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3/20/2017 2:04 am  #1

Kyle's Revenge.

Chapter 1.  At school.

​  Kyle was getting ready for school, he got dressed and as he was putting on his shoes his older sister came in and she looked down at him and said, "Kyle, Benjamin is here to take you to school."  His sister reached down and she grabbed him wrapping her fingers around him and she picked him up and she headed to the front door where Benjamin was waiting.  Kyle was 15 years old and he was shrunken down to 5 inches.   His sister handed him over to Benjamin and Benjamin grabbed him and he put Kyle into his shirt pocket and he headed down the driveway to school.  Benjamin was Kyle's good friend someone who protected him from anyone that wanted to hurt him.  As Benjamin was walking to school he and Kyle had a nice conversation and as Benjamin neared the school he turned the corner and he headed into the school.  Just before he was about to enter the school a huge boy by the name of
​Dereck blocked his path.  Dereck was a good foot taller and heavier then Benjamin and he looked down at him and said, "So tiny Kyle is safe in your pocket?"  Dereck quickly reached down and he grabbed Kyle and he lifted Kyle from Benjamin's shirt pocket.

​   Dereck the pushed Benjamin with his other hand and he sent Benjamin flying backwards, and Dereck's two friends Wayne and Bill laughed.  Wendy, Dereck's girlfriend walked up to him and she said, "Hey Dereck are you going to play with you new live doll?"  Benjamin got up and he shouted, "DERECK LEAVE KYLE ALONE AND GIVE HIM BACK TO ME."  Dereck lifted Kyle up to his face and Kyle began to kick his feet and he began to punch Dereck's fingers and Dereck made an anger face.  Dereck while making an angry face began to click his teeth together and as he was doing this he began to growl loudly and this scared Kyle and he began to scream. Then a loud woman's voice was heard,  "DERECK!!  WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?  GIVE KYLE BACK TO BANJAMIN AND GET TO CLASS!!"  It was the school Principle Mrs. Josephine.  At the sound of her voice the students ran to class, and Dereck gave Kyle back to Benjamin and they all headed to class.  All the students were terrified of Mrs. Josephine.

​   Benjamin gently put Kyle into his shirt pocket and he headed to class along with the rest of the students. Benjamin went into the classroom and he took his seat and he sat down.  He reached into his desk and he took out a small desk and he then put Kyle onto his desk and Kyle went to his tiny desk and he sat down. The other students watched and a girl, blonde wearing a white top and green spandex got up and she walked up to Benjamin's desk and she looked down at Kyle and she looked over at Benjamin and she said, "You must be a good friend Benjamin to take care of this tiny boy here."  She then reached down and she grabbed Kyle wrapping her fingers completely around his body and she lifted him up and she said, "Oh tiny poor Kyle. You are so small you can easily get crushed if you are not careful.  I hate to tell you this but that girl you like Ashleigh Anderson won't be coming to school anymore."  Kyle spoke up and he said, "Mindy what do you mean?"  Mindy then put him down and she walked away.

​  Benjamin looking over at Mindy said, "Mindy, what do you mean Ashleigh won't be coming to school anymore, what's going on?"   Mindy replied, "You mean you haven't heard what happened?  Benjamin shook his head.  Mindy looked around and she said, "How many here have heard what happened to Ashleigh?"  Five students put up their hands and they all stood up.  Mindy continued, "Ashleigh and Lacey from grade 11 decided to go to Coaldon to see that new mall that was built.  Well on their way back Lacey's car lost power and Lacey says that a bright light appeared and it shone down.  She goes onto say that this light hit Ashleigh who just dematerialized from her car and the light was gone. Lacey has been questioned by the police and Ashleigh has been missing since yesterday afternoon.  Lacey says Ashleigh was taken by aliens."  There was silence and then some students laughed loudly.

