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    2/11/2018 9:32 am

    New installment now available.  Shrimp of the House: The Babysitter is another short, fun story similar to Jackson's Folly.  The parents go away for a weekend, leaving 16-year-old Alex in charge.  When 7-year old Aiden shrinks him, the power dynamic changes.  Will any of his siblings help him, or will he alienate everyone in his frustration?

    12/27/2017 8:58 am

    New sequel now up.
    Claymore Jane is a bit of a darker tale involving divorce and abuse and a central character who discovers his nephew shrinks himself to play with his toys at their size when he thinks no one's around.

    You can check out my Twitter account @boreddington I've been slowing posting some of the uncut pictures from the projects as advertisements if you want to see some of the best G/T interaction from these stories.

    11/24/2017 9:04 am

    Couple of new graphic novels available through Amazon, free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers, in the vein of some of the stories here.  The first is rated adult for a few mildly graphic panels, but sex is not the central focus.  The second is clean.

    The original Shrimp of the House:

    "When a night of sexual fetish goes wrong, David Smith finds himself shrinking one inch a day for sixty-six days. Unable to reverse it until completed, he tries his best to deal with it. Unfortunately, he finds the family dynamics changing as he grows smaller, while hidden family issues surface and magnify his misery and torment."

    It is a story of a man going through a mini-midlife crisis.  While the shrinking is a bit of a chance to feel like a kid again as he approaches their size, the smaller he gets, the more he understands his family - the more he realizes what he's been blind to regarding his wife and kids.

    The sequel, Jackson's Folly

    "Spurned by his older brother, Alex, Jackson steals his parents' size altering device to shrink him down to size. His plans go awry when he turns Alex into a giant and shrinks himself instead. Can he survive his family as the new shrimp of the house?"

    This one's a tale of sibling rivalry with a background warning to the parents who mishandle it.

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