spewed out his words.

“I promise I’ll do whatever you ask. I’ll stay inside, I’ll make sure nobody sees me, I’ll only come out at night, and I won’t be too much trouble. I promise I’ll always ask before I do anything, and I’ll-”

“Blake what’s going on.”

Her firm voice made him die down, his heart thudding loudly in his ears. The giant grew silent as the air around them became eerily still, everyone staring at Blake who held Aria in his hands. He felt himself trembling uncontrollably, seeing Aria grow more and more worried.

“Blake… we’re friends. Please tell me what’s going on.”

I never told her… I never told her the whole thing. How this all happened… how I…

Blake bit his lip, his body still trembling with the anxiety of being left alone again. He didn’t think he would need her that badly, but for some reason he felt as if being away from her would tear him apart.

Slowly he bought her to his chest, cradling her against his heart. He could feel her small head against him, her arms stroking his mighty build as she spoke to him softly.

“It’s okay…. Blake it’s okay…”

He pressed her head against him and whispered to her silently, words falling from his lips so warm he almost thought they were coming from someplace else.

“I want to hold you right here… and I don’t want to let go… I don’t want to be alone again… when you left me and ignored me… I remembered how selfish I was… and I don’t want to feel like that again… but… I also know you have things to do… I just… I want to hold you here… holding you…”

He breathed, watching her little head rise up with his chest.

“Holding you makes me feel better. Like I’m not so big. Like I’m not a monster… or a giant. Like I’m human… and normal.”

“Blake you ARE normal.” Aria’s voice carried into his ears as he gasped, her hands patting him gently and her arms outstretched to embrace him.

“Stop saying that. You ARE normal. You’re a man, right? You’re not an alien, you don’t have horns or wings or webbed feet or anything. You’re just a little bit bigger than most people.” She paused.

“Okay a LOT bigger than most people… but that doesn’t matter right? You are still you. You’re still the person you always were. Nothing about you has changed; at least not personality wise. You still love horror movies, and you still love to drink juice in the morning. What’s making you so different from everyone else?”

You still accept me. You’ll always accept me… won’t you? Why is it… that someone like you… knows exactly what to say… and why is it that someone like you… can see all the flaws I have… and still find it in your heart….

To love me.

Love me? What am I saying?

Blake shook his head for the millionth time that morning, the clock on the wall finally signaling Aria’s leave for school. He took her away from his chest, bringing her up to his face and pursing his lips.

“I guess you have to go.” His sad words washed over her, Blake seeing a flicker of sadness in her eyes.

“Yes… but I’ll be back early today. I don’t get out too late.”

Hope rose in his chest, Blake brightening. He smiled lightly, speaking.

“Then… maybe we can talk? And I…” he thought. “I promise I’ll tell you what happened. Why I grew this much… and… everything. I promise.”

The girl smirked at him, holding onto his thumb now and shaking his limb back and forth.

“Okay but you have to swear you’ll see that horror movie with me afterwards!”

Laughter slipped from his mouth as he nodded, stroking her hair with his finger.

“I promise, I promise. But off to school! You’re going to be late!”

Bringing his hand down to the ground, he tilted his palm, ready for Aria to slide off. Her little hands clung to his thumb, unwilling to let go. Confused, he scooped her back up and tilted his head.

“What’s wrong? I thought you wanted to get going?”

She motioned for him to come closer, to which the giant complied. He bought her closer to his face, and as he did she nearly leapt from his hand. He cried out in alarm and struggled to keep his hold on her, eager to secure her safety. Before his adrenaline kicked in however, he found a pair of tiny arms resting against his cheek comfortably, a small head in the crook of his nose and cheek bone. His cheeks flared, the giant speaking softly.

“Aria… you have to go…”

She did not let go, and after a moment Blake couldn’t help but nuzzle her head with his cheek, Aria squealing with delight. He chuckled at her playfulness and slowly tore her from his cheek, the woman finally being set down on the ground.

“You be good, you hear?” Blake said, stroking her hair with his finger.

“Take good notes.”

“You’re talking to an honors student, my friend.” She replied, holding her hands at her hips. “I think I know what I’m doing.”

The giant smiled back knowingly and lifted her head with his finger, holding her gaze steady as he saw into her eyes.

“I’ll see you soon.” 

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Re: Stronger

The day passed into the afternoon, Blake continuously thinking about his speech to her. Of course he had eaten the rest of his meal and had moved into the space between his bed and the outside, his eyes tracing along the glimmer of clouds that seemed to crawl across the sky. He thought to himself quietly, politely refusing the offers of books and novels and other things he could have been doing.

What was going to happen once he told her everything? What was she going to think? He had hoped that she didn’t think badly of him. He told himself this many times, but alas one thought stuck in his mind.

She would never hate him.
She sat down at her desk lost in pure thought.

You would think he would have told me by now… I mean… he’s… he’s probably scared… many of us are scared…

She moved her fingertips across her mouse and then paused, her eyes dimming. The lighting in the room was shadowy, the figures of students who were walking around passing around her.

I think… I need to find….

The computer room was lit up again, her ears perking at the sound of a small crowd. Turning her head around and leaving her mouse as was, her eyes fell upon a man with a crutch, his lower body bandaged good and a small group of people surrounding him.

“You okay?”

“How did it feel?”

“Was it really painful?”

The man shook his head, trying to dismiss them. He spoke in hushed tones so that she could not hear, but when their eyes met she stared.

“Hey….” Her voice carried over to him as he sat down next to her, the professor coming in to finally dismantle the oppressive group that had somehow befallen the poor man.

“How are you doing? What happened?”

He’s been in the hospital so long… he told everyone he was in an auto accident but….

He turned to her, his black hair finally hanging slightly from him shaggily and a sigh escaping his lips.

“To be honest I’m glad to be back in school…. It seems like an eternity of nothing but doctors and medicine.”

“Did they say that your ribs would be back to normal soon?” she inquired, staring at the white bandages.

“Well… to be honest I was beyond happy to hear from you…. That made me feel normal if anything.”

She blushed.

“You know you don’t have to thank me for that…” she twisted a strand of hair in her fingers, playing.

“How are you doing? Are those girls still bothering you?”

The woman shook her head soundly, smiling weakly.

“No, no I’m alright….”

The man who was staring at her came closer, taking her hand in his. He pursed his lips, a feeling of mutual bond between them.

“We’ve been friends for so long… I can’t imagine anything happening to you… you can always talk to me, you know that. I know you weren’t invited to her party right?”

The woman did not answer, their hands still upon one another.

“Aria I know that you-”

“I have something I need to tell you.”

The man tilted his head a bit, eyeing the professor behind them.

“Outside discussion is for outside. If you need to leave, please go ahead and do so.” The professor remarked hotly, standing above the two friends who nodded in agreement.

“Actually…. She’s going to help me outside.”

Taking his crutch and moving to get up, Aria helped her friend to his feet, the two of them semi hobbling out the door and into the empty hallway, where they made their way into the empty cafeteria to sit once again. The lights from the outside filtered in, Aria taking a break before speaking to her longtime friend.

“Listen… I want…. I mean…”

“Aria you can tell me anything, you know that.”

Aria looked down at her hands, which were laid across her lap. Her fingers twitched a bit, pulling her pants a little while adjusting her sweater. Her boots fidgeted a bit before the man’s arm embraced her, pulling her close.

“Aria… what’s on your mind?”

Her brown eyes met his, and slowly words poured from her lips, reaching his ears.

“You… you didn’t get into an auto accident… did you?”

The man paused for a second before stifling a laugh.

“I did actually. I was making a turn and some-”

“No, you weren’t.” her firm words shut him up quick, his eyes turning to concern as she faced him fully. Her hair fell across her shoulder and as she clenched her hands she spoke.

“You were nearly killed… by one of your best friends right?”

The man’s eyes widened now, surprise overcoming his face. His mouth dropped open, but not a single sound was made. Aria touched his cheek lightly, her fingers lining the flesh of his cheek.

“He nearly killed you didn’t he? He… he dreams about it every night… sometimes I hear him…. You know he screams at night? He wakes up in a cold sweat…. And then he can’t go back to sleep. ….. His eyes say everything.”

“Aria what are you saying?” the man now found his tongue, his body moving closer to her. He held her hand, his head almost touching hers.

“You know where he is?”

Aria closed her eyes for a second, the image of her friend in her mind. His sad eyes told her stories that held so much pain she thought he would explode. He would scream, he would wake up and shake. She knew his true feelings. The feelings he had suppressed for so long were bound to make him physically ill.

“….. Yes. Yes I do.”

He smiled bashfully, seeing her enter in through the doorway. Her bright disposition bought joy to his heart, Blake coming closer and almost crashing into the balcony in his eagerness to hold her.

The sun was dimmed in the sky, auburn colors painting red and orange across the once blue ocean of eternity. The giant continued to smile as the woman set down her bag and held up her arms, speaking.

“How about, when I do this, you can pick me up?”

Blake nodded, seeing her outstretched arms.


He cupped her in his hand, Aria’s bottom landing on his palm nicely and the giant bringing her to his face. The woman spoke again, once again lifting her arms.

“You also have to give me a hug.”

Blake flushed red, but could not resist the command as he pressed her up against him, Aria laughing at his playfulness.

I love hugging you…. I really do.


Their hug broke as he bought her round to his face, his eyes tracing over her small body that lay in his palm peacefully.

“How was your day? Did you do anything new?”

Aria shook her head, laying her cheek on her hand.

“Nothing out of the ordinary. The quote end quote new lesson was really just a revision of our old lesson. Ugh. I wish they’d come up with better things to teach, I mean really!”

Blake nodded slightly, stroking her head with his finger lightly. She was so soft to him, and every opportunity he had to touch her he would. His heart screamed in pleasure as she spoke more to him, explaining her day but Blake’s mind only contemplating the fact that she was talking to him and not even in the least bit scared.

She’s such a warm person… so soft…. I wonder… how she got to be that way?


He blinked a few times, his eyes readjusting to see her holding his finger curiously.

“Were you even listening?”

The giant stammered with his words, nervously fidgeting.

“W-Well I uh…. You said… I was…”

Her silent smile made him quiet, Blake’s heart fluttering at the mere inkling of her warmth.

“It’s alright… you probably have a lot on your mind…. Don’t you?”

The giant licked his lips, his body suddenly turning cold at the screams that once again rang through his mind. Blake remained silent for a few seconds before hearing her speak.

“You promised me you would tell me everything.”

She patted his palm and stroked his flesh, crossing her legs.

“Blake… I’m free right now.”

Blake wasn’t sure how to respond to her request. He wanted her to know everything there was to know about him. He felt compelled to tell her his secrets, his desires and even his fears. He wanted her to know that he was sorry for everything, and that for the first time in forever he actually felt content and happy with his life. He wished that he could live in this place forever, for just being with her and holding her made his life more purposeful. He began to see her in things he could not see before, and even then he had to fight off his own darkness.

She was beginning to become his light.

“Aria…” he began slowly.

“I… I want to tell you everything, I really do. I just…” he trailed off, not really wanting to state his mind. His words hung in the air for a moment, Aria speaking up.

“Why don’t I make some tea for the both of us…. And then we can pick up from there?”
She turned off her kettle, pouring hot water over the two tea mugs that sat next to her. Although Blake knew he couldn’t really drink from such a small cup he appreciated the fact that she thought of him. He had changed into a simple tank top and a pair of boxers for the night, Aria in turn changing into her sweats for pajamas. He watched her carefully, seeing her get the two mugs in her hand.

The room was dim with only a few lights on now, the staff going home a few hours earlier. Although Blake had wanted to start his conversation earlier Aria had insisted that they wait until they were alone.

He agreed whole heartedly.

She walked down the stairs and towards the giant, Blake crossing his legs so that he could bend over to see her small figure.

“Is chamomile okay?”

“My favorite.”

Reaching out to her his fingers took hold of the small mug, the tiny object only barely visible to the gigantic Blake. He stared at the mug for a second.

I wonder if I’ll ever see mugs or anything the same ever again? It’s so small…. I hope… I don’t get used to this.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw her arms outstretched, Blake’s other hand coming down to lift her up off her feet.

“Why don’t you put me down on your knee?”

Blake hesitated, his hand holding her midway up to his face.


“That way you don’t have to hold me while you talk. We’ll still be eye level but you won’t get tired of holding me.”

Blake smiled warmly, now shifting his legs so his knees were up to his chin.

“Good thinking.”

Setting her down softly she tickled his knee, Blake chuckling a slight bit. Aria set herself down comfortably, her legs dangling off his joint and her hands around her tea cup. Blake sipped from his mug once, catching only a droplet of water in his mouth. Handing her the mug he sighed, his breath causing her hair to flow all around her.

“Sorry! Sorry!” he apologized, backing away.

Aria bought down her arm, chuckling.

“It’s okay Blake, really. I’m fine.”

The giant warmed, swallowing as he began to think. He pondered for a second, adjusting himself so his back was up against the wall. The clock ticked quietly in the corner of the room, and as he thought Blake sighed.

“I’ll start at the beginning then… when I first saw that stupid magazine…”
The time passed slowly between them, Blake expressing every bit of detail he could from his escapade. At times he grew angry with himself for letting himself be a fool, and other times he wished that he could have done things differently. He was with regret, and wished for nothing more than to make his growth reverse. He told her of how he and Craig saw the magazine, how he ordered the pills from the strange company and how he had grown faster and bigger than he anticipated. He remembered filling up Craig’s house, and bursting through the roof, also telling her that even though he felt powerful, he knew that he was a monster. He told her of how he had not thought of his friend’s safety, and how much he regretted saying what he had to his friend.

