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7/04/2015 4:02 pm  #11

Re: Anyone want to RP?

Sorry, I didn't read your first post. Didn't mean to keep you waiting.

My character is on the larger side, and has rather rough traits, i.e. scruffy beard, large, rough hands/skin, etc. The point is that he looks like a man's man, or like a typical lumberjack.

Physically, that's what I'm thinking.

Gentle Giants are awesome!

7/04/2015 7:27 pm  #12

Re: Anyone want to RP?

Okie-doke. Did you want to start, or should I? 

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7/04/2015 11:15 pm  #13

Re: Anyone want to RP?

I think you should start, to get the feel.

Gentle Giants are awesome!

2/07/2017 4:17 pm  #14

Re: Anyone want to RP?

I'm down, if you're still interested.


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