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8/30/2017 3:41 pm  #1

Downsizing review and pic

Out Dec 22 in US. Supposedly about 7-10 min of giant-tiny interaction overall but there are scenes when they're in the miniaturized city for awhile, it's said


10/08/2017 8:31 pm  #2

Re: Downsizing review and pic

Do you know if there will be interactions between shrunken people and normal sized boys?


10/13/2017 9:13 am  #3

Re: Downsizing review and pic

Someone who saw the movie as a preview (it's out in 2 months) said there's little interaction  between tinies and giants..some, yes, but not the whole movie. Don't know if there's such interaction but who knows...judging from clips all the people in it are probably adults but who's to say

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