Aria listened to his story intently, occasionally sipping at her tea and making nodding gestures. Her facial expressions turned in all ways, her happiness was his happiness and her sadness was his as well. At the mention of Jenny and her party Aria seemed to become a bit more reserved, but as Blake continued he sensed a feeling of rage coming from the small girl. She never once interrupted him, and never once did her eyes leave his face. He spoke with emotion and waved his hands about, often times having to calm himself down before he punched out the wall.

“And then… I met you….”

The clock ticked close to eleven at night, Aria finally setting down her empty tea cup. She did not meet his eyes now, her head set off to the side.

She’s thinking…

Blake bit his lip, swallowing hard. He ran a hand through his hair and ruffled his bangs, breathing.

“Blake…. You miss him…. Don’t you?”

He did not reply right away, his heart trembling softly. Those nightmares would haunt him forever, but being able to confide in someone made him less afraid.

“…. I do. I want to know if he’s okay… Aria… I…”

“You want to tell him how sorry you are… how much you want to take it all back. I know… I hear it… from everything you told me… I know that’s how you feel.”

Blake watched in surprise as Aria lifted herself from her sitting position, her eyes set firm but soft upon him.

“You poor thing… no wonder you were so sad… I… I had no idea… had I known I would have…”

Her hands came up to her face as she whimpered, Blake hurriedly cupping his hands around her and holding her close to his cheek.

“Aria, Aria it’s okay…. Please Aria… you’ve done nothing wrong! You’ve been nothing but good to me! Why’re you so upset?”

Her little head dug into his flesh, unwilling to answer him. He could feel her small body trembling in his hands, Blake determined to fix her sadness.

“Aria you don’t have to be sorry. What is there to be sorry for? You’ve done all you could for me… you’re absolutely wonderful.”

His words made her look up at him, Blake catching a glimpse of her through his peripheral vision.

“I… I am?”

“Aria please.” He replied, bringing her round to his front again.

“You’re the most wonderful person I know.” He smiled gently, his eyes soft.

“I told you that you were wonderful…. And you were perfect. I meant it. Who else could have taken in a giant like me? I certainly wouldn’t have.”

Her face slowly softened at his words, a blush erupting from her cheeks.

“I-I guess… thank you… Blake… I’m sorry that I got so upset… I just… I feel like I could have made you at least a little bit more comfortable.”

“Aria you’ve done what no one else could have for me.” Blake replied, smiling.

“Look at me! I mean, I’m gigantic! And yet you’re here, feeding me and making me clothes, and even talking to me. I told you what happened at Jenny’s party. Everyone got scared and threw beer cans at me. But not you. In fact…”

His smile dimmed as he continued, realizing that his heart was beginning to speak more than his mind.

“You came to me. You came right up to me with your tiny umbrella… and spoke to me. Like normal person. You treated me as an equal from day one…. And you were so warm… you were….”

You were the one who lifted my darkness… who gave me a reason to live again. I’ve never felt happier. How can I express how I feel to you? How can I express the growing feelings I have for you?

“I was…”

Blake snapped out of his thoughts, Aria looking at him expectantly.

“I was what, Blake?”

He stammered with his words, trying to hold back what his heart was eager to reveal.

“You were so kind to me… A-And you were really uhm…. You know… I could… I feel like I could talk to you…”


Blake blinked in surprise at Aria’s disappointment, her eyes drifting off to another place. He stared at her for a second, thinking.

Does she… was she waiting… for something? Was she expecting me to say… what I think she was expecting?
That I…. No… no it can’t be…. I couldn’t… I can’t….

Can I?


Her head turned towards him, her brown eyes meeting his. His heart fell into warmth and feelings of pure joy.


Every time you look at me…. I see something new. I know it’s not only me…. That feels this right? I can’t be…. You’re… you’re looking at me… and you’re here…. And I want…. I want to know…. Is this what I wanted to feel all along?

He did not speak more, but merely stroked her hair with his digit once again. Aria sat down on his palm now, letting him touch her gently.

I think… I think I….

The silence between them grew, Blake feeling the bond between them grow stronger. Their eyes met more than once, Blake holding Aria’s gaze and never wanting to let go. He began to feel her strength in his hand, her entire body emenating with power and love. With this strength he felt as if he could conquer the world; there was nothing he couldn’t do with her by his side.

With you… I think I really… this is what I wanted to feel with Jenny… but… I didn’t think… that it would come like this…

Can someone like you….

The night passed on and on, Blake continuing to hold her in his palm. He cradled her gently now, Aria laying her head down upon his thumb and merely feeling his finger run across her hair. He did not speak any more that night, watching as Aria fell asleep in his palm, cradled by his warm fingers.

He glanced at the clock, seeing midnight roll around. Saturday had come and he had not even realized the passage of time had been so quick. The giant opened his bed from beneath the floors, crawling under the sheets and carefully laying down. In his hand he still held Aria, his little girl he considered her now, still fast asleep in his palm.

As he laid his head down upon his pillow and pulled the sheets over him he bought his hand closer to him, seeing Aria tremble with cold. Finding a nearby blanket of her size he wrapped her softly in the cloth, seeing her relax and settle into his palm, resting.

The giant stared at her more, the lights finally being turned off and the two of them alone in the darkness of the room. The moon shone down upon them both through the glass windows, Blake’s eyes fixated upon her tiny figure in his hand.

She slept peacefully, her breaths moving her blanket up and down in rhythm. The giant could not suppress his feelings; he was losing his battle. Cradling her in both hands, he held her close to his heart, snuggling her in his fingers. She slept through this, Blake raising her once again to his face to make sure that she was still sleeping.
His heart screamed for things he dared not think about, but for the first time since his heart began to speak loudly he listened. His eyes dimmed as he bought her closer to him, her small body wrapped in sheets still fast asleep. Eventually Blake’s hands stopped, getting her close enough to his mouth that his breath washed over her with every pulse. He could not see her now, but he did not have to. He knew what he wanted.

Lovingly his lips met her body, Aria still not moving, but Blake feeling all of the world explode inside of him. Light erupted in his heart as his emotions soared through him and into the sky. Never before had he felt so warm and alive in his life, Blake’s lips still holding onto their position.

He moved away cautiously, and then went back in for seconds, this time puckering his lips a bit so that he could feel her tender body. When he was done he finally bought her down towards his chest, nestling her in his tank top so that her head lay upon his mighty build. Blake smiled down at her and pressed a finger to his lips, bemused at his own actions.

Together, they slept. 

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Re: Stronger

Her eyes shot open, jolting her body awake. The sensation of warmth all around her made her comfortable, her jolt being softened by the steady rhythm of a beating drum in her ear. Slowly, she picked her head up and adjusted her eyes to the darkness.

Her hands felt along the plush that surrounded her, and to her back she could feel soft fabric. Thoughts raced in her mind, and as she swallowed she felt along the strong muscles that produced the drumming. The clock on the wall ticked silently as the beating bass drums filled up everything. More than that, she found that something was holding her down slightly against the soft plush that felt very much like skin to her.

Is… is he…. ?

Lifting her eyes towards the heavens she stole a glimpse of his resting face. His eyelashes were soft against his lids as he slept, a gentle expression upon his face. The girl breathed out, feeling his breath move her up and down. From her view she could see his head upon his pillow and his hair waving all around him, his breathing soft and light.

Blake…. Why did you… ?

Her body could not help but curl into him, her heart beginning to whisper words she never thought she would ever hear.

He’s…. holding me against him… and I’m so warm…

Her hand caressed his chest and slowly her eyes began to droop once again, her body falling prey to the ever growing sleep. She breathed out again and nestled her head into him, his breaths making her feel more at ease with both herself and the world. Through the darkness she could still see his face and his hand around her, holding her almost protectively.


The dark of sleep overcame her, her eyes holding their gaze upon the one thing that held her interest the most.
The sun glimmered in through the window, Blake’s eyes fluttering open. His body creaked when he stretched, his hand not removing from where he held her. Turning over onto his back, he breathed out and yawned, covering his mouth.

“Morning… Aria.”

A small blush erupted as he said her name, Blake feeling flustered at the thought of what had happened the previous night.

She’d never know… she was fast asleep…

Slowly, he closed his eyes again and merely felt her sleeping figure up against his chest, Blake cradling her and rocking her back and forth.

She’s so small…. So perfect.

From his rear view he could see that the clock read eight in the morning, Blake knowing that he would have to get up and get dressed soon. He sighed heavily, not wanting to move from his spot. His eyes traced along the ceiling for a while until the need to relieve himself arose.

Moving carefully, Blake sat upright, Aria falling into his palm gently. He cradled her in both hands, staring down at her little body curled up in sheets. Blake could feel his heart yearning for another kiss but he did his best to withhold his feelings. He did not know what was overcoming him all of a sudden, but he wanted nothing more than to kiss her again.

She felt so soft to him.

Setting her down gently upon his pillow and covering her in her sheets, Blake moved into the washroom portion of his room, where he promptly relieved himself. Brushing his teeth and washing his face and hands, Blake peeked out from behind the curtain that covered him.

She was still sleeping upon his pillow and as he stared he smiled softly, crawling closer to her small figure. He loomed over her, his hand reaching towards Aria. His finger outstretched, Blake grazing over Aria’s body lightly. He smiled.

“Aria… Aria wake up.”

His gentle words made her stir, the girl’s eyes opening to see Blake’s gentle smile. He had made sure to comb his hair and fix his pajamas, not wanting Aria to see him in any dirty fashion.

As she turned to him she yawned, cutely, Blake thought, and waved up at him.


The giant chuckled as he got down upon his arms, setting his chin upon his right arm to watch her roll around. Her body stirred more and she yawned again, siting up in her pajamas. Blake did not speak while she rubbed her eyes, merely thinking to himself.

She’s cute when she first wakes up. I didn’t think… I’d….

His thoughts made his smile drop, sudden anxiety filling him.

What if….


His eyes readjusted as she spoke to him, the giant blinking. Aria stared at him peculiarly, her head tilted slightly to the side.

“Is… everything alright? You didn’t… have a nightmare did you?”

To this, Blake shook his head soundly.

“N-No…. I didn’t… I’m sorry if I looked perturbed…”

“It’s alright. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

The woman got up upon her feet now and stretched her arms up, Blake breathing out.

“Do you have class today?”

The turned to him and shook her head, her feet patting along his pillow.

“No, I don’t.”

Her legs led him to the edge of the pillow where Blake was settled, the giant staring down at her. He spoke.

“You don’t? I thought you had class every day.”

“Not on Fridays I don’t.” she smirked now, raising her eyebrow.

“The perks of being a music student! Nobody wants to be in class on a Friday!”

Blake chuckled as Aria slid down his pillow and landed amongst his blankets, Blake rearing his head up in wonder.
Silence filled the room as Blake stared down at the sheets, watching for some sign of life. A few more moments passed before Blake pursed his lips.

“… Aria?”

The sheets did not move, and from where he sat he could see no sign of black hair or red pajamas. He began to fidget, growing nervous.

“Aria? You okay?”

No response was heard and Blake swallowed, suddenly jolting upwards and rummaging through his sheets.

“Aria? Aria where are you? Are you alright?”

His fingers felt delicately among his sheets, prodding every air bubble in the hopes of finding her. After a minute of searching Blake’s heart began to twist with anxiety, a cold sweat forming upon his brow.

“Aria?? Aria???”

He fidgeted around some more before he began to get frantic, his hands smashing down on the sheets in order to find her.

“Aria?! Aria!!”

He cried out her name and in a fit of worry, threw his sheets off with such force that they smashed up against the wall. His gaze focused on a small girl who had a gleaming smile upon her face, laughter escaping her throat.

“Boo! You found me!”

Her laughter died in his ears as Blake fought the urge to break down. He forced his body to stop shaking, his hands still managing to tremble in the fists they were in. He remained silent as Aria cut her laugh short, her eyes softening.

“Blake? Are you….”

“You had me worried sick.” He snapped, his words making her flinch back.

“I thought I had lost you! What am I supposed to do if I lose you?” he said angrily, peering down at her.

“I could have crushed you or something! Why didn’t you answer me?”

Aria twiddled her hair in her fingers now, clearly distressed.

“I-I thought… you know… it’d be funny…”

“Well it wasn’t funny at all!” Blake barked, shaking his head.

“Aria, what would I have done if I had hurt you? I’m too big to help you! You know that! I could have killed you! I was so worried, I thought something happened!”

He finally breathed, anger settling into his heart as he turned his eyes away, pounding his hand against his leg.

“I was so worried… if anything happened to you… I would… I wouldn’t….”


Her little voice reached his ears, the giant glancing at her through his peripheral vision.

“Blake I’m sorry… I thought it would be funny… but… I’m sorry… I’m sorry I got you upset… I didn’t… I didn’t mean it…”

Her cracking voice made his heart melt, Blake pausing before turning to her again, seeing her shaking with sadness. His shoulders sagged as he sighed, picking her up gently.


Sliding his fingers underneath her, Blake bought her up to his face, nestling her against his cheek. The two of them grew silent, their skin touching one another and caressing their hearts.

“…. I just got worried… That’s all…. I don’t want to lose you….”

I thought you had gotten hurt… what am I supposed to do once you’re gone? I can’t imagine… not being able to see you now… not knowing where you were… drove me nuts. I couldn’t bear to see you get hurt…. I couldn’t….

No, I can’t.

I can’t… be without you.

