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6/07/2014 8:03 pm  #21

Re: What do you like in a G/T story?

I like stories where a normal-sized person is taken as a "guest" of a giant. Either they are kidnapped, given to the giant as a sacrifice, or simply found sick, injured or trapped and taken in so that the giant can take care of them. That last one is my favorite. 

I really don't like stories where the tiny is kept as a pet, punished or otherwise treated as if they are somehow less intelligent than the giant (don't even get me started on vore. Eugh.) Well, being taken as a pet is okay, as long as the giant realizes that they are a person by the end of the story. 

Basically, I really like gentle giants, and don't like it when the giant ignores the tiny's discomfort or otherwise treats them cruelly.  


6/11/2014 9:06 pm  #22

Re: What do you like in a G/T story?

I like aliens. Cute, tiny, aliens. Occasionally aliens that are a bit angry with their predicament.


11/28/2017 7:52 am  #23

Re: What do you like in a G/T story?

I'm more a fan of the journey and the exploration.  I simply don't understand how the violence/vore/etc. is a turn-on.  For me it should be fun with "safe" torment at the most.  The journey aspect for me is about "change."  In whatever way, shape and form.  The character is always changing (smaller or bigger) and in that journey, he/she gets to explore the changes around him/her as they're perceived.  At the risk of self-promotion/spam, I'll use my Shrimp of the House series: the size-changing devices and methods are temporary with safeguards.  The affected person may suffer mishap and the usage may not go as planned, but at the end of the process, the changes revert automatically in case another mishap prevents the user from undoing them personally ie, anyone altered with the remote reverts approximately 2 days after the change halts, and I haven't yet explained it, but the armband only works while the user wears it - if it comes off, the user reverts instantly


11/28/2017 8:53 am  #24

Re: What do you like in a G/T story?

My stories don't contain any violence at all, not gore, not stomp, not even blood.


12/01/2017 8:59 am  #25

Re: What do you like in a G/T story?

Do you have links please?


12/01/2017 9:40 am  #26

Re: What do you like in a G/T story?

There actually should be a couple of my stories in the completed fiction section of this site. At least one or two of them should be there.


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