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2/10/2017 3:24 pm  #1

3 TGIFriday Little Guy ads


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2/10/2017 3:31 pm  #2

Re: 3 TGIFriday Little Guy ads

Around 1995 I did a phone interview with a writer for a British paper, the Telegraph, about my giant-tiny interest. I mentioned there were ads on TV at that time with Little Guy for TGIFriday's. Years later part of one ad showed up online. Now I found two others.

from NY Times, 1995:

the surreal campaign for TGI Friday's by Publicis/Bloom in Dallas, a unit of Publicis S.A. Thanks to the legerdemain performed by Industrial Light and Magic, the special-effects company, he stands 4 7/8 inches high.

This self-proclaimed "Little Guy" dodges oversized tableware to promote new menu items at Friday's like Sicilian Stuffed Chicken. "Is it just me," he asks ingenuously, "or are these portions huge?"

While the campaign traffics in unreality, "we didn't want it to look fakey or like a 'Godzilla' movie," said Stephen B. Hickey, senior vice president for marketing at Friday's in Dallas. "I.L.M. did a darn good job, all the way down to his casting a shadow as he runs around the table."

The "Little Guy," an actor named Jim Meskimen, replaces the comedian Harry Anderson,

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2/12/2017 8:45 am  #3

Re: 3 TGIFriday Little Guy ads

Little Guy, 4.84" tall, weighs an ounce. His feet are just under 7/10ths of an inch long and his hands about 4/10ths of an inch long

To LittleGuy, those sugar packets are heavy sacks--can he open them?

Pass the pepper?

I think I made enough food for the party.
You or I could lift that potato with one hand. To him it would be like lifting a car.
Plenty of food for him, if you cut it small enough.Food portions the way they oughtta be.<br>

This could feed us for a meal. It could feed him for a year.

Just before your 9 year old son lifts him up between thumb and forefinger and drops him into the drink.


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