The sun shone down upon them, Blake turning his head to see the beautiful orange and blue melt the sky, birds flocking overhead and heading towards the sea. In his eyes he saw a picture of a house, a garden full of roses and vegetables that grew out towards the sky, small children at his side with his arm around a woman whom his heart belonged. His heart ached.
“You’re going to get dressed aren’t you?”
“Yes. What do you plan on doing today since you don’t have class?”
“Well… I saw someone the other day that I wanted to invite over.”
“A friend of yours?”
“Yes. A childhood friend. I wanted him to meet you.”
“Aria… I’m a little…”
“I know, but I think… I think this will be good for you.”
“… when is he coming?”
“In the afternoon. After tea.”
“…. Is he staying for dinner?”
“Yes. I think you’d like him. He’s very eager to meet you.”
Blake sat with his legs tucked under his knees, his hands rubbing his arms in anticipation. Nervously, he gazed down at Aria who was texting someone on her phone. All day they had spent watching movies together, Blake knowing nothing but happiness in the past few hours. Of course when the time came he had to shower and get dressed, but Aria made him beyond happy to do anything. He never felt out of place with her, and he could be himself. Even if she was but a mere few inches tall to him.

“Aria… is he…?”

She turned to him calmly, nodding her head.

“Blake, don’t worry. He’ll like you. I’m sure of it.”

Worry crossed Blake’s face, the giant adjusting his shirt.

“W-Well… I just… you know.”

“You’ll be alright.”

She paused for a second, Blake blinking.

“You look good today.”

Feeling the blood rush to his cheeks, Blake looked away, stammering.

“I-I wanted to look nice… he’s your friend right? I-I wanted to make sure… I made an impression….”

The dressmakers at Aria’s place were busy every day with his clothes, making him new outfits to wear and making sure everything was in proportion to his height. They made him numerous pairs of socks and underwear, Blake’s wardrobe growing by the day. He had chosen a simple grey shirt under a black and white plaid top, reaching down to his elbows. The cuffs were a bit itchy, but the head dressmaker said she would fix the problem; he had Aria to thank.

His hand ran down the leg of his black skinny jeans and then both his hands came up to retie his shoelace on his converse. Inside his mind, Blake thought of every possible outcome to meeting Aria’s friend. The man he would meet would surely be surprised at the sheer size of Blake, and the giant would have to figure out how to present himself so that he did not seem so menacing.

Being over fifty times this man’s height… I’m sure to surprise him. I need to act as gentle as possible… lest I end up with another…

His body shuddered at the thought of his previous friend crying for mercy in his hands, Blake furiously shaking his head.

No…. no more. Craig’s probably forgotten about me…. It’s alright… he’s safe… that’s all that matters….

At this time, the giant heard the door to his left opening, Blake approaching the balcony carefully and leaning down to see Aria opening the door.

Blake waited patiently as the woman greeted whoever was at the door, hearing her call him over.

“Glad you could make it. I’m sure you’d like to see him again.”

“Yes,” replied a male voice.

Blake’s eyes narrowed, his brain processing.

Hang on… that voice… sounds familiar.

“I wanted to see him as soon as possible. Is he really here?”

“See for yourself.”

His eyes widened.

It can’t be…!

The two men stared eye to eye now, Blake’s eyes widening even further and a gasp escaping his lips. His body trembled just as hard as Craig’s, the latter man speaking slightly.

“Blake… so you really are…”
Blake could not form words, both his mind and tongue stuck in ice. He swallowed harshly, seeing Craig approach him. With him he had a crutch and a small bag, handing the bag to Aria.

“Here, these are for dessert. I knew that you liked cookies so I picked some up.”

A second bag was handed to Aria as well, the girl gathering her things in her hands.

“That’s for him. I really didn’t know if I’d see him again, but at least now I know that I bought the right thing!”

Craig turned to Blake now, who remained frozen to his spot. The giant could not understand his former friend’s words. What was happening?

“I knew you really liked cake… so I got a vanilla flavored one from the shop we used to go to all the time after class… the one by the….”

Craig’s words were drowned out by the sound of Blake’s increasing heart rate. His eyes were fixated upon Craig’s crutch, a sickening feeling sloshing around in his stomach. The feeling of oppression overcame him, Blake feeling as if he were slowly sinking into a pit of sand.

That crutch… it must… be heavy to carry around…

A cold sweat formed along Blake’s brow as he stared at Craig’s crutch, the latter finally getting Blake’s attention.
“You certainly got a lot bigger since the last time I saw you!” he exclaimed, coming closer to Blake.

“You weren’t nearly this big before! You must be at least a-”

His body moved without his command, Blake backing up into the wall far away from Craig and the balcony. He had moved abruptly, startling both Aria and Craig at the same time. His back was pressed up against the wall, his hands to his heart, almost covering himself. His body shuddered in fear, the giant curling his knees to his chest and turning away from his former friend. He knew he wouldn’t have been able to stare at Craig for too long; the feeling of hopelessness and despair rising up in his soul and crawling around in him.

Stay calm… stay calm…

His ears picked up on some conversation.

“I didn’t mean anything by it I swear! I was just wondering… I hope I didn’t hurt his feelings…. I mean… he’s got to be sensitive when it comes to his size, right?”

Craig… stop it….

Gasps escaped his lips as Blake shuddered more, closing in upon himself in defense. His eyes remained wide, his nerves bursting with energy. He could not move even though every pulse of his heart told him to scream and run away to save himself from having to face his fear.

His ears perked however at the sound of his name being spoken by a deep but calm voice. Frightfully, he turned his head to stare at the girl who controlled his fragile heart.

“It’s time to eat.”
I did that to you.

I’m a monster, aren’t I?

His gaze was unfocused, Blake not even bothering to pick up any of the plates that were provided to him. Craig and Aria spoke as friends, Blake learning that they had been that way since their childhood. Beginning as pen pals and evolving over the years, they had grown close, Craig being the one person who Aria spoke to the most at school. Blake never bothered to learn about Craig’s relationship with her; he had always thought that Craig spoke to her out of pity for her lack of friends. He could not have felt more disgusted with himself.

The two of them chatted as if Blake were not present, Aria telling Craig how she had found the giant miserable and depressed after Jenny’s party. Bringing him back here was the best thing for him, she said, because then he could recuperate, both mentally and physically. Blake did not comment on anything, even when Aria pressed him for details. The giant merely stared at his food and fingered his plates a little, not bothering to actually eat. His stomach would not have agreed with him anyways; he had lost his appetite.


Aria’s sudden outburst made Blake look up from his somber mood, the girl forcefully grinning. Craig stared at her as well, blinking. They were sitting at a round table in front of Blake, the giant looking down at her as the woman slammed her hands down upon the white linen. Craig opened his mouth.


“I!” she replied, standing up quickly and gathering the plates.

“Am going to get the dessert! It’s in the fridge! And I think we need it!”

Craig reached out a hand, grabbing his crutch.

“Maybe I can help you with that, it’s a lot for-”

“I got it!”

Her tone made him stop, Craig settling back down into his seat. Blake began to feel the uneasy tension rising in the air. He curled his fingers a bit.


“No, no I’m alright! I have butlers and stuff, so you just… talk!” she waved her hands about frantically, both Craig and Blake staring at her blankly.

“Aaaannnyways….” She twirled her body towards the stairs, as they had eaten next to Blake in his area and not on the balcony.

“I will be RIGHT back! Promise!”

“A-Aria hang on a second I don’t think-”

Craig’s voice was cut off by the dashing of a girl up the stairs and through the door. Once the sound of the door closing was heard, both men began to count the seconds. Craig sighed, shrugging his shoulders.

“… Que sera sera I guess…”
Silence passed between them, Blake avoiding staring at Craig at all costs. He could hear Craig fiddling with a pea on his plate, the latter possibly also feeling awkward.

Do you hate me?

Hearing the man clear his throat, Blake paid attention, but did not turn his head. The giant insisted upon not touching his meal and merely staring out into space, as if some giant black hole were to gobble him up any second.

“So… you… you’ve been here all this time…?”

The giant did not answer, tapping his fingers together silently and staring out into the starry night. The moon was not in her glory, a cloud decided to cover her light. Blake lowered his head.

“I can’t say I blame you… Aria’s got a pretty nice place here…”

A few crows passed over the hills, Blake’s eyes following their path until they were out of sight. The night grew bleaker with clouds rolling in and covering the twinkling stars that illuminated the black.

“You must have been pretty scared huh?” Craig asked, now turning towards Blake, who refused to acknowledge Craig’s existence.

“Growing so big like that… you’re absolutely massive.” The latter paused.

“I guess… it must be pretty rough huh? Not… finding many clothes… and having to eat enormous amounts of food… you’re lucky that Aria found you when she did. If it wasn’t for her… I doubt you’d be sitting here fully clothed and fed.”  

Blake continued to stare out at the starry night, his eyes tracing over the lines of the clouds on the moon. The shadows danced around the glimmering lights, a strong wind finally blowing the clouds away and illuminating the world in sparkling white.

“…. Aria told me that you dropped me off at the party…”

Blake froze.

“…. That you were worried about me… and you wanted… you wanted to make sure I was alright… well… you know now that I’m okay… I had to go to the hospital for a few days… but they said in a few weeks I’ll be good as new. Nothing to bad… just some minor bruising and a few cracked ribs. Nothing actually….”

Craig slowed his words.


The giant could feel sorrow grip his heart, the vines of grief wrapping around his body and pulling him down into a depression that sunk into his consciousness. He remained silent.

“Blake…. You haven’t talked to me since I got here… how long do you plan on staying that way?”

He breathed in, composing himself. His heart was trembling hard, Blake beginning to realize that his cup of emotions was slowly overflowing. Folding his arms across his chest, Blake stared out at the sky.

“….. I understand. I….”


“I… I would… be…. Mad… at me too…”

His ears perked.

… What?

He heard a small sigh come from Craig, Blake finally gathering enough strength to look down upon his friend, who hung his head in shame.

“I… Blake the reason… the reason why I came here… was because… I was worried… about you…”


“I know that what I said wasn’t right…. And I knew that you were just scared… you were doing the best you could and I got fed up with it… and I’m the last person who should be scolding you for going out with a girl instead of his friend… because that’s what I did to you… right?”

His heart began thumping again, his breaths shuddered.

“I constantly left you for Rose… and you even said it…. And you were right.”

Craig shook his head.

“What I said wasn’t right of me to say… and I… I wanted to say….”

Craig slowly lifted his head, staring up into the eyes of his friend who was paralyzed with both fear and emotion.

“I’m sorry.”

Blake could feel his mouth dropping, his eyes widening in pure shock as Craig pursed his lips and spoke.

“I’m sorry I said all those things… you aren’t a monster at all… I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have said those things… I was just mad that’s all…. I never wanted to go to that party alone… and I never should have instigated you…. Besides…. All of this was my fault right?”

What are you saying?

“If I hadn’t shown you those pills… if I hadn’t given you the idea… then maybe… maybe you’d still be little… maybe you’d still be normal size and you would never have grown like this…. You’d still be at home, recording and doing what you love… you would have had a shot with Jenny…. And you would have never outgrown your house…”

Stop it. Stop it!

His heart began to shake as well, Blake biting his lip to keep from exploding. The more he bit however, the more he found that he was beginning to crack.

“I’m so sorry… if it wasn’t for me none of this would have happened… and you would never have grown so big.”
Craig sighed, shaking his head and running a hand down his neck, placing his limb on his lap.

“I… I just came to say that I… I’m sorry… for everything, and that I-”

“Stop it.”

Craig flinched back, Blake’s voice startling him. The giant held onto his pants and bit his lip hard, nearly drawing blood. He glared down at the tiny man, Craig staring back up at him in both wonder and fear.

“Stop saying you’re sorry… just stop it…”

Craig moved a bit, worry in his eyes.

“B-But… I was ju-”

“Stop it okay!?”

His voice rang in the hall, Craig finally falling into silence. Blake shook hard, a lump growing ever present in his throat.

“Stop saying you’re sorry… stop saying it’s all your fault… it’s not… it’s not!!” he cried, shaking his head furiously.
“I should be the one apologizing! Not you! You’ve done nothing wrong!” Blake exclaimed, his vision beginning to fog up. The pain of loneliness and the echoes of Craig’s screams burned at him, Blake cracking.

“You did nothing wrong! I was the one who caused you so much pain!” his words made Craig gasp a bit, the giant continuing to speak.

“I was the one who wrecked your house! I was the one who outgrew everything! I was the one who made you mad! I was selfish and I was mean and I… I….”

The cracking in his voice only grew as Blake felt himself break down, finally giving into his fears. His anger turned to sorrow as he lifted his hands to his face, staring.

“I nearly killed you… I could have crushed you… broken you in half… and here you are… apologizing to me… apologizing to me!! When I was the one who almost killed you… I almost killed you… you were so small…. And I got… I…”

He began to whimper, his shoulders shaking up and down in heavy heaps of breaths.

“I almost killed you…. I could have lost my best friend… the only person who ever understood me and dealt with my issues and my problems and I almost killed you!!”

Blake could hear the echoes of Craig’s screams in his head grow louder as he began to fall into himself, grasping onto his head for dear life. His shudders and whimpers became soft sobs, tears streaming down his face in hot waves.

“I never should have taken those pills and I never should have thought about her and I never should have been so stupid!!”

Blake’s sobs increased, growing louder. His body finally began to ache with sorrow as his sadness engulfed him, the giant crying.

“I’m so sorry…. I’m so sorry!!”

He couldn’t hear if Craig was replying to him or not, Blake’s sobs echoing in the hall and filling the space with sorrow.

