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7/12/2018 5:45 am  #1

Lost Men in the Grass

Old book, 1940s I believe...Donald Suddaby's Lost Men in the Grass.Predates Shrinking Man and Honey I Shrunk the Kids though it may have helped inspire them.

Out of print for years but amazon has it for $2.99 on kindle

A serum is developed to prolong life but instead it shrinks people.

"The man came into view and we went almost crazy with yelling. He must have been a farm labourer.. He was enormous, verging on the dreadful. His face seemed twenty yards across, with vast teeth glittering out of bright red lips, with eyes like mighty lakes sheltered by five-foot lashes, and with cheeks all queerly stubbled by unshaved whiskers. We could see the cloth of his coat as a vast assembly of woven ropes, and his hair as wires that caught the sunshine and shone fair. The monstrous oaf went his way and completely ignored our effort."

The description of the giant sounds like this bit in Matheson's Shrinking Man:

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