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7/01/2013 8:12 am  #1

Downsized (working out idea)

just working it out and yeah I'll try to get back to that other story

Beer. Medicine. Do not mix.
Tom found that out one morning as he woke up and found the world had gotten a lot bigger. Yeah he only had a couple brews the night before and he had taken some medicine, yes, but hey he wasn't driving. He was home, and at worst it would just make him drowsy.

He had to get up a couple times during the night to use the bathroom and had the odd sensation that the medicine chest was up higher, and he had to reach up to hit the light switch. His underpants had fallen off and his robe now seemed huge.

Then came 8 am and the discovery. His bed seemed about 15 feet long and 8 feet wide, and it seemed a long distance to the floor. He went to get out of bed and fell.When he stood up he found the mattress was maybe 5 and a half feet up. He walked to his bureau, which was maybe twice as tall as he was, and saw the huge drawers that contained T shirts, underwear, and socks. A thought suddenly struck him: Maybe I am the size of a one year old.

He had seen a show on TV about primordial dwarves. There was a brother and sister, the brother being 39 inches tall and his sister only 28. That's how big I must be now...barely over 2 feet tall.

Beer. Medicine. Sleep. Shrinking. OK, maybe the sleep hadn't been a cause but the result was still the sudden realization that the world was now at least two and a half times bigger.

The robe was heavy on him, far too big. He discarded it and found a T shirt that was also far too big.

Even a five year old's T shirt would be far too big on him now. The shirt went all the way down to the floor and trailer behind him as he wearily trudged toward the kitchen--with its sink-counter looming over him, a massive fridge, and...

He realized he had to use the john again. Thankfully to pee, not puke. It was as high as his waist, despite being rather low compared to, say, a chair. He struggled to get on it--standing and peeing was out of the question--and almost felt himself falling in. After peeing he got back onto the floor and thought about washing his hands..with the sink that was now over his head. He needed something to stand on---there was a bathroom scale; no wait, that would only raise him up a few inches.

He had to lift the shirt up to see his four inch long feet and he noticed the number on the digital scale:
it now read 12, not 200. 12 pounds! The cat he used to have weighed 11.

His hands were now just under three inches long.

He had to call a friend. There was his landline phone, a cordless in a charger on top of the fridge--oh right. A fridge maybe 13 feet  high, to him. Oh but wait, his cellphone in a nightstand near his bed. He did have to reach up a bit but did get the phone and called his friend Ed.

His voice sounded like he was a Munchkin or had just ingested helium. Of course Ed thought Tom was joking.
He had to see a doctor. He had to get some clothes--maybe those for a one year old would fit. Or a 9 month old if those were too big.

Ed said he would come over. Tom hung up and went over to the chest-high bathtub and pondered whether to shower or bathe. He chose the latter but didn't need to fill it with that much water. The brand new bar of soap was immense in his tiny hands. So was the shampoo bottle.

to be continued?


7/03/2013 4:25 pm  #2

Re: Downsized (working out idea)

only if he'll get smaller


11/30/2013 4:49 am  #3

Re: Downsized (working out idea)

What a rough start to the morning, Angie Hill had just moved to a new neighborhood to start a new job, and already, she was late for work. She barely had enough time to get her breakfast, and get ready for work, before she had to head out the door. When she got on the road, things didn't seem to get any better, there was an accident on the freeway that had her sitting in one spot for almost a half an hour before traffic began moving again.


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