“Please don’t hate me! Please don’t leave me Craig… I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…. I never meant for any of this to happen! Really I didn’t! I never wanted to hurt you! I never thought that I would do that! I didn’t mean any of what I said I was just being stupid! Please don’t leave me Craig… I’m sorry…”

His tears would not stop as Blake tried to wipe them away, the water splashing onto the table below and drenching the linen. Craig could not move away fast enough to escape the tears, getting wet and shouting up to Blake. The giant could not hear him however, his sobs too loud for the human to reach Blake’s ears. Blake sobbed and sobbed, his chest heaving back and forth as the pain of guilt finally receded from him. He cried like a child, Blake unwilling to let himself regain control of his emotions.

After a few minutes a small voice reached him, Blake looking down to see Craig waving frantically at him.

“Blake! Blake it’s alright! Blake calm down!”

The giant shuddered, wiping his tearful eyes.

“But… but…”

“Blake please!” the human stood up from his chair, Blake seeing that his clothes were sopping wet.

“I forgive you… it’s okay!”

Blake shook his head, more tears erupting from his eyes.

“No, no it’s not okay and it never will be… I’m a monster… just like you said… I…. I….” sobs choked him as he receded back into his crying, the human once again shouting to him.

“Blake I’m alive aren’t I? Please stop crying… you’ve apologized and that’s all that matters isn’t it? I- GAH!”

Blake stopped when he heard the sudden scream, looking down to see his friend dripping with water. The giant’s heart softened a bit, Blake reaching down for his friend.

“Oh Craig… I’m sorry… my tears… they must have gotten on you…”

His friend fell gently into his palm, Blake bringing Craig to his face.

“You’re shaking… I’m sorry… you’re cold aren’t you?”

Sniffing the last of his tears away, Blake wiped his eyes with his other hand and proceeded to reach down and grab a blanket from the opposite side of the room. He could feel Craig squirming around in his palm, Blake holding him down firmly with his thumb.

“If you don’t move I won’t drop you… I don’t want to hurt you… not ever again.”

He turned his attention back to his friend, who grasped onto his limb for dear life. Blake slowly wrapped Craig in the blanket, the human allowing Blake to man handle him gently.

“I promise I’ll look after you… I won’t be selfish any more. I’ll protect you… with all my power.”

Blake’s eyes dimmed a bit, the giant pursing his lips.

“I’m sorry I was so selfish… I want to look after you… and make sure you’re okay. I’m big enough now that I can protect you from anything. And that’s… all I want to do.”

Craig stared up at him in wonder, Blake finally breathing calmly after his ordeal.

“I promise… I’ll take care of you. And be… the friend I’m supposed to be.”

Craig did not reply as Blake tucked the blanket around him more, the giant feeling Craig’s small body with his fingers. The two of them gazed at each other in fondness, Blake finally feeling as if he had been forgiven for his wrongs.

“Your hand is really warm…”

Craig’s voice reached Blake, the giant tilting his head warmly.

“Is it… really?”

“Yeah.” Craig replied, smirking up at him.

“Makes me think of that time… you saved me from falling.”

Blake flushed red, feeling the sense of friendship seep into his heart.

“I knew you were a softy.” Craig teased, sticking his tongue out.

“But I never took you for a crier!”

To this, Blake smiled softly, holding Craig close to his heart and speaking. The clock on the wall ticked silently as the night passed them by, the warmth of the moon’s light shining down upon the two rekindled friends. Blake knew now that he could go on living; his nightmares would end and Craig would continue to be there. He would make sure he protected Craig with his life, and ensure his safety. After all, what were best friends for?

“Thank you…. For everything.” 

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Re: Stronger

Merry Christmas to everyone, and may you all have a blessed holiday season. 
She smiled, hearing the sobs of her friend ring throughout the hall. Standing behind the door, she gave a loud sigh, walking towards the two bags that were seated upon a table in the kitchen. The lights flickered on as she walked in, her butler addressing her.

“Miss Aria, it seems as if he’s back to normal.”

Aria smiled contently, giggling a bit as she cut a slice of cake.

“Yes…. It seems so.”

The night was beginning to settle now, Aria glancing at the clock on the wall. Her hands took a few plates, her body angling towards the door. She sighed again, shaking her head.

“Maybe… he’ll go back with Craig… and then he’ll feel better.”

“What makes you think he’ll want to leave?”

Aria paused, thinking.

“Well… he’s Blake’s best friend right? Why wouldn’t… they want to be together? As you know… friends?”

A stiffness hung in the air but for a second before the butler’s voice answered.

“Are you…. Merely friends…. Miss Aria?”

Merely friends?

Feeling hot erupt in her cheeks, Aria laughed loudly, beginning to walk out the door now in haste.

“You’re hilarious James!! More than friends? Please! As if!”

The butler did not reply as the girl ran through the doorway, shouting to her friends in the wake of her arrival. Another maid who had been standing by leaned in towards James, whispering to him.

“Is… she…?”

James’s mouth upturned in a smirk, a knowing look in his eye.

“Yes. Yes she is.”
“What’s our next move?”

Blake gazed down at his friends who were eating cake. Aria licked her fork and tilted her head cutely, thinking. Craig was finishing off his cake as well, eating his in a matter of moments. Blake had his cake already and was merely sitting down and watching his friends.

After his outburst he had set Craig back down upon the ground, still wrapped in sheets. Aria had laughed at their predicament, but understood how badly they needed to clear the air. Blake didn’t think he would ever understand her pure heart, but he was ever grateful.

“Well,” began Craig, who cracked his back.

“We know for certain that Blake has stopped growing, right?”

Both Blake and Aria nodded in agreement.

“So we need to figure out where the pills came from… and how to track them down.” Craig turned to Aria, who glanced back at him.

“Aria, where is your father now?”

“He’s still stationed in California… but I’m sure if I reached out he’d be able to help. After all, that’s what his company is good for right?”

Curiously, Blake leaned down to get a better listen.

“Where does your father work Aria?”

“He works for Google, which explains all of this.”

Blake’s eyes widened.

“Google? So that’s why he was able to afford all of this… and that’s why you’re here, isn’t it?”

Aria smiled sheepishly.

“Daddy always said that I had to work for what I had…. So he made me work hard just to get here. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been fun!”

Blake smiled back, chuckling.

“I can only imagine.”

Craig cleared his throat and drank some water from his place, speaking.

“What we need to do now is to find someone who knows a lot about medicine and DNA and things like that… someone who knows his stuff and is willing to help us.”

“Who do you think we could ask? I mean…” Blake turned red, motioning to himself.

“I’m not exactly the easiest person to talk to.”

“Nonsense!” Aria cried, lifting their spirits.

“Our biochem teacher is the perfect person to ask!”

“You mean Dr. Prince?”

Aria nodded in excitement, leaning in towards Craig.

“We can go ask him! I mean I know it’s close to the weekend but didn’t he say he would be in to grade papers?”

Craig pondered this, taking his hand and holding up his chin. Blake leaned down more, on his hands now and feeling hopeful.

“You think he’d be able to help me?” Blake asked, looking intensely at Aria. The woman pointed her finger towards her heart, giggling.

“He’s the exact expert we need! All we need to do is find out when he’s going to be in and then we catch him!”
“The only problem is…” Craig interrupted, now gazing back at his gigantic friend. The unspoken truth befell them, Blake sobering.

“I-I… I don’t have to go…. You two can…”

“Blake, it’s you who needs help, not us.” Aria replied, standing up.

“If we start explaining to him what happened he’ll never believe us anyways! We need some hard evidence, and you’re about as factual as they come!”

“But we can’t expect Blake to just waltz up to the building in stride.” Craig retorted, flipping back his hair.

“We need a solution. Blake can’t be seen in broad daylight; he’d cause mass hysteria!”

“Well we can’t just start explaining things to our professor…. He’d think we’re nuts!”

“Then what do you propose?”

“I have no idea… but Blake is the one who needs to talk to him!”

“We can’t risk him being seen!”

“Oh then give me an idea!”

Blake blinked as he saw his two friends bickering, their two ideals conflicting over what Blake should do. Of course Blake knew he was a giant, and couldn’t be seen in the public eye, but he also knew that this argument was getting them nowhere. He frowned a bit, thinking on his own. His friends were still bickering when he had an idea, speaking over them.


Both of his friends stopped, Aria ready to throw a slice of cake at Craig while the latter was defending his face. The two tiny people gazed up at him, Blake softly replying.

“What about if I go during the night? Late? Say twenty two hours? That way… everyone would be sleeping and he’d still be there. He lives closer to the college, so I would imagine that he would have no problem going home that late.”

Aria set down her cake and fell silent, Craig letting his hands down and slowly sinking into his seat. Blake awaited their responses, eagerly fidgeting. He knew this idea made sense, but to try to convince two stubborn people was hard.

“You know…” Craig began quietly, taking another sip of his water.

“That’s not a bad idea!”
“Tomorrow… we go!”

She twirled around on the balcony, laughing and practically jumping up for joy. He watched her silently, smiling warmly as she approached him. Craig had taken his leave for the day and now the night engulfed them. Blake’s room was lit dimly, Aria stating that she would have liked to see a movie with him. They were both in their pajamas and ready for bed, Blake yawning and rubbing his eyes.

“Yes…. Tomorrow I’ll be sure to be careful as well… I don’t want anything to happen to the professor. Heaven knows I would scare any man out of their mind.”

The girl stopped her antics and stared up at him, placing her hand upon the balcony’s ledge. Her bare feet shifted back and forth.

“Blake…. I’m not afraid of you. And neither is Craig. We both know you wouldn’t hurt anybody… you’re too gentle.”
The giant felt his heart warming at her words, Blake holding out a hand towards her.

“Come here you.”

Gleefully Aria boarded his outstretched palm, sitting down upon his skin and extending her arms as he cradled her against his cheek.

“I appreciate the motion, really I do.”

Aria’s head nuzzled him, Blake shivering with the feelings that brewed within his heart.

They both remained silent in their hug for a while, Blake finally prying Aria away from his flesh. He stared at her in his palm, Aria carrying with her a small doll. He knew that she liked to sleep with stuffed animals, and he knew that she could be childish.

“Blake…. I… wanted to ask you….”

His eyes focused on her now, Aria twirling her hair in her fingers. Blake adjusted his legs now, getting more comfortable. He had a feeling this was going to be a long conversation.

“Yes Aria?”

His heart was thumping in his chest, nearly blocking out the sounds of the outside. His little girl was fidgeting a lot today, and he wondered what was on her mind.

“Blake… why was… I mean…”

Last night….

The giant cleared his throat, his eyes sideswiping between her and the outside.

“I-I…. you fell asleep… I didn’t want to disturb you…. And you were cold… so…”

“Blake… you put me….”

He swallowed, the emotions in his heart crying for her. He was almost certain he knew what he felt towards her, but was completely unsure of her feelings for him. He was too crude, too big, too….

“Am I handsome?”

Aria’s eyebrows furrowed at his sudden question, Blake immediately stammering.

“T-That’s not what I meant! I-I was just asking if I looked handsome to you! W-well I mean I don’t know your taste in men seeing as I never really knew you until now! I-I mean did I look good to girls like you! What am I saying you’re a reasonable girl right? W-Wait that’s not what I meant either! I mean do I look attractive like some girls find some men? Or women rather, because you’re a woman right? Well you’re more than a girl you’re middle aged and women are technically eighteen and older and you’re a woman now I guess which means you’re older.. B-But that’s a good thing!”

Blake stopped, shaking his head and rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment.

“I’m not making much sense am I?”

“I’m afraid not.” Aria replied softly, a friendly yet worried smile upon her face.

“Blake, just…. Be honest with me. That’s all.”

The giant swallowed again, this time his heart growing softer.

Be honest….

“I…. Aria….” He paused.

“What…. Do you look for in… a partner?”

Aria tilted her head back and forth a bit, adjusting her glasses. Her hands tapped against her knees and her body leaned forward.

“Well… I guess I would look for someone who was… smart. And…. Classy! I like classy men! A man in a suit is always good!”

“Classy… well… uhm…”

This isn’t really what I wanted to know….

“Someone who really cares about me…. And is genuinely concerned about me… like someone who would be willing to protect me from anything harmful. You know? Somebody handsome and tall… with a well-shaped body!”

Tall huh? Pretty sure I outrank every man on Earth in that realm.

“Well shaped?” Blake asked, tilting his head now.

“What does that mean?”

“You know like… well-toned! I like a man who looks good but isn’t overly muscular. Like those wrestlers on television! They’re gross… but a nicely toned man.”

I wonder if….

The giant slowly lowered her onto his pillow, Aria growing confused and holding onto Blake’s fingers. The little girl struggled to hold on as Blake held her back with his other hand, prying her away from him and letting her fall onto his soft.

“Blake? What’re you doing?”

Confidence… and honesty. I want to be honest with you… and I want to show you…

The giant lowered his eyes, his breath coming out silently. His humungous body moved fluidly, Blake finally using his size to his advantage. Pulling his tank top over his head he flipped his hair back, slowly revealing his rock hard abs and firm body. He turned to his little girl, who held her hand to her mouth in awe.

He smiled down softly at her, his brown eyes glimmering with something that was stirring within his heart. Setting his arms down and placing his tank top aside, he loomed over her, covering her and his pillow with his shadow. His heart found courage to speak.

“How… do I measure up?”

His voice was soft, Blake tucking his hair behind his ear gingerly.

Be sexy… be sexy…

His mind screamed at him, Blake nervously hoping that she was take his bait.

“I… I don’t know….”

Blake frowned.

“You don’t know?”

“I…. I have to feel them.”

Hook line and sinker.

His cheeks flushed with red as he maintained his composure, his hand coming down beside her. Aria stared at his fingers, Blake now closing in upon her, his face coming closer and closer. He breathed hot air upon her, Aria staring back in pure wonder.