​   A guy by the name of Edward said, "I think Ashleigh probably ran away cause having a bug like Kyle like her probably scared her away.  Plus I don't think she is that pretty not according to my taste."  Almost everyone in the class laughed. Then some other guy spoke up and said, "Hey Kyle, tell us where would Ashleigh put you?  Hmmm tell us and do you think that she would even want a tiny guy like you, I mean you can't even lift a salt shaker. Ashleigh does have big breasts and a jiggly booty for a 15 year old, maybe she can put you between her massive breasts.  I agree with Edwards, she is ok and she ran away to get away from a bug like you."  Everyone laughed for a good minute.  Then when everyone quieted down a bit Kyle shouted loudly, his shout was a bit high pitched and a bit faint and he said loudly, "I'LL LET EVERYONE KNOW THAT ASHLEIGH ANDERSON REALLY DOES LIKE ME AND SHE IS MY GIRLFRIEND."  Again the entire class laughed loudly.

​   Mindy took a few steps towards Benjamin's desk and she said, "Sorry Kyle but during their trip to the big city Ashleigh never once brought you up to Lacey. Do you really think that any girl in their right mind could like some tiny 5 inch guy.  Maybe you should become gay and Benjamin too and you two can be a couple."  Benjamin told Mindy to shut the hell up and the class laughed again.  Their laughter was broken by the bell, and everyone took their seats as the teacher walked in. 

​  Kyle was quiet as the classes went by he would say a few words here and there to his good friend Benjamin but he was deep in thought. He was thinking about Ashleigh, a girl he really liked and he believed that she like him too. Ashleigh was real nice to him nicer to him then any of the other girls but Ashleigh rarely ever picked him up.  He began to ponder, could everyone be right that Ashleigh took off because of him that him liking her scared her away.  Was Ashleigh really taken by aliens or was that just a story made up, that Ashleigh really left for good because of him.  It was almost lunchtime and Benjamin quietly said to Kyle, "When the bell rings we'll wait a few minutes and then we will head out.  I have a place where we can eat that whale Dereck won't find us.  I want to avoid him at all cost."

​   The bell rang and the students got up and the teacher walked out the door and Benjamin was putting his books into his back pack when a student from grade 12 walked into the classroom right up to Benjamin's desk.  It was Serena then head cheerleader for the high school teams.  She was a 6 foot tall brunette and she was wearing her cheerleader outfit. Benjamin noticed her and so did Kyle and she had a angry look on her face. Serena reached down and she grabbed Kyle wrapping her fingers around his body and she lifted him up to her face.

​   Serena angrily looked at Kyle and Benjamin got up.  Serena then said, "You stupid tiny toy.  How dare you come into the girls change room and spy on me HUH?  FUCKS SAKE YOU WANT TO SEE MY UNDERWARE YOU STUPID IDIOT."  Benjamin spoke up and said, "Serena what the hell are you talking about, Kyle has been with me all morning he hasn't been in or near the girls change room now put him down."  Serena then pushed Benjamin and he almost fell over backwards.  Serena then holding Kyle close to her face said, "I should just crush you right now you pervert.  No one will miss you, no one here likes you."  Serena then closed her finger onto Kyle's body and Kyle began to gasp for air, he was unable to take a breath.   A girl by the name of Susan got up and she said, "Serena.  What are you doing, you'll kill him."  Serena looked over at Susan and she said, "Are you protecting this pervert?   Susan replied, "No. Not at all but if you kill him then he can't be tormented.  A pervert like him needs to be tormented and fear you and everyone."  Serena then lowered Kyle down and she let him go and Kyle fell a good 4 inches onto the desk and he began to gasp for air.  Serena then walking away said, "If you ever try to watch me get dressed or undressed I will put you under my foot and flatten you."

   Benjamin picked up Kyle and he headed out the door with him to a safe place he found in the school. Kyle was so upset he began to cry, he wanted to die.


3/21/2017 8:49 pm  #2

Re: Kyle's Revenge.

Cool start!


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