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8/20/2017 10:59 pm  #1

New-ish roleplayer

I used to roleplay exclusively with my verbally and emotionally abusive ex and I'm kind of wanting to get back into it just to have something to do.  

A little bit about me:
I'm female, 20 (almost 21), and going to school at the moment.  I work a part time job and am a full time student, but I'll still be able to respond several times a day, unless I get super busy.  In that case, I'll let you know if I won't be able to respond!  If you have any questions about me, ask away!

Things that I require in a roleplay partner:
Be literate!  English doesn't have to be your first language, but I do ask that you can at least write it well enough for me to understand you and for the flow of the rp to not be awkward!
Don't force me into situations that would make me uncomfortable.  I will cut off communication with you if I even think that you're trying to push me to roleplay things that I don't like.  Don't try me and then complain when I block you. I'll outline what I don't like below.
Write more than one or two sentences per reply.  It's super frustrating when my roleplay partner doesn't put any effort into responses.

Things I won't roleplay:
Underage characters
Romantic or sexual relationships
Giantess related content (male giants only, and preferably female tinies)
Anthro content (with the exception of werewolves)

Things I like in roleplays:
I prefer using one of my male characters as the giant.  I don't want to play the tiny (even though I would rather be tiny, I just don't want to play the tiny with anyone other than my boyfriend).
​Human or humanoid characters only, with dragons being the exception.  No anthro, and no feral (other than feral dragons).
Fantasy settings
Giants that are naturally giant or tinies that are naturally tiny.  I don't like growth or shrinking.

Things for you to consider:
I do art in my free time and have tons of character refs to pick from depending on what you'd like to roleplay.  I also have some sort of fandom related characters, but they're mostly characters from the Elder Scrolls games lol.  I'd love to use them in RPs though!  Really just tell me what you'd like and I'll give you characters to pick from.  I also love table top roleplaying games, so if you're interested in any of those let me know and maybe we can get a group together!

To give you an idea of what sort of characters I have:
Dark elves
Basically any kind of elf
Eldritch gods 
And lots of others that I can't think of rn lol

Anyway, hopefully I don't sound like an awful person?  Let me know if you want to RP!  I can be reached on deviantart or discord (or here obviously) 

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9/07/2017 6:33 pm  #2

Re: New-ish roleplayer

Hello, I am interested in roleplaying this and I have a scenario in mind. This scenario takes place in a world where humans and giants live peacefully together, each with their own cities and/or environments suited to each species specific needs. My OC is still in high school, sophomore to be exact, and I know you do not like playing with underage characters. Would 17 be underage? If yes I am willing to change my OC's age to a more appropriate one. A bit of info before we start though: I do not accept 18+, fetishes, vore/gore, slaves/pets, or crushing. If you are interested, please let me know!


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