“Then, allow me the pleasure of doing so.”

Softly he placed himself beside her, his head upon his pillow and his face turned towards her. Aria did not move at his motion, but continued to stare at him as if she were frozen.

“How about you… take a little trip?”

He cooed to her, Blake seeing Aria’s knees nearly buckle beneath her. His fingers plucked her from the pillow, his hand bringing her closer to his broad chest. Setting her down upon his muscular chest, he could feel her tiny feet going across him. He could not bend his head down, for fear that he might throw her off by accident, but he continued to talk.

“Can you feel them?”

A small tingling ran across his chest, Blake breathing in. A startled cry made him stop, Blake calling out to her.

“You alright?”

“You breathed… and everything moved up and down! It was…. Really cool!”

The giant breathed slower now, trying to calm his ever increasing heart rate. He could feel her walking across his body now, heading towards his stomach. Tingling ran across his abs as he fought the urge to giggle, knowing that those were her hands she felt.

“They feel so hard but yet… they’re so soft too.”

Her words reached him and Blake felt his cheeks go on fire.

You’re feeling me… my body… can you hear my heart that’s yearning so loudly for you? I don’t want anybody but you…. You’re…

“They’re soft? I’m glad…. But… am I okay? For a….”

Say it. Just say it!!

“Blake… you’d be good enough for any girl…. Really.”

He mused, closing his eyes.

“Tell me… what would your boyfriend think if he knew I was here?”

He could feel a shift in the air, Aria’s hands now grasping onto his ab.

“I don’t have one…. I never did….”

Blake could feel happiness seep into his pores, his mind struggling to grip onto his poker façade. He wanted to maintain his cool and sexy appeal.

“Oh? Someone like you would be sure to attract men.”

“You know what I said before… I’m too…”

At this, Blake flexed his arms, moving his abs. Aria cried out in surprise, Blake chuckling.

“I don’t believe that. Either these men are blind, or they’re stupid.”

He could hear her giggling nervously from his stomach, Blake wanting nothing more than to hold her and show her his real self.

“Well, what do you think of my body? Is it good enough for women?”

“Blake I told you….” Her voice was growing softer, Blake only barely catching her voice.

“You’re perfect….”

His confidence exploded in his chest, saying words he did not control.

“And so are you.”

Silence befell them, Aria still upon his abs. Blake was growing cold without his shirt on, but knew that he had spoken out of line. He had called her perfect before, but for some reason he felt this time the context was different.

Did she…. Understand what I meant?

A shiver ran up his spine as he felt her walk back up to his chest, resting upon his mighty build. His little girl he wanted to call her, was now planted above his heart.

“This was where I was last night right?”

…….. I wanted to hold you there forever.


The lights were beginning to turn off now, leaving the two of them in complete darkness. Aria did not say anything more, but merely trembled on his chest. The giant felt nervousness creep in upon him, Blake pursing his lips.

“Are you alright?”

“I…. I’m…. afraid of the dark.”

Afraid of the dark?

Without hesitation Blake placed a hand over her small body, covering her completely. His chest moved her up and down with his breaths, Blake now laying down upon his side and cradling her against him. Pulling the sheets up around him he placed her upon his pillow, staring at her as she pulled the gigantic sheets up to her body. His hand was still upon her, her arms around his thumb and clamping onto her chest.

“Will you be here?” she asked softly, gazing into his gigantic orbs.

“Will you…. Help me? I can’t sleep…. Unless I know… I’m going to be okay…”

To this, he nodded, tucking her in and stroking her hair with his finger.

“I’ll always be here. I don’t want to leave your side. Not even for a moment.”

Music filled his heart as he spoke, colors of stars and galaxies falling between them in this eternal moment. The darkness became warmer as she smiled at him. His heart grew stronger.

“Aria…. I-”

She moved beneath him, Blake lifting his hand to find that she was crawling closer and closer to him. He remained stationary until she was right up against his lips. The giant’s body shuddered in anticipation, his eyes widening as he felt her close in upon him, her head upon his lips.

“Your lips are… really soft too… I’m not sure which one I like better.”

I thought I was the one in control… but you….

His eyes dimmed.

You’re the one who has control. Control over my heart.

Her hands lined his lips carefully, Blake opening his mouth a tiny bit to mumble to her.

“You want to sleep here?”

She did not reply to him, but merely laid her head upon his flesh, Blake’s hand coming up to pull the sheets over her. He tucked his legs in towards his chest and wished with all his might that he would hold her like he wanted to. But this was enough.

I know what I feel. I know this. I know what I want.

“Aria I… I…. I want to…. I need to tell you something…. I…. I..!!!”

His tongue swelled, his words becoming mumbles and whispers. Blake’s courage had vanished, along with her attention. She had fallen asleep on him, he was sure, as the weight upon his lips had increased with her head. He sighed heavily, his body moving its own now.

His lips caressed her hair and met her face, smooshing her in plush.

I want to kiss you.

He smooshed her again.

And again.

Once more his lips moved, Blake trying to maintain himself.

And again.

His hands grasped onto her furiously, Blake still being careful not to wake her. He pressed her up against his lips again, this time his tongue licking a bit of her cheek as he passed.

I know what I want. But I can’t…. I can’t have her can I?

The night dragged on and on, Blake merely staring at her small complexion. His heart yearned for her arms around him, Blake feeling almost despaired as he stared.

You can never hold me the way I want you to.

He snorted.

“Aria…. Can you hear me?”

Her eyes were closed and her arms were around her doll, the giant speaking in whispers.

“I wanted to tell you something… but you fell asleep… you’re so easy to fall asleep like that. You can do that anywhere can’t you?”

Her breaths were small and smooth, reminding him of flowing rivers.

“But you’re beautiful and always will be.”

His fingers glided across her body, feeling her curves.

“You’re wonderful… and you’re cute.”

He felt along her legs now, tapping her tiny feet.

“I love how passionate you are about everything… and I wanted to tell you something I’ve never told anyone else.”

If I can say this now… I want to come to terms with my feelings… I want to know…


He paused, moving her closer to his lips.

“I love you.”

His heart shook with passion as he kissed her again and again, not wanting to stop even though he knew that his kissing would eventually wake her up. Blake screamed for more, his entire being now set on telling her the truth. He would find the time, he would find the courage and he would find a way. He would show her just how much she meant to him, and just how much he desired her.

I love you…..

I love you…..

I’ll love you…


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Re: Stronger

Her eyes fluttered open as the dawn of day broke through the glass. Small birds flew through the air, her gaze fixated upon a single point in the sky. Through the window she could see the sun rising, the crystal dark night fading into shades of brilliant orange and yellow. Her fingers found their way towards the soft pillows that breathed warm air upon her, her hair whisking around her shoulders with every breath he took.

He was so gentle with her, even when she thought he couldn’t be. He showed her kindness, and even compassion. The way he held her in his hands, the way he gazed at her when she was merely sitting and eating, the way he stroked her hair carefully when she was in his palm; all those things grew silently in her heart.
His eyes were warm; full of life and always seeking for her. She noticed that he had begun to sincerely care about her, that he would seek her out. Even when she wasn’t paying attention, he would make sure she was okay.

He would always ask if she was comfortable, if she was hungry, or if she needed anything. Although he was much too big to be able to hold her in a hug, she had a feeling that if he were normal sized, he would never want to let her go.

They slept together again; probably springing a habit. She was upon his pillow the last time, away from him, but still with him altogether. But now, her head was pressed up against his lips, their softness making her sleepy and warm.

She shivered, huddling closer to him and closing her eyes. She didn’t want to see the light of day; she didn’t want to see the new. Her heart cried out for something, anything to prove to her that he might feel the same way as she did. She was never good at detecting those things, and even when she did the feelings were never mutual.

She never had a boyfriend before, and she never thought she would ever get one. Sadness welled in her heart as she pressed her head into his lips, tears dripping onto him softly.

Maybe he could change things.
He felt her pressing up more against him, his heart telling him that something was wrong. He had been awake for a few minutes, feeling Aria move beneath him. He had not expected her to get up first, but she always surprised him. His legs were still curled in the same position they were the previous night, Blake’s hand coming down upon the little girl who cuddled into him. For some reason, his lips were wet.

Carefully he cupped her in his hand and sat up, letting the blankets fall off of his still naked torso. The shiver of morning chill ran down his spine, Blake ignoring the feeling as he licked his lips, tasting a bit of salt upon them. He curled his fingers around the little girl who slept with him, her eyes cast downwards and away.

Blake tilted his head, breathing out silently. From the way she looked, he could tell. He had begun to understand what she needed. He had begun to understand when her heart was crying. She was small enough to lay her head upon his finger, Blake softly bringing her to his cheek and rocking her back and forth.

With his silent rocking he began to feel her shudder under him, Blake’s eyes dimming. He continued to rock her gently, stroking her hair lightly and cupping her to make sure she was warm. She sniffed and shook, but his strong hold upon her only made her calm; he could tell.

They did not exchange words, but Blake soon felt her calm down. His love for her grew and grew, his gentle gestures and mannerisms were enough to calm her trembling heart. He continued to rock her for a few more minutes before feeling her soft hands caress him.

Blake paused, taking her away from him. He gazed at her quietly, their eyes meeting. His brown eyes softened as he gazed upon her, his little girl squeezing his finger as much as she could. Her form of a hug. He smiled gently, knowing that his love had penetrated whatever sadness was slowly consuming her.

To be able to hold you like this… and to be able to say that only I can do these things… that only I can make you happy… calm you down… isn’t that… what love is?

He resisted the urge to kiss her.
Breakfast went about as usual, Aria explaining to him that Craig would be coming in later that day, during the dusk. They would have the entire day to spend together, and she wasn’t sure what she was going to do with all the time. She of course had schoolwork to do, but other than that, they were free to do as they pleased.

Blake was on his knees, crouched down to look at her while she ate, explaining to him all the things that they might do. He was content with merely watching her, and talking with her. The smaller things meant more to him than anything. He ate his food with vigor, so that he didn’t have time to linger and lose sight of her. Blake was done now and waited patiently for her to be finished. Their time together was slowly growing to be more and more each day, and he knew that his love for her would remain.


She looked up from her cereal and into his eyes, Blake smiling down affectionately. She gazed up at him in wonder, cocking her head.


I love you.

“Did I…. ever tell you…. How much I liked your choker?”

Aria’s eyes widened, her fingers lining the strong leather wrapped around her neck. The hoop dangled lightly as she touched, blush erupting from her cheeks.

“O-Oh… uhm… thank you…”

Blake mused, getting down more to be closer to her.

“I really like the way you coordinate your clothes too…. It’s… a nice combination of dark and classic.”

“B-Blake….” Aria stood up from her seat now, holding up her hands and backing away.

“W-what’s gotten into you? I-I mean…. You’re never this upfront!”

Blake blinked and backed away, stammering.

“O-Oh… I’m sorry… I just… I just thought it would be a… nice thing to say…”

“O-Oh no it is! I just… I’m not used to getting so many compliments!”

Aria twisted her hair in her fingers, her legs partially shaking. Blake eyed her for a few seconds, pursing his lips.

She’s nervous.

“Listen…. Why don’t we take it easy today? I can give you a ride on my shoulder.”

His words mulled over her, but Aria seemed to back away, her gaze not meeting his.

“Blake I… I kind of… uhm…”

From within him, Blake could feel something was bothering her. He did not know what that something was, but he was determined to make her feel at home.

“…. You should go to your room for a while.”

Aria’s eyes shot up to him, Blake staring down at her easily. He nodded his head slightly, speaking more.

“You need some alone time. You’re nervous about something. I can tell.”

Her cheeks flushed with red, Aria unable to speak.

“Why don’t you take some time to be yourself? You can… read a book or write… or even practice your music.”
Blake suggested, scratching the back of his neck.

“I’m sure you could use a little of that.”

With his suggestion Aria seemed to lighten, her body stopping. Her hands curled into her chest, a happy smile upon her face.

I love you.
“How did you know?”

Blake set down his controller, his eyes turning towards the butler who held a napkin on his arm. The giant paused his game, taking a lollipop out of his mouth and speaking.

“How did I know what?”

The afternoon sun was setting behind the hills, the day passing by. He had occupied his time with playing a few video games, and reading up on his class studies. He submitted his work online, with the help of Aria of course. She had retreated to her room after breakfast, and spent the entire day to herself.

Blake did not complain at all; his love for her enabled him to be apart from her now that he had come to terms with how he felt. This love would keep him going for as long as he had her.

“How did you know that she needed that?” James repeated, leaning against the balcony. Blake stopped, unsure of what to think. He mulled over his own thoughts, his lollipop being stuck back into his mouth. He sucked a few times before answering.

“I don’t know…. I guess I figured she would need some time alone. She seemed nervous… and out of place. She didn’t seem like herself.”

“It’s because you love her, isn’t it?”

Blake froze, his eyes widening and his mouth opening slightly. He sat in stricken surprise as James smiled back at him knowingly, shaking his head.

“You seriously didn’t think I would notice?”

Blake did not reply but instead durned a deep shade of crimson. He felt his heart beat harder, his hands fidgeting with his shirt.

“You love her, don’t you? I can see it. I see it in the way you look at her… the way you speak to her. The way you smile when she’s around, it makes me think back to when I was young. To be able to feel that way about somebody… it’s wonderful isn’t it?”

Blake breathed, seeing James suddenly somber. He blinked.

“….. Lucille was the same…. She could brighten even the darkest of my days. Without her well…”

With a pat of his hand, James regained his composure and began to strut down the hallway. The two of them remained silent for a while, James approaching the doorway to the outside world. Blake whispered.


“Tell her, Blake.”

