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7/26/2017 7:10 pm  #1

Updated Roleplay


I have gained a deeper interest with M/m size roles lately. Still open to M/f and F/m, but just trying to broaden my range to new things.

Build: Athletic
Weight: 150
Height: 5'10
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Light Brown

So here we go, I have a huge preference for being tiny, but being big and shrinking you down does add a nice change of pace. Not to mention it gives me a power rush. Plus I enjoy reciprocating and would hope that you are open to having the same mindset.

I am open to both F/m and M/m, but of course I prefer the former. I am very detailed and I enjoy descriptive RPs, but that doesn't mean I am unable to play in more simple roleplays.

For me I like me being your pet, doll, slave, or little girl. For pet I enjoy being kept in a cage (hamster or dog cage depending on my size you shrink me to. I also like being led around by a collar and leash, even in public and being treated like an animal/pet. 

Keeping me as a toy I don't mind being kept in a dollhouse as you play dress up, force me to have sex with a doll sightly bigger than me, and other various activities you can think of. 

As a slave, you would keep me your underwear drawer, dirty clothes bin, toilet, and other interesting places depending on how bad I need being punished for talking back or not completing a task you order me to do. 

Little girl is a new one I developed after reading a rather interesting story on Giantesscity which I would love to explain in further detail. In general I enjoy being shrunk to about 4'9 where I'm Daddy's Little Princess.

In all cases, I like being kept naked, in female doll clothes, or little girl clothing depending on the size you want me to be. Humiliation and punishment is the norm for all and you can change my size at will. Staying in your bedroom/bathroom/home is preferred, unless if you feel like humiliating me or taking me in public via underwear. Hah. I also heavily would love you screwing with my head and gaining enjoyment from my suffering and or humiliation. (Verbal abuse/psychological degrading is also heavily encouraged) Finally, being tied up at any size role I find to be rather fun! Haha. On the flip size, switching up to tearing me gentle and being very intimate and sentimental adds a nice mix. 

I'm not gay, but I just really love being degraded by a guy as it pushes my boundaries. I also enjoy being made fun of and called gay specifically in all cases. (When small) 

Also I love when I am small, you force me to pleasure you to achieve orgasm, and then make me eat your cum as my only source of food. Not to mention keeping me in a used condom or forcing me to wear one when I am only slightly smaller than normal as a form of degrading. 

When you are small, I just enjoy having and expressing power over you and doing whatever you can imagine that will make you feel your size. So whatever you like, I will focus on that and at times, push your boundaries to do what I feel like doing with you whether you like it or not haha. I both enjoy playing rough and gentle. 

I am incredibly open minded, however, my only catch is that I am not into growth, destruction, or anything larger than normal size.

Trading pics, chatting, and video chatting over Skype is certainly doable for me.

Just PM me if you want to connect to text, chat, and or Skype. My KIK is Toddosaurus.
Just about sums it up. Look forward to hearing from you


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