The giant paused.

“Tell her…. Before it’s too late.”

The door was shut.
James’ words hung in his head as he approached her balcony, Blake sitting down and tapping lightly upon her glass door.

“You love her, don’t you?”

Blake frowned, unsure of what he was feeling. Mixed emotions fluttered about within him, his head going back and forth with his decisions. He knew that he loved her, but telling her that he loved her was a different monster altogether.

How do I know she feels the same way? What if she doesn’t? What if she just sees me as a good friend? What if she doesn’t like the way I’m bigger than her? What if she falls for someone her size? What will happen when she finds out? What if…

The door to the room opened and Blake instantly looked up from his train of thought, his heart fluttering when she came into his view. She seemed more relaxed, a happy and peaceful smile upon her face. She giggled and held her arms up, Blake scooping her up carefully and cuddling her in his cheek.


He heard her voice.

“I missed you.”

You missed me?

He brought her round to his face, smiling lightly.

“I’m glad that you feel better. What did you end up doing?”

Aria sighed and sat in his palm, laying down and breathing.

“Writing a bit… practicing my music…. Things like that.”

“I see.”

She uprighted herself as Blake gently slid her into his left palm, his right hand closing her door carefully.

“Thank you, Blake.”

He paused.

“For taking care of me.”

Blake blushed, a gentle smile upon his face.

“Aria you don’t need to thank me for that… you took care of me all this time. I just want to return the favor.”

She giggled at his blush, Blake giggling along with her.

“It’s almost time.”

Her voice echoed in his ears, Blake staring out into the sunset. The view was blocked by a few mountains, the giant feeling his little girl shuffle around a bit in his hand.

“You know I never really got a chance to go down to that lake….”

“Lake? You mean that lake that’s about a mile from here?”

She sighed and set her chin in her hand, shaking her head.

“Yeah. I never got to go! It sucks! I wanted to go before the weather got too cold! But now since it’s gonna be the rainy season… I can’t imagine going later.”

The giant proceeded this information, his mind already reeling with new possibilities.

“We could go right now.”

His response made her jump up, her eyes wide with surprise.

“Blake! You can’t just go walking around wherever you want! There are people and things and-”

“It’s over north right?” he asked, ignoring her pleas.

“Then I’ll take you. C’mon. We’re going.”

“B-but Blake Craig will be here any moment and we-”

Her words were cut off as Blake stood up, covering the ground with his massive shadow. A few of the farmers who were working in the field gazed up at his towering form, Blake waving down at them politely.

“Don’t worry, I’ll have her back by sundown.”

“Blake! Blake you listen to me!”

Her tiny voice reached his ears, Blake taking note of her soon growing rant.

“We’re going to be late if we go! We can’t just- AAH!”

His giant hand slid her down into his chest pocket, Aria flopping down into the cloth. He felt her squirming around before her head popped out of the hole.


“Relax, this is on me.”

“But Blake we-”


His firm tone made her quiet, Blake easing up.

“It’s alright. I’ve got you.”

She was about to protest when her head turned down and nodded, Blake taking this as a signal of her compliance. He smiled gently, patting her lightly.




His long legs outstretched, Blake taking his first steps out of the safe haven that was provided to him. He began to walk, slowly though, to his new destination. His eyes marveled at the trees that only reached his knees, and the hills that seemed to be no more than chest height.

“I’m so big… I can see everything for miles. I didn’t realize how much I had grown.”

His foot stepped down upon a clearing, Blake looking down to make sure Aria was alright. She was quietly gripping onto his shirt and staring out into the distance. The giant proceeded forward, the lake soon coming into his sight. He had only been walking for five minutes, but his long legs carried them away quickly.

A small gate that stood about waist height blocked him, Blake carefully eyeing the stone structure.

“Is this where your area ends?”

A small nod was all he needed as his legs stretched over the gate, Blake making sure not to topple over any stones. His shirt dragged on a few rocks but did no damage as he continued his walk. The sun shone brightly in his eyes, Blake seeing a few birds fly past him. They were but mere specks to him, Blake looking in wonder at their petite size.

“They’re so small!”

He chuckled, continuing to walk. With a few more steps he reached the edge of the lake where he stopped, his sneakers covering much of the beach. The tide was still as he bent down, touching the water with his fingers.

“Aria, look!”

Her little head popped out from his pocket as Blake played with the water, a few fish gathering around his finger. He chuckled, flicking the water a bit.

“To be honest I haven’t been here much either. The last time I went was last summer with Craig. We had a huge beach party with our friends. Well…. Mostly his friends.”

He slid his hand into his pocket now, Aria clinging onto him and allowing him to hold her. She gazed down at the water from his hold, Blake chuckling.

“You like water?”

“I do… always have. I love swimming.”

“We should go swimming together then.”

Aria blushed at his statement, Blake blushing as well. From across the lake he could hear a few people laughing and drinking, their beer bottles clanking as they readied for the sunset. His heart began to speak again to him, Blake sitting down upon the soft sand. Placing Aria down upon his knee he spoke.

“Do you like it?”

“Of course I do.”

The evening sun began to turn colors, Blake watching as the sky turned into the beautiful flames of night. The red melded in with orange streaks, the golden rays of sun dying out with subtle light.

“Wow…. It’s gorgeous! I’ve never seen a sunset on a lake before!”

Blake smiled gently, happy to see her so excited. Her arms waved back and forth in excitement, the sun giving off the last winds of light. The wind made her hair flow all around her, Blake in awe of her beauty.

I love you. I love you so much.

From the corner of his eye he spied a small flowering tree, Blake being careful to pluck a single stem. Gingerly he picked a white bouquet of leaves and flowers, brushing off the excess to create a single small flower. Aria was busy watching the sunset, and Blake worked quietly. His fingers found a small Lilli pad and with precision he wrapped the lily around the flower, creating a small crown of flower and pad. He plucked a different flower, wrapping the plant around the other wildlife. Soon he created a small crown, Blake proud of his small creation.


Someone played the guitar in the distance, a roaring fire being created across the lake. The warmth of day turned into the chill of night, Blake seeing her turn to him.


He hovered over her head, Aria freezing as the flower crown was dropped upon her, going over her head and hanging off her like a necklace. She stroked the flowers and lily pad in awe, squealing with delight and laughing.

“Blake they’re beautiful!”

He smiled lovingly as she got up and twirled around on his kneecap, her dance making his heart scream with love. She laughed and looked up at him, eager in her eyes.

“How does it look?”


With his words his head shot upwards as something lit up the sky, bright bursts of color illuminating the dark. She looked up with him, her laughs becoming gasps of amazement. Red and yellow sparkles danced in the sky, the stars glittering among the bright lights. The sounds of booms echoed in his ears, the silhouette of the moon already peeking on the lake. Silver light poured down upon them, flashes of starlight glimmered all around them, Blake beginning to feel a tug.


She turned to him again, her eyes dancing with wonder.

Your eyes are sparkling…. They’re even more beautiful than starlight.

“There’s…. there’s something…. I need to…. There’s something I need to tell you….”

“What is it?”

The sparkles of fire flew around them like a meteor shower, Blake’s face coming closer to her. He sat upright, Aria standing upon his knee in confusion. But soon, her eyes began to glimmer with hope, he saw. Flashes of red illuminated her face, Blake feeling destiny pull them together. Warm waves of love flowed from his heart, the fireworks display making him feel that eternity was everything they had.

“I…. I….”

He stammered, his hands balling.

The lake was perfect in moonlight, the stars dancing around them now as the shine flew everywhere. Fireflies glimmered in their midst, Blake finally mustering his courage. He took a deep breath in, Aria waiting in anticipation.

“I…. I love-”


A loud voice broke him from his trance, Blake looking down. From beneath him he saw a small hand waving up at him, a familiar pair of crutches also being seen. The giant let out an exasperated sigh, seeing Aria still gazing at him.


She cried to him from Blake’s knee, the giant groaning.

Way to spoil the moment…

In a way, Blake was thankful. He wasn’t sure if he had enough courage to tell her how he felt just yet, and forcing himself wasn’t going to be helpful.

Craig was oblivious to this however, and called up to them.

“I need a lift!”

Blake nodded slightly, upturning his hand. The small man stepped upon his palm, Blake carrying his friend up to his knee where Craig and Aria embraced, happy to see one another. The giant remained silent as they exchanged talk, Blake wondering if maybe Craig could have helped him.

“You want to get going? It’s about twenty two right now.”

His friend’s voice jostled him out of his trance, Blake staring down at his tiny companion. He nodded his head, reminding himself that there were things to be done. The lake and the performance were beautiful, and inside his heart he hoped that Aria saw his efforts.

“What’s that around your neck Aria?”

The girl blushed at Craig’s question, her eyes meeting Blake. The giant stared down at her for a few seconds before seeing something twinkling in her eye. He swallowed.

“Blake made this for me…”

Craig lined the flowers, a laugh escaping him.

“Well, you’ve certainly got good taste Blake!”

The giant smiled fondly, rubbing Craig’s head with his finger. The latter laughed again, Aria joining in on their fun. Blake could feel the strong burn of love hold his heart, and he knew that one day he would have to tell her.

He just didn’t know when. 

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Re: Stronger

Through the darkness of night he could see the university up ahead, Blake eyeing the man who stood upon his shoulder. He paused for a second, staring down into the streets. His shoes took up the majority of the concrete, Blake having to step lightly for fear of crushing an unsuspecting visitor. Craig was holding onto Blake’s collar as the giant moved, occasionally calling out directions to him. Blake was large enough that the ride only took a few minutes, whereas a drive by car would have taken about a half hour.

His hand rested upon his side, Blake gazing down into the streets. A few street lamps lit up the black of his converse, Blake’s long sleeved shirt being pulled down for warmth. He whispered to Craig.

“Aren’t you chilly?”

The latter shook his head, grinning.

“Got blood of steel.”

Blake smiled fondly.

“Smart ass.”

The night carried on and blanketed them, Blake making his way down the streets in haste. He wanted to get the operation done and over with before anybody showed up and saw him. He didn’t want to have to explain his predicament to anyone.

His weight didn’t cause the ground to cave in as he thought he would; the concrete being strong enough to hold him. Blake couldn’t get over the fact that everything was so small around him; a two story building only reached as far up as his middle thigh. Even the tallest trees were nothing but brush to him, and as he strode he could see the once looming building in the distance.

The university did not have any more than two stories, so when Blake approached he crouched down. The parking lot was empty save for one small red car that was parked neatly near the edge of the lot. Being careful to avoid the car, Blake stepped lightly onto the concrete and got down upon his knees, speaking to Craig.

“Now what?”

“This is where Aria comes in.”

A small head popped up from Blake’s pocket, the giant hoisting her out carefully. She clung to his thumb as he placed her in his right palm, looking down at her lovingly.

“Be careful, alright?” he offered, stroking her hair gently. The woman smiled up at him and nodded, taking her flower necklace off and handing the treasure to him.

“I don’t want to ruin it. Keep it in your pocket for me, will you?”

Blake nodded and pocketed the flower necklace, tucking the item inside of his shirt.

“He has an office up on the second floor, you should be able to reach him through the elevator or the staircase.”

Craig walked along Blake’s neck towards the giant’s outstretched hand, Blake being careful not to move and allow Craig to have his balance. His friend walked along Blake’s arm until he reached Aria, who was still standing upon Blake’s palm. He breathed and sighed, handing Aria a small device.

“Take this with you. Just in case you need it.”

Aria smiled at him, punching him lightly.

“A walkie talkie? What are we, spies?”

Craig laughed and nodded his head, aiming his device over his head.

“Spies on the loose!”

The two of them laughed, Blake smiling down and chuckling.

“Alright, that’s enough of that you two.”

The woman nodded, pointing down to the ground.

“Set me down and I’ll be sure to find him.”

The giant complied with her ask, his palm touching the ground lightly. She stepped off his skin, the giant carefully pulling back from her and moving Craig back into the air. Blake watched as Aria approached the interior of the building, the concrete walls seeming so small to him. Even on his knees Blake could not help but feel as if he towered over the formidable structure. The building rose to a little above his waist, not by much. A little cry from below him made him turn, Blake seeing a distressed Aria looking up towards him. He bent down more.

“What’s wrong?”

“The door… it’s locked!”


Craig’s concerned voice made Blake set his friend down beside Aria, the giant leaning down more in an effort to see what was going on. Craig approached the building and Blake could barely make out his friend kicking the door in a feeble attempt to open the lock. Aria pulled hard, exasperating herself and making Craig bang on the glass. The two of them stood back and shook their heads, worry settling in.

“It’s no use…” Craig murmured.

“It’s locked good.”

Blake swallowed hard, unwilling to give up. A few moments of silence passed between the friends, the giant suddenly brightening.

“I have an idea.”

His tiny friends turned to him but for a second, Blake getting down upon his stomach. He could feel his legs and feet stretching out across the many various surroundings, Blake feeling a few pieces of wildlife getting crushed under his massive weight. From this view, he could clearly see the door that Craig and Aria were speaking of. The door was locked from the inside, a keyhole presented forward and an otherwise strong bar holding the door in position.

“Stand back.”

The two friends made their way to the sides of the building quickly as the giant reached out, his fingers taking a hold of the door. With no effort at all Blake pulled the door, breaking the lock the accidentally unhinging the door in the process. The frame was now bent and a few pieces of glass were cracked, his friend staring at the immensity of Blake’s power. The giant flushed red, quickly placing the glass door down on the ground.


Aria smiled at him weakly, gesturing to him.

“It’s alright…. I’m sure they could fix it again.”

Blake smiled meekly back at her, shrugging.

“I guess…”

Craig placed his hands on his hips, urging Aria.

“C’mon now, we haven’t got all night. Dr. Prince will be leaving soon if we don’t hurry.”


She entered through the door, her boots thumping as she went up the stairs in the building, Blake getting closer to both Craig and the opening to see inside.

“Wow…. I never knew that the school was so small… it’s like looking through a dollhouse.”

“It’s because you’re over twenty times your previous size.”

Craig stated as a matter of factly, turning to his companion.

“You can’t expect things to look the same since you grew, can you?”

“No, not at all.” Blake replied, his eyes marveling at the tiny garbage can that was sitting near the wall.

“I just didn’t expect everything to be so tiny! Aria’s space for me has little to nothing that’s of the normal world. I mean… everything is my size there.”

He paused, searching for words.

“My clothes, my bed… even my television and books. They’re all my size. There really isn’t anything to compare my size to in the real world.”

“Luckily for you she found you when she did.”

Blake mused, setting his chin in his arms now. Craig walked towards him, Blake watching as his friend climbed up upon his arm and sat down comfortably.

“How did you find us by the way?”

Blake inquired, seeing Craig take out something from his pocket.

“James told me where you were headed; he figured that you were taking her to the lake. One of the local farmers telling him that you were headed somewhere with Aria in your pocket.”

“She said she wanted to go, so I told her yes. Why hold off when she could see it now?”

Craig held a small candy bar in his hand, the man breaking the bar in half and holding the food up to his friend. Blake’s gigantic fingers took a hold of the small item, tossing the food into his mouth and swallowing without a second thought.

“Thank you.”

“No problem.” Craig answered, taking a bite of his morsel.

“So you took her to the lake, where I found you.”

“Yes,” Blake nodded. “How is your chest by the way? Healed any more?”

“A slight bit. It still hurts from time to time but nothing major.”

“I see.”

The night covered them completely as the sound of Craig munching filled the air. Small fireflies were dancing in the starlight, Blake breathing out in silence.

“When are you going to tell her?”

The giant blinked, seeing Craig finish up his snack. The man wiped his hands with a napkin, pocketing the item in the black backpack that he carried. With this, Craig turned his head to face Blake, who was still staring at him.

“Tell her what?”

“Don’t play dumb.” Craig remarked, swinging his legs back and forth on Blake’s arm. The giant shivered when Craig moved, fear creeping in his mind that Craig might fall off.

“I see the way you look at her.”

Blake remained silent, unsure of what to say.

“I see the way you look at her, even the way you talk to her. When you touch her, it’s like you’re screaming internally.”

The giant pursed his lips, unmoving.

“You love her. You know you love her. But you have no idea how to tell her, do you? So you sit around and wait for her to come to you.”

“Well I was going to but somebody,” Blake snipped, glaring down at his friend.

“Decided to show up.”

Craig groaned, stretching his arms.

“Not my fault you have bad timing.”

Blake sighed heavily, getting up upon his elbows now, his arms tired from stationary movement. Craig held onto Blake’s shirt, the giant helping Craig down upon the ground. He stood a little a ways from Blake, the two meeting eyes.

“What do you propose then?” Blake questioned.

“How do I tell her?”

“Do you know if she loves you back?”

“See…” Blake murmured, turning his eyes away. Silently he gripped his arms, sadness beginning to crawl into his heart.

“I… I don’t know.”

Craig rushed to him worriedly, his friend gripping one of Blake’s fingers. The giant gazed down at the man who pulled his finger away from his arm, speaking to him.

“Calm down big guy… I know it’s tough.”

His friend stroked his finger, Blake feeling warmth erupt from the soft touch. Blake snorted, rubbing Craig’s head affectionately. His friend chuckled in delight, holding onto Blake’s finger.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better.” Craig replied, patting and stroking Blake’s skin.

“I hate seeing you so upset. Seeing you like that when you were normal sized was bad enough, but as a giant… well that makes it worse. Especially when you start crying!”

“Don’t bring that up.” Blake retorted, seeing a mischievous smirk on Craig’s face.

“I didn’t mean to drown you in water.”

“When you’re big you don’t mean to do a lot of things!”

The giant was about to reply when he heard a bit of static noise. He paused, listening for the source of sound. Craig froze as well, listening to the static.

“Could it be…?”

Reaching down to his walkie talkie, Craig held up the device and spoke into the phone.


A very static reply emerged, Craig having to hold up the device to his ear to hear properly.

“He’s not biting, we’ll have to- Dr. Prince! Dr. Prince hang on I know it sounds weird but it’s true! You’ve got to believe me! We need your help!”

The static cut out once again, Craig jostling the device rapidly.

“Aria? Aria!”

Blake leaned down, staring at Craig intently.

“What do we do now?”

The latter growled, throwing the talkie to the ground and letting out a frustrated moan.

“She said that he didn’t believe her! I’m not sure what we do now… I mean it’s not like we can go in and look for him. You’re too big to fit inside the building.”

“Maybe we don’t have to look for him that way.”

Blake’s answer surprised Craig as the giant sat back up, angling his body towards the building now. His tiny friend ran to him as Blake got upon his knees, shifting his body to turn.

“H-hang on! Blake what are you doing??”

He ignored Craig’s cries as Blake pushed his fingers under the concrete steel walls of the building, gripping underneath the stone.

“It’s time I start using my size to our advantage.”

With a grunt, Blake slid his fingers under the ceiling of the university, pulling up carefully while rolling the stone away like a sheet of paper. He curled the steel back and felt as the structure gave way to his strength, rocks and debris falling through his fingers and onto the classrooms below.

Leaning over the side of the structure he peered down into one of the lecture halls, a very surprised and confused Aria staring back up at him, her hands upon her chest and her eyes wide with awe.

Next to her stood a trembling man, whose eyes were white with fear. His knees clacked together as he looked up and up into Blake’s huge face, the giant using the last of his strength to place the ceiling aside so he could speak.

“Dr. Prince?”

The man screamed in horror, falling onto the floor in his fury of erratic motions. Aria rushed to him, grabbing his flailing arm. He screamed more, nearly having a heart attack.

“Dr. Prince calm down! Calm down please!”

The black haired young man screamed as Aria tried to reason with him, finally breaking free of her hold and running towards the door. Fearing that he might lose his opportunity to speak with his professor, Blake reached down hurriedly.

“Dr. Prince wait!”

Blake’s hand came down and blocked the door, his palm too large to fit nicely into the classroom. Seats were easily crushed under Blake’s strength, his hand large enough to block the door on its own. Dr. Prince screamed again and ran from Blake’s hand, crying as he galloped down the stairs to cower under his desk. The lecture hall was full of empty seats, Blake reaching over the plethora of classroom equipment and towards his professor.

“Professor please, I won’t hurt you, I promise!”

With his other hand, Blake blocked the professor from his desk, the man falling to his knees in a heap of distress.

“It’s not real! It’s not real!!”

“Dr. Prince please…” Blake reasoned, leaning down more.

“It’s me, Blake. Don’t you recognize me?”

A scream was his reply as the giant looked down worriedly at his cowering professor. Blake thought for a moment before reaching down for his teacher, grasping the man from the back of his shirt. Dr. Prince screamed again as Blake lifted him off the ground gently, Aria protesting.

“Blake! What are you doing?”

The giant lifted the man towards his face, seeing the man cower in fear at Blake’s stature. Blake softened his voice, holding the man firmly between his thumb and index finger.

“Dr. Prince… please… try to look at me. It’s me, Blake, remember?”

His soft voice did nothing to calm the man down as Dr. Prince hid his face from the giant, speaking to himself.

“You’re not real…. It’s an illusion!”

“I am no illusion.” Blake replied softly, sighing.

“Although I wish I was… then maybe… I wouldn’t miss your class so much.”

His words seemed to penetrate the professor, Dr. Prince glancing up at Blake now from his hold. The giant gazed back at him sadly, half smiling.

“Dr. Prince… it’s me. Blake Swift… from your biology class. I was the one who asked you about genetics… remember?”

The man gazed at Blake more, a sudden realization illuminating his face. His eyes widened with surprise, Blake still half smiling at him.


The giant nodded his head sadly, replying.

“Yes… it’s me. I’m sorry I had to pick you up like that…” Blake apologized, his words gentle and warm.

“You were panicking, and I didn’t want to hurt you.”

Dr. Prince’s fear became astounded awe as he slowly swallowed, speaking.

“Well… you… certainly grew… you grew a lot!”

“To about a hundred feet to be exact.” Blake answered,

“I’m hard not to notice.”

The professor smiled up at him uncertainly now, gazing into Blake’s window like eyes.

“Blake my boy… what happened? Why are you like this?”

“It’s a long story.”

The giant hovered Dr. Prince over his palm, dropping the professor down softly. The man sat in Blake’s hand, his eyes marveling at the immense size of his pupil. He smoothed over Blake’s skin, the giant continuing to speak.

“We needed your help… I hope you can understand. I wanted to go to someone who had expertise in the field… and you were the only person we thought of.”

His professor cleared his throat, nodding his head.

“Yes well… I’m sure we can figure something out. I’ll need to know the backstory of how you came to be like this. However… tell me.”

Blake waited in curiosity, Dr. Prince thinking.

“This is a phenomenon! No human being has ever exceeded the natural grown height of eight feet eleven inches, and yet here you are, gigantic by all means!”

Blake flushed at his professor’s comment, picking up Aria gently and setting her beside Dr. Prince in his palm.

“Aria my dear, I’m sorry I doubted you. I didn’t think that Blake would be like this at all!”

“That’s why I bought him along.” She answered, sitting down comfortably.

“He’s much bigger than anything I’ve ever seen before, and I figured that you would need some hard evidence when it came to convincing.”


Blake turned his eyes downward to see Craig kicking him in the knee, flustered and very much agitated.

“Did you all forget about me?? I’m on this mission too!”

Blake smiled down softly at his friend, picking Craig up by his shirt.

“Don’t get your pants in a bunch,” Blake stated, dropping Craig into his palm with the other two companions.

“We’re all here now, and that’s what matters.”

Aria nodded, Craig sitting down and joining Dr. Prince.

“Hey, Dr. Prince.”

The professor cocked an eyebrow.

“Mr. Podell, I believe you have two essay assignments to hand to me?”

Craig broke out in a sweat, his hands coming up and his words stammered.

“W-Well you see with all that’s been going on, I’ve had to take care of my giant friend here and uh-”

“You haven’t done it have you.”

“…. If I said no…”

Blake snorted with laughter as Craig and Dr. Prince continued to argue, their conversation dying down as the night rolled on. Eventually the four came to the conclusion that the only way to help Blake was if Dr. Prince was let in on where he was being kept and if he was allowed to bring his lab equipment.

“I need to run some diagnostics… tests… and see what exactly happens when Blake is exposed to this ‘pill’ that you mentioned before. We need to see the reaction in real time, and then discuss where we will go from there.”

The giant nodded, standing up once again to follow the trail back home. Dr. Prince fell backwards upon Blake’s palm, Aria turning to him slightly.

“You okay?”

Dr. Prince shook his head, clearly flustered by the circumstance.

“I’m just not used to being man handled.”

“I’m sorry about the force,” Blake replied, gazing down at him.

“I can’t help it.”

“Not to worry, Blake.” Dr. Prince waved him off, shaking his head.

“It’s a little cool to actually be riding like this…. I’m the first person to ever see and be friends with a giant!”

“Get used to it,” Craig called out, scaling along Blake’s shirt to reach his shoulder.

“Blake’s big enough for at least a hundred people.”

Blake poked Craig lightly in the stomach, his friend pushing him off hastily and complaining about the force. The giant smiled.

“Well, at least you’ll have a good seat.”

Lifting Dr. Prince up to his shoulder, he spoke.

“Climb up upon my shoulder, you’ll be much more comfortable there.”

“I don’t know if I like this.” The professor replied, carefully getting onto Blake’s shoulder and hanging onto the giant’s collar.

“What about her?” he asked, pointing to Aria.

“Where is she going?”

“She stays with me.” Blake replied firmly, gently grasping onto his little girl. The woman gripped onto him as well, letting Blake slip her into his pocket and embracing her against his chest.

“She rides in there, where it’s safe.”

Dr. Prince did not question Blake’s motives, but the look in the professor’s eyes made Blake blush.

“I-I just…. Want to keep her safe… that’s all….”

Craig nudged Blake’s cheek with his elbow, the giant growling at Craig’s tease.

“Someone’s got the hots for someone!”

The professor chuckled lightly, Blake pursing his lips in agitation.

“Let’s just go.”

“Alright, alright.”

Looking up into the moon Blake realized that he had more than he could have ever hoped for. Growing into a giant had provided with opportunities to meet other people, and to learn to explore his ever expanding heart. He began to walk back towards Aria’s place, his mind wandering with thoughts of love.

If I hadn’t grown into a giant, I would have never met her.

I would have never known how to reconcile with Craig.

I would never….

Have fallen in love. 

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Re: Stronger

“You’re heading to where now Blake?”

A tiny voice made him stop, Blake ready to set out back to where he came.

“To Aria’s place. I want to know if there’s anything I can do for my condition, and the faster we get back to her area, the faster we can find a cure.”

The giant replied easily, turning his head to see his frightened professor clinging onto his shirt collar for dear life. Blake smiled softly, ushering to him.

“It’s alright, I won’t drop you. I haven’t dropped Craig yet and he’s accident prone.”


“No, no that’s not it.” Dr. Prince replied, pushing up his glasses. The giant tilted his head, seeing the professor sit down upon his shoulder. The night was still calm, the streets barren and only a few birds out and chirping.

“I wanted to go home tonight… I had a lot of work to do and I’m exhausted to be honest… I wanted to go home and take a rest… it IS late after all.”

Blake opened his mouth to speak, but thought instead. He hadn’t thought about how late they were going to be out, and by this time everyone would have been in bed. The giant stole a glance at Aria, who was now sitting in his pocket.

She seems tired too…. Maybe it’s best if we do go back and just rest.

“Well… alright then. I guess that’s the one thing we didn’t think of.” Blake answered, already setting his hand up for his professor to get on.

“We were so fixated upon you believing us that we didn’t think of how tired you might have been.” Craig chimed in, nodding his head.

“Oh, and sorry for the ceiling.” He added, pointing to the half broken rock.

“I know Blake rolled it back but it does seem a bit drafty.”

“I’ll tell the board it was a chemical explosion.” Dr. Prince shrugged, not very concerned.

“It’ll dampen the mood a bit and set us back a few weeks, but we’ll get over it.”

Blake pursed his lips, his eyes dimming.

“Thank you… for at least hearing me out and not being frightened of me. At least… not a lot anyways.”

“Blake, dear boy, you’re still you!”

The giant turned away, rubbing.

“I know but… it’s still a little scary, isn’t it?” he asked.

“I get worried that I might step on you, or that I might use too much strength and harm you by accident. I don’t want a casualty on my hands…. Literally.”

“Blake, I know the person you are.” Dr. Prince smiled at him, patting Blake’s huge cheek with a hand.

“You’re gentle, and kind hearted. Your constant worry makes for a very calm and proper fellow. You have not done anything to have harmed anyone.”

“Say that to my rib cage.” Craig teased, pulling on Blake’s ear. The giant did not reply, instead hanging his head.
“I’m sorry… I never meant to do that.”

“It’s alright Blake, you already said you were sorry and that’s all that matters.”

The giant smiled softly in return, eyeing his professor on his left shoulder.

“You said you wanted to go home didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did.” Dr. Prince replied, looking at his car from Blake’s shoulder.

“I have an hour ride back home… best be going if I’m to make it to bed on time.”

Blake stared at the tiny car in the parking lot, his eyes fixated upon the small fixture. He flexed his fingers, thinking about his own strength. He had easily pulled the ceiling off of his college building, and he was careful enough not to ruin anything.

He had an idea.

“I can take you home.” His voice made his professor flinch, Blake nodding.

“You’re already on my shoulder, why get down? You said you were tired too, so why not?”

The professor began to reply when Blake moved, his arm extended out towards the car in the distance. He could hear Dr. Prince’s shouts of protest, but Blake insisted on picking up the machine. Slowly and carefully he curled his fingers around the edges of the car, hoisting the vehicle clear off the ground. The steel did not bend much under his pressure, and as Blake moved more he heard Dr. Prince nearly faint in anguish.

“Watch it!! That’s a rental! Be careful!”

The car was light, and weighed almost nothing as Blake placed the machine in his other palm, gingerly keeping a hold on the object. He examined the car for a few moments, marveling at how small the windows and doors were.

“My fingers are too big to even fit in the doors! I never thought cars would be this small, or this light.”

“Just be careful, will you?”

Blake offered a gentle smile to his professor, Dr. Prince letting out a sigh of relief as Blake put the car to the side, the giant speaking.

“Hang on.”

“Hang on for whAAAAA!”

Standing up to his full height, Blake caught the professor, who nearly tumbled off his shoulder. Raising his palm to his face, Blake kept a careful eye on his teacher.

“Are you alright? I told you to hang on.”

The man was toppled over on his back, sitting up in Blake’s palm. His body trembled in Blake’s hand, the giant once again speaking.

“I can hold you if you’d like. I don’t want you getting hurt.”

“N-no it’s alright. I just need a more firm grip. You know… for movement and all.”

“If you say so.”

Dropping the professor back upon his shoulder Blake turned to Craig who already had his GPS out and about. The tiny man gave Blake a thumbs up, and the giant began to move. His long legs carried them away from the school building, and from his height he could see clear beyond the horizon.

Blake’s mind was on Aria.
“This is it. You can set us down in front of the building, I want to give you something.”

Craig slid down Blake’s arm and into his palm, the giant kneeling down in front of the apartment building that stood in the dark street. A few lampposts were lit and a dog barked in the distance, Blake easily setting down Dr. Prince’s car in between two other cars on the street. He smirked.

“Looks like I can still parallel park.”

Craig snorted as he helped Dr. Prince onto Blake’s palm, the giant setting them both down on the sidewalk. He leaned down more, speaking quietly.

“What do you have to give us?” he asked, eyeing his tiny professor.

“Well, I wanted to give you a vial. I want a sample of your blood as quickly as possible. And I wanted to start bringing my chemical lab to Aria’s. She has fine equipment, but nothing is like home, understand?”

Blake nodded.

“Understood. I’ll wait for you out here Craig.”

His friend agreed, and as Blake moved to sit back up he heard a small peep from inside his pocket. His eyes turned down to the waving of a girl, Blake musing.

“Did you fall asleep? I assumed you were tired.”

Aria yawned and shook her head, rubbing her eyes.

“I didn’t fall asleep, I’m just tired.”

Blake chuckled, reaching into his pocket to take her out. He felt her gripping onto his fingers, and gently he hoisted her out, placing her softly upon the ground.

“If you need me, just call. I’ll be waiting here.”

His fingers gently grazed over her hair and under her chin, where he pulled her vision up so she could see him. Her eyes sparkled with delight, a blush erupting from her face.

“I know… I’ll be fine. I have Craig after all!”

Blake smiled at her lovingly, his eyes catching Craig and Dr. Prince’s smirks. He instantly dropped his smile, clearing his throat.

“Y-you should get going…. Don’t want to get home too late.”

With a nod, Aria turned to the other two who waited for her near the door. The dark building was faintly lit, and as his friends vanished into the apartment Blake wondered what they would converse about. He set himself down in sitting mode, his legs crossed and his eyes looking over the building and into the distance. The lights from other places were glowing, their yellow aura streaming into the sky as the giant thought to himself.

They climbed up stairs, Dr. Prince opening a locked door and ushering them inside. The dim lights of the apartment lit up in full, the professor gathering a few items that he needed.

“Now, I need you to tell me exactly what caused Blake to grow at such a substantial rate. No human could have possibly been able to acquire such a stature under normal circumstances.”

Craig began to explain to the professor how Blake began to grow, and as he did Aria wandered around the area. A few chairs were to her left, a lonely dinner table set for nobody. A hardly used couch was to her right, a dusty television in a room that held no souls. The professor’s quarters were to her far right; Aria dared not to go in there.
Soon her eye caught the sight of a picture, her hands coming up to grasp onto the frame. A woman stood with an umbrella, smiling at the camera. Her eyes were shut, but her smile eternally plastered upon her face. Her young blonde locks fell on her shoulders, her pink dress frilled and ready for an oncoming rain. Aria dimmed.


She whirled around to see Craig standing before her, his eyes narrowed.

“Are you alright?”

She opened her mouth, murmuring.


He came closer to her, his question making her fall into herself. Slowly, she held the frame to her chest, and spoke.

“Craig… Craig I… I don’t know what to do….”

“What are you talking about?” he asked, gently taking her hand in his.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s…” her words faded as her eyes peered outside, the enormous girth of her friend filling up the entirety of the windows in the apartment. Craig followed.

“It’s him isn’t it?”

Aria nodded, unable to hold words. Craig took both of her hands now, making her set the frame down on a nearby coffee table.

“You were looking at the professor’s previous wife, weren’t you.”

She kept silent.

“Aria… what are you thinking?”

Once again her eyes drifted towards the warm flesh that lined the windows, both of them able to see how deeply Blake was breathing. His entire chest moved up and down in rhythm to his heart, his giant body still in the night.

“….. you like him, don’t you?”

Aria’s face erupted in red, her body beginning to shake.

“I-It’s not… I don’t…. what I mean is…!!”

As he stared at her, his disposition calmed, seeing Aria’s eyes tremble with emotion. Craig breathed.


“How can someone like that even begin to like someone like me?” she asked quietly, her voice shaking.

“I… I don’t even like myself… how can he… how can he find it in himself to like me… or does he even like me? I don’t know… nobody’s ever liked me before… nobody’s….”

“Aria, I’ve told you before, other people are idiots. They don’t see that-”

“That’s what he says!” she suddenly cried, her eyes glossing over. Craig flinched back at her noise, holding his hand up.

“I didn’t-”

“How can I know? Does he like me? Does he really? How can anyone like me? I’m weird and I’m strange and I don’t fit in and I’m not popular and I don’t-”

“Aria calm down!”

He held her shoulders and shook her firmly, the girl nearly collapsing in his arms. She shook hard, her head pressed up against his chest. Craig felt her heart beating fast against his, his arms wrapped around her.

How stupid… both of them…. Why can’t they see? Aria, he loves you. He loves you so much. He’d rather die than see you upset. And you love him back… I see that.

If you didn’t love him, then why would you react this way? If it didn’t hurt so much, then it wouldn’t be love, would it?

“Is everything all right?” Craig turned to Dr. Prince, who held a beaker in his hand. he stepped closer to them, setting a hand on Aria’s back.

“What’s wrong? What happened?”

“Nothing, professor.” Craig replied, soothing Aria quietly. Her head shook back and forth, Craig whispering to her.

“You love him, don’t you Aria.”

She stood still.

“If you want my opinion…. Then I’ll tell you this.”

She remained still in his arms, Craig feeling her tighten her grip on him.

“I have a feeling…. That he loves you too.”
He yawned quietly, seeing the professor wave them off. Blake nodded politely and stood up, Aria in his pocket and Craig upon his shoulder. The night was moving forward, a new day beginning already and Blake growing tired from all the travel.

I never thought I’d be tired from all of this… but here I am.

As he made his way towards Aria’s house, he could feel an uneasiness about Craig. Once or twice he turned to his friend, who insisted on keeping a firm face. Blake was curious to ask, but did not mention the elephant. He remained still.
“We’ll see you later.”

Craig nodded up to his friend, getting inside of his truck and revving up the vehicle. Blake turned back to the building where he could rest, hearing Craig’s car horn catch his attention. The giant eyed Craig who rolled down his window, waving to him. Blake got down lower, wondering.

“What is it?”

His friend swallowed a bit, Blake seeing a change in Craig’s eyes.

“You know…. You know how me and Rose are, right?”

Blake blinked.


“…. You know… I never told her I loved her… and I think I should have. Or at least…I should. I think it would make her happy…. To know that’s how I feel.”

Blake gasped silently.

“You should tell her.” Craig finished, nodding his head and patting his steering wheel.

“You should tell her, before she gets the wrong idea. I have a feeling that you two…. Are closer to the middle than you may think.”

With his last words fading in the distance, Craig drove off into the starry night, Blake watching as the last of the dust cleared from his view. His heart thumped loudly, feelings of love pushing into his mind.

Slowly, Blake got up off his knees and crawled into his space, taking off his clothes and seeing Aria fast asleep in his pocket. His fingers gingerly carried her over to his pillow, where he placed a blanket over her, tucking her in. His heart filled with warmth as he got undressed, brushing his teeth and wondering when he would state how he felt.

She was still in her clothes, Blake pursing his lips. Looking around the tiny room, he saw a pair of pants and a shirt hanging from the balcony. He shook his head knowingly, whispering the name of the butler that was clearly trying to push them together.

Taking Aria in his hand again, Blake began to turn red, his fingers pulling at her boots. They came off rather easily, Blake placing them on the balcony next to her door. Slowly, he pulled her pants off as well, Aria still fast asleep in his hand. His cheeks became hotter as he forced himself not to look at what he was doing, his fingers gently grasping onto her shirt. He tugged the material off, leaving her almost naked and asleep. Quickly he pulled her socks off and hovered over her breasts before thinking better of himself. His fingers lightly grazed over her stomach and down her legs however, his manhood unable to resist the temptation of a woman.

I was right. They’re huge. And she’s….

Her chest moved up and down with her breathing, her body slim and well cut. He stared at her hourglass figure, her legs and curves almost too perfect. He found no mistake, no contour that would deter him from thinking she was more beautiful than anything he had ever laid eyes on.

I would love to call you mine…. What I would give to hold you like this forever.

He stopped.

But if I were….

A thought crossed his mind that he never imagined; something made him conflict with his inner desires. He wanted to be small again, but he wanted to hold her like this.

I want to hold you like this… because when I’m big… I feel like I can protect you. I can easily keep you away from the world’s evil…. And I can carry you around. I can carry you in my pocket, next to my heart. I can keep you in my sight; always. But if I were little….

Suddenly he wanted something he never dreamt he’d desire; his heart began to speak too loudly for him to ignore, and thus challenged his brain. He knew that once he had made his decision, he would have to accept his consequences.

Aria I…

Suddenly her breasts and nakedness meant nothing to him as he admired her beauty and imagined her smile; his heart raced with love.

I don’t want to go back.

His giant fingers dressed her completely, Aria being placed down upon the pillow once again and Blake tucking her back in. He could not help but lean in close and kiss her, once for good night, and twice for love.

He paused for a moment before laying down next to her, his heart beginning to yearn for her again. His hand came down upon her, deciding to cradle her into his chest instead and completely content with his decision. He knew that he would have to live with his choice, but he was ready. He had to tell her how he felt, and he had to how her. Blake was determined to make her feel loved, and nothing would hold him back.

He slept on his back, his hand covering the girl he wanted most to love, and his heart pounding with new sensations. The giant made sure she was warm, a smile upon his face in content.

I don’t want to go back.

Not now.

Not ever.

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